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Title: You Are Alive reviewed on 06/17/01
Artist: FRAGMA
Label: 2001 Orbit Records / Edel (Germany)
Style: House/Techno/Trance
Index #: 0126795ERE
Review: FRAGMA - You Are Alive FRAGMA is back with a new single: "You Are Live" taken from their debut album "Toca". This single is the last one taken from this album. For the first time you will also hear the new leading vocalist of this project DAMAE from Cologne, Germany. The powerful vocals and passion for music, makes her a perfect fit what FRAGMA is all about. You might wish to take a look at the video clip in our VIDEO section. It was taken in Sri Lanka. The single itself was produced by team of wonderful and well etablished producers such as brothers: Dirk and Marco Duderstadt, along with Ramon Zenker (Hardfloor, Celvin Rotane, Bellini, Intreactive, Paffendorf and many more...) Single already climbed to top positions in many European Charts. This release features 6 mixes and they are done in several styles, making this offering unique, since it can fit any dance floor, depending on the mood. For instance BLANK & JONES gave the song more TRANCE age at it's best. Truly stunning mix indeed. WARP BROTHERS pushed the song toward TECHNO heaven with interesting bass line and pulsating rhythm enriched with DAMAE mourmouring in the background. PRAHA made it more HARD TECHNO oriented tune. For more HOUSE oriented sound check Radio Edit and Extended Versions. Both of them are powerful and beatifully produced. In sound sampler I featured four versions, so you can get a good idea how diversified this single is. Enjoy!

For more information about FRAGMA please visit their page at
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01. You Are Alive (Radio Edit) - 3:36
02. You Are Alive (Blank & Jones Remix) - 7:60 (1)
03. You Are Alive (Extended Version) - 6:00 (2)
04. You Are Alive (Warp Brothers Remix) - 7:24 (3)
05. You Are Alive (Praha Remix) - 7:54 (4)
06. You Are Alive (Dub Version) - 5:15

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blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Cambodia reviewed on 06/17/01
Label: 2001 Scoop Records (Denmark)/ Nothing Records (Germany)
Style: Trance/Techno
Index #: SCOOP 66126-4
Review: PULSEDRIVER - Cambodia This is truly a fascinating new single from PULSERDRIVER. Behind this project is 26 yo SLOBODAN PETROVIC Jr who has been giving us the music for quite a while, under several project names. For instance DJ TIBBY, GARY D, AQUALOOP etc. "Cambodia" is PULSEDRIVER's newest offering. Single features SEVEN versions and all of them are pure dynamite. It starts with Single Mix, that is very similar (if not the same) as one featured in VIDEO (check the clip in our VIDEO Section). Nice combination of TRANCE sound with blue-eye female vocals. Extended Vocal Mix is quite similar, retains the same music line and concept, yet is more club-friendly. Next is FRAGMA Remix. Exciting combination of TECHNO and HOUSE as you can expect from Team of ZENKER and others. Interesting looped breaks, hypnotic female vocals and intense synth work. For some of you who are into more HARD experience, I would suggest GREEN COURT remix. This is hard-charged beauty with exquisite bass lines and pumping synthesizers. Magnificent work of sound and electronic instruments with pounding rhythm. You will be flabbergasted! Club Mix is also more TECHNO-flavored tune. Not as uplifting as the previous mix, yet will keep you going. Taken together another MUST-TO-HAVE single for hardcore lovers of quality electronic sound. You will find four versions of this tune in sound sampler! Enjoy!

For more information about PULSEDRIVER please visit the project's page at
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01. Cambodia (Single Mix) - 3:51
02. Cambodia (Extended Vocal) - 5:28 (1)
03. Cambodia (Fragma Remix) - 6:03 (2)
04. Cambodia (Green Court Remix) - 7:33 (3)
05. Cambodia (Club Mix) - 6:40 (4)
06. Recycle (Club Mix) - 7:37
07. Cambodia (Album Mix) - 6:24

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Title: Posse (I Need You On The Floor) reviewed on 06/17/01
Label: 2001 Edel (Germany)
Style: Techno
Index #: 0110575STU
Review: SCOOTER - Posse New single from this forefront German TECHNO project SCOOTER. "Posse" has been taken from the brand new album by this group "We Bring The Noise" released on June 11, 2001. Single itself climbed high in European CHART within the first week of it's release. Fans of SCOOTER will get what they always did. Hard charged sound of SCOOTER. Single features four versions. Not that many I have to admit, but you should be satisfy with the sound. It would be cool to hear some remixes done by others but we have to stick with what we have been offered. The Radio Version brings the usual noise, shouting H.P. BAXXTER, pounding rhythm and fireworks of synths. Extended Version sports some even more HARD TECHNO sound but this time enriched with some SPACY effect giving this version a BIG HALL feel. Very dramatic indeed! Tee Bee Mix is rather psychedelic TECHNO/TRANCE tune with some DRUM'N'BASS edge. Club Mix that closes this single is dark, moody and progressive electronic club fare with some ambience to spare. This single is a good promo for the album, that will be reviewed here as well shortly. In sound sampler I featured three versions of this tune. Enjoy!

For more information about SCOOTER please visit their page at
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01. Posse (I Need You On The Floor) (Radio Version) - 3:50
02. Posse (I Need You On The Floor) (Extended Version) - 6:38 (1)
03. Posse (I Need You On The Floor) (Tee Bee Mix) - 7:00 (2)
04. Posse (I Need You On The Floor) (Club Mix) - 6:39 (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: On The Move reviewed on 06/17/01
Label: 2001 Orange Records (Denmark) / Purple Eye Entertainment (Holland)
Style: Techno
Index #: ORCDM53716
Review: BARTHEZZ - On The Move BARTHEZZ is a project of BART CLAESSEN coming from Dutch Dance scene. "On The Move" is project's first single. It has already been featured in Charts of several European countries and is heating up. BART also recently did two remixes. One for DJ JEAN's track "Lift Me Up" (Barthezz Uplifting RMX) and one for SYSTEM F's "Soul On Soul" (Barthezz Heavenly RMX). "On The Move" can be described as hynbrid of TECHNO/TRANCE with ELECTRO-RAP elements. The track is really getting into the clubs and being now featured in various compilations. The single contains 5 mixes. Among them are Original version lasting more than 8 minutes. This is cutting-edge dance version. Instrumentation flourishes throughout. You should really enjoy of electronic pizzaz that pumps this tune a big time. BARTHEZZ also did an edditional mix featured in here called BARTHEZZ Rocks The Club Mix. This is scintillating HOUSE-oriented version. DUMONDE Remix is quite heavy in sound. Lots of driving synths with fiery electronics and wild breaks to bring down the house! The synth lines are phased and intoxicating. Probably one of the most interested mixes featured in this single. The last mix on this CD was done by TOMMY PULSE. It's another TECHNO-HOUSE production with heavy usage of electronic percussion. BERTHEZZ is a young project but hopefully this single is just the beginning of his career. Let's see! In sound sampler mix I featured three versions of this tune. Don't forget to check video clip to this tune in our VIDEO section! Enjoy!

For more information about BARTHEZZ please visit their page at
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01. On The Move (Radio Edit) - 3:36
02. On The Move (Original) - 8:08(1)
03. On The Move (Barthezz Rocks The Club Mix) - 6:11
04. On The Move (Dumonde Remix) - 6:13(2)
05. On The Move (Tommy Pulse Remix) - 6:14(3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Loving You reviewed on 06/17/01
Label: 2001 WEA Records / Club Culture / Alphabet City (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 8573 87281-2
Review: MARC ET CLAUDE - Loving You MARC ET CLAUDE are MARC ROMBOY and KLAUS DERICHS from Mönchengladbach in Germany. Both guys are not only successful DJs but also established remixers and owners of a successful label Alphabet City. MARC ET CLAUDE remixed several tunes by DJ's and such projects as Ralph Fridge, John Johnson, Kay Cee, Ferry Corsten and Robert Smit just to name the few. Last year MARC ET CLUDE released their single "I Need Your Lovin'" and now the continuation of their success story is this brand new title "Loving You". Single got an international treatment with several remixes by RATTY (vel SCOOTER), MARCO V. (Marco Verkuylen & Benjamin Kuyten), DARK MOON (Christian Stein & Tino Hufeld). Single starts with Original Radio Mix, a combination of POP with some TRANCE/TECHNO melodic synth work. My favorite mix from this CD is DARK MOON Radio Mix and Remix. This is glorious electronic masterpiece. Female vocals provide additional muscle to this beatifully crafted TRANCE masterpiece. Solid mix. RATTY's mix is HARD TECHNO if you will. The rhythm is pounding topped with pumping buttom. Digital electronic clubbiness for you to enjoy! MARCO V's remix is also more TECHNO-HOUSE oriented production. It's hard charging and groovy in a sense. Track lasts almost 7'30" and it builds actually more in the end, where it transformrs to a hybrid with club-oriented TRANCE tune with tantalizing female vocals. Very good indeed. So taken together, this new single from MARC ET CLAUDE is definately an exciting offering. The quantity of remixes gives also the flexibility to DJ's when they will do their mixes! In sound I featured four various mixes! Also, please check the video clip to this tune in our VIDEO Section! Enjoy!
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01. Loving You (Original Radio Mix) - 3:16
02. Loving You (Dark Moon Radio Mix) - 3:42 (1)
03. Loving You (Slo-Motion Mix) - 3:51
04. Loving You (Ratty Remix) - 5:57 (2)
05. Loving You (Marco V. Remix) - 7:28 (3)
06. Loving You (Original Mix) - 8:30 (4)
07. Loving You (Dark Moon Remix) - 7:40

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Like This Like That reviewed on 06/17/01
Label: 2001 Iceberg Records (Denmark) / Media Records / BXR (Italy)
Style: Techno
Index #: BIG CDM 037
Review: MAURO PICOTTO - Like This Like That MAURO PICOTTO keeps good TECHNO coming! "Like This Like That" is his newest single. Nothing short that you expect from MAURO. Single features 6 versions and they do feature a little bit different moods. Single starts with On Air Mix. It's contemporary clubber with swirling electronic instruments all over the place. The rhythm is pumping, what else? Megavoices Claxixx Mix is also hard TECHNO tune with rumbling rhythm beneath production that tips hat to truly club sound! Taken from the album mix is yet another strong production. Another TECHNO-HOUSE tune with pumped-up electronic gizmos and kick-ass bass lines! Hard to resist. Good club version though! Also Mario Piu provided his remix. It's MAS Mix done in teutonic TECHNO with some whistles and hooks. This is truly club oriented tune. TEA Mix, goes to more speedy way. It's fast, it is full of drums and bass with some progressive smalling synths. The last version called 3 A.M. Mix is not exactly an AFTER PARTY style if you will. Instead it provides psychedelic TRANCE line turning this tune to massive PROGRESSIVE fare. I am sure you will be albe to find version for you. We also posted Video Clip to this track in our VIDEO Section. Check it out. For now, sound sampler with four versions from this single. Enjoy!

For more information about MAURO PICOTTO please visit his page at
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01. Like This Like That (On Air Mix) - 4:13
02. Like This Like That (Megavoices Claxixx Mix) - 6:38 (1)
03. Like This Like That (Taken From The Album Mix) - 7:26 (2)
04. Like This Like That (MAS Mix) - 6:32 (3)
05. Like This Like That (TEA Mix) - 7:31
06. Like This Like That (3 A.M. Mix) - 7:15 (4)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Close To You reviewed on 06/17/01
Label: 2001 BMG Berlin Music (Germany)
Style: Pop/Dance
Index #: 74321 86348 2
Review: ROLLERGIRL - Close To You After quite long break we finally have ROLLERGIRL back in stage. All vocals are done by NICCI JUICE, the girl behind ROLLERGIRL. This new single "Close To You" has been originally written by GEORGE MICHAEL. This single is produced by ALEX CHRISTENSEN (U 96) and ROLLERGIRL herself. This is very happy tune. Actually, much less synths than in her previous releases. Seems to me like ROLLERGIRL is heading into mainstream. Since I am not sure what she will do in the future, let me concentrate on this single. You have three mixes of the title song and two additional tunes. AC-Koma Mix is really POP tune but has more dancable elements than plain POP. This style remind me a little bit of A*TEEN goes mainstream. Italo Summa Mix, as the name indicates is very happy and mimic a little bit ITALO style. The main melodic line is retained though. Extended Melino Mix is as close as it can be as club version. This one is produced by OLAV BEL GOE and SEBASTIAN WOLTER. In my opinion, the most interesting version out of three. It has POP-line yet it is more rich and exciting. Lots'a keyboard-and-strings in here. Remaining tracks are sort of bonuses. "Rollergirl Theme" is a dub version of the title tune with some interesting orchestration. "This Is Your Night" is more synth oriented tune with no lyrics. But if you like electronics you will like this one. As a matter of fact I featured this one along with two version of the title song in sound sampler. If you want to check video clip to "Close To You", now you can! Just visit our VIDEO Section. Enjoy!

For more information about ROLLERGIRL please visit her page at
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01. Close To You (AC-Koma Mix) - 3:33 (1)
02. Close To You (Italo Summa Mix) - 3:35 (2)
03. Close To You (Extended Melino Mix) - 5:58
04. Rollergirl Theme - 3:20
05. This Is Your Night - 3:40 (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Lucky Star reviewed on 06/17/01
Label: 2001 WEA Records (Germany)
Style: Pop/Dance
Index #: 8573 86645-2
Review: NICKY NYCE - Lucky Star Unfortunately I do not know too much about this new project to me. I know though that this track was co-written by legendary KAI MATTHIESON who is behind of several EURO groups he took to the fame. No wonder why this tune is DANCE oriented. NICKY is a good looking blond woman, with happy and silky voice makes her close to FRENCH AFFAIR sound. Single features 6 versions. Both Radio and Extended Versions represents mix of POP and DANCE. Nothing really very ambitious, but definately catchy. I am telling, you will try to sing along. Dancehall Style mix goes more club way. Very nicely done and passionate version. Actually some synths are being introduced in here. As a bonus you are treated with BROOKYN BOUNCE Remix. I do not exactly understand why this mix appeared on this single, but KAI had to have a reson. you can imagine how BROOKLYN BOUNCE transformed this otherwise high flying, easy going dance tune. In their hands it's became a pounding TECHNO full of drums and bass. You can judge it yourself since sound sampler features that one along with two other mixes from this single. Enjoy!

For more information about NICKY NYCE please visit her page at
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01. Lucky Star (Radio Edit) - 3:26
02. Lucky Star (Extended Version) - 5:28 (1)
03. Lucky Star (Dancehall Style) - 4:06 (2)
04. Lucky Star (A-Funky-Vision Edit) - 5:05
05. Lucky Star (A-Fastflow-Vision Edit) - 5:05
06. Lucky Star (Brooklyn Bounce Remix) - 6:46 (3)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Rock That Sound! reviewed on 05/21/01
Label: 2001 EAMS Germany) / United Music GmbH/Dance Lab Division (Austria/Monaco)
Style: Progressive/Techno
Index #: EAMS 2418-2
Review: DJ VISAGE - Rock That Sound DJ VISAGE does not release his stuff to often. Last year we had "Der Totalle Beat" now he is back with brand new single "Rock That Sound!". Title has been released as promo vinyl few weeks ago and was cruising among European DJs for a while. At the time of writing this review the single reached following positions: German DJ Playlist # 15, Media Control Dance Charts # 17, Austrian DJ Top 40 # 7. The official release day was set for May 14, 2001. Single is no surprise. As you could expect from DJ VISAGE, he delivers hard pumped PROGRESSIVE TECHNO club tune fueled with merciless beats, acid-elements and a strong guitar line. CD features four versions and they are really not that distinctive from each other. Both Airplay Mix and Original Radio Version are dramatic and powerful. Club Mix is really oriented for club scene. This one is more PROGRESSIVE-HOUSE oriented tune with powerful and poisoning bass-line. The melodic line is grooving, lyrics are limited. The track focus really on dark music with some ROCK-alike elements with stunning outcome. Taken together if you like what DJ VISAGE does, you will like this single as well. His debut album is still at work and I hope we will finally have it sometimes this year. For sound sampler from "Rock That Sound! " single I picked Club Mix and Extended Version. Enjoy the sound!.

For more info about the group, please refer to my DJ Visage Page

01. Rock That Sound! (Airplay Mix) - 3:51
02. Rock That Sound! (Original Radio Version) - 3:51
03. Rock That Sound! (Club Mix) - 8:15 (1)
04. Rock That Sound! (Extended Version) - 5:26 (2)
blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Welcome (To The Jobparade) reviewed on 05/21/01
Label: 2001 Big Foot / ZYX Records (Germany)
Style: Trance
Index #: BFT 026-8
Review: TORY KAY vs. DONKEY DOO - Welcome (To The Job Parade) "Welcome (To The Jobparade)" is dedicated to Jobparade fare in Germany that took place in the beginning of May in Schwerin. Jobparade had a "special function" this year since "Loveparade 2001" was cancelled. There was about 50000 young folks gathering together and RAVE/TECHNO/TRANCE music were all around them. Single was written by MIO MONT and was co-produced by TORY KAY and DONKEY DOO. The name of TORY KAY aka Toralf Köpcke should be familiar for some of you. Since 1993 he was doing mainly remixes for several projects such as MUSIC INSTRUCTOR or INHOUSE for example. He already has two singles (including newest one "I Wanna Fly" in which he worked with former MAGIC AFFAIR singer - Franca Morgano). Presented single is brillant work of TRANCE. One should appreciate the richness of the sound and creative mind behind this tune. Single contains 5 versions and all of them are cutting-edge work. Extended Version delivers dramatic, synth-driven epic enriched with angelic choir. Transcendental hooks sound great when played loudly! AXEL KONRAD did also edit this tune. His mix is hard-charged with haunting synths and pounding bottom! This one will knock you down! Among mixes is also one done by THOMAS JAHNKE and NICO SCHRÖDER. This is an exquisite TRANCE that builds into DREAM. Amazing and dramatic synth-line is shivering! Absolutely gorgeous production to not be missed by anyone who fall into this genre. I liked this single so much that I have decided to give you a sampler of 4 versions out of 5 in the mix I made. Run to get it, or you might regret your tardness. Enjoy!
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01. Welcome (To The Jobparade) (Radio Edit) - 3:29
02. Welcome (To The Jobparade) (Extended Mix) - 6:26 (1)
03. Welcome (To The Jobparade) (Axel Konrad Edition) - 7:45 (2)
04. Welcome (To The Jobparade) (Club Mix) - 6:07 (3)
05. Welcome (To The Jobparade) (2 Freax [3VR]) - 7:30 (4)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: DJs, Fans & Freaks reviewed on 05/21/01
Label: 2001 Gang Go Music / Edel (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 012698-5GAG
Review: BLANK & JONES - DJs, Fans & Freaks New single from this duo of DJs. This time guys went more adventureous than usually. I used to see BLANK & JONES delivering cutting-edge TRANCE but this time they switched a bit style. 6 versions are featured in this single remixed by several projects, so as you might guessed, several flavors indeed are being served. Radio Cut, is fast pace TECHNO-HOUSE on the edge of BREAK-BEAT with synthesized male vocals. Original Mix that follows has same feeling, but this one is more club friendly version and has some similarities to "Kernkraft 400" by ZOMBIE NATION in DJ Gius Edition. I assumed guys were tempted to achieve similar success as the forementioned tune. If you however prefer TRANCE, you are rewarded with Trance Mix. It is ineed riveting piece of TRANCE with PROGRESSIVE bottom built in. If you are one of these jocks enamored by the mesmerizing electronics, you will feel right at home. COSMIC GATE delivered hard-charged mix with lotsa BREAKS and BEATS tipped with unfolding to exstasy electronic strings. KOMAKINO (Fridge/Hastik) Mix is rather TECHNO-HOUSE, yet the PROGRESSIVE loops are there as well. Last mix was done by MARCO V. This is almost TRIBAL-HOUSE I might say. At least the beginning is done in that style. Try to dance into this one, you will almost be put in trance. Interesting IBIZA-type breaks were introduced as well, making this tune good as a prelude to after hour parties. Single features also few samplers if you would like to make your own mix. Maybe you should try? Sound sampler features four versions taken from this CD.

For more information about BLANK & JONES please visit their page at
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01. DJs, Fans & Freaks (Radio Cut) - 2:44
02. DJs, Fans & Freaks (Original Mix) - 6:49
03. DJs, Fans & Freaks (Trance Mix) - 6:55 (1)
04. DJs, Fans & Freaks (Cosmic Gate Remix) - 7:13 (2)
05. DJs, Fans & Freaks (Komakino Remix) - 6:51 (3)
06. DJs, Fans & Freaks (Marco V. Remix) - 8:31 (4)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Close My Eyes reviewed on 05/21/01
Label: 2001 Dance Network / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Euro/Trance
Index #: O90204 982363
Review: ASTROLINE - Close My Eyes I was chasing for this single for a while. Originally released by Belgian ANTLER-SUBWAY label, was only available on vinyl, but now, thank to visionary management from ZYX we are blessed with it's CD single version. I simply cannot emphasize enough how essential this single is for all of you who like the "present" EURO sound. Combination of uplifting EURODANCE with draining all your blood TRANCE synths. There are 6 versions of this tune for your excitement. Let me focus my attention to some of them. Probably the best is PETER LUTS Remix. Peter co-written this tune with David Vervoort. The combination was powerful and the mix is just a rollercoaster of beat and electronic instrumentation. Keyboard section is deliciously served along with blue female vocals. Outstanding piece of dance fare. Another great version is called SAM-PLING vs. STEVE L Remix (also it's Edit Version is available in this single). PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE EURO-tipped delight. Driving, wonderful synthesizers and blue-eyed female vocals glide over pounding rhythm tune. It's HOT, it's IRRESISTIBLE! If you didn't have enough of high beat, Extended Mix is waiting for you! Again, extra-catchy melody with delicious, hard-charging synths will greet you! Taking together, if you were one of those freaks looking relentlessly for this single, here is your chance to owe this marvellous piece of work. I couldn't resist of making an extended mix that features four versions: Sam-Pling vs. Steve L. Remix, Peter Luts Remix, Extended Mix and Regi's Mix.
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01. Close My Eyes (Sam-Pling vs. Steve L. Remix - Edit) - 3:38 (1)
02. Close My Eyes (Radio Mix) - 3:36
03. Close My Eyes (Peter Luts Remix) - 7:11 (2)
04. Close My Eyes (Sam-Pling vs. Steve L Remix) - 6:18
05. Close My Eyes (Extended Mix) - 5:13 (3)
06. Close My Eyes (Regi's Mix) - 6:53 (4)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Sleepwalker reviewed on 05/21/01
Label: 2001 Italian Dance Records / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Euro/Techno/Pop
Index #: IDR 0001-8
Review: SLEEPWALKER - Sleepwalker SLEEPWALKER are duo of two Italian fellows: R. RIBEIRO and M. INZAGHI. Unfortunately, I cannot give you any details about this duo, since they are new to me. This single comes from newly established label ITALIAN DANCE RECORDS, and this CD is their first release. If you like GIGI D'AGOSTINO sound, you will like SLEEPWALKER. The title song "Sleepwalker" has several resemblences to "The Riddle" and "Passion" yet it has it's own originality. There are four mixes served. Both Radio Edit and Maxi Mix are quite similar. I am sure some of you who fall for DISCO-POP would like them. The music is not complicated, very catchy and perfectly looped. The lyrics is not complicated as well. Simply fun to listen to. Alternative Radio Edit takes more TECHNO-HOUSE edge yet with blasting synths that are being introduced at later point. Truly an electronic fiesta to enjoy! Club Mix is another smash version to be plug right in to a club scene. Version retains all elements charactersitics to other mixes featured in this single. Last mix is Maximum Wake Up Mix. Big room EURO/TECHNO tune tow swirl the crowd. So taken together very nice debut with catchy music and few interesting twists. In the sound sampler I featured four versions they might sound alike, so the best way to justify the single, is to own one :-)
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01. Sleepwalker (Radio Edit) - 3:27
02. Sleepwalker (Maxi Mix) - 6:11 (1)
03. Sleepwalker (Alternative Radio Edit) - 4:04 (2)
04. Sleepwalker (Club Mix) - 7:12 (3)
05. Sleepwalker (Maximum Wake Up Mix) - 7:13 (4)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye reviewed on 05/21/01
Artist: FANCY
Label: 2001 ZYX Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: ZYX 9415-8
Review: FANCY - Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye FANCY left the JUPITER-RECORDS, the label that was his home for several years and he signed with ZYX. FANCY is one of these artists from MODERN TALKING, BAD BOYS BLUE era that still recording good tunes. I was quite curious what FANCY will do with this old time played tune. Unfortunately, my high hopes have been immediately cooled down after listening to this single. First of all, in spite of the fact, that FANCY still has a heart-breaking voice, he did not use it's power. Instead, he went for very pronounced HIP sound and RAP. I never liked RAP in his songs and I never will. While sometimes it did the trick for MODERN TALKING or BAD BOYS BLUE, it just doesn't cut for me in FANCY tunes. Of course it is just my opinion, you can have yours. As a matter of fact I want you to check it by yourself. Sound sampler featuring two versions from this single: Maxi Cut and Radio Cut. I know FANCY is working on his album, so I will be curious to hear it. As much as I understand the experimentations done be several groups, I only hope it will not cause me to dial 911 for immediate health assistance. :-)

For more info about the group, please refer to my FANCY

01. Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (Radio Cut) - 3:06 (2)
02. Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (Maxi Cut) - 4:28 (1)
03. Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (Hip Hop Cut) - 3:33
04. Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (Maxi Instrumental Cut) - 4:59
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Title: Pure & Simple (Club Mix)reviewed on 05/21/01
Artist: DIVA DELUX feat. DEE
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy/Dance
Index #: CDKLONE 84
Review: DIVA DELUX feat. DEE - Pure & Simple In two of remaining reviews I will present most recent KLONE releases. You might noticed that the label is getting quite HOT these days and spilling several CDs per months. In spite of the quantity, quality of their releases remain superb, especially if you are true HIGH-ENERGY connoisseur. "Pure & Simple" is another marvel. I have been fan of this project, and here they are again with this single. Club Mix is an excellent choice for HIGH-ENERGY circuit. GARY MARTINS who produced this single has also appeared as an additional vocalist. Very uplifting tune. A separate kudos goes to "I Need U".This track written by GARY MARTINS/ DEE ROWE starts as tropical HI-HOUSE with lavish synths that surface on the top of it. The female vocals enpower this beauty as well. The single will be available from KLONR Records on May 28th. Enjoy!.

01. Pure & Simple(Club Mix) (1)
02. Pure & Simple (Radio Version)
03. I Need U (2)

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Title: Over The Rainbow b/w Rock The Bassreviewed on 05/21/01
Label: 2001 Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy/Dance
Index #: CDKLONE 85
Review: TWISTER - Over The Rainbow b/w Rock The Bass Another gem from KLONE. "Over The Rainbow" has been a long time classic tune with several interpretations over the years. The stand out version in recent times has come from EVA CASSIDY. This song always appeal amongst alternative life style community and with Festival/Pride approaching the time, KLONE is releasing the definate NRG version with vocals provided by one and only TERESA MARIE. Her interpretation retains all the sensitivity and credibility of ultimate versions provided by JUDY GARLAND and EVA CASSIDY versions yet Teresa's own identity creates a potential big-room NRG circuit monster. The single will be released on June 04, 2001. For now enjoy the sound!

01. Over The Rainbow (Airplay Mix) (1)
02. Over The Rainbow (Extended Version)
03. Rock The Bass (Original Mix) (2)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this single
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