May 2008

  • On May 05 2008, group released "Sensuality - The Remix Album" containing electro remixes of most of the tracks from the original album. However, album features new tracks as well (i.e. "Voodoo Queen", Face 2 Face". Check it out

October 2007

  • On October 15th group released new single "Sensuality" from their newest album: "Sensuality". This single features 7 versions including popular these days Hand Sp! style. Check It out
  • Also remixed "Sensuality" album is at works and likely to be released by the end of 2007.

April 2007

  • On April 30th group released their second album "Sensuality" featuring 12 tracks includings hits: "Fragile Love" and "Let Me Feel Your Sex Appeal"

February 2007

  • Group released their brand new single "Let Me Feel Your Sex Appeal"
  • Group is also working on their second album "Sensuality" to be released in first-second quarter of 2007

November-December 1999

  • Group released their FIRST album entitled "Peeping Tom"

June , 1999

  • New single from the group "Manga Maniac" is scheduled to be released!

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