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SEX APPEAL has been established in the beginning of 1996 by Lyane Leigh and Richard Michael Smith. They both left E-ROTIC in the end of December 1995 due to mutual disagreement between her and group producer David Brandes. This was sad, because Lyane and David were collaborating for many years in other projects like XANADU, MISSING HEART. She also did a female background vocal for BAD BOYS BLUE megahit "Come Back and Stay".

Lyane performingSEX APPEAL's first single was: "Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi" (Will you sleep with me?), presented first in the Disco Club "Fun" in München (Germany). During this very dynamic song (150 BPM) Lyane and Richard performed very sexy dance. Lyane had an opened jacket and small bra. Well... they actually showed that the "new" name this duo had: S.E.X. Appeal is well substantiated. During this 40 mins concert they also presented a TRANCE track "Come On Baby" and remake of George Michael's "I Want Your Sex". First concerts in live of the "new"group took place in April 1996.

"Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi" was an instant hit. It reached the waiting list of the German charts, was 3 times trader's tip of the month and also became a disco hit. Song was popular around the Europe and was even more successful than in Germany. For instance it was song #18 in the Austrian charts for 10 weeks. The famous French designer Jean Paul Gaultier even invited SEX APPEAL to appear on a TV-show which was broadcasted in 16 countries.

In 1997 SEX APPEAL was defunct for a while because Michael Smith (aka Raz-Ma-Taz) left the group to join MAGIC AFFAIR. Meanwhile Lyane released solo two amazing eurodance songs under MISSING HEART. First, called "Charlene" was released in September of 1996 and second "Moonlight Shadow" in July of 1997. Both were produced by David Brandes.

Lyane and GinoSEX APPEAL came back to life when Lyane got a new partner: Gino Gillian (31) from Singapore. He had already been a successful singer and entertainer (shows with Julio Iglesias, Viktor Lazlo and also one with Frank Sinatra!) They released together a second SEX APPEAL's single: "Life Goes Up - Life Goes Down", a happy song recorded in reggae style. Similar to "Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi" this song became much more popular outside Germany and topped charts in countries like Finland and Japan. This song was co-produced by Lyane and her brother Thijs.

In February of 1998 the third single by SEX APPEAL; "Dirty Talk" was released by German label Jupiter Records. This single helped the group to be introduced in two bigger German talk-shows: Hans Meiser and Arabella. In August 1998 group released their fourth single: "Sex Is A Thrill With The Pill" on 69 Records/Jupiter Records and in other countries like Japan (Toshiba-EMI), Russia or Scandinavian countries (Sony). Based on the title you probably guessed the content: the current topic of wonder pill VIAGRA.

Lyanne proved herself to be not only an interesting artist but also a businesswoman. With her brother Thijs she established company called 3H Music Production specialized in production of music (main point:pop and dance music), remixing, artists management etc. 3H Music Production is also a record label. In fact the first single under "new managament" by SEX APPEAL entitled: "Hanky Spanky" was released by this label in July 1999 followed by the next one "Manga Maniac" both reminding the E-ROTIC sound. No wonder why, Lyane's vocal is so characteristic.

Since 1999 LYANE continued with SEX APPEAL as a single vocalist project. Back in 1999 first album of SEX APPEAL entitled "Peeping Tom" was released. Since then there was not that much activity. However, SEX APPEAL managed to release next single in November of 2004 entitled "Do You Love Me". Group's next single "Fragile Love" was released in April 2006. The newest single entitled "Let Me Feel Your Sex Appeal" was released in February of 2007. This song was composed by Lyanne and her brother Thijs, with lyrics written by John O' Flynn (YES! the same one who wrote lyrics for E-ROTIC). Single features four versions and all are done in uplifting NRG sound. Lyanne voice remains as powerful as ever in all of them. Both Radio Version and S.E.X.tended Version share similar music line with the latter one being more club friendly. I don't want to call it reincarnation of E-ROTIC because Lyanne might not want necessary be connected to that project forever, but what can I say, it is hard not to. Cc.K & ClubBazZ Remix parts a bit from other versions on this single. This one is done more in CASCADA style. It has more aggressive flavor with more attention to soaring synths. Definately an updated sound to 2007!. If you want to check the single listen to sound sampler posted in SOUND section of this page in which I featured fragments of three versions.

SEX APPEAL's second album "Sensuality" is scheduled to be released in second quarter of 2007, so I am looking forward in anticipation what's coming.

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