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Title: I Like To Like It reviewed on 12/05/99
Artist: Masterboy
Label: 1999 What's Up?! Polydor (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: 561 511-2
Review: Masterboy - I Like To Like It This is the new EURO-HOUSE production of MASTERBOY that has been released in the end of November. Many of group's fans were waiting for this release, so here it is. "I Like To Like It" delivers 8 !!! versions of the title song. With that many versions you probably will find the one you like. This is not exactly the MASTERBOY sound back from middle of 90's though. I know it might frustrate some of you who want to have some EURODANCE masterpiece. You will not, but keep in mind that MASTERBOY is also moving with time. But do not worry too much. In fact there are two EURO versions one in shorter form (Edit) and one Extended. This is not the CLASSIC sound though, but some resemblance was retained. In general it is rather EURO-HOUSE. More PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE has been emphasize on DJ Shah's Journey to UK Remix and SM-Trax in Trance Remix. As much as I love the group, I hope they will be more active in dance scene and maybe, maybe they will give us some breathtaking tunes as they did in the pass! I made extensive sound sampler with 6 versions, so you can have better feel what's in store.
For more info about the group, please refer to my Masterboy Page.
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01. I Like To Like It (Radio Edit) - 3:40 (1)
02. I Like To Like It (Light Mix) - 3:29
03. I Like To Like It (Euro Cut) - 3:35
04. I Like To Like It (MB Clubversion) - 6:16 (2)
05. I Like To Like It (Extended Euro) - 5:15 (3)
06. I Like To Like It (Klubbingman Remix) - 6:58 (4)
07. I Like To Like It (DJ Shah's Journey to UK Remix) - 6:28 (5)
08. I Like To Like It (SM-Trax In Trance Remix) - 6:53 (6)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album
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Title: Living In Cyberspace reviewed on 11/25/99
Label: 1999 Arcade (The Netherlands)
Style: Trance
Index #: 2004413
Review: 2 BROTHERS ON THE 4TH FLOOR - Living In Cyberspace YEAH! We had to wait almost 8 months for new release from this group, yet wait was worth it. Since "Heaven Is Here" group was getting back to their roots and started giving us some really good DANCE feel into it. Similar to "Heaven Is Here", "Living In Cyberspace" delivers maginificent TRANCE sound crossed with great EURO sound. BOER brothers decided to reach for some classic in here. Originally released back in 80's by TRANS-X, track was entitled "Living On Video". When TRANS-X released the track it took dance floor by storm, mostly because very innovative electronics used to make that one and usage vocoders that became a trademark of early TECHNO releases from Belgium and Netherlands. BOER brothers did a great job to revive the track. Amazing synth lines gives tis tune a powerful effect and ultra-catchy feel. Simply a magnificent full-throttle masterpiece. You have three versions of this track on this CD single, including J&R Remix that in general is instrumental with very limited vocals. Quite impressive I might say! "Bonus" track on this CD is "Let Me Be Free" done more in TECHNO-HOUSE mode. Good one as well. In sound samplers I featured Radio Version and J&R Remix os "Living In Cyberspace". Enjoy!

1. Living In Cyberspace (Radio Version) - 3:44
2. Living In Cyberspace (J&R Remix) - 5:15
3. Living In Cyberspace (Extended Version) - 5:14
4. Let Me Be Free (Lick Discomix) - 5:45
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Title: American Love/Missing U More reviewed on 11/25/99
Artist: Norma Lewis
Label: 1999 Klone (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDKLONE65
Review: SUZANNA DEE - American Love I really, really love the classic version of this song by ROSE LAURENS back from 1988. At that time it already became a classic in DISCO circuit. I was pretty much excited to hear what SUZANNE DEE did to this one. While her voice differ from one of ROSE LAURENS she captured somehow an orginal feel to it. There are however major differences. For instance the original version was recorded at 101 BPM giving SLEAZY-NRG tune, while this '99 version by SUZANNE is up-tempo NRG masterpiece. It has speed, energy and anything you would expect from good DISCO tune. SUZANNE did a mervelous job on this one. You will find two versions of this tune: Radio and Extended and both are very well done. You will also find on this CD another HI-NRG tune: "Missing U More" written by MARK SMITH. This is another slamming track with old school panache should satisfy traditional NRG mavens. In sound sampler I featured Club Mix of "American Love" and "Missing U More". Check it out!

1. American Love (Club Mix)
2. Missing U More (Saint's 3 Steps To Heaven Mix)
3. American Love (Radio Version)
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Title: Someone That I Used To Love reviewed on 10/03/99
Artist: Norma Lewis
Label: 1999 Klone (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDKLONE65
Review: NORMA LEWIS - Someone That I Used To Love Let me start this batch of reviews with two releases from U.K. First is NORMA LEWIS with her one of the most sought summer circuit anthem, a brand new single: "Someone That I Used To Love" orginally a heartbreaker by Natalie Cole! If you know Norma, you probably know what to expect. This is HIGH ENERGY track with different flavors in different mixes. Radio Mix is contemporary HIGH ENERGY more into tea POP side though. Sound a bit like Donna Summer. Club Mix is more oriented toward clubbing. It starts with TECHNO strings but not for long. It blows into full NRG track later. The last version [F.A.B. Mix) (predominantly instrumental) is just one neverending loop. When you play HIGH ENERGY it will do extremely well, keeping floor at certain BPM. It has a bit of HOUSE feel as well. This is the best version from all presented to be played in clubs. I featured both Club and F.A.B. Mix in sound sampler.

1. Strongroom Radio Mix
2. Strongroom Club Mix
3. F.A.B. Mix
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Title: Hang Your Head reviewed on 10/03/99
Artist: Phillip Rushton
Label: 1999 Klone (England)
Style: High Energy/Techno
Index #: CDKLONE66
Review: PHILIP RUSHTON - Hang Your Head Next proposition from KLONE. This time it is PHILIP RUSHTON in track he has written with Ian Anthony Stephens who also produces and mixes such artists as Paul Parker, Abigail, Princess Paragon etc. . Very interesting release being initially top seller in Spain. While the first on Cd Illusive Radio Mix is done in HIGH-ENERGY/HOUSE style, remaining other cater more into TECHNO sound. I was particularly fan of Grips Heaven Vocal Mix. This is very well done dance treack. Yes it still has a lot of ENERGY in it, also the Phillip's vocal is indeed good and remind Jimmy Sommerville in a sence. This is the mix dance clubs should play. It has powerful loops, breaks, pounding rhythm and perfect BPM to score perfectly for a dance floor. In sound sampler I featured Illusive Radio Mix and Grips Heaven Vocal Mix.

1. Illusive Radio Mix
2. Illusive Energy Mix
3. Grips Heaven Vocal Mix
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Title: In The Mix reviewed on 10/03/99
Artist: Chyp-Notic
Label: 1999 Coconut Records/BMG (Germany)
Style: Disco
Index #: 74321-66816-2
Review: CHYP-NOTIC - In The Mix Now some long overdue reviews. CHYP-NOTIC similar to BAD BOYS BLUE originally was recording on Coconut Records. One of their most known recording is Prince's "Nothing Compares 2 U" (1990) sang by Sinead O'Connors I am guilty! They also recorded several others song just to mention "I Can't Get Enough" (1991). All their songs were orginally recorded in HIGH ENERGY style. Andy Matern did mix of groups five hits including these two. You also find on this CD three versions of "I Can't Get Enough" including the original one. "1999" editions are recorded in HOUSE style, to make it more accessible for current dance floor. I still prefer the original though. If you like HOUSE you will like these "1999" updates. Particularly Happy House 12" should do good. In sound sampler I featured fragment of In The Mix part that includes: "I Can't Get Enough", "I Do It all For You Baby", "Still In Love With You Baby".

1. In The Mix - 7:16
    - Nothing Compares 2 U
    - I Can't Get Enough
    - I Do It All For You Baby
    - Still In Love With You Baby
    - When I Dream
2. I Can't Get Enough (Happy House 7")- 3:28
3. I Can't Get Enough (Original Version) - 3:55
4. I Can't Get Enough (Happy House 12") - 4:55
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Title: Princess Of Egypt reviewed on 10/03/99
Artist: E-Type
Label: 1999 Stockholm Records (Sweden)
Style: EuroTechno
Index #: 0523602
Review: NORMA LEWIS - Someone That I Used To Love "Princess Of Egypt" is a the third single released from group's last year album: "Last Man Standing". The original version was a crossover between DANCE and EUROREGGAE. In the single you will find also other flavors. Pierre J's Q-type mix is done in fast EUROTECHNO retaining some of EUROREGGAE strings. Pinocchio's Remix starts with DREAM line and follow more into TRANCE style later. This one is very well done and my favorite. If you still prefer the album version, go for Extended Version. It has same feeling as Radio Version yet you gaining a bit longer track and richer instrumentation. To be honest when I heard this track in album I was not necessary impressed, but it grew on me. So I recommend it. As a bonus, you will find on this CD a video of another E-TYPE track- "Here I Go". For sound sampler I have took Extended Version and Pinocchio Remix and mixed them together. They are the best versions from this single in my opinion.

01. Radio Version - 3:39
02. Pierre J's Q-type Remix - 7:00
03. Pinocchio Remix - 5:43
04. Extended Version - 5:08
V1 . Here I Go Again - MPEG Video 4:39
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Title: After Love reviewed on 10/03/99
Artist: Piet Blank & Jaspa Jones
Label: 1999 Kontor Records (Germany)
Style: Progressive Techno
Index #: 156 378-2
Review: BLANK & JONES - After Love These two DJ's will never cease to surprise me. I simply love the sound they produce. Their "Cream" track was one of my favorite current PROGRESSIVE tunes I played. Well... they are back and they are back BIG!!!. This single CD is almoet like E.P. We have 6 mixes to choose from, and YEAH! All of them are good yet they differ in flavors. To show you some differences I decided to feature FOUR versions on the sound sampler. This is "kick ass" stuff. IBIZA Short Cut starts as TRANCE track with great bassline and synths. The Signum Remix has the transcendental sound with ECHOED synths adding dark feel into this one causing a "mystified" effect. COOL stuff! IBIZA Mix, is very different then IBIZA Short Cut. It's more powerful and glorious with slammin' synth line. Mauro's Picotto Remix is tough. It's very industrial yet dancable. Hard-charging progressive buttom gives this version a thumb up for HARD ACID TECHNO clubs. Both guys are now one of the hottest team of PROGRESSIVE DJ's and producers. Let's see what else they will give us!!!!

For more info about the group, visit group's official page at:

1. New Short Cut - 3:45
2. I-B-I-Z-A Short Cut - 3:30
3. Mauro Picotto Remix - 7:40
4. Club Mix - 7:38
5. The Signum Remix - 7:56
6. I-B-I-Z-A Mix - 6:45
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Title: I Dominate U/Darkside Of Life reviewed on 10/03/99
Artist: Pulsedriver
Label: 1999 What's Up/Polydor (Germany)
Style: Progressive House
Index #: 561 229-2
Review: PULSEDRIVER - I Dominate U/Darkside Of Life This single offers two PROGRESSIVE HOUSE tracks both written by Slobodan Petrovic junior. Starting are two versions of "I Dominate U". Both have sexual innuendos. In sound sampler I feature Extended Version, rich with "dominatrix" female vocals. It has pounding rhythm and synthdriven backbone. "Darkside Of Life" track is done in 3 versions. The leading male vocal has been pitched down to attain dark feeling into it. In sound sampler I present you Club Mix and DJ Tibby Remix. While both caters to PROGRESSIVE HOUSE, DJ Tibby Remix has also some BREAK BEAT into it. This is an ultimate club track with beatifully done turbulent synth lines surging when track progresses.

1. I Dominate U (Single Version) - 3:39
2. I Dominate U (Extended Version) - 6:20
3. Darkside Of Life (Single Version) - 3:06
4. Darkside Of Life (Club Mix) - 6:54
5. Darkside Of Life (DJ Tibby Remix) - 5:00
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Title: Suncream reviewed on 10/03/99
Artist: Full Fillers
Label: 1999 Premium Records (The Netherlands)
Style: Techno House
Index #: Pre 100

FULLFILLERS - Sunscream Now time for some vinyl releases. Let's start by presenting the first release from this newly established Premium Records label that is distributed by Mid-Town (White Widow etc). The following titles are featured. On side A "Sunscream" a dark scrumptious production with haunted female dark vocal, great beat and synths. This vocal "bleeds" into next track on this vinyl: "Love And Kisses". This is powerful TECHNO HOUSE track. The last one is "Around The Fence". Semi DREAM and HOUSE in one brings layers of dazzling synths and gorgeous melody (cutely highlited with scintillation strings). I featured all three songs in sound sampler.

a1. Suncream - 6:57
b1. Love & Kissed - 7:08
b2. Around The Fence - 7:42
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Title: My Experience reviewed on 10/03/99
Artist: Formologic
Label: 1999 United/Flammable (The Netherlands)
Style: Techno-Trance
Index #: Flame 004

FORMOLOGIC - My Experience Another formation from Holland. "My X-perience" is written as TECHNO-TRANCE HOUSE track. It has something from SASH! , ABSOLOM and other mre into PROGRESSIVE sound. Three mixes to choose from. While the Original Mix retain more HOUSE sound both Moonman and Medical mixes caters more into PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE sound. Soaring strings all over the places. Interestingly arranged breaks and dark, hypnotic undertone adds to this release. This is quite interesting offering for club scene and as such should do pretty well. Retaining contemporary HOUSE strings are help.

a1. My X-perience (Moonman Mix) - 6:06
a2. My X-perience (Medical Mix) - 5:50
b1. My X-perience (Original Mix) - 7:03
b2. Warp Drive - 6:47
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Title: Don't Break My Heart reviewed on 10/03/99
Artist: DJ Lunatic
Label: 1999 RCM Records (The Netherlands)
Style: Trance
Index #: RCM 667015 6
Review: DJ LUNATIC - Don't Break My Heart As usually this BENELUS country brings top notch TRANCE sound. "Don't Break My Heart" was written and produced by M. Alici. If groups like ABSOLOM or WHITE WIDOW ring a bell, you will feel right at home. Track is practically instrumental (if you will not cound a femal vocal beggin' not to break her heart), yet three available versions deliver a bit diffrerent flavors. Taken together this is nice club track and such should make very well in club. I featured in sound sampler TIME TRAVELLER REMIX, that is more into TECHNO HOUSE side. I like Instrumental Mix as well (why it is call instrumental have no idea, since all versions as I said have limited vocal including this one).

a1. Time Traveller Remix
b1. Original
b2. instrumental Mix
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Title: La Serenissima reviewed on 10/03/99
Artist: DJ's Unlimited
Label: 1999 DJ's Unlimited/Dance Pool (Germany)
Style: Techno Trance
Index #: DJ 002

DJ's UNLIMITED - La Serenissima German TECHNO TRANCE in this "remake" of "La Serenissima". Three versions are featured on this vinyl. Trance House Mix is dark full of sinuous synth lines. Great club track to dance to. The Original Mix carries more DREAM/NRG feelings into it, but do not get mislead. The DREAM line is shifting into fiercing TRANCE/TECHNO sound. Very interesting club track. The haunting melody, great hooks, incredible strings and seducevily rhythmic setting is just perfect. Melodic backdrops provided with this track makes it irresisitible to listen. In sound sampler I feature Trance Mix and Original Mix. Tekkno Trance Remix was a bit too much for me. Very fast and hard to dance unless you are fun of fast speed! If so, here you are!

a1. Trance House Mix
b1. Original Mix
b2. Tekkno Trance Remix
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Title: Theme From Futuroscope reviewed on 10/03/99
Artist: Fu-Bots
Label: 1999 Energetic Records/UCMB (Germany)
Style: Techno/Rave
Index #: ER002-6
Review: FU-BOTS - Theme from Futurescope This vinyl came from Energetic Records. It is an interesting TECHNO release combining both PROGRESSIVE, RAVE and actually some DREAM components. It is an instrumantal release yet have some background female choir. Four mixes to choose from. If you would prefer more dark side "dark impressions" is your choice. Has nice instrumentataions, angelic sythesized vocal and beat. If you would want to have more ENERGY side go for remix by DJ ENERGY. His version gave galloping synths that would do great in the dance floor. Interesting Radio Version lasts almost 6 minutes (unlikely for any other Radio Mixes) and seems to be the best. I featured in sound sampler both DJ ENERGY REMIX and Radio Mix.

a1. Extended Mix
a2. Dark Impressions
b1. DJ Energy Remix
b2. Radio Mix
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