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Title: Porque Te Vas reviewed on 06/22/99
Artist: Masterboy
Label: 1999 What's Up?! Polydor (Germany)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: 563 971-2
Review: Masterboy - Porque Te Vas If you thought that MASTERBOY had their last word a year ago, you are damn mistaken. After almost a year of silence the group is coming back to dance scene with great music and new female vocalist ANNABELL KRISCHAK who replace Linda Rocco. 5 tracks on this CD and four of them are remixes of the titled track: "Porque Te Vas". What all these versions have common? Great EURODANCE combined with moderate LATINO beat. First on Cd is Radio Mix. It has all you can expect from classic MASTERBOY rhythmic EURODANCE, great melody and Tommy's rap. I know many of you were not necessary happy with his rap before, but GEE! I really missed it! The Summer Mix bring more LATINO flavor to the song and yet keeps that great EURODANCE sound intact. DA BOMB! Can't get any better!!! If you ready for more TECHNO-HOUSE sound, you won't be dissapointed. The third track is remixed by The Low Raiders & D.O.N.S.. Good beat, perfect track for NRG/HOUSE clubs! Real ditto! Finally the last version of this song: Toolbox Radio Edit. This is more happy and up-tempo HI-NRG track with FREESTYLE crossed with NRG and SAMBA feel in it. The "bonus" track on this Cd is another new track from the group "Make Me Feel Good". This is NRG afterhours instrumental track! Very nicely done. so taken together yet another hope for EURODANCE coming back! If Masterboy will keep releasing singles like this I can now rest in peace! :)
For more info about the group, please refer to my Masterboy Page.
If you need contact the group please visit

1. Porque Te Vas - Radio Mix - 3:26
2. Porque Te Vas - Summer Mix - 4:28
3. Porque Te Vas - D.O.N.S. Remix - 7:01
4. Porque Te Vas - Toolbox Radio Edit - 3:35
5. Make Me Feel Good - 5:47
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Title: Manga Maniac reviewed on 06/24/99
Artist: Sex Appeal
Label: 1999 3H Music Production (The Netherlands)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: not yet released
Review: SEX APPEAL - Manga Maniac Lyane Leigh (ex E-ROTIC now SEX APPEAL) is back in new track called "Manga Maniac". If you like sound of SEX APPEAL or E-ROTIC, this is it! Lyane delivered a full blown EURODANCE track with nice rhythm and great melodic line. Easy to remember and to dance to. The lyrics are not necessary ambitious but hey.... who cares! The most important part has been retained... the music! The single is not released yet, but I thought I will give you a taste of it. Unfortunately just a Radio Mix. I have no slightest idea how other mixes will sound like, but at least this short sampler should satisfy fans of the group. Lyane sounds great as usually and track has high potentials to keep dance circuit bouncing!
For more info about the group, please refer to my SEX Appeal Page.
If you need contact the group please visit 3H Music Production Website.

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Title: Yes Sir, I Can Boogie '99 reviewed on 06/24/99
Artist: Baccara
Label: 1999 BMG-Ariola (Germany)
Style: Dance
Review: Another mega dance group is back. This time it is HI-NRG group that was famous back in 80's BACCARA. Happened that "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" was one of their most known songs. The 1999 version was totally revamped, featuring some classic sound fragments from the original performance. The sound is updated to what we have now in dance floor. In general featured mixes on this CD were done in similar way as MODERN TALKING or BAD BOYS BLUE releases by adding RAP elements performed by Michael Universal. He did a great. I would risk the statement that it is one of the best RAPPing in EURODANCE I heard recently. I have to admit I never thought that RAP might actually be good for BACCARA, but hey... I was wrong! Group sounds great, and I was really, really happy to hear this track again! So taken together it is great turbo-charged dance release with great potentials for dance floor.
For more info about the group, please refer to my Baccara Page.

1. Radio Mix feat. Michael Universal - 3:30
2. Radio Mix - 3:30
3. Lite Rap feat. Michael Universal - 3:30
4. Extended Mix feat. Michael Universal - 4:54
5. Karyoke Version - 3:30
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Title: Wind Beneath My Wings reviewed on 06/24/99
Artist: Baccara
Label: 1999 Majic Music (UK)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: 563 971-2
Review: BACCARA - Wind Beneath My Wing This release is coming from newly created UK label MAJIC RECORDS by producers: Mike Coppock (reponsible for many mixes back from Loading Bay Records era) and Tony Spalding (producer of many Hi-NRG tracks). As A matter of fact Mike produced an original version of this track back in 1993. Quite incredible that two singles by BACCARA were released back to back. and oh my! they differ! and they differ a lot. While reviewed above "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie '99" delivered great EURODANCE sound, it lacked diversity. This is not a case with "Wind Beneath My Wings". Both producers made sure that the single will contain many flavors of dance genre, and they did fabulous job to fulfill this task. We have 4 versions of the title song and indeed they are diversified. Producers wanted to make all those 4 versions totally different from each other. They were quite successful achieving this "goal", however they retained the basic elements in all versions. So if you want to listen almost classic EURODANCE version go for galloping and uplifting NRGized Mix. If you are TECHNO-HOUSE freak go for Club Majimix. This is plain stomper for dance clubs. Long intro with galloping synths dropping later into DREAM sound makes this one a sure scorcher! Heartstrings Mix is quasi-instrumental track with interesting orchestration and finally Bad Girls Blue Mix. Oh my! Yes, I think the name of the mix corresponds to BAD BOYS BLUE sound! In fact, I am sure of it. The version delivers quite similar sound of that group, yet it is different. Oxymoron? Not really. It has it's own feeling and in my humble opinion is one (if not THEE ONE) of the best versions on this single. I wish Tony and Mike good luck with their label and hope they will produce more and more excellent tracks like this one.
For more info about the group, please refer to my Baccara Page.
If you need contact the group please visit

1. NRGized Mix - 4:44
2. Club Majimix - 7:11
3. Heartstrings Mix- 6:44
4. Bad Girls Blue Mix - 5:53
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Title: Angel Of Mine reviewed on 06/24/99
Artist: Princess Paragon
Label: Klone (England)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: CDKLONE64
Review: PRINCESS PARAGON - Angel Of Mine Let's stay with UK scene with two more releases! I was very excited when I received this CD. PRINCESS PARAGON is one of my favorite UK singers and her single "Kiss The Rain" released last year was a true gem and became a real "Klone Classic" not to mention a huge success in dance scene. Ian Anthony Stephens, her producer was also enjoying "the break". Well... now they both are back with great new production to die for. Powerful vocal of Princess Paragon and energetic tracks made this release a real happening! Track combines galloping NEG/EURODANCE with dark synthlines. This is truly pounding release with truly wicked, wild PROGRESSIVE touch. I featured both mixes Radio Version and Illusive Mix. Congratulation guys! The wait has been rewarded!

1. Angel Of Mine (Radio Version)
2. Angel Of Mine (Illusive Mix)
3. Say You Love Me
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Title: Wish I Could Fly (Dance Remixes) reviewed on 06/24/99
Artist: Unity featuring Nicola
Label: Branded (England)
Style: Dance (various genres)
Index #: CDBRAND 16
Review: UNITY feat. NICOLA - Wish I Could Fly Oh my, yet another great dance release (or should I say releases). "Wish I Could Fly" got remixed! Here you are presented with four different mixes and indeed different they are! Mark "Hitman" Smith did an outstanding job giving us spectacular remixes. Popster Radio Version is a happy EURODANCE falling into HIGH-ENERGY with crystal clear, gorgeous female vocals. Very dynamic and enchanting version. Ascension Mix shifts into uplifting TECHNO-HOUSE track that changes it's flavor to NRG blaster, somewhere in the middle. Popster Mix is recorded in DISCO style again with cutting-edge EURODANCE sound. This is a SLAMMING!!!! version!!!! The last on ths CD is Sentinal (Radio Edit) and this should make anyone into PROGRESSIVE TECHNO happy! I had to give you this version in sound sampler as well. You wil lbe impressed that such great DANCE PROGRESSIVE sound came out from UK. This is equal if not better than German on Belgian TRANCE tracks! Plain "cream your jeans" stuff. This one is to be grabbed !!!!

1. Popster Radio Version
2. Ascension Mix
3. Popster Mix
4. Sentinal (Radio Edit)
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Title: Words - Version 1999 reviewed on 05/15/99
Artist: F.R. David
Label: 1999 INCA Music (France)
Style: Dance/Pop
Index #: PROMO
Review: F.R. David - Words - Version 1999 Another legend of DANCE is back. This time from France. If you never heard of F.R. DAVID, you missed a lot. He made several hits back in 80's and at least one of them: "Words" became a CLASSIC. I know many of you wanted to get this song badly, so here I have great news for you. The single containing both ORIGINAL and 99 VERSION of this classic will be available on May 28, 1999, thanks to French label: INCA Music. As a matter of fact this label is almost ready to released F.R.DAVID's new album called: "F.R. DAVID - 99 Version". Presented single is taken from this forthcoming album. New version of "Words" is recorded more in POP side with exposed guitar section. If you were expecting more PROGRESSIVE up-to-date touch, hold your horses! It is virtually absent, yet the song is still refreshing. I was allowed to present you with only 30 secs of the track, but I hope, I was able to capture essence of it. Since you have on the disk also an original version, you can compare them easily. F.R. DAVID sounds great! He has special place in my heart. I am waiting to have his new album in hands and will review it immediately. All you F.R. DAVID's fans be prepared!
For more info about the group, please refer to my F.R. David Page

1. WORDS - Version 99 - 3:32
2. WORDS - Version Originale - 3:27
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Title: In Your Eyes reviewed on 05/15/99
Artist: Critical Mass
Label: 1998 Byte Records (Belgium)
Style: Progressive Euro
Index #: BYTE 059813-3
Review: CRITICAL MASS - In Your Eyes As promised, now first batch of releases from BELGIAN ultimate dance label Byte Records. First, track from 1998 that I had no chance to review before (I simply did not have it at that time) is by Critical Mass. I am sure if you are devoted PROGRESSIVE EURO freak, you must know this track already. This was a slamming release with ultimate EUROGRESSIVE sound and amazing female vocals provided by L.Odijk. Amazing and messmerizing track that builds and builds while progressing. Bassline is rising and falling hypnotically. I was dissapointed that CD single did not have Extended Version that appeared on 12" vinyl (the best version). Too bad. I think many European labels that do release mostly vinyls are afraid to put all versions on CDs as well. What can I say? If you want that one, search for vinyl. In sound sampler I am featuring mix of AJ Radio Mix amd JP's Edit. If you don't have it yet, get it!

1. AJ Radio Mix - 3:47
2. JP's Edit - 3:47
3. Original Edit - 3:39
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Title: The Pill reviewed on 05/15/99
Artist: Doctor V feat. Axina
Label: 1998 Byte Records (Belgium)
Style: Techno House
Index #: 029901
Review: DOCTOR V feat. AXINA - The Pill Yet another 1998 release from Byte Records. "The Pill's" theme is of course the "wonder" pill. You can expect what the lyrics might be all about. How about the music? It is totally different compared with the track reviewed above. This is plain TECHNO HOUSE track that is doing great in HOUSE oriented clubs. Interesting synth lines with a throbbing energetic bottom, sensual female vocal and rather confused male vocal. Again, I do complain about only 2 versions on the disk (mix features both of them).

1. Radio Beep - 3:36
2. Radio Weezle - 3:48
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Title: Phat Beat reviewed on 05/15/99
Artist: Funny F
Label: 1999 Byte Records (Belgium)
Style: Acid Techno
Index #: BP 019902-3
Review: FUNNY F - Phat Beat Two titles are featured on this disk. First one: "Phat Beat" is a hard-charging ACID TECHNO HOUSE track full of noises, whistles and state-of-the-art electronics. The second one: "Funky" is a remix of the track released last year. While the original was very close to sound presented in "Phat Beat", Flashman Slaughter Remix theme is more TECHNO HOUSE than ACID. Interesting club track with good beat to dance to. Sound sampler features fragments of both tracks.

1. Phat Beat - Radio Mix - 3:27
2. Funky - Flashman Slaughter Remix - 4:26
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Title: Won't You Show Me reviewed on 05/15/99
Artist: The Oh!
Label: 1999 Byte Records (Belgium)
Style: Progressive/Trance
Index #: BY 059906-12
Review: Last release from Byte Records in this batch to be reviewed, yet one of the best! This one is plain club stunner, solid PROGRESSIVE release. Beatiful and majestically uplifting synth party platter. Trance Mix is completely instrumental, with synths that drives you to heaven. Highly charged version. The Club Mix is synth-driven EUROGRESSIVE track highlighted by an interesting female vocal section not to mention flashy PROGRESSIVE synths driving you wild. Very good indeed!

1. Trance Mix - 8:17 (Logo Side)
2. Club Mix - 5:06 (This Side)
3. Original Mix - 5:41 (This Side)
For more info about the group, please visit their site at
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Title: Dreamphase reviewed on 05/15/99
Artist: Jupiter Prime
Label: 1999 Unsubmassive (Germany)
Style: Progressive
Index #: USM-024-6
Review: Last single reviewed in this batch is from one of underground German labels: Unsubmassive. This is massive PROGRESSIVE, mind blowing track. Essential turbo-circuit monster with uplfiting synths! This one will charge any TRANCE oriented dance floor. While vocals are very limited, the instrumental part does the job. Plainly, storming synth-power to dance to! Sound sampler features both versions!

1. Phase I - 6:13 (Other Side)
2. Phase II - 6:49 (This Side)
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Title: The Return (Time To Say Goodbye reviewed on 05/10/99
Artist: DJ Visage
Label: 1999 NR Music/Dance Lab (Austria)
Style: Progressive Euro
Index #: PROMO
Review: DJ Visage - The Return I have to admit, I was very exited when I received this afternoon promo copy of newest release from DJ VISAGE. This act was quite successful in Europe and other continents, yet had only three singles. This one is the fourth in DJ Visage discography. This time he and his producer Norbert Reichart decided to give you a TRUE dance version of mega hit by A.Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. This is amazing release that combines angelic female vocal (no DJ Visage voice in any of presented versions) with great dance beat and PROGRESSIVE synths. The song is expected to hit HARD dance clubs all over the Europe. No wonder, Norbert Reichart is not only a great producer but also outstanding manager. Three versions are featured in this PROMO disk. The first one (Radio Mix) is the shortest yet it covers almost any elements present in other versions. I feature this one is first part of the sound sampler. Stunning vocal, great beat, good dance. Second version (Club Mix) is more "ambitious". More developed synths with angelic chorus in the background welcomes us at the beginning of the tracks and nicely flowing into hard beat growing with every second of this song. You will love this one, it's transcendental feeling is irresistible. The third version (Extended Mix) that I featured in 2nd part of the sound sampler falls more into TRANCE HOUSE category. This almost 9 minute track is real monster. Monumentally done dance stunner. Taken together great release should top dance charts high as predicted.
For more info about the group, please refer to my DJ Visage Page

1. Radio Edit - 3:29
2. Club Mix - 6:59
3. Extended Mix - 8:59
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Title: D.I.S.C.O. - Lust Of Life reviewed on 04/15/99 and revised on 05/05/99
Artist: FANCY
Label: 1999 69/Jupiter Records/BMG (Germany)
Style: eurodance
Index #: 74321 67052 2
Review: FANCY - D.I.S.C.O. - Lust For LifeIn the beginning of April '99 pre-release edition of new FANCY single was released that I originally reviewed. Today courtesy of Jupiter Records I have received pre-released copy of CD that will be released on May 17, 1999 in Germany. I know many of you are waiting for new album from this artist and probably know that such will be soon out (as a matter of fact, on May 31, 1999. To shorten that period of waiting, I am rushing to present you that single, that features 4 songs that will appear on the album. FANCY comes back to dance scene and it is come-back in glory. If the album will contain such songs that are presented in the single, I am sure it will be a MAJOR event in 1999. What also warrants the success is team of writers David Brandes - music, John O'Flynn lyrics and producers: Felix J. Gauder, Domenico Labarile and of course John O'Flynn. All presented songs are masterpiece of eurodance. Usually Fancy himself was writing his songs, this time all featured tracks are written by above mentioned authors. The influence is significant, especially in song: "On Fire". I swear, I hear the male vocal from E-ROTIC in this song. I am sure you know by now that writers and producers of this Fancy release are also responsible for tracks by E-rotic. Don't worry though, Fancy sounds great as always, and his voice remained untouched. In the end let me mention that there is a difference in tracks between PROMO CD (that I originally reviewed) and this regular CD (see below). Taken together the wait for the new album is almost over and we were handsomely rewarded! Congratulation!!!
For more info about the group, please refer to my FANCY Page

1. D.I.S.C.O. [Lust For Life] (Radio Edit) - 3:29
2. D.I.S.C.O. [Lust For Life] (Extended Version) - 6:00
3. When Clowns Cry
4. On Fire - 3:28

Below titles appeared on PROMO CD
1. D.I.S.C.O. - Lust For Life
2. How Do You Feel Right Now
3. Try My Love Again
4. When Clowns Cry
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Title: The-Hit-Pack reviewed on 04/04/99
Artist: Bad Boys Blue
Label: 1999 Coconut Records/BMG (Germany)
Style: Disco/Rap
Index #: 74321 66162 2
Review: BAD BOYS BLUE - Hold You In My Arms Here we have new single from BAD BOYS BLUE that is being released in April ' 99. This one contains 4 tracks and you are familiar with all of them. Two titles: "Never Never" and "Queen Of Heart '99"appeared on "... continued", however you have the opportunity of having "Never Never" in it's EXTENDED version that did not appeared before. Also this CD introduces '99 remixes of "Hungry For Love" both in Radio and X-tended versions. Presented X-tended versions feature RAP done by Jojo Max who also written RAP lyrics for these songs. Nice addendum to your BAD BOYS BLUE collection. I only hope more titles from their recent album will find their way to be released in single format. Sound sampler features X-tended versions of: "Hungry For Love '99" and "Never Never".
For more info about the group, please refer to my Bad Boys Blue Page

1. Hungry For Love '99 (Radio Edit) - 3:59
2. Hungry For Love '99 (X-Tended Version) - 6:43
3. Never Never (X-Tended Version) - 5:08
4. Queen Of Hearts '99 (Album Version) - 3:53
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Title: The EP reviewed on 04/04/99
Artist: First Base
Label: BMG Music (Canada)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: 74321-66083-2
Review: FIRST BASE - The EP Have you had just about all you can take of the progressive, techno style music coming out of Europe these days? Do you miss the Classic Eurodance sound that was so popular in 1995? If you answered yes, then prepare for the most significant release in years. Yes, it's finally here. A complete collection of German super group, First Base. This exclusive release to Canada gives you all you need to complete your First Base collection. Starting off with the new single "Follow Me", it's a virtual guarentee that this will be one of the biggest dance records of the year. This track is not a blistering powerhouse like some of the previous tracks, but it's a damn pretty song that you'll want to play over and over. You'll be singing long in no time. "Love is Paradise" is wisely featured as the Club Mix (it's listed as the Dance Mix, but it is the Club Mix). Back in 1995, famous artists like Culture Beat, La Bouche, Masterboy and Real McCoy were left WAY behind by the release of this song. Killer intro, great synths, strong rap and powerful vocals = 100% electricity. If you've heard the song, you know what I'm talking about. If you've not heard the song, this track is an absolute must for your collection. As far as I'm concerned, this is the finest 6:46 minutes of music ever made. "Can You Keep a Secret" is a borderline progressive track, but still stays true to the bands eurodance roots. Top track of 1997 and a massive club hit. Yet again, a brilliant intro. "Heavenly" was originally released only on a compilation in Canada in 1996. Never promoted as a radio or club track, the song is very strong and a little more vocal than the previous releases. It's perfect for either listening to quitetly in the background or cranking at full volume in your car. Finishing off with the Miami Remix of "Follow Me", this mix has perhaps more club potential than the original mix. Admittedly, I'm not a fan of freestyle, so this mix doesn't do a great deal for me. But I can easily see this becoming the mix of choice for DJs who spin in Italian or Greek clubs. If you only get one CD in 1999, you won't go wrong with this CD.

1. Follow Me (Original Club Mix) 6:27
2. Love Is Paradise (Club Mix) [Incorrectly listed as dance mix] 6:46
3. Can You Keep A Secret (Extended Hypnotic Mix) 5:00
4. Heavenly (First Base Mix) 5:55
5. Follow Me (Kai MacDonald Miami Club Mix) 5:01
Reviewed by Darren Barnes
For more info about the group, please refer to my First Base Page
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Title: Long Way To Paradise reviewed on 03/11/99
Artist: Fancy
Label: 1998 KOCH International (Germany)
Style: Disco
Index #: 333 136
Review: FANCE - Long Way To Paradise (Remix '99) I am starting this batch of reviews with icons of HIGH ENERGY. First in line is FANCY with his "new" release. In fact it is not new at all. Actually KOCH Intenrational the label that previosly released FANCY album called "Blue Planet Zikastar" back in 1995 and his compilation called "It's Me Fancy" back in 1994, decided to release this single. Song itself appeared previosuly on forementioned compilation. In this single it appeares in two versions as a '99 Remix done by Chris Le Blanc as well as in Karaoke Version. Nothing really special about this release. Nice dance track, but I have to admit that the remix itself is weak. Nothing to brag about. I was hoping for something new. It basically looks to me like KOCH it trying to cash on his popularity hoping that FANCY will join the crowd of newly re-discovered groups and artists like MODERN TALKING, FANCY or C.C. CATCH. This single is worth basically for all of you who collect FANCY released. That is also the reason why I got my copy, but otherwise I wouldn't bother. I hope Jupiter Records that is present FANCY label will deliver fresh new album with this artist soon!
For more info about the group, please refer to my Fancy Page

1. Long Way To Paradise (Remix '99) - 3:51
2. Again & Again - You Believe In Love - 3:30
3. Long Way To Paradise (Karaoke Version) - 3:51
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Title: Hold You In My Arms reviewed on 03/11/99
Artist: Bad Boys Blue
Label: 1998 Intercord (Germany)
Style: Disco/Rap
Index #: INT 8 86494-2
Review: BAD BOYS BLUE - Hold You In My Arms Seems that this new BBB single falls into the same category as above reviewed FANCY release. "Hold You In My Arms" was released by previous BBB label : Intercord. I am not sure why current remixers in general think that once RAP is added the track is called "remixed". This is the case here. Well... there is actually something interesting about this track. You not only have male RAP (performed by Claudio) but also ...a female version of RAP performed by Trina. I want to make sure again, that you all understand this single was not released by current BBB label (Coconut Records) that brought two most current albums by this group. This clearly explains weaknesses of this release. Producers of this "remixed" single (Back 2 Dance) did not match the original one (Felix J. Gauder). This single is rather mediocre (not artists fault though), unless you count PROGRESSIVE strings appearing between RAPing can call this "innovation" a "remix" as well. Sound sampler features: Extended Girl's Rap and Broacast Mix (with Claudio's Rap)
For more info about the group, please refer to my Bad Boys Blue Page

1. Radio Edit - 2:57
2. Extended Girl's Rap - 4:41
3. Spanish Rap - 4:41
4. Broadcast Mix - 2:58
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Title: Heaven Is Here reviewed on 03/11/99
Artist: 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor
Label: CNR Music/Lowland (The Netherlands)
Style: Various Dance genres
Index #: ARC 311
Review: 2 BROTHERS ON THE 4TH FLOOR - Heaven Is Here I was waiting for this new single with anticipation. After all previously released one "The Sun Will Be Shining" that was Euro gem I hoped for another one in the same style. This new single brought some of this style back, that is present basically in the first version only (Radio Version). Pounding rhythm and great Des' Ray vocals. I was dissapointed though that only this version was close to eurodance. There are several one that would make happy PROGRESSIVE fans. You should check both mixes by Olaf Basoski. His remx is well crafted PROGRESSIVE track with distinct TECHNO-HOUSE line. If you feel like do some REAGGE go for Sweet Melody Remix. You want to get into TRANCE mode, sure thing! Marco V. & Benjamin Remix is psychedelic TRANCE/HOUSE track. If you are still hooked with "The Sun Will Be Shining", there is a bonus version: Dub Foundation Mix. This is beatifully crafted tune with nicely implemented flute and TRANCE synthline. Very distinct from the original uptempto EURONRG track, yet very interesting indeed. In sound sampler I featured two versions: Radio Version for eurodance lovers and Olav Basoski Remix for all of you who like more Progressive sound.

1. Heaven Is Here (Radio Version) - 3:32
2. Heaven Is Here (Sweet Melody Remix) - 4:26
3. Heaven Is Here (Marco V & Benjamin Remix) - 7:25
4. Heaven Is Here (Olav Basoski Samplitude Remix) - 5:50
5. Heaven Is Here (Olav Basoski Remix) - 6:31
6. The Sun Will Be Shining (Dub Foundation Mix) - 7:05
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Title: Flash In The Night reviewed on 03/11/99
Artist: Calderone
Label: ZYX (Germany)
Style: Trance
Index #: ZYX 8887-2
Review: CALDERONE - Flash In The Night I have just recently "discovered" this release from ZYX. One reason why this particular single caught my attention was title. Probably most of you don't remember that, ths eong under the same title was recorded by Swedish group SECRET SERVICE more than a decade ago. It wasn't it, but in fact what I've got was an interesting TRANCE track. I have decided to mix 2 versions: Club Mix and Love Remix. The first one is interestingly arranged PROGRESSIVE/TRACK the second one is more into DREAM sound. All versions on this CD are actually very well done. It is good club oriented tracks with quite catchy hooks. Maybe that is why I got "hooked" on it! :)

1. Flash In The Night (Love Edit) - 3:40
2. Flash In The Night (Radio Mix) - 3:42
3. Flash In The Night (Love Remix) - 6:22
4. Flash In The Night (Club Mix) - 7:05
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Title: I Was Made For Dancing reviewed on 03/11/99
Artist: Sam Walker
Label: Klone (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDKLONE62
Review: SAM WALKER - I Was Made For Dancing Again, time for High Energy releases from UK Hi-NRG scene. In thi batch four of them, starting with "I Was Made For Dancing" released by Klone. Sam Walkers delivers a HOT High Energy tune. Three mixes to choose from. Uplifting and full of energy Radio Mix. HOUSEY/ENERGY with carnival drums and whistles Made in Miami Mix (this one is hot!), or the third one: Made In Europe Mix, with more transcendental sound. Great POPish version. "Bonus" track is quasi-TECHNO-HOUSE yet very NRGetic "Feelingood". Sam with and previous release: I Just Can't Get enough" is doing quite good in English dance clubs. In sound sampler I am featuring: Radio version of "I Was Made For Dancing" and bounus track: "Feelingood"

1. I Was Made For Dancing (Radio Mix)
2. I Was Made For Dancing (Made In Miami Mix)
3. I Was Made For Dancing (Made In Europe Mix)
4. Feelingood
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Title: A Little Bit More/I'm Your Man (1999 Club Mixes) reviewed on 03/11/99
Artist: Chekmate
Label: Klone (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDKLONE63
Review: CHEKMATE - A Little Bit More/I'm Your Man Another covers from this label and from CHEKMATE. This time they give us return of Dr. Hook's classic "A Little Bit More" and Wham's "I'm Your Man".Chekmate's interpretation of "A Little Bit More" is an interestingly arranged NRG tune with DJ friendly intro breaking into great female vocals. Very dancefloor friendly, ready to make the floor move. "I'm Your Man" will also keep you at Hi-NRG mood. This one is far more POP track yet interesting vocals makes this track a good choice for dance floor. You will also find on this CD a "bonus" track: "I Have A Dream" quoted from this famous line by Martin Luther King. This one is falling more into FREESTYLE, yet have the power and energy of HI-NRG track. In sound sampler I feature Emergency 911 Mix of "A Little Bit More" and Butterkup Mix of "I'm Your Man".

1. A Little Bit More (Radio Mix)
2. A Little Bit More (Emergency 911 Mix)
3. I'm Your Man '99 (Butterkup Mix)
4. I Have A Dream
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Title: Now That We've Found Love reviewed on 03/11/99
Artist: Soozy Q
Label: 1999 Dominion Records (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDDMIN 217
Review: SOOZY Q - Now That We've Found Love Dominion Records always give us great dance releases. Here they go again with new release by SOOZY Q. Back in August '98 she brought us "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off". This time she delivers powerful dance "remake" of "Now That We've Found Love" originally by Heavy D. & The Boyz back from 1991. To appreciate this track you have to be into UK NRG-scene. Three mixes to choose from. Radio Version is full blown NRG track with FREESTYLE elements. This combination is very characteristic for current NRG releases from UK. If you like even more pronounced beat with sunshine feeling go for eclectic Q Feel Club Mix. If you prefer pure NRG sound, obviously NRG Mix should do it. The intro brings you to straight to NRG beat. Interesting dance track. In sound sampler I feature both Q Feel Club Mix and NRG Mix.

1. Now That We've Found Love (Radio Version)
2. Now That We've Found Love (Q Feel Club Mix Love)
3. Now That We've Found Love (NRG Mix)
4. Stay Another Night
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Title: Maria reviewed on 03/11/99
Artist: Sunday Girl
Label: 1999 Neoteric Records (England)
Style: Euroenergy
Index #: NRLCD 15
Review: SUNDAY GIRL - Maria If any of you have doubts that English label can deliver forefront eurodance track, should revisit his/her opinion. Neoteric Records is not a label that delivers many releases every year, but if the do release a single it is a GREAT one. Some of you might remember singles by CHIMERA I reviewed in previous years. Now this label brought us brilliant cover of BLONDIE's smash hit "Maria" done in stunning eurodance style by Sunday Girl. Probably one of the best releases in the genre this year so far. This tune combines powerful NRG beat with sizzling quasi-PROGRESSIVE synth line. Great melody and production (by Mr. B & Rew) should satisfy almost any type of club playing dance music. Female vocal very similar to original delivers chilling feeling. Great dance release. In sound sampler I feature Major Mix.

1. Maria (Radio Mix)
2. Maria (Major Mix)
3. Maria (Minor Mix)
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Title: Tu Es Mon Ile reviewed on 02/15/99
Artist: Blümchen/Yta Farrow
Label: 1998 Major Chord/Edel Music France (France)
Style: Euroenergy
Index #: EDL 4934-1
Review: Blümchen/Yta Farrow - Tu Es Mon Ile Blümchen keep giving us great dance tracks. After single "Ich Bin Wieder Hier" released last year that appeared also on her album Jasmin she is back with abolutely stunning EURONRG track. "Tu Es Mon Ile" was exclusively released in France. Blümchen pared with a French dance artist Yta Farrow. You might rememebr her from 1997 release "Le Monde Est Dans Tes Yeux". Farrow's gorgeous vocal performance is intense and riveting. Both ladies did extremely well in this dramatic track giving you one of the best so far 1999 EuroNRG release! If you liked "Ich Bin Wieder Hier" you will love "Tu Es Mon Ile"!

1. Radio Edit - 3'35
2. Extended Version - 6'04
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Title: The Turbo Megamix Volume 2 reviewed on 02/15/99
Artist: Bad Boys Blue
Label: 1998 Coconut Records/BMG (Germany)
Style: Euroenergy/Disco
Index #: 74321-64172-2
Review: BAD BOYS BLUE - The Turbo Megamix - Volume 2 I am guilty! I had this release for more than 1 month and didn't review it on time. The release date stated 1998 is misleading a bit since the single made to German stores in first days of January 1999. The formula taken in"The Turbo Megamix Volume 2" is exactly the same as group did for "Volume 1". You still have their 80's releases featured in this one, JoJo Max is back performing rapping however, Extended version in "Volume 2" is shorter (8:26) and features only 7 songs, while "Volume 1's" Mix lasted 21:23 minutes and featured 14 songs. Too bad. I would love to hear more than just 8 songs. To wipe your tears off, single also offers a "bonus" track"L.O.V.E. In My Car '99" (Rap Remix) exclusively appearing on this single (you will not find it in their current or previous album). Taken together good release to satisfy all BAD BOYS BLUE fans! Sound sampler features FULL clip of Radio Edit version.
For more info about the group, please refer to my Bad Boys Blue Page

1. The Turbo Megamix Vol. 2 (Radio Edit) - 4:46
    -Jungle In MY Heart
    - I'm Your Believer
    - Queen Of Hearts
    - I Totally Miss You
2. The Turbo Megamix Vol. 2 (Extended Version) - 8:26
    - Jungle In MY Heart
    - Kiss You All Over
    - I'm Your Believer
    - Queen Of Hearts
    - House Of Silence
    - L.O.V.E. In My Car
    - I Totally Miss You
3. L.O.V.E. In My Car (Rap Remix) - 3:37
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Title: I Want To Spend My Life Time Loving You reviewed on 02/15/99
Artist: Miss feat. Maxine Barrie with guest Jon-Paul
Label: Branded (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDBRAND14
Review: Miss feat. Maxine Barrie with guest Jon-Paul - I Want To Spend My Life Time Loving You Time for releases from UK Hi-NRG scene. I will now present you with 3 singles that appeared on Rumour Records labels. "I Want To Spend My Life Time Loving You" released on Branded label is representing good and uplifting NRG genre. You have three songs featured on this one. Radio Version is uplifting full-throttle NRG track. For more club oriented audience there is Live Forever Mix cutting more into HOUSE but still retaining Hi-NRG feeling. The last one "That Man" has great synthline and dynamic feeling. In sound sampler I featured Radio Mix.

1. I Want To Spend My Life Time Loving You (Radio Version)
2. I Want To Spend My Life Time Loving You (Live Forever Mix)
3. That Man
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Title: Manic Monday - Hooked On A Feeling reviewed on 02/15/99
Artist: Popcorn feat. Jade
Label: Branded (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDBRAND15
Review: Popcorn feat. Jade - Manic Monday/Hooked On A Feeling The classic "Monic Monday" is back in interpretation of this group. Three mixes to choose from. Radio Version giving you melodic Hi-NRG feeling and good beat. Popcorn Version delivers bright, melodic NRG sound with more power than the Radio Version. Original version is close to UK Hi-NRG sound from late 80's. Sizzling club track to swirl circuit. Beatifully produced. Two additional tracks are on this single as well. Another cover: "Hooked On A Feeling" is a powerful, synth and piano-driven NRG stunner topped with interestingly arranged orchestration. The last title on this CD is "In Search Of The Aliens". This low beat instrumental track written by John Springate will be a good finish for dance parties. Sound sampler features mix of Original Mix of "Monic Monday" and "Hooked On A Feeling".

1. Manic Monday (Radio Version)
2. Manic Monday (Popcorn Mix)
3. Hooked On A Feeling (Dancing Baby Mix)
4. Manic Monday (Original Mix)
5. In A Search Of The Aliens
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Title: 1999 reviewed on 02/15/99
Artist: Paradox feat. Devorah Label: Klone (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDKLONE 61
Review: Paradox feat. Devorah - 1999 Have I left the best for last? Not intentionally, but "1999" is clearly NRG dynamite. As close as it can be to current German PROGRESSIVE scene, this song originally from Prince repertoire gives NRG more synths and more bass lines that you could expect from UK NRG releases. Radio version is beatifully hypnotic NRG on the PROGRESSIVE tip. Saints Klub Mix falls to the same category with more pronounced bass line. Ditto for circuits! Lush production and great melodic hooks! The last version featured in this single is also club oriented. Many hooks and synth-driven PROGRESSIVE fare are dominating in this one. Vocals are limited. All together this single will satisfy all you eurofans! Guaranteed! Sound sampler features mix of Radio Version and Saints Klub Mix.

1. 1999 (Radio Version
2. 1999 (Saints Klub Mix)
3. 1999 (Dubbed Up Mix)
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Title: You Are Not Alone reviewed on 02/06/99
Artist: Modern Tallking
Label: 1999 BMG/Hansa (Germany)
Style: Disco/Rap/Techno
Index #: 74321-63800-2
Review: MODERN TALKING - You Are Not alone So here we are. New single from MODERN TALKING preceding soon to be released album (On February 22, 1999). While the song is brand new, group is still reaching for Eric Singleton's help. 3 out of 4 versions features his RAPPING, Vocal version features almost exclusively Thomas Anders vocals with Dieter Bohlen remaining in the background. Video, vocal and Extended Versions are done in typical MT sound we remember from their 80's appearances. Presence of RAP indicates the new "touch" of MT. Many of you likes that, many of you don't. I only hope that so called "new" releases will take a more adventureous direction than just adding RAP to them. Does Remix in this single announced that direction? If so, I am pretty scared. Why? The style featured in this version is a mix of HOUSE, RAP and TECHNO? Hard for me to place it. Let's hope for the album to be more ingenious! In sound samplers i mixed three Vocal, Video and Remix versions so you can have full picture of what is on the CD

1. You Are Not Alone (feat. Eric Singleton) Video Version - 3:23
2. You Are Not Alone Vocal Version - Radio Edit - 3:41
3. You Are Not Alone (feat. Eric Singleton) Extended Version - 4:55
4. You Are Not Alone (Remix) - 4:32
5. Space Mix (feat. Eric Singleton) - 4:31
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Title: Colour The World reviewed on 02/06/99
Artist: SASH! with special appearance of DR. ALBAN
Label: 1999 Polydor/Step By Step (Germany)
Style: Pop/Techno
Index #: 563 541-2
Review: SASH! - Colour Of The World "New" release from SASH!. Why in parentheses? This title appeared on SASH! 1998 album Life Goes On and is fourth title from this album released as a sigle. It's a dramatic track, with nice synth line and interesting vocals. Several versions of this title song is in this single including one with appearance of Swedish Eurodance star Dr. Alban. This is an interesting release that will definately land high on European charts as almost every SASH! release does anyway!. It will appeal to wider audience than just fans of PROGRESSIVE sound. In Sound sampler I featured two versions from this single: ATB Remix and Dale Cooper & Vince Price Remix.

1. Colour The World (Single) - 3:35
2. Colour The World (Original Extended) - 6:00
3. Colour The World (Dario G. Remix) - 6:16
4. Colour The World (Dario G. Single Edit) - 4:02
5. Colour The World (ATB Remix) - 5:51
6. Colour The World (Dale Cooper & Vincent Price Remix) - 6:19
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Title: In 2 Eternity reviewed on 02/06/99
Artist: DJ Sammy feat. Carisma
Label: 1999 Motor/Urban (Germany)
Style: Rave/Progressive
Review: DJ Sammy feat. Carisma - In 2 Eternity Brand new release from DJ Sammy a DJ that found his home in Mallorca. Again featuring his girlfriend Carisma known from LOONA (as a matter of fact LOONA is now just a single project with Carisma only). If you recall debut album from DJ Sammy called Life Is Just A Game you probably know what to expect. This single brings RAVE/PROGRESSIVE sound with smooth synths lines. Carisma voice fits perfectly into the sound. Quite appealing release for all of you fans of the style. In sound sampler I mixed two versions: Worrrd Mix and Dop Mix. At the time of review this release was available on vinyl only.

1. Worrrd Mix
2. Dop Mix
3. Washington D.P. Mix
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Title: Winter In Paradise reviewed on 02/06/99
Artist: Van
Label: 1999 Polygram (Sweden)
Style: Euroenergy/Progressive
Review: Another brand new release on this batch. This time by Scandinavian artist Van that follows previous hit: Ice Got My Love. This single once again proves Sweden to be presently a most forefront European country in releasing good dance tracks. Winter In Paradise is sparkling synth-rich NRG bouncer with beatiful female vocals. Crosslinking NRG and PROGRESSIVE into one solid dance track. In sound sampler I featured two versions mixed together: Extended Version and Richi's M. If you are common visitor of this site you don't need future info on Richi M. His piano version is a fantastic quasi-DREAM interpretation of this track. Beatiful release! I hope it will find it spot in 4th Cyberspace Euro NRG Awards next year. I am sure you will agree on that. Let's just not forget this track since it was released just recently!

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Title: Children 2000 reviewed on 02/06/99 and revised on 02/24/99
Artist: Gian Piero
Label: 1999 Motor (Germany)
Style: Dream/Progressive
Review: Gianni Piero - Children 2000 I know how many of you enjoyed Robert Miles releases. Children itself became an anthem for DREAM HOUSE. No wonder why other artists are "cashing" on it. Here is the new interpretation of this song by another Italian artist: Gian Piero currently a vocalist for Joe. T. Vanelli. Actually MILES himself refused attempts of labels to make him cover his own songs and has nothing to do with this single. So how about song? While DREAM line remains, this release gave it more PROGRESSIVE feel. Is this better or just different? You should justify it yourself.

1. Radio Mix
2. Official Bootleg Mix
3. Gardeweg Mix
4. Club Mix
5. Bootleg Mix
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Title: Megamix 98 reviewed on 01/07/99
Artist: C.C. Catch feat. Krayzee
Label: 1998 BMG/Hansa (Germany)
Style: Disco
Index #: 74321 62586 2
Review: C.C.CATCH - Megamix '98 C.C.CATCH was discovered by Dieter Bohlen back in 80's. He produced most of her songs. C.C. CATCH has also recently released an album called BEST OF '98 that soon will be reviewed in ALBUMS section. If you missed sound of 80's or never heard of C.C. CATCH, here is your opportunity to listen to her melodic tracks. Megamix released back in October '98 features several of her TOP hits including: I Can Lose My Heart Tonight, Cause We Are Young, Heartbreak Hotel, Soul Survivor and several others. They are not really different compared with the original releases, the only "touch" is RAP performed by Krayzee. Both Short Version and Long version of this megamix are featured in her album, so I would suggest to save some money by getting an album instead of this single.

1. C.C Catch Megamix '98 - Short Version - 4:55
2. C.C Catch Megamix '98 - Long Version - 8:01
3. Soul Survivor - ' 98 Rap Version - 3:02
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Title: Space Mix + We Take The Chance reviewed on 01/07/99
Artist: Modern Tallking
Label: 1998 BMG/Hansa (Germany)
Style: Disco
Index #: 74321 63193 2
Review: MODERN TALKING - Space Mix + We take the Chance Let's remain for a little bit longer in DISCO sound of 80's. Here is next single from MODERN TALKING, the group that came back to dance scene after more than a decade. This single features Megamix of 6 popular hits of this group. This megamix is called Space Mix, wonder why "Space"? Listen to instrumentantion and you will get a clue. Don't expect more than you had in their new album BACK FOR GOOD. Similar to Megamix described above, this one feature RAP as a "new" component. Still good release for all of you die hard MODERN TALKING fans.

1. Space Mix feat. Eric Singleton - 4:28
2. We take The Chance - 4:07
3. You Can Win If you Want - New Version - 3:35
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Title: Get Freaky reviewed on 01/07/99
Artist: Music Instructor feat. Lunatics, ABE, Flying Steps
Label: 1998 EastWest Records/Fuel Records (Germany)
Style: Electro Beat
Index #: 3984-25606-2
Review: MUSIC INSTRUCTOR - Get Freaky New release from the group that brought us back BREAKDANCE. If you like the style, this one will not dissapoint you. I was particularly happy to learn that group actually "expanded" their horizons. You will find here not only classic BREAK BEAT but also more ambitious PROGRESSIVE sound, like the one that is featured in Melino Remix. In sound sampler I mixed Single Edit and Melino Remix so you can have a better idea about the single. Another interesting thing is video clip that has been placed in this CD. I will post it on VIDEO section soon.

1. Single Edit - 3:44
2. Maxi Version - 4:50
3. Elephant Club Mix - 5:18
4. Melino Remix - 8:08
5. Video Clip - 3:44
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Title: Take The Long Way Home reviewed on 01/07/99
Artist: Faithless
Label: 1998 Intercord/Cheeky Records (Germany)
Style: Progressive/Rave
Index #: INT 8 86450 2
Review: FAITHLESS - Take The Long Way Home I am sure most of you interested in PROGRESSIVE sound well know who FAITHLESS are. This new single has been taken from their recent album: Sunday 8 PM. Song was written by Maxi Jazz, Roillo & Sister Bliss and Jamie Catto. Actually Maxi Jazz a black singer did vocals for this single. In sound sampler I feature two versions from this single. First is Rollin' Mix. Interesting interpretation with nice "underwater" touch. Female vocals adds to climate. Radio Mix is a bit faster and RAP converts into singing. Very nice instrumentation and synths.

1. Radio Mix - 4:06
2. Rollin' Mix - 6:57
3. Epic Mix - 4:43
4. 16c+ - 4:02
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Title: Paraiso reviewed on 01/07/99
Artist: Beam & Yanou
Label: 1998 EMI Electrola (Germany)
Style: Europrogressive
Index #: 7243 8 85932 2 9
Review: BEAM & YANOU - Paraiso Hold your horses before you start complain why on earth I do review the older release. I didn't have the single, until now. I was not awared that it included 7 various mixes. I previously heard only Video Mix. In sound sampler I included 2 versions: DJ Beam (Radio) Mix with hard-charging progressive fare. Galloping moody synths are breathtaking. Second version featured and produced by Jungle Kids leaning toward TECHNO-HOUSE yet killer synths are still there. I hope sound sampler will convince you how good this release really is.

1. Video Mix - 3:45
2. DJ Beam Radio Mix - 3:34
3. Jungle Kids Radio Mix - 3:59
4. Extended Mix - 6:25
5. DJ Beam Midnight Mix - 7:10
6. Jungle Kids Club Mix - 7:05
7. Short Mix - 3:45
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Title: Ma Baker reviewed on 01/07/99
Artist: Boney M vs SASH!
Label: 1998 Lautstark (Germany)
Style: Disco/Techno
Index #: 639-422
Review: BONEY M. vs SASH! - Ma Baker Hard to believe but this 1977 disco hit by BONEY M has been challenged by SASH! in his TECHNO interpretation. This promo vinyl of this track was circulating for several weeks now, however it didn't make as a CD single until last days of December 1998. I am presenting this single more as a curiousum. I personally didn't find it extremely exciting when you jsut listen to it, but I can guarantee that when it is played in the club, it is quite good. In sound sampler I feature Vocal Extended Mix. Check it out and judge by yourself.

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Life Is A Mystery reviewed on 01/07/99
Artist: Atlantis 6
Label: 1998 Byte Records (Belgium)
Style: Europrogressive
Review: Last reviews I wrote back in 1998 were concentrated on Dutch releases. I have been criticized of neglecting a powerful Belgian label: BYTE Records and I have to admit that criticism is substantiated. So let me present some of the recent releases from this label. In no particular order the first is ATLANTIS 6 with nice melodic Europrogessive track: Life Is A Mystery. Galloping synths are enriched by powerful female vocal. Great dance track.

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Millenium reviewed on 01/07/99
Artist: Outworld
Label: 1998 Byte Records (Belgium)
Style: Techno/Rave
Review: Stunning Trance/Techno beauty. The synths lines rise and fall becoming more and more dazzling thru the course. The track is indeed powerful, the quality you can expect from this group. A must for progressive circuit parties.

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: The Way reviewed on 01/07/99
Artist: T & F
Label: 1998 Byte Records (Belgium)
Style: Dream House
Review: Gorgeous DREAM-HOUSE with PROGRESSIVE bassline. Lifting, extra-lovely solid female vocals ad a lucious production that is true to remind many of more classic tracks from this genre. Very, very nice!

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Time (There's No Way) reviewed on 01/07/99
Artist: Boccaccio Life
Label: 1998 Antler-Subway (Belgium)
Style: Progressive House
Review: BOCCACCIO LIFE - Time Speaking of good releases from Belgium we cannot forget about ANTLER-SUBWAY, a leading DUTCH label that pioneered this sound. Time is not most recent release from BOCCACCIO LIFE, yet it should be reviewed. Intersting synths with wicked PROGRESSIVE edge throughout and nice female vocals. Try to play it loudly. Unfortunately I had only Svenson Remix at my disposal and this version appears on the sound sampler. You should be easily captured by it's magnetic power and absolutely gorgeous sythns. Definately a must for dance floor and for your collection.

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Straight Till The End reviewed on 01/07/99
Artist: Fiocco
Label: 1998 Antler-Subway (Belgium)
Style: Rave/Progressive
Review: Yet another release from ANTLER-SUBWAY. This time by Fiocco. Straight Till The End. Again, it is not most recent release from this group, because I really have hard time to get releases from this country. Fiocco doesn't need introduction. I am presenting you with KOSMONOVA remix of this track. Intersting interpretation making this release a bright, lively dance stomper!

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Title: Refresh Your Mind reviewed on 01/07/99
Artist: Beat Production
Label: 1998 Manifold Music and Marketing (Germany)
Style: Rave/Progressive
Review: In closing of this batch of reviews two other European PROGRESSIVE releases worth of your attention. First is BEAT PRODUCTION with Refresh Your Mind. This almost instrumental track is trully a thumper w/throbbing, galloping synths. The limited, floating black male vocal ads to it's dark feeling.

blank.gif - 0.04 K
Title: Believe reviewed on 01/07/99
Artist: Antiloop
Label: 1998 Stockholm Records (Sweden)
Style: Rave/Progressive
Review: Believe is taken from ANTILOOP debut album. This leading Swedish TECHNO/PROGRESSIVE group as usually does not dissapoint. This track is a solid release. Aggresive synths powered up and ready to rip the dance floor apart.

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