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Title: Super Eurodance - Mr. Mix - vol. 5 reviewed on 12/19/99
Label: 1999 Digimix (USA)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: 1199-05
Super Eurodance - volume 5 About a month ago I reviewed volume 4 of this series. Here is the newest Mix done by DJ KUBA. This issue features THREE various mixes. The first one focuses mainly on EURO style. Not just EURODANCE. You will find different flavor of EURO like more PROGRESSIVE site in BONEY M. vs. MOBI T track or more TRANCE like in ROLLERGIRL. There are good EURODANCE tracks featured just to mention DJ BOBO and his "Together" or DJ GROOVY'S "Confusione". Well, this latter once oscillates more into HOUSE side of EURO, but hey!, This is great DANCE! Second mix called DOWNBEAT will slow you down with hits like "Mambo No. 5" done by L.B. PROJECT or E-TYPE's "Princess Of Egypt". This is a good mix to cool you down for a sec or two. The last mix on the CD is called POLSKI MIX. This one features 9 tracks from Polish Dance Scene. I believe since DJ KUBA is originally Polish he retained the love to his country. The music is exciting and probably unknown for many of you. Poland is definately a strong candidate to join the backbone of European dance. As usually I prepared the mix. as a sound sampler from this release. It contains 8 tracks. Their length was shortened in several cases, however I tried to retain the original mix wherever it was possible. Ennjoy your dance journey.

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01. MR. MIX - Intro 5
02. ANN LEE - 2 Times (Masterboy Remix) (1)
03. BONEY M vs. MOBI T - Daddy Cool 2000 (2)
04. DJ GROOVY - Confusione (3)
05. PARTY PEOPLE - Happy Song (Ne Ne) (4)
08. PARADISIO - Samba Del Diablo
09. ALEXIA - Goodbye
10. ROLLERGIRL - Dear Jessie
11. WATERGATE - Heart Of Asia
12. M.C.V. - The Superlover Of The Future
13. NAGANO ALLSTARS - Push It To The Limit
14. DJ BOBO - Together
15. CARGO - La La
16. N.I.C.E. - Why Don't You Get A Job?
17. MIKEM vs. EURYTHMICS - Here Comes The Rain Again (5)
18. HADDAWAY What Is Love 2000
19. CENTRAL 7 - Take On Me 2000
20. L.B. PROJECT - Mambo No 5
21. GARCIA - Kalimba De Luna
22. E-TYPE - Princess Of Egypt
23. R.A.R. - Sorry
24. SAMIRA - It Was Him
25. C-BLOCK Keep Movin'

26. ZERO - Jedziemy Na Maxa
27. N-JOY - To Nic Nie Boli
28. PAPA DANCE - Panorama Tatr 2000
29. DJ D - DJ D (DJ Arti Remix) (7)
30. D-BOMB - Pocaluj Mnie (8)
31. BOOM BOX - Rycz Mala Rycz
32. K.A.S.A. - Kazdy Lubi Boogie (B.O.D. Remix)
33. N-JOY - Podnies Rece Wyzej (Remix)
34. DJ BOMBA - Koniec
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Title: CENTRAL SEVEN pres. TRANCE ANTHEMS reviewed on 12/19/99
Label: 1999 Dance Network/ZYX (Germany)
Style: Trance
Index #: DNT 10033-2
CENTRAL SEVEN pres. Trance Anthems To balance this batch of review I am presenting you with a very interesting release from DANCE NETWORK/ZYX. This double CD features 32 TRANCE tracks mixed by CENTRAL SEVEN. I am sure that serious fans of TRANCE, knows the group quite well. For you who don't, the group consists of 2 DJs: MICHEL DIEDERIKS and PATRICK DE SCHREVEL. Both guys are resident DJ in very well know UNDERGROUND club called "THE PLEASURE DOME" in Paderborn. Both guys were DJing in many countries just to name the few: France, Holland, England, spain, Hong Kong, Australia etc. Presented CD is their tribute to best TRANCE sound. This double CD is the ULTIMATE DJ MIX featuring many well known tracks. I am sure most of the titles presented in here are well known to TRANCE fans, so they might find this CD not that attractive. Well... hold your horses! Several tracks you might know are presented in new mixes that are hard to get by and do not appear in many other related to this style compilations. I am recommending this particular CD also for DJs who play this genre. Tracks are presented in extended versions and CENTRAL SEVEN did a marvellous turntable mix. The sound sampler features 6 fragments. The original mix was retained wherever it was possible, however tracks were severly cut to fit the length of entire sample. Get the real thing and enjoy the sound!

CD 1
02. CENTRAL SEVEN - Te Quiero (Pulsedriver Remix)
03. PAT RIOT - My World
04. SM-TRAX - … Is Calling (Caba Kroll pres. C.J. Stone Pleasure Mix)
05. WEICHEI - Korrekt nach vorne
06. SIGNUM feat. SCOTT MAC - Just Do It
07. BOSSI - Reality
08. BLANK & JONES - After Love
10. DJ TOM STEVENS vs. FRIDGE - Outface 2000
(Signum Remix) (1)
11. ALICE DEEJAY - Better Off Alone (Signum Remix)
12. P.C. EXPERIENCE - Rien Ne Va Plus (2)
13. DJ 2 L8 - Too Late (DJ Shah Mix) (3)
14. EXTC - Extacy Totale (4)
15. FRAGMA - Toca Me
16. MELLOW TRAX - Outa Space (DJ Tibby Mix)
CD 2
01. AQUAGEN - Ihr seid so leise
02. KILLER K - Turn It Up
03. VERNON'S WORLD - Wonderer (ATB Mix)
04. NALIN & KANE - Open Your Eyes (Hooligan Mix)
05. SIGNUM feat. SCOTT MAC - Coming On Strong
06. ROLLERGIRL - Dear Jessie
07. JAS VAN HOUTEN vs. DJ MELVIN - Span The Globe
08. PERFECT PHASE - Horny Horns
10. DANKE ANKE feat. GEORG S. - 'tschuldigung … F***?
11. DJ TIBBY - Firedance (5)
12. ZE. EXPRESS feat. CAPRICE - Reach Out (6)
13. PULSEDRIVER - I Dominate You
14. FRANK BIZARRE & F.M.F. feat. L van B. - Ballade Pour Elise 2000 (Central Seven Remix)
15. BINARY FINARY - 1999 (Kaycee Remix)
16. CENTRAL SEVEN - Missing (Foundation Mix)
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Title: Tunnel Trance Force vol. 11 reviewed on 12/09/99
Label: 1999 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 496 848 2
TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Volume 11 I am sure you are already familiar with TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE series. Back in August I reviewed volume 9. As you might remember TUNNEL is one of the foremost known undergroud clubs in Hamburg. TUNNEL is not only club anymore, it raised to become an institution having own label, store etc. So let me now concentrate on newest TUNNEL TRANCE compilation - volume 11. Well... I missed volume 10 (never got a chance to have my hands on it) but I am happy i got volume 11. This Sony Music Media release is really something. This double CD compilation contain all turntable mixed by resident TUNNEL DJ, DJ DEAN 36 tracks. This incredible compilation is rewarding you with almost 150 minutes of incredible PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE sound. First CD entitled: MILLENIUM, contains predominantly TRANCE and PROGRESSIVE sound. This disk starts with Greencourt Mix of COSMIC GATE's "Mental Atmosphere". Incredibly done TRANCE track that incorporate also ACID feeling into it. I swear, I hear there also ABSOLOM's elements. True rarity. There are incredible amount of tracks that are worth of your attention. Morever, many of them are brand new and quite unknown (at least to me) making this compilation even more unique. My favorite tracks on this disk are for instance "Bassfly" by TILLMANN UHRMACHER and PETER RIES. Female vocal is just stunning. Recorded in TRANCE/DREAM style will blow your mind. Second CD is more INDUSTRIAL TECHNO with almost classic UNDERGROUD flavor. This is far more DARK than first CD. This disk will do great for RAVE circuit. Entire compilation is just a treat for all of you who like the GERMAN and BELGIAN dance scene. So many great tunes packed in one fine compilation. Let me congratulate SONY and TUNNEL for yet another dance wonder. I found task to make a sound sampler close to impossible. After struggling, I have chosen 10!!! tracks for the sound sampler and retained original DJ mixing as much as I could. Keep in mind though, this is just to give you an idea what you can expect from this release, but I did a lousy job. This CD cannot really be sampled. You need to listen to all 36 tracks. It's a true journey to your mind.

One more thing, Tunnel club is organizing a 1999 New Year Eve party that will last from December 31st 10:00 pm until middle of the January 1st, 2000. Yes, they know how to party in Europe. So if you ever get a chance to be in Hamburg on December 31, TUNNEL is the place to be !!!

CD 1 - Millenium
01. COSMIC GATE - Mental Atmosphere (Greencourt Mix)
02. KAI TRACID - Destiny’s Path (Warmduscher Remix)
03. FAITHLESS - Why Go? (Ferry Corsten Radio Edit)
04. DARK MOON - Zeitreise
05. DJ ENERGY - Energy ’99 Theme (1)
06. ?! - Secrets Of Asia (Original Mix) (2)
07. ZENITH & TOM SUN - The Door (Nightely Vocal Remix)
08. TILLMANN UHRMACHER feat. PETER RIES - Bassfly (DJ Tibby Remix) (3)
09. ANGEL BEATS - Take Off (4)
10. SUBMISSION - The Spirit Is Alive (Extended Mix)
11. DJ X-SONIC - Blue Sun (T.B.R. Mix) (5)
12. ONDA DEL FUTURO - Elementi (Allan Mc Loud Mix) (6)
13. ESPUMA - Planet X (Club Mix)
14. DJ WORRIS - Nightmare (Club Mix)
15. DJ SHOKO - The Millenium Is Coming
16. STEVE BALTES - Desire
17. JIM LAZLO - Go For It
18. ACCUFACE - (Don’t Try) The Apprehendum
CD 2 - Armagedon
01. ULTRA SHOCK - The Sound Of F (Miss Thunderpussy/Planet Traxx Mix)
02. FLADENBROT - Was guckst Du Lan? (Club Bass Mix)
03. JONAH - Sssst... (listen) (Original Mix)
04. DJ SHAH - Claps (Original Club Stomper)
06. TEN INCH - Strawberry Dreams (Original Mix)
07. D.R.G. - My Project (Original Mix)
08. CENTRAL SEVEN - Te Quiero (D-N-S With Steve L. Remix)
09. ATROPIN - The Murderer
10. BUTCHER & SON - Citizens Of The World (7)
11. DJ TOMAC - Memories (8)
12. THOMAS KRAUTMAN - Moments (DJ Session One Remix)
13. GROOVE CITY - Go For It (Original Mix) (9)
14. MAINCRASHERS - Atlantis 2000 (Green Court Mix) (10)
15. RE-ACTOR - Mystery World (Re-Actor & Arnie LII Mix)
16. JFS - Lightness
17. SPACE PLANET - Base Attack
18. FUTURE FORCE - Trance Out (Original Club Mix)
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Title: DJ Networx vol. 4 reviewed on 12/09/99
Label: 1999 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 496 516 2
DJ NETWORX - Volume 4 Yet another compilation from TUNNEL vault. This one is couple of weeks older that the one I reviewed above. And again, it is double CD compilation containing 40 turtnable mixed tracks by DJ DEAN as well. So if I already spices your appetitie with TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE vol 9 this one can serve as another dish. DJ NETWORX is also a series (not released as often as TUNNEL TRANCE) but also excellent. Since DJ DEAN did the mix, you can expect great music and excellent choices. You can't go wrong with this one as well. I also picked 10 songs for the sound sampler and again the job was difficult. So much great dance music so choices were hard and quite random (unfortunately). This compilation contains many hard to get mixes and incredible PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE sound to die for. First CD contains some tracks you might well know, yet as I said many versions presented are rare and mostly directed toward club scene so might not be found in other more commercialized compilations. So TECHNO circuits will find tracks like "Outface 2000" by DJ TOM STEVEN's vs FRIDGE, or "Firedance" by DJ TIBBY simply fascinating. Usage os synthsizers are stunning. Throbbing beat raising your into clouds. To really feel the music do yourself a favor and listen this CD using headphones or you will be missing a lot. I cannot really review each and every track from this compilation, but I hope the sound sampler will give you some idea what to expect. You should agree though that this is a fine production !!!

CD 1
01. AQUAGEN - Ihr Seid So Leise (Wie fruher Mix)
02. GREEN COURT - Follow Me (Cosmic Gate Mix)
03. MELLOW TRAXX - Outa Space (New Club mix)
04. WATERGATE - Heart Of Asia (Beam vs. Cyrus & Joker Remix)
05. DJ TOM STEVENS vs. FRIDGE - Outface 2000 (Fridge Remixxx)
06. BBE - Seven Days And One Week (Kai Tracid Mix)
07. DJ TAYLOR & FLOW - Gott Tanzte (Original Extralong Mix)
08. DAS LICHT - Weltlichter (Original Mix)
09. DAS SYSTEM vs. FROST - In 2 Eternity (System Mix)
10. DJ TIBBY - Firedance (Extended Mix) (1)
11. PLUG'N'PLAY - Warp '99 (Jam X & de Leon's Dumonde Remix) (2)
12. JOSE AMNESIA - Last Sunset In Ibiza (DJ jo vs. Tibby Remix) (3)
13. COCOOMA - Blaues Wunder (4)
14. MISS THUNDERPUSSY - The Ride (Andy Jay Powell Mix)
15. COSMODROME - Gateway To E (DJ Framic Remix)
16. DJ DEAN - What's Wrong (DJ Session One Remix)
17. CHANTALE VERDE - Neverending Dreams
19. RAY THANATOS - Free Your Mind (5)
20. HIGH LIMIT - Set Me Free (6)
CD 2
01. K-RISMA - Let Your Mind Flow (Extended Club Mix)
02. CASSEOPAYA - Overdose (DJ Tibby Remix)
03. GARY D. - Attention '99
04. RECALL - Relay Your Ears
05. DJ LUNATIC - Don't Break My Heart (Time Traveller Remix)
06. MOONMASTER - Frequency Sweep (Club Mix)
07. MARIO LOPEZ - The Sound Of Nature (Plug'N'Play Remix)
08. TERRA V. - Spirit Of Joy (Roger P. Shah Remix) (7)
09. ANGEL BEATS - Control Me (8)
10. DJ FRANCOIS LAUREN - I Feel Rhythm
11. ACCUFACE - Magnificient Circles
12. AVANCADA - Go! (Bossi Remix)
13. SILVER LIQUID - My Promise (Druck Mix)
14. DJ ED - The Bug Night Wavegeneration Remix)
15. CODE 46 - Runnin' Around My Brain (Lovin Loop Remix)
16. TALLA vs. TAUCHER - Together '99
17. VINCENT VEGA - I Can Feel It
18. NUDGE & SHOUTER - Timpani (9)
19. JFS - Totally Clear (10)
20. HUNTER - Alarm (Maxi Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album
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Title: EUROPOP 2 - The Italian Connection reviewed on 11/11/99
Label: 1999 Klone/Rumour Records (England)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: KOPYBX4
EUROPOP2 - The Italian Connection - 4 CD Compilation The sex 4 CD box set containing the biggest and best Italian EuroNRG stracks has been recently released by UK label: Klone/Rumour Records. Again each CD contains 10 full 12" versions of best dance tracks by various artists from S.A.I.F.A.M. This is an incredible set. If you like S.A.I.F.A.M. releases you will love this one as well. Since S.A.I.F.A.M. has it's own website, you can listen to sound samplers of many songs featured in this set on their site at For sound sampler I mix 6 tracks from the set. All of them are high pace NRG songs to die for. Keep in mind that again this compilation carries SHOCKING price of 12 English pounds (around $20.00) if you will order this set directly from Klone/Rumour Records mail order. You should run by now to get this lucious box. Thanks again Gary for giving us such great release and thanks S.A.I.F.A.M. for keeping recording good quality of dance music!

For more information about this and another releases please visit Klone/Rumour Records on line.

CD 1
01.DJ MIKO - What's Up (4 Non Blondes Mix)
02. BANDIDO - Into The Groove (Factory Team Remix)
03. KATTY B - They Say It's Gonna Rain
04. RADIORAMA feat. MC "YA" - All Night Long (FCF Remix)
05. MOON'S GIRL - Blue Savannah (Factory Team Mix) (5)
06. WILDSIDE - Open My Door (Dance Attack Mix)
07. Q.J. - Club Tropicana
08. PATRICK VICTORIO - La Copa De Vida (Dance Remix)
09. T-ZONE - I Will Survive (Remix 2000)
10. KOAN - Never Ever (Prayer Mix)
CD 2
01. A.KAY-B.J. - I Should Be So Lucky (Dance Remix)
02. BAKERSTREET - All Because Of You
03. LAWRENCE - Miss You Finally
04. THOMAS - To Cut A Long Story Short (Hot Zone Mix) (3)
05. VOYAGE 2000 - Living On Video (Le Planet Mix) (2)
06. LIBRA - Take Me With Your Love (Factory Team Mix) (6)
07. LEVY 9 - I'm Not Scared (Instinctive Mix)
08. HOUSECREAM - Saturday Night (Factory Team Mix)
09. ATLANTIS - Gorgeous (Club Mix)
10. GROOVY 69 Sturdust Medley With Dust
CD 3
01. THE SIGN - Enough Is Enough (Club '70s Mix)
02. DIVINA - Spacer (Extended Mix)
03. KEN LASZLO duet with JENNY - Summer Nights (The Groovy Summer Mix)
04. KATE PROJECT - If You Can Say Goodbye (Factory Team Mix)
05. DEN HARROW - Future Brain 2000 (System Mix)
06. LICKEY MO' - The Final Countdown (Extended Mix)
07. RADIORAMA - Give Me The Night (Factory Team Mix)
08. LIVE2LOVE - We Are The Champions (Factory Team Mix)
09. FUN 2 U - Here Comes The Rain (Factory Team Mix) (1)
10. THE VOICE - My Way (Eternity Mix)
CD 4
01. ATLANTIS - Picture Of You (The Dance Mix)
02. BAKERSTREET - All I Have To Give
03. DJ MIKO - My Sharona
04. ALEX PERRY - Copacabana (Dance Edit)
05. RADIORAMA - Ninna Ninna Oh (Factory Team Mix)
06. RED GARDEN - To The Moon And Back (Hard Time Mix)
07. ONE NATION - Strong (Red Mix)
08. KEN LASZLO - Hey Hey Guy 2000
09. 4 SALE - Big Big World/Believe (Medley)
10. X - Monday Morning (Long Edit) (6)
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Title: Super Eurodance - Mr. Mix - vol. 4 reviewed on 11/07/99
Label: 1999 Digimix (USA)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: 799-07
Super Eurodance - volume 4 I am usually reluctant to review the mixes, but knowing that we in the U.S. are deprived of good quality dance music, I have to do it. Since spreading the word about dance music all over the country is the mission of this website, I hope that by doing it, many of you will try to make this genre more popular and more releases will find their way to American labels. Many American DJs are making their mixes to fulfill the hole. Among them is Chicago based one of the most popular DJ - DJ Markski's, but not only him. Another one is DJ KUBA who is also persistent in bringing EURO sound and he did it in this spectacular set of DANCE music. The presented mix caters to various styles of DANCE. So we have here not only great EURODANCE sound but also highly popular in European dance scene PROGRESSIVE and TRANCE sound. Seems like Chicago is place to be for good dance stuff. Anyway, many, many goodies and rarietes in here. If you like immortal QUEEN, you should enjy the DANCE remake "Living On My Own" by JERRY DALLEY. Star of Italo TRANCE MARIO PIU' is back with great track "Runaway". This one is crossover between TECHNO and EUROENERGY. Very nice melody, vocals and strings. You will also find track by SCOOTER. Group paired with ... German TECHNO Teen Queen BLUMCHEN in remake of her 1998 "Ich bin wieder hier" amazing dance track. Also MO-DO is back with is 99 edition of "Eins, Zwei Polizei". No kidding. The version has clear VENGABOYS-like strings. Quite cute! Geez even an VAN HALEN got remixed. This time by BUS STOP. Yes it is DANCE and up beat.So, taken together, if you need set of pounding party fares, here it is. I am sure once you will get this one, next step will be to get full lengths tracks. DJ KUBA!!! - Way to go!!! To "spice up" your appetite I prepared 8 tracks sound samplers. Once again, I had to shorten the tracks and "invoke" my own lowsy mixing. I simply wanted to give you more "wide" overview of the featured sound.

For more information on how to get this and previous releases please visit:

01. MR MIX - Intro
02. MASTERBOY - Porque Te Vas
03. REAL MCCOY - It's On You '99
04. EIFFEL 65 - Blue (Da Ba Dee)
05. THE SOUNDLOVERS - Mirando El Mar
06. MIRANDA - Vamos A La Playa
07. BELLINI - Saturday Night '99
08. VENGABOYS - We're Going to Ibiza (Remix)
09. GOODY feat. LUNA - Mamma Mia
10. MR. PRESIDENT - Give A Little Love
12. MIKE KOGLIN feat. BEATRICE - On My Way
13. BASIC CONNECTION - Angel Don't Cry
14. MARK'OH vs. JOHN DAVIES - Sparrows And Nightingales
15. JERRY DALLEY - Living On My Own (1)
16. MARIO PIU' feat. MORE - Runaway (2)
17. 2 EIVISSA - I Wanna Be Your Toy (3)
18. REAL MCCOY - It's On You (Remix)
19. SAX'Y - Candy Beat '99
20. ALICE DJ - Better Off Alone (4)
21. SCOOTER feat. BLUMCHEN - Ich Bin Wieder Hier '99 (5)
22. MO-DO - Eins, Zwei Polizei '99 (6)
23. CAPTAIN JACK - Dream A Dream
24. E-ROTIC - Kiss Me
25. DJ VISAGE - The Return
26. DJ SAMMY feat. CARISMA - In 2 Eternity
27. SVENSON - Let Me Take You On The Trip
29. POCO LOCO GANG - Let's Go To The Party (7)
30. BUS STOP - Jump (8)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album
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Title: Euro Adrenaline vol. 4 reviewed on 10/27/99
Label: 1999 X-Treme Music Enterprises (USA)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: EA-004
Euro Adrenaline - Volume 4 Well boys and girls. Here it is! For the first time I have the opportunity to review this series released by Illinois-based Xtreme Music Enterprises. This is their newest volume 4 of EURO ADRENALINE mixed and produced by DJ Jojo & Stevie E. First of all I have to congratulate the label and DJs for delivering fine product full of great dance tracks bringing EURODANCE sound to our homes here in States. This is clearly an excellent non-stop collection with ultimate European dance party right into your home, car, club, party. The choices of tracks are excellent. You will find almost any type of EURO you can imagine. From dynamic EURODANCE thru more POP and HOUSE sound. This excellent collection contains both already quite well known tracks as well as brand new releases by artists like ALICE DEEJAY, SOLID BASE, VENGABOYS and others. Producers of this CD gave you also a bonus mix containing 7 classic EURO songs. After I got this promo CD I decided to check their previous volumes and YES! Seems to me that EURO ADRENALINE is consistently bringing the best dance sound that makes this series an essential one for your collection of mixes. Once again, keep in mind that this CD has been made in USA. Granted, tracks are European, but it proves that American DJ's are getting more and more interested in EURO sound. This CD will be attractive to anyone into DANCE music regardless the geographical location. Get this solid set of 43 dynamic dance tracks that will keep you rolling for more than an hour. Once again, let me congatulate label and producing DJS for job well done. I will be anxiously waiting for next installement from this series. For sound sampler I have chosen 8 tracks. The original mix was retained whereever it was possible.

For more information on this and previous EURO ADRENALINE releases please visit

01.Adrenaline Intro 1
02.Miranda - Vamos A La Playa
03.Candy O - Lucky Number
04.Debbie Clark - Virtual Lover
05.Vengaboys - We're Going to Ibiza
06.DJ Visage - Geil!
07.Captain Jack - Dream A Dream
08.3-2-1 - The Ski Song
09.Basic Connection - Angel '99
10.Mario Piu - Runaway
11.Evelyn - Funny Bunny Boy
12.Real McCoy - It's On You
13.2 Brothers On the 4th Floor - Heaven Is Here
14.Mary Prado - I Get Up
15.Abbadance by Angel Eyes - S.O.S.
16.Di-Mico - Number One (7)
17.Technotronic - Rockin Over the Beats
18.Impact - U R The Real Thing (8)
19.Adrenaline Intro 2
20.2 Alive - Tell It To My Heart
21.Cascade - Heaven In Your Eyes
22.Erotic - Kiss Me
23.Me & My - Let the Love Go On (6)
24.Lost In Las Vegas - Ooh La La La
25.The Force - If I Could Turn Back Time
26.Meja - All About the Money
27.Graff - Let It Be Forever
28.Captain Jack - Magic In You
29.Combayah - Fantasy Dreamworld
30.DJ Sammy feat Carisma - In 2 Eternity
31.Alice DeeJay - Better Off Alone (1)
32.Solid Base - Promise Land (2)
33.B-Charme - This Is My World (3)
34.Alexia - Goodbye (4)
35.Vengaboys - Ho Ho Vengaboys (5)
36.Betty'N'Boop - No Dinero, No Amour

CD Bonus! Euro Classics Megamix
37.Magic Vision - Nana Hey Hey(Goodbye)
38.BG the Prince of Rap - The Color Of My Dreams
39.Handbaggers - You Found Out
40.Dragana - Up and Down
41.Culture Beat - Cryin In the Rain
42.N-Trance - Set You Free
43.Love Message - Love Message
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Title: Dream Dance vol. 13 reviewed on 09/20/99
Label: 1999 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Progressive/Techno/Dream
Index #: 494997 2
Dream Dance volume 12 - Double CD Compilation Finally I got a copy of new DREAM DANCE release. Probably most of you know this series already (I have reviewed both vol. 11 and 12 in here). DREAM DANCE as always delivers top DREAM and TRANCE releases. This issue is not different. You will find many great tunes. I believe name of the series became a bit obsolete since DREAM HOUSE sound is presently rarely recorded, but TRANCE and TECHNO/RAVE still ad libitum. As a matter of fact full 40 tracks to choose from. First CD starts slowly with "Chicane" by SALTWATER. This track blows up to fast paste TECHNO-HOUSE withn 1 minute from the start. Nicel done. There are many tracks on this CD you should be familiar with by now. for instance tracks by BEAM vs. CYRUS & THE JOKER, TAUCHER, VERACOSA, and others. Also on first CD we can hear the new track by MYTHOS & DJ COSMO - "Unchained Melody". If you did not visit VIDEO section of Eurodance Hits WWW, please do so. There is a video clip to this sizzling TRANCE track. Another beafiful track from this genre by newcomer to the dance scene is by DUMOND - "See The Light". Angelic female vocal adds to the perfect setting. Fans of ABSOLOM will be dilghted because group's "The Air" track is featured as well. Too bad it is not extended version. Oh well... Better this than nothing. The first CD is closed with Van Bellen Remix of "Welcome To The Future" by NOVA. Equal in quality is second CD in this compilation. Several good releases are here just to mention few of them. "Music Is The Key" by DR. MOTTE & WESTBAM. Track I believe has been uncrown anthem of Love Parade '99 that took place in Berlin, GERMANY this summer. Entire CD is more PROGRESSIVE in sound. Good examples are tracks by E.F.O, PULSEDRIVER or RESISTANCE D. If you are fan of EIFFEL 65 like most of Europeans are these days, you should enjoy "remake" of their hit "Blue (Da Ba Dee)" by STAY-C-PATON. The only difference from original version is a bit of more TECHNO. In summary SONY MUSIC did it again. You should get it not only to keep up with your collection of this series but also because of quality of tracks that have been put together in one set. I mixed 8 tracks in one mix. Enjoy the sound and buy the CD! It is worth your money!

CD 1
01. CHICANE with MAIRE BRENNAN - Saltwater (Original Edit)
02. BEAM vs. CYRUS & THE JOKER - Launch In Progress (Video Remix)
03. MYTHOS & DJ COSMO - Unchained Melody (Video Cut)
04. SCHILLER - Liebesschmerz (Mike Scandle Instrumental Mix)
05. DUMONDE - See The Light (Radio)
06. TALLA vs. TAUCHER - Together '99 (Sean Dexter Radio Mix)
07. SUNBEAM - Outside World '99 (Single Edit)
08. CENTRAL SEVEN - Missing (DJ Mellow-D Radio Cut)
09. UNICORN - Obsession Forever (1)
10. VERACOCHA - Carte Blanche (Hitch Hiker & Dumond Remix Edit)
11. ABSOLOM - The Air (Vocal Radio Edit)
12. WATERGATE - Maid Of Orleans (The Battle II) (Video Mix)
13. JOINT VENTURE - Licht & Farben
14. TAUCHER Child Of The Universe (Radio Club Mix)
15. JUNKFOOD JUNKIES For Your Mind (Single Cut)
16. DJ BUZZ - Situations (Radio Trance Mix)
17. VECTREX - Meteor (Radio Version) (3)
18. SUMMER SPIRIT feat. TATJANA - My Dreams Will Come True (Radio Cut) (2)
19. NALIN INC. feat. SPACE - Magic Fly (Relaunch Radio Edit)
20. NOVA - Welcome To The Future (Van Bellen Remix)
CD 2
01. DR MOTTE & WESTBAM - Music Is The Key (Love Parade 99) (Short)
02. LOVESTERN GALAKTIKA PROJECT MEETS LE PETIT SAM - Lovestern Galaktika (Brandenburger Tor Mix)
03. COSMIC GATE - The Drums (Radio Mix)
04. DJ SANDY vs. HOUSETRAP - Overdrive (Radio Edit)
05. TOM WAX & JAN JAKARTA pres. NO UFOs - The Weekend Of Love (Radio Cut)
06. HYPERTROPHY - Pullover 99(Single Cut)
07. METEOR SEVEN - Fantasy To Reality (Sunbeam Remix Edit) (5)
08. MELLOW TRAX - Mystery In Space (Kick In Ya Face Short Cut)
09. DJ SAKIN & FRIENDS - Dragonfly (Taucher's Counting Remix)
10. E.F.O. - Nexus 6 (Radio Mix)
11. PULSEDRIVER - Darkside Of Life (Single Version) (6)
12. DOC IN THE BOX - Seven Steps (Single Cut)
13. RESISTANCE D. - Feel High (Der Dritte Raum Remix Edit)
14. LEGEND B. - Sexuality (Radio Fear Remix)
15. MOSQUITO HEADZ - Fuego (Spanish Fly Radio Mix) (4)
16. MISS SHIVA - Ultimate Temptatation (Single Cut)
17. UP-SERVER - Mood Swings (Edit)
18. CERES - Ease Your Mind (Kay Cee Radio Edit) (7)
19. OPUS 808 feat. TAOME - Don't Turn Away (Radio Mix)
20. STAY-C-PATON - Blue (Da Ba Dee) (Radio Mix) (8)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Euro Xpress - Volume 2 reviewed on 09/01/99
Label: Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDKOPY 113
Euro Xpress -  Volume 2 Double CD Compilation Second installment from this series released on August 23, 1999 (first one hit the streets in the beginning of 1999 and immediately was found attractive by many fans of the genre). As you can expect from KLONE RECORDS this one like other releases from this label is filled with up tempo, fiercing HIGH-ENERGY tracks. The selection was done wisely. You will find here releases from UK ENERGY icons like: PRINCESS PARAGON, PARADOX , CHIMIRA or BORSETTA released both on KLONE and NEOTERIC Records. Similar to "EURO XPRESS - vol. 1" from this series KLONE also reached to S.A.I.F.A.M. vault that never fails. You will find interesting dance tracks by artists such: RADIORAMA, DB, KOTOH, ONE NATION, LEVY 9 and others. Great dance tracks to fill any party or dance floor (I tried!!!). All 25 tracks are mixed so you shouldn't worry about changing CD while partying. You have guaranteed party stomper in here. For sound sampler I picked 6 titles with original mix retained wherever it was possible, however tracks length was siginificantly shortened. Enjoy!

CD 1
01. SUNDAY GIRL - Maria
02. PRINCESS PARAGON - Angel Of Mine (1)
03. UNITY feat. NICOLA - I Wish I Could Fly (2)
04. LOLA - The Power of Goodbye (3)
05. RADIORAMA - Beatiful Man
06. SAM WALKER - I Was Made For Dancin'
07. C-YA - My Favorite Game
08. RAFFA - On And On And On
09. DB - You Gotta Be
11. STUDIO ALL STARS feat. GIGI - If You Could Read My Mind
12. KOTOH Bye Bye Pretty Love
CD 2
01. ONE NATION - Millenium
02. ONE NATION - No Regrets
03. LEVEL 11 - Erase/Rewind
04. PHILLIP RUSHTON - Hang Your Head
05. BAKERSTREET - Until The Time Is Through
06. ABIGAIL - Smells Like Teen Spirit
07. BOYS OF NEW AGE feat. KATRINA B - Echo Beach
08. PARADOX feat. DEVORAH - 1999
09. BORSETTA - Automatic Lover (4)
10. POPCORN feat. JADE - Manic Monday (5)
11. LEVY 9 - Moonlight Shadow (6)
12. CHIMIRA - Show Me Heaven
13. BARBIE YOUNG - Tarzan And Jane
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Tunnel Trance Force vol. 9 reviewed on 08/30/99
Label: 1999 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 494665 2
TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Volume 9 TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE series from Sony Music Media gained a recognition as one of the best TRANCE compilation in the market along with other series from this company called DREAM DANCE. The only comparable set is FUTURE TRANCE being released by Polystar Records. There are differences though. TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE is a professionally mixed compilation unlike these mentioned above. I really meant that. The mixes are done by resident DJ: DJ Dean from Tunnel Club one of the largest German UNDERGROUND club located in famous redlight-area of St. Pauli in Hamburg. First CD called LOVEMIX features great TRANCE. Many good tracks that are not available anywhere else (or just available as VINYL releases). When you listening to the mix, you can recognize that it has been done LIVE. As a matter of fact for sound samplers I have chosen 8 tracks from this mix. I fully retained the original mix yet I shortened length of tracks. Second CD called FLOWERMIX is more into HEAVY TECHNO and INDUSTRIAL sound. This mix is really for ACID oriented clubs. Taken together this release is must to have for DJs playing this sound or any of you who likes to listen to TECHNO or dance to it. I only hope it will help you to make the decision to get it! Enjoy! I keep congratulate SONY for great releases and again I am obliged to do it. I am not sure who is behind choosing what to put in their dance compilations but hell... this team know what they do. I am strongly recommending this CD. I am sure the sound sampler will convince you, but trust me the real thing is much better.

CD 1 - Lovemix
01. 666 - The Demon (Chapter II)
02. DR. OUZO - Flip Beat (Club Mix)
03. PAFFENDORF - Allnight (Pulsedriver Remix)
04. PEACHES & CREAM - All Over The World (Cream Club Mix)
05. TAUCHER - Child Of The Universe (Phase IV Mix)
06. SIR ROUND - The Imperial March (The Empire Mix)
07. JUPITER PRIME - Dreamphase (Phase I)
08. ASTROLIGHT - Never Ending Dreams
09. MOBY - Run On (Plastic Angel New Mix)
10. ANGEL BEATS - Give In To Me
11. VINCENT VEGA - My Dream (1)
12. DJ DEAN & DANNY K. - Into The Light (Club Mix) (2)
13. GLOBAL CEE - Light Up My Light (Club Mix) (3)
14. Y - Daydream (Day Mix) (4)
15. ESCAPE - Control (Sean Dexter Remix) (5)
16. PASSENGERS - Starship Love (Main Mix) (6)
17. LIQUID BREEZE - Children Of Africa (Club Mix) (7)
18. SPACE PLANET - Supernova
CD 2 - Flowermix
01. MEGAMIND - Krach (Picotto Mix)
02. TERRA STEVENS - One (Bass In Space Mix)
03. SILVER LIQUID - Human Soul
04. BETTNÄBER - Un Ritmo
05. HAREM DOCTORS - OuterLimits (DJ Snowman vs. DJ Mind-X Remix)
06. DJ CRACK - The Access Of Trance (Dj Dean Remix)
07. BASIC AVALON - Firewalk
08. DJ TOM STEVENS Time Trip (Es wird Zeit) (Small Tree In Spring Mix)
09. NUCLEAR HYDE - X-tension
10. MILK INC. - Inside Of Me (Instrumental 12" Mix)
11. ROBOTRONIC SQUAD - World Outside (245 Internet Beats Mix)
12. CODE 43 - Midnight Alarm (United Ravers Mix)
13. LA BUSH - The Temple Of House (DJ Dean Remix)
14. JFS - Universe
15. KASAI - Passion
16. FRAMIC MEETS DOPEY CLAY - Passion Of Harmony (Extended Mix)
17. VESPA 63 & DJ INSIDE - Electrisher
18. TOM@SPACE - Magic Violin (Space Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album
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Title: Sunnyside Up - Chapter 1 reviewed on 08/14/99
Label: 1999 Passion Music/Sunnyside Up (England)
Index #: SSU 1CD
SUNNYSIDE UP - Chapter 1 While in Monaco, I picked up this UK compilation. "Sunnyside Up - Chapter 1" is the ULTIMATE CLUB TRANCE/TECHNO HOUSE compilation. You will find 3 CDs. 2 of them with the music and one interactive presentation about Sunnyside Up, a Sunday club located in London orginally started in Brighton with avarage of 3000 visitors a week. This compilation gives your the music that is being played. You will find here 1997-99 great CLUB tracks. The first CD is mixed by Darren Pearce. He is DJ and record producer and has been with Sunneside Up for last 5 years. The second CD is mixed by John 'OO" Fleming also a DJ with 15 years of experience. He specializes in pumping PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE. Both DJs gave great performance. All mixes are done in turntables and have not been digitally processed. This is definately a CD for all of you do like the style. All features songs are amazing and originates from labels such as: Bonzai Trance Progressive, Dancenet, Technogold, Step by Step Crosstrax Recordings, etc. Mostly German and Belgian releases. I feature 8 songs in sound sampler 4 from each CD. This is only to give you the idea about the music featured in this CD. Don't pay attention to the mixing because the original mixing was retained only partially. Again, the value is the music! When I looked at interactive CD with videos taken from the club, I wanted to be there. I hope all of UK visitors will find time to visit the club, I am sure you will not regret it. Rest of you get this CD (especially DJs who play the style. You will find it extremely useful).

For more information about this and another releases please visit Sunnyside Up on line.

01. MUSIC - Do Ya See The Light?
02. EXTREME TRAX - Don't Hold Back (Techno Mix)
03. HYPERDRIVE - That's It! (Dub Mix)
04. VFR - Tranceillusion (Taucher Remix)
05. JDS - Oriental
06. RETURN OF THE NATIVE - The Lost Tale
07. D.P. PROJECTS vs CHOCI - The Haze
08. DJ JAN - X-Santo (Angel Mix) (4)
09. ECANO - Run
10. MEA CULPA - Spiritual Light
11. ODYSSEY OF LIGHT - Metal Master (1)
12. DARREN PEARCE presents C.M.S. - Angel In The Sky (2)
13. JARK PRONGO - Movin' Thru Your System
14. DJ MISHKA - The Truth Is Out There
(Darkmen Mix) (3)
01. PRETTY PRETTY - Where Did You Get Those Pills? (John 'OO' Fleming Mix)
02. MASH UP - Liberation
03. V.O.O.D.I. - My Chromatic Base
04. PRIVATE PRODUCTION - Sexdrive (Big Thumb On Your Head Mix)
05. McKAY - Phantoms
Beam Me Up (5)
07. ROB SEARLE - Children (6)
08. AKIRA INC. - Superstring
09. JOHN 'OO' FLEMING & RUSSELL FLOORPLAY - We Have No Reference Of Time
10. OUR HOUSE - Floorspace '98 (Pee Wee's Remix) (7)
11. THE DEF SET - Ogo (Digital Blondes' End Of An Era Mix) (8)
13. DUMONDE - Tomorrow (Syrus & The Joker Mix)
14. EDGE *1 - Compned (John 'OO' Fleming Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Unlimited NRG 2 reviewed on 06/19/98
Label: 1999 Dominion Records (England)
Style: High NRG
Index #: DMIN CD 54
UNLIMITED NRG 2 Must be already summer in England! :) Couple of days ago I reviewed new compilation from Klone/Rumour Records and now new release to hit street on July 16, 1999 from another UK label Dominion Records. This compilation is volume 2 of this quite successful series (I reviewed volume 1 in August 98). Similar to previous one, this volume also contains slamming NRG sound. The opening track "Love And Affection" by NEWTON is a classic NRG track with good beat and interesting arrangements. Written by NEWTON himself and produced by Mak Duffy. There is also another song by him "Sweetest Secret" mixed by Pete Hammond. Amazing, pulsating HI-NRG track. There are several great songs on this CD just to mention newest from FAWN HILL "Praise You" or true floor filler "Don't Make We Wait All Night" by AMY GORDON. As usually she delivers hypnotically rhythmic song and her voice as usually is great. for instance. I have couple of songs that are my favorite, I will name just two of them, but most of them are truly great. "Say Sorry" by RIO & MARS is hybrid of slamming NRG with dark EURO PROGRESSIVE, truly oustanding clubber! Play it loudly and dance! Another one is luscious HI-NRG track by PARIS "The One And Only". Very rhythmic with great beat and amazing vocals. It will do great in dance floor. Taken together this is an interesting compilation to satisfy HI-NRG fans. Label allowed me only sampler tracks at 30-60" each, so I tried to stay in this limit when I made the sampler featuring 6 tracks. It doesn't really reflect the content, but at least gives you a feeling what to expect.

01. NEWTON - Love And Affection (Mirror Ball Club Mix) (1)
02. FAWN HILL - Praise you
03. AMY GORDON - Don't Make Me Wait All Night (Saint's 99 Club Mix) (2)
04. SUNDAY GIRL - Maria (Major Mix)
05. VICTORIA - So Young (3)
06. PARIS - The One And Only (4)
07. RIO & MARS - Say Sorry (Saint's Ascension Remix) (5)
08. SOOZY Q - Now That We Found Love (Nrg Mix)
09. FAWN HILL - Let's Hang On
10. NEWTON - Sweetest Secret (Pete Hammond's Club Mix)
11. VICTORIA - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (6)
12. COVADO feat. DIANA MIRANDA - Amazonia (Amazon Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Mad About The Boy 4 reviewed on 06/16/99
Label: Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Index #: CDKOPY 112
Mad About The Boy 4 Many visitors from U.K. complained that their dance scene is virtually dead! Well... GET A LIFE or better GET INFORMED!!! Here is the brand new compilation from KLONE/BRANDED entitled "Mad About The Boy 4" . This is one freaking HOT item. Double CD compilation features 20 full length songs, mostly club mixes, not just Radio versions, and let me tell you they are amazing. If you ever follow my SINGLES REVIEWS section some of titles featured in this compilation have been already reviewed. Here is your chance to owe some of them in one incredible package to die for! Many incredible artists are featured. For instance if you missed SMASH HIT by Princess Paragon: "Kiss The Rain". Don't sweat! Here it is in its extended glory! Many covers done in lucious HIGH-ENERGY and many of them in updated PROGRESSIVE EURO. You will hear it in the incredible covers of "Caliornia Dreaming" or The Supreme's "Reach Out I'll Be There". This entire compilation is a party stomper and MUST for DJs playing this style of music. If you like the genre you should enjoy the 9 minutes mix I created with 6 tracks from this release. If this is not going to convince you, I do not know what would. Plain CREAM YOUR JEANS stuff. Enjoy!

For more information about this and another releases please visit Klone/Rumour Records on line.

CD 1
01. PARADOX feat. DEVORAH - 1999 (Saint's Klub Mix)
02. ATLANTA - What Can I Do (1)
03. HIGH JINX - California Dreaming (European Excursion Mix) (2)
04. BOYS OF A NEW AGE feat. KATRINA B - The Whole Of The Moon (The Watergirls Mix) (3)
05. PM FACTOR - Substitute
06. SUSHI - Let It Swing (Club Mix)
07. MISS B feat. MAXINE BARRIE - I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You (Love Theme to "Mask Of Zorro")
08. POPCORN feat. JADE - Manic Monday
09. YOYO - OK-Alright
10. PARTY POPPERS - Party Poppers Motown Party (Medley)
- A: Stop! In The Name Of Love
- B: This Old Heart Of Mine
- C: Reach Out I'll Be There (4)
CD 2
01. PRINCESS PARAGON - Kiss The Rain (5)
02. GLAMMA feat. DONNA JAMES - We Are Family
03. CHEKMATE - Truly Madly Deeply (Savage Mix)
04. MISS B feat. MAXINE BARRIE - That Man
05. V-AGRA - Get Up
06. POPCORN feat. JADE - Hooked On A Feeling
07. DEVORAH - Song 2
08. PARADOX feat. TONY CARNEGIE - No Matter What (Saint's Klub Mix)
09. ATLANTA - Don't Stop It (I Like It) (6)
10. SUSHI - Dance Yourself Dizzy
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Dream Dance vol. 12 reviewed on 06/08/99
Label: 1999 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Progressive/Techno/Dream
Index #: 494304 2
Dream Dance volume 12 - Double CD Compilation Every edition of DREAM DANCE is always expected to be full of great DREAM and TRANCE sound. This series exclusively released by SONY became the best series on earth featuring forefront DREAM/TRANCE sound. Volume 12 is no different. Full of unbelievable releases in one set of 2 CD is a bargain and sure hit! First CD starts from ATB's newest "Don't Stop". Granted the track appeard on many compilations yet featured mix (C.L.U.B.B. Mix) is hard to get by. New sensation on PROGRESSIVE scene is PEACHES & CREAM. You will find on this CD their "All Over The World". This is beatiful and sizzling TRANCE track with unbelievable synths arrangements and flute section. Really beatiful! As a matter of fact this compilation is full of amazing tracks. For instance "Blue Sunshine" by VIPER with elements from NEW ORDER sound yet with full blown PROGRESSIVE synths. Real club stomper! New JAM & SPOON with "Stella..." treats you with more reflective sound. Nice after hours track. Another truly outstanding tune is "Paradise" by FRIDGE. Yeah, this track has been on the market for a while but still keeps being fresh and memorable. Relentless and flawless synths are simply coming thru you! Very amazing! TALLA 2XLC, an icon of TECHNO remixed PLASTIC ANGEL'S "Schatten 99". What can I say? Hypnotically rhythmic, synth driven TRANCE stomper! What can we expect from this guy? The quality! So he delivers it BIG TIME! Taken together, I have to congratulate SONY MUSIC for such fine edition! No matter what, you cannot go wrong by getting this compilation to die for! I picked 9 tracks (and I really had hard time what to pick, too many goodies) that I mixed together. I only hope it will help you to make the decision to get it! Enjoy!

CD 1
01. ATB - Don't Stop (C.L.U.B.B. Mix)
02. PEACHES & CREAM - All Over The World (Peaches Radio Mix) (1)
03. BLUE NATURE - A Life So Changed (Dance Mix) (K. Brand Meets Alphabet Team Radio Remix) (2)
04. DJ SAKIN & FRIENDS - Dragonfly (Special Dream Dance Edit)
05. TAUCHER BATTLES TALLA 2XLC - Nightshift (DJ Taucher Radio Edit)
06. VIPER - Blue Sunshine (Radio Edit)
07. JAM & SPOON - How Stella Got Her Groove Back (Video/Radio Mix) (5)
08. SYSTEM F - Out Of The Blue (Blue Radio Edit)
09. FRIDGE - Paradise (Radio Edit) (3)
10. SWEET DANGER - My Name Is Frank… (Emmanuel & DJ Pain Single Cut)
11. DECAY - 45 Seconds (Short Cut)
12. SASH! - Colour The World (ATB Mix)
13. CANDY BEAT - Sax'y '99 (ATB Remix)
14. LAMBDA - Hold On Tight 2000 (Future Breeze Radio Mix)
15. LIQUID CHILD - Diving Faces (Radio Cut) (4)
16. GIAN PIERO - Children 2000 (Radio Mix)
17. DJ SKYBEAM - Trance At The Beach (Radio Mix)
18. PLASTIC ANGEL - Schatten '99 (Talla 2XLC Remix) (7)
19. KAY CEE - Sunshine (Take U There (Club Tropicana Mix) (Edit) (6)
CD 2
01. MR. OIZO - Flat Beat
02. MEMBERS OF MAYDAY - Soundtropolis (Short)
03. WESTBAM - Beatbox Rocker (Short)
04. DER VERFALL - Der Verfall (Radio Edit)
05. MELLOW TRAX - Together (Album Track Edit)
06. SILENT BREED - In Vivo (Radio Edit)
07. PULSEDRIVER - Kiss That Sound (Club Radio Edit)
08. MOBY - Run On (Plastic Angel Mix)
09. K - Waveshaper (Pulse Radio Cut)
10. PAFFENDORF - Allnight (US Mix Radio Cut)
11. ART BIZARRE - Drop Into Me (Instrumental Mix Edit)
12. MIKE KOGLIN - The Silence (John B. Norman 7")
13. DJ SPACECASE - Reach The Limit (Radio Cut) (8)
14. ANASTASIA - Anastasia (Radio Mix)
15. DJ ICON - Voco Me
16. M - Razzia '99 (Radio Mix)
17. SOUTHSIDE SPINNERS - Luvstruck (Remix Edit)
18. RISE & SHINE - Hungry Animal (Tandu Remix)
19. AGENDA - Heaven (Resistance D. Single Treatment) (9)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: EUROPOP - The Italian Connection reviewed on 05/21/99
Label: 1999 Klone/Rumour Records (England)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: KOPYBX3
EUROPOP - The Italian Connection - 4 CD Compilation This simply amazing 4 CD compilation is being released by Klone/Rumour Records on May 24, 1999. Each and one of you who is serious about HIGH ENERGY got to have it! 40 mostly classic ENERGY tracks by leading artists from S.A.I.F.A.M. are being featured in this little wonder! Klone/Rumour Records proved to be forefront UK label releasing great dance tracks and this as well as previously released "Euro-Xpress" compilation are jewels in the crown of the label's neverending quest to spill the beans about DANCE genre. Many of you can order currently S.A.I.F.A.M. from their website, yet this compilation is quite unique. It features tracks that in many cases were not released in any of compilation from S.A.I.F.A.M. and many of them are true rarities, since they are no longer available. Just take a look at the track listing. If you don't know many of the titles, go directly to S.A.I.F.A.M. site and check the sound sampler. I made short (yet lasting more than 12 minutes) sampler featuring 8 less known tracks from S.A.I.F.A.M.. Hope you will enjoy it.

Another quite shocking thing about this compilation is it's PRICE! You can get it directly from Klone/Rumour Records mail order for just 12 English Pounds (around $20.00)!!!! Nobody and I REALLY mean NOBODY can beat the price for such fine release. Thanks Gary for this one! I am sure you made NRG lovers very, very happy indeed!

For more information about this and another releases please visit Klone/Rumour Records on line.

CD 1
01. T-ZONE - Do You Know Where You're Going To (F.T. & Company Edit)
02. KATE PROJECT - Wuthering Heights (Interface Club Mix) (8)
03. RADIORAMA - Come Back My Lover (Baila Baila Mix)
04. AXEL FORCE - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Club Mix)
05. ATLANTIS - If You Tolerate This (Then Your Children Will Be Next) (Extended Dance Mix)
06. IN.DEEP - Drowned World/Substitute For Love (Instinctive Mix)
07. RADIORAMA - Alien 2 (The Nightmare) (Alieno Mix)
08. JILL DREASKI - Summer Night City (Full Euro Mix) (2)
09. HEARTCLUB feat. DUFFY - Sugar Sugar
10. DJ SPACE'C feat. ANGELICA - Deep Inside (Eurojam Mix) (3)
CD 2
01. JILL DRESKI - Heartbreaker (Factory Team Remix)
02. BAKERSTREET - As Long As You Love Me (Factory Team Remix)
03. HEARTCLUB feat. PETE - Stay Another Day (Factory Team Edit)
04. WIENNA - You Came (Club Remix) (7)
05. WILDSIDE feat. THOMAS - Dance Into The Light (Factory Team Remix)
06. A KAY-BJ feat. ALEX PERRY - Everything She Wants (Factory Team Remix)
07. DJ SPACE'C feat. THE TWINS - JUMP (Factory Team Edit)
08. KEN LASZLO duet with JENNY - Whatever Love (Factory Team Edit)
09. MARK FARINA - To My Heart (Boom Boom Mix)
10. GARY D. - Yellow River (Long Edit) (1)
CD 3
01. HEARTCLUB feat. IAN LEX - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
02. RADIORAMA - Like an Angel (Guitar Version)
03. ALISHA - I'm Alive (Main vocal Mix)
04. KIKKA - Walking In Memphis (Remix '96)
05. DJ SPACE'C - Stop (Factory Team Remix)
06. SL LINE - Say It Once (Extended Mix)
07. ASYA - I'm Not Scared
08. MORGANA - Can I Help You Baby (Eurojam Version) (4)
09. DJ SPACE'C feat ANNE - I Need You (Club Mix) (5)
10. KATE PROJECT - No More I Love You's
CD 4
01. PATRICK VICTORIO - Too Many Broken Hearts (DJ Dave and Factory Team Remix)
02. DJ SPACE'C - We Don't Talk Anymore (The Dance Remix)
03. KISS THE PINK - C'est La Vie (Main Power Mix)
04. ASIA GANG - You're The Only One That I want (Factory Team Remix)
05. JESSICA JAY feat. DUFFY - The Tide Is High (Reggae Edit)
06. BANDIDO - I Wanna Dance with Somebody (FT and Company Edit)
07. MEANSTREET BOYS - Last Train To London (Remix '96)
08. DJ SPACE'C feat. ANNE - Cruel Summer (Factory Team Remix)
09. JESSICA JAY - Reach (Olympic Euro Mix) (6)
10. LAWRENCE - Something About The Way You Look Tonight
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: BYTE VIBES - A Byte Compilation reviewed on 04/29/99
Label: 1998 Byte Records (Belgium)
Style: Dance, Techno, Underground
Index #: BB0398106-2
BYTE VIBES - A Byte Compilation I know, this compilation was released back in 1998, however I received it just now in the end of april '99. I am think you are probably familiar with several tracks from this compilation, yet I am also sure many of them were not heard by most of you. BYTE RECORDS is a leading Belgian label. It consists of six sublabels based on music genre. "BYTE VIBES" contains tracks from various dance style. The disk opens 2 Unlimited with their hit "Wanna Get Up". This is nicely done BUBBLE GUM track with HOUSE feel into it. I am sure you are awared of the fact that now 2 Unlimited consists of two great looking blond girls. Actually this compilations features 2 tracks by this group. The second one: "Never Surrender" is gorgeous NRG track combining good beat and interesting PROGRESSIVE synths. One of my favorite tracks from this release and I am sure you know this song by now. If you are into EUROGRESSIVE, you should be in heaven when listening to Critical Mass. I didn't feature this track in the mix. I am saving it for release in SINGLES section. This CD is actually full of interesting TECHNO, PROGRESSIVE and UNDERGROUND sound just to mention: Atlantis 6, Starfighter Funny F , NRG or Highlight that brought also TRIBAL line in their "Can You Feel It". If you are into more HOUSE and R&B sound you should be pleased by two tracks by Pearl and by release from CB Milton who was kind of silent for several years. Taken together this compilation is an interesting buy with variety of style to please wider audience of listeners. For sound sampler I picked 7 tracks that I mixed. They represent mostly DANCE, TECHNO, UNDERGROUND sound. Enjoy the music and I hope I convinced you to get this one!

01. 2 UNLIMITED - Wanna Get Up
02. CRITICAL MASS - In Your Eyes
03. 2 UNLIMITED - Never Surrender (1)
04. PEARL - Swing With Me
05. CB MILTON - What About Me
06. PEARL - Take My Chance With You
07. LONDON FIESTA - Keep That Feeling High
08. BASS JUMPERS - Make Up Your Mind
09. HIGHLIGHT - Can You Feel it
10. YOUNG REBELS - Bring That Beat Back
11. T&F - The Way
12. ATLANTIS 6 - The New Style (2)
13. THE SERPENT - Electric
14. STARFIGHTER - Mayday (3)
15. DJ PETER PROJECT - Show Me The Way (4)
16. JAPANESE DJ - Look 2 The Right
17. FUNNY F - Funky (6)
18. NRGY - Like A Monkey (7)
19. DJ PETER PROJECT - Put Your Hands In The Air (5)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: MOTIV8TION - The Official Motiv 8 Remix Collection reviewed on 04/11/99
Label: 1999 Collosal Records/Pure Music (Australia)
Style: High Energy
Index #: PureCD 6
MOTIV8TION - The Official Motiv 8 Remix Collection Serious Hi-NRG fans and collectors got a real treat from PURE MUSIC, a company based in Australia. PURE MUSIC keeps releasing dance music to die for. After their exploding compilation EURO 2000 there is this one: "MOTIV8TION - The Official Motiv 8 Remix Collection". If you don't know Motiv 8 you either were sleeping all these years or simply are not Hi-NRG fan enough. This group has been long way giving Euro-POP distinct sound, not only in their own songs but also their productions and remixes for many artists for many years. This double CD compilation is all about Motiv 8 remixes. An oustanding collection of 22 tracks to die for. All of them in their longe versions (not single one track is shorter that 5 minutes and most of them are 6' +). I have to congratule Matt Tang (don't I ever?) an owner of this company for bringing such a piece of great work. This compilation (or should I say album?) was produced in association with Motiv 8 and Fx Music. Fact that this release contains many rarities like impossible to find remixes as well as brand new Motiv 8 strack called "Dreaming" makes this compilation/album even more attractive. So enjoy this sizzling collection and look out for Volume 2 collection from Motiv 8 as it has been promised. For sound sampler I did mix of 7 tracks. Listen, enjoy and GET IT!!!. Opportunity like this does not happen often!

For more information about this and another releases please visit Pure Records on line.
For info on group please visit their website at:

CD 1
01. MOZAIC - Nothing In The World
02. PET SHOP BOYS - Red Letter Day
03. MOTIV8 - Dreaming
04. DANA DAWSON - Show Me
05. MARY KIANI - I Imagine (5)
07. SAINT ETIENNE - Hug My Soul
08. SEAN MAQUIRE - A Good Day (6)
09. KELLY LLORENA - A Brighter Day
10. LET LOOSE - Everybody Say Everybody (7)
11. JOHNNA - Pride
CD 2
01. PULP - Disco 2000
02. DUBSTAR - Stars
03. MARY KIANI - When I Call Your Name
05. TEEZ - Should Have Known Better (1)
06. N-TRANCE - Turn Up The Power (2)
07. HEAVEN 17 - Design Heaven (3)
08. ANN CONSUELO - See The Day
09. OPEN ARMS feat. ROWETTA - Hey Mr. DJ (4)
10. MICHELLE GAYLE - Baby Don't Go
11. ALABAMA 3 - Ain't Goin' To Goa
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Euro Xpress reviewed on 02/14/99
Label: Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDKOPY 111
Euro Xpress - Double CD Compilation When I am writing this review "EURO XPRESS" is the newest offerring from KLONE RECORDS label devoted to quality HI-NRG releases for many years. This double CD compilation features most of artists you should be familair by now if you visiting from time to time my SINGLES section of Review Page. Many titles that appeared on this CD had their debut on reviewed singles and package it is! UK Hi-NRG sound is different than the one generated in Italy, yet it is refreshing and club friendly. Actually KLONE reached to ITALIAN releases. There are several of them that has been licensed from... S.A.I.F.A.M.. You can tell that S.A.I.F.A.M. retains their solid position as a source of unquestionable superb dance releases. I also should mention that both CDs are mixed. It might scared some of you away. Regardless if you collect mixed or umixed compilations, this one should find place in your home. Good music, good energy, simpy a good buy! For sound sampler I picked 6 titles (many featured in this compilation you can find in SINGLES REVIEWS SECTION or S.A.I.F.A.M. website. Enjoy!

CD 1
01. PARADOX feat. TONY CARNEGIE - No Matter What
02. ILLUSIVE feat. AMANDA ABBS - Illusive
03. SUSHI - Japanese Boy
04. TABOO - Lady Marmolade
05. RED GARDEN - High
06. JAY JAY - I Believe (6)
07. JANIS 7 JASON - Can U Feel The Night
08. LEONORA DECAPO - My Heart Will Go On
09. GLAMMA feat. DONNA JAMES - Let's Hear It For The Boy
10. D-STRESSED - Fly To The Sun
11. NIA SHAYNE - You're Still The One
12. SISTA 2 SISTA - The Boy Is Mine
13. UNDER DREAM feat. LUISJO - Share A Little Shelter
14. MORGANA - To My Heart
16. GIRLFRIENDS - I'll Be There For You (Theme From "Friends")
CD 2
01. JESSICA JAY - Viva Forever/La Isla Bonita
02. P M FACTOR - Substitute (3)
03. HOUSEBOYZ - All That I Need
04. HIGH JINX - California Dreaming
05. 2 AM - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
06. LOLA - Frozen (4)
07. PRIMA - Into The Groove
08. ROSE - We Want To Be Free (Saints Klub Mix) (5)
09. SUSHI - Love In The First Degree
10. ROBIN - Flames Of Love
11. NICKI FRENCH - Hard To Say I'm Sorry
  • PRINCESS PARAGON - Kiss The Rain
  • ABIGAIL - Constant Craving
  • ILLUSIVE feat. AMANDA ABBS - Amoureuse (1)
  • BOYS OF A NEW AGE feat. KATRINA B - The Man Who Sold The World (2)
  • DEVORAH - Bitter Sweet Symphony
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Dream Dance vol. 11 reviewed on 02/14/99
Label: 1999 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Progressive/Techno/Dream
Index #: 493335 2
Dream Dance volume 11 - Double CD Compilation I am reviewing SONY compilation for the first time. I never really had a chance to review any of them before, because I did not have section as well as because this label releases so many compilations I would have to change the job to just review them. DREAM DANCE series is long time one and very, very popular. While there are many labels relasing PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE sound on CDs this particular series as well as FUTURE TRANCE from Polystar Records are the most popular. This new compilation released in January '99 brought several tracks that "bleeded" from 1998 to this compilation like works by Kai Tracid, DJ Quicksilver, DJ Tomcraft and many others, but also brought titles released in 1999, like: "Now 99" by Electric Fruit Orchestra, amazing track by Tony H "ZOO Future" and many other. This double CD compilation brings all together many, many good PROGRESSIVE titles in one package. Of course, if you have 40 titles in a one package, there wil lbe always some weaker songs. There were better issues released within this series, yet "Volume 11" still bring a good chunk of music to satisfy a lot of you who like the dance music. Since Sony releases are realtively easy to find I am sure you will have a way to get it and you should. For sound sampler I picked 7 tracks that I mixed together. Hope you will like what you hear and the sampler wil convince you of high quality of this compilation! Enjoy!

CD 1
01. DJ SAKIN & FRIENDS - Nomansland (David's Song) (Instrumental Radio Cut) (1)
02. FAITHLESS - ake The Long Way Home (Epic Mix)
03. KAI TRACID - Liquid Skies
04. SCHILLER - Das Glockenspiel (Scandie Remix Radio Edit)
05. PUSH - Universal Nation (The Real Anthem) (Original Radio Mix)
06. MISS JANE - It's A Fine Day (Radio Mix)
08. STORM - Huri-Khan (Radio Remix)
09. BINARY FINARY - 1999 (Kee Cee Remix)
10. TALLA 2XLC - Love's Coming Down (Radio Edit)
11. YORK feat. JAMILLA -Jastamba (Instrumental - Radiomix)
12. FLORIBUNDA - Floribunda (Suspicious Radio Mix)
13. ENCORE! - Le Paradis (Original Single Edit)
14. ANDY JAY POWELL - Rising Love
15. KAYLAB - Phantom Of The Club (Nightmare Radio Edit) (2)
16. SPLIT - Hey DJ (Gimme A Fat Beat) (Single Version)
17. MOX EPOQUE feat. NINA - I Feel My … (Short Cut)
18. MELLOW TRAX - Phuture Vibes (Radio Club Mix)
19. ANDORA - Bladerunner (Original Short Mix) (7)
20. HYPERTROPHY - Eternal Flames (John B. Norman vs. Killerloop Remix - Radio Edit) (6)
CD 2
01. PAFFENDORF - Terminator 2 Theme: Main Title (Radio Edit)
02. UNITED DEE JAYS FOR CENTRAL AMERICA - Too Much Rain (A.T.B. vs. Woody Van Eyden)
03. KAY CEE - Love Stimulation (Trance Radio Mix) (3)
04. WATERGATE - Mull Of Kinture (DJ Quicksilver Video Mix)
05. PHIL FULDNER - S-Express (Radio Express)
06. AYLA - Liebe (Single Cut)
07. MOSQUITO HEADZ - El Ritmo (Randu Radio Edit)
08. DOLPHIN'S MIND - La Luna (Extended Vocal Club Mix)
09. DJ QUICKSILVER - Escape To Paradise (Video Mix)
10. MARC ET CLAUDE - How Much Can You Take ? (Emotional) (Radio Cut)
11. KEE MO - Spectrum (Radio EditCut)
12. DOWNLOAD - Millenium 2000 (24:00 Hours-Radio Mix)
13. FAITHLESS - God Is A DJ (Radio Mix)
14. PIET BLANK & JASPA JONES - Flying To The Moon (Club Mix Edit)
15. ARRAKIS - The Spice
16. DJ TOMCRAFT - The Mission (Radio Edit)
17. LADY TOM -It's A Dream (Part 1 - Radio Edit)
18. TONY H - ZOO Future (D.J. JamX & de Leon's "Dumonde" Mix) (4)
19. DJ WAG - Man On The moon (Radio Edit) (5)
20. THE HIGHLANDER - Dignified (Allen McLoud Dream Edit)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Euro 2000 reviewed on 01/21/99
Label: 1998 Pure Records (Australia)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: PureCD 8
Euro 2000 - CD Compilation I've got question for you! What is the name of the country releasing one of the best Euro compilations these days! The answer is... AUSTRALIA. Yeah! I am sure many of you were going to say ITALY, GERMANY or UK. PURE RECORDS is an Australian label specializing in releasing Euro compilations featuring almost exclusively best Euro releases from countries like Italy or Germany but not only. EURO 2000" is their most recent release at the day when this review is written. Absolutely amazing double CD compilation to die for if you are HI-NRG lover like I am. This CD features many tunes licensed from S.A.I.F.A.M.. So if you like that label, here is the opportunity to own several tracks that never been released on CD. Compilation also features songs from other Italian and German labels. I am sure after you will examine the track listing you will be stunned. Many slamming, ultra hot Euro/Hi-NRG releases were packed in double CD wonder. Collection no one afford to miss. I know Australia is far away, yet you have rare opportunity to owe a collection that will stand out! The opportunity you cannot miss. I would like to congratulate and thank Matt Tang the owner of the label, for making such compilation available. For sound sampler I mixed 8 tracks and decided not to feature S.A.I.F.A.M. releases since you can listen to many of them on that label site.

For more information about this and another releases please visit Pure Records on line.

CD 1
01. THE JOKER - Let The Beat Go On (4)
02. DJ MIKO - What's Up 2000
03. CLUBHOUSE - You & I (Disco Mix)
04. ORLANDO - Breaking My Heart
05. LIBRA - Take Me With Your Love
06. MIG 33 - Give Me Your Love
07. WILDSIDE - In My Arms
08. KEN LASZLO - Summer Nights
09. EAST SIDE BEAT - Keep Movin' On (5)
10. T-SIGN - Hide & Seek
11. MIG 29 - Can't Resist (1)
12. DJ PLASTICO - Locos Pocos (2)
13. ESSENTIAL STYLE - Stay With Me Forever
14. ANTICAPELLA feat. ZEITA - Deep
15. BETTY V - Emotions
16. DRAGANA - Secret Of My Body (6)
17. ANTICO - Don't U Fly
18. C & C DREAM - I Love You Baby (3)
CD 2
01. FUN 2 U - My Little Flower
02. MORGANA - Feel The Night Away
03. ROBIN feat. BETTY V - Bring On The Night
04. KATE PROJECT - Free For Love
05. 2 COLORS - La Noche
06. CAPELLA - I Need Your Love
07. LEVY 9 - I'm Not Scared
08. MIND ROUGE - Let Me Tell You
09. ALISHA - Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (7)
10. 4-TUNE - This Time I Know It's For Real
11. RAFFA - On & On & On
12. KIKKA - Don't Take My Heartbeat
13. MEANSTREET BOYS - Sweet Dreams
14. BINDER - Hit That Perfect "Beat Boy"
15. RED 5 - Red 5 Jumps
16. JOIN - Join The Party
17. DREAM - Call My Name (8)
18. THE NAVIGATOR - My Heart Will Go On
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Unlimited NRG reviewed on 08/30/98
Label: 1998 Dominion Records (England)
Style: pure High NRG
Index #: DMIN CD 531
Unlimited NRG - Compilation I have decided to review this compilation here in album section, because it shouldn't be missed by any of you who love great Hi-NRG beat. It is quite sad but there is not that many labels and artists releasing songs in this genre nowadays. Still several Italian labels bring that sounds but that almost it. Luckly there is also England with labels like Almighty, Klone, Dominion that do not neglect NRG style. NRG Unlimited is released by one of those labels: Dominion Records. I was not only pleased but truly amazed that such compilation appearead on the music market. Not only beacause it contains songs that are plain NRG wonders, but also because label choose to feature extended versions. That is why this CD HAS TO BE in collection of DAMN EVERY DJ ON EARTH playing this genre. This CD compilation contains 12 songs with contemporary Euro/NRG - each one bona fide Hi-NRG smash! We have two songs by Newton both appeared on his album released last year. All Out Of Love by this artist is spectacular Hi-NRG with great hooks and instrumentation. Great beginning for entire set. You cannot miss Natalie Browne with Torn a simply gorgeous Euro/NRG cover of N. Imbruglia's hit. (for U.S. vistors note: This track is also available as single from INTERHIT Records). Devorah with Bitter Sweet Symphony does not need recommendation either. This originally released by Klone track was roaring to number one in DMA. I also don't need to introduce artists like Amy Grant, Princess Paragon, Vada, Soozy Q. I recently reviewed their current singles (that also appears on this compilation) in SINGLES section of Reviews page. Taken together this CD is one of the best NRG releases on the planet this year along with compilations released from S.A.I.F.A.M.. Songs have different flavors than Italian NRG releases. This CD once again make me believe that good dance genre is still around and kicking. Make all possible efforts to get this one. I posted several sound samplers from this compilation to spice up your apetitie! Trust me you won't regret it!

01. NEWTON - All Out Of Love (Mark Duffy Club Mix)
02. NATALIE BROWN - Torn (Definitive Mix)
03. PRINCESS PARAGON - Kiss The Rain (Rainbow Mix)
04. BOYS OF A NEW AGE - The Man Who Sold The World
05. VADA feat JAMIE WATSON - Take Me, I'm Yours
06. AMY GORDON - Don't Make Me Wait All Night
07. DEVORAH - Bitter Sweet Symphony (Club Mix)
08. SOOZY Q - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off
09. TARA - (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice (Pete Hammond NRG Mix)
10, RIO & MARS - I Don't Wanna Lose You (Saint Club Mix)
11. NEWTON - He Don't Love You (Like I Love You) (BONA Club Mix)
12. FULL MOON - I Wanna Stay With You

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