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Title: DJ TOP 40 - Volume 4 reviewed on 08/27/00
Label: ZYX/Dance Network (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: DNT 10054-2
DJ TOP 40_ - Volume 4 New set of "DJ TOP 40" has been recently released by ZYX records and as usually this double CD features 40 tracks directly from German Dance & Disco Charts. Few tracks presented here have been altready featured on other compilations on the market just to mention AIRSCAPE's "L'Esperanza", PAFFENDORF's "Everybody Scream", BEAM & YANOU's "Sound Of Love" , AQUAGEN's "Partyalarm" and several others. First CD caters mostly into TECHNO/TRANCE sound. For instance you will find here gems like "Invasion Over Berlin" by R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R. This is monsterous track with mesmerizing synth line and surprising hooks. One of my favorites. You will also find here WINX's "Don't Laugh 2000" cleverly remixed by one of the hottest DJs these days MAURO PICOTTO himself. You should also look forward into Clark Davis remix of "The Spiritchaser" by DJ SWAM. This lasting almost 7 minutes tune delivers transcendental TECHNO with many shades of mystery. The synth work is also superb. From Spanish dance school we have "No More Turning Back" by GITTA. I also featured video clips from this track in our VIDEO SECTION. You should also find "Maschinentanz" by SKR 309 as very well done TECHNO tune. Unforgettable synth-driven masterpiece. Another explosive big room PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE with dark male vocals is "Der Krieger" by KRIEGER. This one is big, with massive synth lines and a bottom dominated by an intensely rhythmic punch. The second CD is more diversified in terms of featured styles and is more into commercial dance I would say. You still will find here some TECHNO tunes like "Love Parade 2000" by DR. MOTTE & WESTBAM or "Talk About It" by SONIC OCEAN just to mention the few but this CD is overwhelmed by more HOUSE and LATINO oriented tunes like "I Got This Feeling" by BABY BUMPS or "Funky Music" by LAYTON & STONE for instance. Also in HOUSE flavor is done "Tom's Dinner" by KENNY BLAKE. The LATINO style is presented by new tune from BELLINI - "Arriba Allez" or "My Girl" by JAMAICA SOUNDSYSTEM. Taken together this compilation is a good briefing on what's current on German dance scene. For sound sampler I prepared a mix featuring 8 tracks from this double CD. Enjoy!

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CD 1
01. WARP BROTHERS vs. AQUAGEN - Phatt Bass
02. AIRSCAPE - L'Esperanza
03. STORM - Time To Burn
04. FLOORFILLA - Anthem #3
05. WINX - Don't Laugh 2000 (Mauro Picotto Radio Edit)
06. DJ SHAH - The Riddim
07. BOSSI - See Me Feel Me
08. BALLOON - Pussylovers
09. R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R. - Invasion Over Berlin (1)
10. PAFFENDORF - Everybody Scream (Radio Edit)
11. DJ SWAM - The Spiritchaser (Clark Davis Original Mix) (2)
12. GITTA - No More Turning Back
13. DJ ENERGY - Belfagor (Energy 2000 Theme) (Molella Energy 2000 Radio Edit) (3)
14. AVANCADA - Dirty Bitch
15. AQUAGEN - Partyalarm
16. SKR 309 - Maschinentanz
17. DAVE 202 feat. BORIS G. - Streetparade 2000 (Believe In Love) (Beatiful Radio Mix)
18. TOM WAX joins DJ JAMX & DE LEON - Laut & Leise
19. KRIEGER - Der Krieger (4)
20. ABSOLUTE UP feat. DJ PAUL ONE - Funktastic

CD 2
01. BEAM & YANOU - Sound Of Love
02. FRAGMA - Toca's Miracle
03. DR. MOTTE & WESTBAM - Love Parade 2000
04. UTAH - Indian Summer (Intro Mix) (5)
05. SASH! - Rock The Block
06. BABY BUMPS - I Got The Feeling
07. LAYTON & STONE - Funky Music
08. WHITESIDE vs. CHRISTOPHER S. pres. BARCELONA HOUSE TRIBE - Move On Up (Aston Martinez Pumping Vocal Mix)
09. DJ ANTOINE vs. MAD MARK - La Chitara Pt. 2 (Original Extended Mix)
10. KENNY BLAKE - Tom's Diner (Radio Edit)
11. SONIC OCEAN - Talk About It (6)
12. WAVEDIVER - Tubular Bells (Radio Edit) (7)
13. ILOVEYOUPROJECT - Hey Raver Wait At The Love Parade (8)
14. LOVE & KEY - Ocean In Motion (Deep And Deeper)
15. WEBTRESS - Fascinated
16. ANTIQUE - Opa Opa
17. LIZA DA COSTA - Banana Coca (Steve Rhyner Radio Remix)
18. LE ZOO - Un, Dos, Tres
19. BELLINI - Arriba Allez
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Title: Tunnel Trance Force - Vol. 13 reviewed on 06/24/00
Label: 2000 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 498660 2
TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Vol. 13 New edition of "Tunnel Trance" is finally out and again mixed by DJ DEAN. Double CD compilation brings you the best TRANCE/PROGRESSIVE sound you can get these days. Since this comp is released few weeks after "DJ Networx" that is mixed by him as well, DJ DEAN could give us even more current tracks on this one yet he also put some older stuff to balance the music. First CD is almost exclusively TRANCE with 19 tracks to choose from. Some of them you should already well known like tunes by AQUAGEN, MARIO LOPEZ vs. R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R. DJ TANDU pres AYLA. Several TRANCE gems on this one as well. For instance AURELIA's "Time Flies" is chilling EURO-TRANCE. On the curious site the track has been written and produced by Felix J. Gauder & Andrea Husak. YES! Felix J. Gauder is the same person who is responsible for E-ROTIC songs. Don't expect EURODANCE though but rather deep, exploding dark TRANCE. Again, this one proves that Felix is just a writer that feels extremely well in any of dance genres he works on. Another track "Lullaby" by LULLABY is already for a while on my most wanted list. I really like the spacy synth works on that one with female vocals popping here and there. Very powerful, peak-performance fare for club scene. Also "Heartbeat" by HAREM DOCTORS is TRANCE sparkler. Featured remix by DJ JamX & Dumond has many punches making this track flying high up and down giving you a rollercoaster ride. Purely fantastic! For another stomper check Sonar Club Mix of "Lovestruck" by DJ JANIS. Another truly oustanding synths works has been done in "Baila Para Mi" by DJ DIGRESS. This transcendental tune will move you deeply. With dazzling array of killer synths this tune is RED HOT! There are many other tunes on this CD and let me tell you, not ONE weak tune. Terrific job of choosing titles not to mention the mixing technic that was superb. The second CD is more PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE oriented for fans of this genre. Taken together this product is one of the best if not the BEST ever released in this series. I am positive that if you are into electronic dance music, you will be amazed by the quality of this issue. I prepared mix with 11 songs from this double CD compilation (6 from the first CD and 5 from the second). This is only a sampler, you have to get this release to fully appreciate the music. EXCELLENT !!!

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CD 1
01. AQUAGEN - Partyalarm (Party Mix)
02. AURELIA - Time Flies (Pulsedriver Remix) (1)
03. MARIO LOPEZ vs. R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R. - Into My Brain (Plug 'N' Play Club Edit)
04. AXEL KONRAD - H.E.A.R.T. Beat (Schrittmacher Mix)
05. DJ TANDU pres. AYLA - Singularity (Brainchild II) (Miss Thunderpussy Remix)
06. DAS LICHT - Traumwelten (Original Mix)
07. REBORN ENTERTAINMENT feat. SONIA - Back To The Moon (Plug 'N' Play Remix)
08. LULLABY - Lullaby (2)
09. HAREM DOCTORS - Heartbeat (DJ JamX & DeLeon's Dumond Remix)
10. DJ DEAN - Malaria
11. DJ JANIS - Lovestruck (Sonar Club Mix) (3)
12. DE VERGAS - Remember The Time (Calderone Remix)
13. DJ DIGRESS - Baila Para Mi (4)
14. DJ DEAN - Balla Nation 2000
15. THE TRANCECORE PROJECT - Flashback (Greencourt Remix)
16. PLASTIX - Attack (5)
17. PLASTIC BOY - Live Isn't Easy (DJ Looney Tunels Orgasm Mix)
18. JFS - Raw Nature (6)
19. TUNNEL ALLSTARS - Blue Lagoon

CD 2
01. DJ NATRON & REVERB pres. "FLUTLICHT" - Mutterkorn (Original Mix)
02. DAS ATOM - Radioaktiv (Vocal Club Mix)
03. ROCCO - Back In Town Again (Extended Mix)
04. PARATROPPERS - Kiss Myself (No Parachute)
05. RENATO TANKIS vs. DJ SAVIETTO - Octopus (Lost In Case Remix)
06. IMPEGMENT SYNDROM - All Systems Go!
07. YO! feat. DJ THE DOG - Lost In Trance (Club Mix)
08. REBOOT - Day Of Days (Tribe Mix) (7)
09. ARNE LII - Grave Diggers Have More Fun
10. TIMERIDERS - Future Generation (Original Extended Club Version) (8)
11. LOVING LOOP - Listen to That Fat Bass
12. PHANTOM SHERIFFS - Where Are You ? (ET on XTC Mix)
13. 2000: CANARIAS - Easy - Just Move Some (Sven-R-G + Bass T Remix) (9)
14. ACCUFACE - Thunder In Paradise (10)
15. HIGH LIMIT - Adrenalin
16. PHRENETIC vs. TENSION - Ocean Of Love 2000 (Y.O.M.C. Remix) (11)
17. JELLY - Moving Light
18. PUSH Till We Meet Again (Transcendental Remix)
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Title: 80's Disco reviewed on 06/24/00
Label: 2000 Baur Music Production (Switzerland)
Style: Italo Disco
Index #: BM 51853
80's DISCO There are still many fans of classic ITALO-DANCE style. While there is virtually none of new releases in this genre, also getting compilations with the original sound is close to impossible. I am pleased to inform you that by special arrangements that I helped to established this particular CD is only available in one store in US with the link below. First of all, I have the news for F.R. DAVID fans. I already stopped responding to E-mail requesting the source of getting his immortal "Words". Well... The full version of this track is here, so you can finally get it and please stop bother me! :-) Of course this is not only it. Salvatore Cusato from Selsdon International (company with which Eurodance Hits helps you in booking artists) who's concept made this compilation possible did an outstanding job of choosing tracks. Many of you will be able finaaly finally get rare tracks by such artists as VALERY DORE, GAZEBO, MIKO MISSION, NOVECENTO, ALBERT ONE, DIVINE, TONI ESPOSITO, PATRICK CROWLEY and many others. so get it while it lasts. My understanding is that the number of copies available in the store below is limited, so you better hurry if you want to get this unique, collector item collection. I have chosen 8 tracks for the sound sampler, but of course it is only to give you a taste.

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CD 1
01. F.R. DAVID - Words (1)
02. TONI ESPOSITO - Kalimba De Luna
03. GAZEBO - Dolce Vita
04. VALERY DORE - The Night (2)
05. MIKO MISSION - How Old Are You (3)
06. CARRARA - Disco King
07. BELEN THOMAS - Y Mi Banda Toca El Rock
08. ANTHONY & ROSE - Love Is Everywhere
09. DAVID CHRISTIE - Saddle Up
10. REAL THING - She's A Groovy Freak
11. PINO D'ANGIO - Ma Quale Idea (Balla)
12. KANO - Another Life
13. NOVECENTO - I Need Love
14. JESSICA BLUE - The Dark Of Light (4)
15. MIKO MISSION - Around My Dream
16. ALBERT ONE - Heart On Fire (5)

CD 2
01. LIMAHL - Never Ending Story
02. GAZEBO - I Like Chopin
03. NOVECENTO - Movin' On (6)
04. CRUISIN' GANG - Affair A Gogo
05. TONI ESPOSITO - Papa Chico
06. OSIBISA - Sunshine Day
07. FLIRTS - Passion (7)
08. DIVINE - Shoot Your Shot (8)
09. SAVOIRE FAIRE & UPTOWN EXPRESS - Let's Rock Break And Boogie
11. JACK HATTLE - Yes No Family
12. CASCO - Cybernetic Love
13. SONG FAMILY - Your Love
14. SABRINA - Boys (Summertime Love)
15. ALBERT ONE - Turbo Diesel
16. EVELYN THOMAS - High Energy
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Title: DJ TOP 40 - Volume 3 reviewed on 06/07/00
Label: ZYX/Dance Network (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: DNT 10046-2
DJ TOP 40_ - Volume 3 After about 6 months next release in this series from ZYX label is out. I haven't review any of ZYX releases recently. "DJ TOP 40" delivers as subtitle indicate: German Dance & Disco Charts hits. No surprise here. Good tracks catering to various genres of DANCE music. First CD is full of hits just to mention tracks by such groups like: KOSMONOVA, MEMBERS OF MAYDAY, PAFFENDORF, MARIO LOPEZ, FLOORFILLA, LIGHTFORCE and others. Generally this particular CD caters to more EURO TRANCE and PROGRESSIVE sound. RICHTHOVEN presents his interpreation of JENS's "Loops & Things". This classic TECHNO tune was enriched with interesting synths arrangements. Intersting tune by R.P.S. (DJ Shah is hiding under this cover) entitled "Trip to UK" delivers exploding PROGRESSIVE EURO. You also should check powerful beat in TECHNO/TRANCE tune: "Children of Paradise" by SAVON. The first beats are not necessary inviting and original, but track progresses to beautifully done threedimension DREAM. Another beatifully done tune is "Be In My Dream" by DJ SESSION ONE feat. DAGNY. This one combines PROGRESSIVE strings with melodic EURO sound topped with angelic female vocals. Second CD is oriented more into HOUSE. So, you will be greeted with tracks by TOM NOVY, NERIO'S DUBWORK, DJ ANTOINE and others. This CD gives you also more HARD BEAT in tracks like "Breakfast In Vegas" by PRAGA KHAN, "Das Erwachen" by PHIL GREEN or "Witches" by AQUALORD. I also had an interesting "encounter". I found on second CD a new tune from K 2 called "Horny Matterhorny". If are devoted to DANCE sound, this group should be pretty familiar to you. Back in 1994 they had hit called "Der Berg ruft". Interestingly enough both tracks were written by the same composer so expect quite similar sound as they had in 1994 (actually a bit "updated" if you will). Taken together this commercial compilation gives you a pretty good idea what's cooking on German dance scene. For sound sampler I prepared a mix featuring 8 tracks from this double CD. Enjoy!

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CD 1
01. KOSMONOVA - Danse Avec Moi
03. AXEL KONRAD - H.E.A.R.T. Beat (3)
04. PAFFENDORF - Where Are You ?
05. YO! Feat. DJ THE DOG - Lost In Love 00 (4)
06. MARIO LOPEZ & R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R. - Into My Brain
07. DJ HOOLIGAN - The Culture 2000
09. FLOORFILLA - Anthem # 2
10. RICHTHOVEN - Loops & Things 2000
11. R.P.S. - Trip To UK (5)
12. MONI B. - Stripped
13. LIGHTFORCE - Join Me
14. AGENT ORANGE - Electronic Vibes
15. SAVON - Children Of Paradise
16. SALTLAKE - Rainman
17. DJ SESSION ONE feat. DAGNY - Be In My Dream (1)
18. DJ TANDU pres. AYLA - Singularity (Brainchild II)
19. E NOMINE - E Nomine (Denn sie wissen nicht was sie tun)
20. ENIGMA - Push The Limits (ATB Remix) (2)

CD 2
01. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - The Riddle
03. TOM NOVY feat. LIMA - Now Or Never
04. DJ ANTOINE - Visit Me
05. EDSILIA - How Can You Say That (Free House Club Mix)
06. SPACEKID - Tune (SQ 1 Mix)
07. SMP pres. DJ T-KAY - The Flight
08. !ATTENTION! - Heartattack (6)
09. PRAGA KHAN - Breakfast In Vegas
10. SLEEPTALKER - Last Night
11. MISS MONEYPENNY - Within The Dream
12. PHIL GREEN - Das Erwachen (8)
13. AQUALORDS - Witches
14. WEICHEI - Korrekt nach vorne
15. ALPHA-CRIME & PYROMANIACS - Lasst es brennen!
16. BAMBAM, DJ RALF & TOWERBEAT - Die Auferstehung
17. K 2 - Horny Matterhorny (Remix) (7)
18. DER FALKE - Ich bin gut zu vögeln
19. SHAUN BAKER - Pizza
20. SUZY WONG - Sex Y Sol Y Mar
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Title: Euro 2000 (33 Pumping Euro NRG Tracks) reviewed on 05/29/00
Label: 2000 Dominion Records (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: DMIN CD55X
EURO 2000 - 33 Pumping Euro NRG Tracks I was very pleased when I received the promo copy of this triple CD set directly from Dominion Records, This label has a long track of being well stablished in UK HIGH ENERGY scene. Dominion Records relentlessly keeps releasing adventorous dance tracks that in most cases retain classic HIGH ENERGY style. They did before two volumes of their NRG UNLIMITED series and now came with this wonderful set of 33 tracks from the label vault. Actually, there are 10 brand new tracks and mixes that exclusively appeared in this set. This includes tracks by label's most prominent vocalists: NEWTON, SOOZY Q, PARIS (a.k.a. NICKI FRENCH) and RIO & MARS. Highlights of this amazing set include brand new Pete Hammond's remix of NEWTON's hit "Love And Affection", re-edited PARIS track "Will You Love Me Tomorrow", catchy "Climb Any Mountain" by RIO & MARS remixed by Saint who also did "Say Sorry" by the same group. Special attention should be paid by mixes done by resident producer JOHN SPRINGATE (responsible for 2000 UK Eurovision entry by NICKI FRENCH). He has proven to give special feeling to DOMINION releases. You will be able to hear his work on several club mixes featured in this set just to mention "We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off" by SOOZY Q or "Let's Hang On" by FAWN HILL. Not only original tracks are being featured, you will also find some covers of real classic tunes. For instance FOOL MOON took their own quite original approach of F.R DAVID's superhit "Words" recording it in contemporary POP/NRG style. . ABBA sound is back, promoted also by new Swedish group A*TEENS. Here you have quite twisted interpretation of "Gimme Gimme Gimme" classic by RIO & MARS. Featured version (originally released back in 1996) by CANDY GIRLS is really far from the original. Recorded more in LATINO/NRG is very dramatic and up tempo. Taken together very appealing release to NRG classic fans. With fine choices and indeed great music you will have a blast! All HI-NRG mavens are getting their main course! Delicious! For sound sampler I have chosen 12 tracks (4 from each CD) and mixed them together. I recommend this set wholeheartly, Products like this are short is supply these days!

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CD 1
01. NEWTON - Sometimes When We Touch (Extended Mix)
02. PARIS - Will You Love Me Tomorrow (1)
03. SOOZY Q - It's My Party
04. VICTORIA - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (2)
05. TARA - (If Paradise Is) Half As Nice (Pete Hammond's NRG Mix) (3)
06. AMY GORDON - Don't Make Me Wait All Night (Saint's 99 Club Mix)
07. RIO & MARS - Love You Forever (Saint's Infinity Club Mix)
08. NEWTON - Sweetest Secret (Pete Hammond's Club Mix)
09. VICTORIA - Hymn To Her
10. VADA - Take Me, I'm Yours (4)
11. FOOL MOON - Words
CD 2
01. SOOZY Q - We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off (Good Time Club Mix)
02. PARIS - The One And Only
03. NEWTON - All Out Of Love (Mark Duffy Club Mix) (5)
04. AMY GORDON - I Just Wanna Make Love To You
05. FAWN HILL - Praise You
06. RIO & MARS - Climb Any Mountain (Saint's 2000 Metre Mix) (6)
07. VICTORIA - A Good Heart (7)
08. NEWTON - We're All Alone (Pete Hammond's NRG Mix)
09. SOOZY Q - Now That We've Found Love
10. RIO & MARS - Gimme Gimme Gimme (Candy Girls Mix) (8)
11. COVADO Amazonia (Amazon Mix)
CD 3
01. RIO & MARS - Boy I Gotta Have You (Diddy's Jammin' Hot Mix)
02. VICTORIA - So Young
03. NEWTON - Love And Affection (Pete Hammond's Euro 2000 Mix)
04. FAWN HILL - Let's Hang On
05. SOOZY Q - The Slightest Touch
06. RIO & MARS - Say Sorry (Saint's Ascension Remix) (9)
07. PARIS - When You Walk In The Room
08. NEWTON - He Don't Love You (Like I Love You) (BONA Club Mix) (10)
09. FAWN HILL - Substitute (11)
10. VICTORIA - Is This Love? (12)
11. IVANA PARTY - My Everything (D Bop Remix)
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Title: DJ Networx vol. 6 reviewed on 05/27/00
Label: 2000 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 498404 2
DJ NETWORX - Volume 6 After just couple of month new edition "DJ NETWORX - Vol. 6" is out. This series along with "Tunnel Trance" gained a reputation of being cutting edge, DJ oriented TRANCE/TECHNO compilation. As usually DJ DEAN did this one. Two CDs with mixes lasting almost 80 minutes on both CDs are carefully chosen to reflect the current club trends. You should be familiar with many of titles and projects featured like Binary Finary, SQ1, Shane, Mario Lopez and others. Seems to me like few tracks presented also on this CD has been already used (or overused) in other TRANCE compilations. The good example is "Rank 1" by AIRWAVE. The good news that here we have rare Rank 1 vs. Dutchforce Remix. Very poweful, full room majestic TRANCE monster. I will love this one regardless how many time I listen to it! Also tracks like "I Feel Love" by CRW or "Into My Brain" by MARIO LOPEZ vs. R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R. are already well known and widely played. If you are fan of ABSOLOM, you really should check their mix of AQUALORDS "Witches". Interstingly arranged INDUSTRIAL TECHNO with TRANCE synth lines. For more DREAM sound check "Join Me" by THE DRIVER PROJECT. You already should know this LIGHTFORCE track anyway. You should also fall instantly in love with Marc van Linden Remix of "Into My Brain". Some good TECHNO tunes on first CD as well just to mention "Der Virus" by DJ DEAN und DANNY K. First CD is loaded with indeed great tunes! One of my favorite is "Train Of Thoughts" by X-TRACT. This tune is amazing EURO-TRANCE stomper, pure and plain powerful big room energy within! The second CD futures many tracks I didn't know before (that is why majority of tracks taken for sound sampler coming from this CD). The CD starts with a powerhouse "I Seen The Future" by DJ MARLYN vs. REVEREND BEE. If you want even more energy you got it! Right after this track is "Children Of Paradise" by SAVON feat. ANDY JAY POWELL. Beatiful fast BPM TRANCE with amazing ENERGY built in it! Countless number of songs that will drive you to extasy, makes this double CD a must for all DANCE lovers. I went quite far and made a sound sampler with 10 tracks taken from this compilation. The original DJ DEAN mix was only retained in 2 songs in the mix, so don't get any bad idea, since my mixing is not professional, but I wanted to give you just an idea. Enjoy this fine release!

CD 1
01. BINARY FINARY - 2000 (JamX & DuMonde's Millenium Mix)
02. RANK 1 - Airwave (Rank 1 vs. Dutchforce Remix)
03. DER VERFALL - Abfahrt (Energie Mix)
04. SQ1 - One, Two, Three (Club Mix)
05. CRW - I Feel Love (DJ JamX & De Leon Remix)
06. STARFIGHTER - Apache (Original Mix)
07. ASYS - Headcrackers (Auf die Nuß Mix)
08. TRANCE ACTION - Slide Into Infinity (DJ Shah Remix)
09. THE DRIVER PROJECT - Join Me (Julian D'or Club Mix)
10. MARIO LOPEZ vs. R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R. - Into My Brain (Marc Van Linden Club Mix)
11. AQUALORDS - Witches (Absolom Remix)
12. HELIOTROPIC feat. VERNA V. - Alive (Dumonde Remix)
13. DJ DEAN und DANNY K. - Der Virus
14. DJ SHOKO - Da Bass
15. LARS HÖHLER - Can You Feel (1)
16. ACCUFACE - Ability To Fold Space (2)
17. X-TRACT - Train Of Thoughts (Original Mix) (3)
18. SMG - The First Contact (Club Mix)
19. SILVER LIQUID - Shut Up Your Mouth
20. MOTHERS PRIDE - Learning To Fly (Mistral Remix)
CD 2
01. DJ MARLYN vs. REVEREND BEE - I Have Seen The Future (Vector Mode Remix)
02. SAVON feat. ANDY JAY POWELL - Children Of Paradise (DJ Shah Remix)
03. SECRET POWER feat. Y. - Strong Enough (Trance Action Remix) (10)
04. SWAM & BASSLINER - Moonphase (Miss Thunderpussy Remix)
05. DJ DISCOVER - The Ultimate (4)
06. DJ TOMAC - Emotions (5)
07. FREEZER - I Just Follow (Sean Dexter Remix)
08. MURPHY BROWN - Music Turns Me On (M-Traxx Mix)
09. ATLANTIQUE - The Voyage (Extended Mix) (6)
10. SCHUBRAKETEN - Superheftig People (Superheftig Mix)
11. DAS LICHT - Weltlichter (Neptun Remix)
12, TIME TO TIME - Die Schwarze Zone (Club Mix) (7)
13. SHANE - C'est Musique (Armin van Buuren Remix)
14. DJ DEAN - Blowjob
15. LEX 'N' FRANK - World Of Love (Club Mix) (8)
16. ALPHA PRIME - Distorted Reality (9)
18. MEGAMIND - Sturm und Drang (Picotto Mix)
19. IFS - Airbase 2000
20. NUDGE & SHOUTER - Rain
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Title: 21 Century Trance - 2 reviewed on 05/27/00
Label: 2000 React Music (UK)
Style: Trance
Index #: REACTCD181
21 ST CENTURY TRANCE -2 I really never had a chance to review any of REACT MUSIC releases. UK dance scene is quite interesting. Dominated with UNDERGROUND, HOUSE and GARAGE is moving toward TRANCE and PROGRESSIVE sound. With this in mind React Music have decided to be involved with latest uplifting tracks. This 33 fares triple CD box set has been sequenced so that it's DJ friendly following an increased demand from the Digital DJ for tracks that were previously only available on vinyl. "21st Century Trance 2" features tracks and mixes from teutonica's prime movers including Ferry Corsten, Chicane, Armin, Liquid Child, Gouryella, Matt Darey, John '00' Fleming, Transa, X-cabs, Thrillseekers and Blu Peter. This compilation also features DJ Energy & Tatana's "End Of Time" and Maureece's "Trauma Trigger" which has also been Paul Van Dyk's biggest record. Compilation has been carefully compiled by React's own James Horrocks. As TRANCE reviewer for DJ Magazine, he also compiles the UK's only official Trance chart based on DJ buzz which is also aired on Scotland's new station Beat 106. Again, keep in mind that this set is really club oriented. Many featured mixes are in long versions and quite different from what you can get on regular, more "commercial" compilations. This one is definately for DJs that know what they are doing. As I mentioned above, you will find remixes by prime DJs such as: Matt Darey, Ferry Corsten or DJ Tiesto for instance. Expect the best from masters! Each CD is PACKED! And I really mean it. Practically almost 80 minutes of pure TRANCE stuff on every CD. Taken together, very sophisticated release I might say. For sound sampler I picked 12 tracks (4 from each CD) and mixed them together. Definately a buy for any of you serious about TRANCE sound.

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CD 1
01. DJ ENERGY & TATANA - End Of Time (Extended Polaris Mix) (1)
02. NYLON - If You Love Me
03. ONE - Swimming (2)
04. LITTLE STAR - Petite Étoile
05. OLIVE INC. - Contact (3)
06. THE FREAK & MAC SIMMS - L'annonce des Couleurs (Vincent de Moor Remix)
07. TRANSA - Astro Dawn (4)
08. INSIGMA - Insigma (Club Mix)
09. PLASTIC BOY - Angel Dust
10. NOVASKOTIA - Novaskotia (Armin Van Buuren's Rising Star Remix)
11. DELERIUM - Heaven's Earth (Matt Darey Remix)
CD 2
01. NÉVE - Sacrifice (Alaska Vocal Mix)
02. DOMINION - 11 Hours (Z2 Remix)
03. AMETHYST - Andalucia (Natious Mix)
04. JON VESTA - Substance (5)
05. BLU PETER - Funky Suite (Oliver Lieb Remix)
06. TRAVEL - Pray To Jerusalem (Incisions Remix)
07. TRANSPEED - Whip
08. MAUREECE - Trauma Trigger (7)
09. D & A - Crystal (6)
10. JOHN 'OO' FLEMING - Alpha 5 (Olmec Heads Remix) (8)
11. E & E - Got Your Ticket … Running (Walter Ercolino Mix)
CD 3
01. BILLIE RAY MARTIN - Honey (Chicane Remix)
02. X-CABS feat. MARK COATES - Infectious
03. BLUE ALPHABET - No Comment (9)
04. PEDRO & BENNO - Speechless (10)
05. SOLANGE - Messages (Ferry Corsten/DJ Tiesto's 'Gouryella' Remix) (11)
06. GENERATION X - Odyssey
07. THE THRILLSEEKERS - Synaesthesia (En Motion Mix)
08. PLASTIC ANGEL - Pascale (Club Mix)
09. PROTOCOL - Breath Of Life (Lovechild Remix)
10. LIQUID CHILD - Return To Atlantis (Ferry Corsten Remix) (12)
11. OUT OF GRACE - Anglia
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Dream Dance vol. 16 reviewed on 05/24/00
Label: 2000 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Dream/Trance
Index #: 498166 2
Dream Dance volume 16 - Double CD Compilation Yet another super compilation from DREAM DANCE series is out. This series is actually getting better and better with every new release. Truly outstanding cutting-edge DREAM and TRANCE fares powerhouse in the box. This CD brings 40 top-notch sound evenly spread on both CDs. Current essential tunes are here like featured in almost every single TRANCE compilation beatiful "Airwave" by RANK 1. However featured here version has vocals like in video we presented in our VIDEO Section. Another one qualifying to the same category is "Danse Avec Moi" by KOSMONOVA. More DREAM sound is featured in "Ocean Of Light" by HYPERION. Track is starting with blue-eye female vocal and progressing into a dramatic TRANCE. Also Miss Thunderpussy Radio Edit of "Singularity" by DJ TANDU pres. AYLA is outstanding fast pace TRANCE-HOUSE tune. Pay some attention when you will listen to "Round And Round" by PYRAMID feat. AISHA. This is MASTERBOY under cover!!! Not exactly EURODANCE as you might expect from MASTERBOY, that is probably why they went under cover. The track is actually well done EURO-TRANCE fare, and seems like they testing the sound. Let me know what you think. Also TYRELL CORP. is back with ver 2.0 of their club hit "Running". I really liked the original version released several years ago. It was quite innovative sound at that time. The group now introduced more powerful synths and sizziling instrumentation. Definately a cool track but should be played loudly to be fully enjoyed. On first CD you will also find galloping "C'est Musique" by SHANE. This track was released last year, yet is perfect for this CD. The second CD starts with dark sound of HYPETRAXX. Their "The Darkside" is dancefloor masterpiece with essential epic turns for the circuit. Don't forget to check VIDEO Section for the clip to this one. If you are fan of HITCH HIKER and DUMONDT you should definately check "Cabal" with exploding synth lines. Many, many other fares are waititing for you to enjoy!. The only complain I have about this series is the fact that featured versions are short. Morever, even longer one are sometimes abruptly cut. Anyway, the music featured in this newest offering from the series is outstanding and worth your money! For the sound sampler I almost randomly chosen 8 tracks from both CDs. Enjoy the mix and run to get the get the real CD!

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CD 1
01. KOSMONOVA - Danse Aveco Moi (Radio Edit)
02. MARIO PIU & MAURO PICOTTO - Arabian Pleasure (Tuareg Edit Cut Mix)
03. CHICANE feat. BRYAN ADAMS - Don't Give Up (Original Radio Edit)
04. RANK 1 - Airwave (Radio Cut)
05. SASH! - Just Around The Hill (Dance Radio Edit)
06. HYPERION - Ocean Of Light (Radio Mix) (3)
07. DJ TANDU pres, AYLA - Singularity (Brainchild II) (Miss Thunderpussy Radio Edit)
08. ARMIN - Communication
09. NALIN & KANE - Chrystal Palace
10. AVALON - Bells Of Avalon (Liquid Child Remix Edit)
11. S2 - Instinct (Edit)
12. NICK BEAT - Technodisco (Pascal F.E.O.S. Remix Edit)
13. MANOLA - U.R. Automatic (Astroline Video Edit)
14. MOBY - Natural Blues (Perfecto Mix)
15. SUNBEAM - Wake Up! (Radio Edit)
16. PYRAMID feat. AISHA - Round And Round (RPS Radio Edit) (5)
17. TYRELL CORP. - Running 2.0 (Aboria Radio Mix) (2)
18. SPACEKID - Tune (SQ-1 Airplay/Video Mix)
19. SHANE - C'est Musique (Armin van Buuren Radio Mix) (4)
20. E NOMINE - E Nomine (Denn sie wiessen was sie tun) (Yanou vs. Cyrus Remix) (1)
CD 2
01. HYPETRAXX - The Darkside (Video Mix)
02. LUNATIC ASYLUM - Cabal (Energy Flow) (Hitch Hiker & DuMonde's Spice Melange Radio Mix) (7)
03. MEMBERS OF MAYDAY - Datapop (Short)
04. AQUAGEN - Partyalarm (und ab geht's) (Radio Mix)
05. JENS - Psycho Strings (Bervoets & De Goeij Radio)
06. AXEL KONRAD - H.E.A.R.T. Beat (Radio Edit)
07. WOODY VAN EYDEN - Feels Like Flyin' (Radio Edit)
08. KARUMA - Mindmachine (Edit)
09. LEXY & K-PAUL - Electric Kingdom (Short Cut)
10. HI-GATE - Pitchin' (In Every Direction) (Vocal Radio Edit)
11. SKYDIVE - Freefall (Radio Edit)
12. FAHRENHEIT 66 - The Pulse (Reoscillated)
13. TAUCHER - Science Fiction (Trancephase Mix-Edit) (6)
14. AQUALORDS - Witches (RNS Radio Edit)
15. THE FORCE - Brice Canyon (8)
16. LIGHTFORCE - Join Me (Radio Edit)
17. HURLEY & TODD - Sunstorm (Original Mix)
18. MAURO PICOTTO - Pegasus (Tea Mix-Edit)
19. TRANCE ALLSTARS - Ready To Flow (Sunbeam Edit)
20. DOLPHIN'S MIND - Into The Blue
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Trance Nation Three - Ferry Corsten reviewed on 05/15/00
Label: Ministry Of Sound (UK)
Style: Trance
Index #: TNCD3
Techno Marathon - The Ultimate Megamix Ministry of Sound a leading TRANCE label and underground UK club released third edition of TRANCE NATION series. This time this double CD megabox features mix by TRANCE power house man FERRY CORSTEN himself. If you are visiting this website or/and are tru TRANCE fan you know who FERRY CORSTEN is! Once again you will be able to enjoy his flawless mixing and spinetingling programming skills in one of the best set he delivered up-to date. Among his own remixes you will find "Cry" by SYSTEM F, "Walhalla" by GOURYELLA or amazing remix of STARPARTY's "I'm In Love". This ultimate set of 39 tracks is irresistible. The first CD delivers spectacular TRANCE sound explosion with energy flowing around you, so vivid you can almsot touch it. You probably know many tracks on this one, but some of them were quite new to me like "Angel" by RALPH FRIDGE. This tough edged TRANCE delivers also angelic female vocals giving this fare heavenly feeling. There are also other floor-killers like DUMONDE remix of "Adelante" by SASH! This practically DUB fare is rich with cosmic synthesizers that virtually spike each nerve of your body. Ecstatic sound and b-line builts while track progresses. DEADLY WEAPON! Absolutely stunning! RHYTHM OF LIVE'S "You Put Me In Heaven With Your Touch" and MATT DAREY'S "Beatiful" combines EURO and TRANCE in magnificent and solid dance tunes to be lost within. The first CD closes AMBER with "Sexual". Another cosmic TRANCE with velvet female chanting here and there. FANTASTIC !!! The second CD features more agressive and more TECHNO oriented TRANCE. Starting with SANDSTORM'S "The Return Of Nothing" sets the mood for entire CD. You will find here tracks by currently one of the most acclaimed UK underground DJ - SASHA in his fiercy dancefloor assault "Belfunk". Speaking of UNDERGROUND I have to mention rather hypnotic "Subraumstimulation" by OLIVER LIEB and of course DANNY HOWELL'S mix of AMETHYST's "Futura 2000" featuring more deep TRANCE sound that is flooding UK dance scene and coming to US. As a matter of fact many US clubs already gave the try to the sound just to mention NY-based "Twilo" that recently brought LIVE PAUL VAN DYK or San Francisco based "Nikita". Taken together set to die for! I think I am already fainting! While writing this review I am listening to this CD, and trust me I am in RAVE mood! This set of massive tunes is fully capable ripping dancefloors apart and FERRY CORSTEN is just perfect !!! For sound sampler I took 8 tracks from both CDs. Please be awared that the original mixing has not been retained so get the real thing. This mix is just to show you what kind of atmosphere you should expect!

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CD 1
01. CHICANE feat. BRYAN ADAMS - Don't Give Up (Original Mix)
02. FRAGMA - Toca Me (Club Mix)
03. PAUL VAN DYK - Tell Me Why (The Riddle) (Original Mix)
04. SYSTEM F - Cry (Ferry Corsten Club Mix)
05. ATB - Killer (Lost Witness Dub)
06. STARPARTY - I'm In Love (Ferry Corsten & Robert Smit Remix)
07. RALPH FRIDGE - Angel (Club Mix) (1)
08. ANGELIC - It's My Turn (Original Mix)
09. YOMANDA - Sunshine (Hi Gate Remix)
10. DES MITCHELL - Welcome To The Dance (Part One)
11. FLICKMAN - The Sound Of Bamboo (Boo Extended Mix)
12. AURORA - Hear You Calling (Dark Moon Remix)
13. SASH! - Adelante (Dumonde Remix)
14. WEB - Lovin' Times (Signum Remix)
15. A.T.F.C pres. ONEPHATDEEVA - In & Out Of My Life (OnePhat Quake Dub Mix)
16. JDS - Destiny Calls (4 To The Floor Mix) (2)
17. GOURYELLA - Walhalla (Original Mix) (3)
18. RHYTHM OF LIFE - You Put Me In Heaven With Your Touch (Lange Mix) (4)
19. MATT DAREY pres. MASH UP - Beatiful (Original 12" Mix) (5)
20. AMBER - Sexual (Plasma Remix) (6)

CD 2
01. SANDSTORM - The Return Of Nothing (Evolution Mix)
02. SASHA - Belfunk (Original Mix)
03. OLIVER LIEB - Subraumstimulation (Sander Klienenberg Mix)
04. MATT DAREY pres. DSP - From Russia With Love (Oliver Lieb Mix)
05. AMETHYST - Futura 2000 (Amethyst vs Danny Howells Mix)
06. ARIEL - A9 (Original Mix)
07. CRW - I Feel Love (R.A.F. Zone Mix)
08. AZZIDO DA BASS - Dooms Night (Timo Maas Remix)
09. MARIO PIU & MAURO PICOTTO - Arabian Pleasure (Tuareg Mix)
10. SCHILLER - Das Glockenspeil (X/Tended Mix)
11. X-CABS - Infectious (Vocal Club Mix)
12. TOMSKI feat. JAN JOHNSON - Love Will Come (Original Mix)
13. UKW - Hypnotic (Binary Finary Mix)
14. AIRSCAPE - L'Esperanza (Armin van Buuren's Rising Star Mix)
15. DJ ENERGY & TATANA - End Of Time (Lost Witness Remix) (7)
16. MOBY - Natural Blues (Olmec Heads Remix)
17. DUTCH FORCE - Deadline (Original Mix) (8)
18. KAMAYA PAINTERS - Cryptomnesia (Original Mix)
19. SOLAR STONE - Seven Cities (Stone's Atlantis Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Techno Marathon - The Ultimate Megamix reviewed on 05/01/00
Label: 2000 Dance Network/ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DNT10041-2
Techno Marathon - The Ultimate Megamix I am sure you are familiar with SWG Team responsible for LEGAL BOOTLEGS like CHARTMIX series and other megamixes. The team is back in this incredible set of two CDs featuring 74 tracks mixed to perfection. Incredible it is! First of all selection is perfect. First CD caters more to TRANCE sound while the second one is more into TECHNO, but this is just loose classification. Both CDs contain both genres. The tracks are not that short as they appear on bootleg mixes from Studio 33 or Deep Dance. You actually can have better grip on what the tracks are all about. If you want set that contains great TRANCE/TECHNO releases in one volume. This is it. Granted, it might be more like reference to what to get (and I bet you will fall in love with many tracks) yet the mix is so perfect you would love to listen to it. I am telling you, once you have it in your car you will be a dangerous creature on the road. So maybe you should just listen not to drive. I am not going to single tracks out from this compilation. It is just impossible when we are talking 74 tracks. Some titles you know, many you don't, so the best thing is to get this marvellous set and you will understand the beauty of it. Set is released by DANCE NETWORK under the wings of ZYX label. For sound sampler I picked 11 tracks (6 from firsrt CD and 5 from the second). The choice of track was rather random, I wanted to show you how good the mix is, so I fully retained the SWG Team mixing, yet the tracks were shortened not to make this sound sampler too long. I am sure you will get an idea. Enjoy!

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CD 1
01. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - Bla Bla Bla
02. DJ STIGMA - Baby Sunshine
03. GOURYELLA - Walhalla
04. DJ VALIUM - Go Right For
05. DANKE ANNE - Bin ich schon drin?
06. LIGHTFORCE - Join Me
07. SHAUN BAKER - Pizza
08. KILLER K - Turn It Up
09. DJ SHAH - Commandments
10. WEICHEI - Lorrekt nach vorne
11. CCP meets KAT E - Sunday
12. JONAH - Sssst… Listen
13. DJ TATANA - More Than Words
14. FRANK BIZARRE & F.M.F. GREG - Ballade Pour Elise 2000
15. POCO LOCO GANG - Tropical Paradise
16. SNACK vs. UWE HACKER - Dampframme
17. DJ ORAL - Schluck Du Luder
18. BINARY FINARY - 2000
19. DER FALKE - Ich bin gut zu Vögeln
20. MARC VAN LINDEN - Another Dimension (1)
21. YO! Feat. DJ THE DOG - Lost In Love 00 (2)
22. DJ BEATHOVEN - Timetravel (3)
23. VIRTUA - Universe Of Love (4)
24. HENNES & COLD - First Step (5)
25. GROUNDZERO - Area 51 (6)
26. RAVELAB - Send Me An Angel
27. MIKADO - Feel The Bass
28. EX ORBIT - 3 Wünsche
29. MONI B. - Stripped 2000
30. TECHNO TUBBIES - Winke Winke
31. AIRPORT 1 - Bitte anschnallen
32. CHARADES - No Sleep Until Freedom
33. DJ TAYLOR & FLOW - Was ist Zeit?
34. ALPHA PRIME - Distorted Reality
35. VELOCITY - Future
36. CHERRYMOON TRAXX - The House Of House
37. CYBORDELICS - Adventure Of Dama
CD 2
02. LES M.O.S.T. - Feel The Energy
03. HUMATE - Love Stimulation
04. S.O. PROJECT - Direct Dizko
05. DJ TOMCRAFT - Gothic
06. ANTHONY CARTIER - Sun Inferno
07. THE AGE OF LOVE - The Age Of Love
08. DJ HOOLIGAN - The Culture (7)
09. NORDLICHT - Breath (8)
10. TRIANCE - Is This Love (9)
11. THREE'N'ONE - Reflect (10)
12. B.T. - Mercury & Solace (11)
13. SALTLAKE - Rainman
14. TWINAX - Brainded
15. WAVE GENERATOR - Mindshift
16. PROGRESSIVE ATTACK - Hypnotic Harmony
17. ASTRAL INC. - Remember (Green Court Remix)
18. ARPEGGIATORS - Freedom Of Expression
19. CLARK DAVIS - Distorted Memories
20. OPHELIA - Under Water
21. DJ ABLAZE - Based On Acid 2000
23. DAS SAKRILEG - Die Stunde der Nacht
24. AFTERDARK - Feelings
25. DJ ALEX F. - Partytime
26. FULL HOUSE - Big Mistake
27. TAIKO - Die Blechtrommel
28. VIP 3000 - Select Start
29. ASYS - Acid Head Cracker
30. KURGAN - The Red
31. RICHTOVEN - Loops & Tings 2000
32. PHIL GREEN - Das Erwachen
33. TANGA PILOTS - Feel It
34. MEGAMIND - Sturm und Drag (Picotto Mix)
35. O - Das Spiel
36. NEUROGLIDER - Sarcasmo
37. DJ ELIN - Geile Tiere
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Techno 2000 reviewed on 05/01/00
Label: 2000 ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: ZYX 81279-2
Techno 2000 Another release from ZYX label. 37 predominantly TECHNO fares packed in 2 CDs. If you are collecting TECHNO compilations you are probably pretty much confused what to get and what not to, since there is a waterfall of them on the market. ZYX was always one of the leading labels releasing dance stuff. This compilation is one of their offering in this genre. It contains good TECHNO and TRANCE sound you might already quite known. Fares like "Join Me" by LIGHTFORCE, "Wake Up" by SUNBEAM, or "Walhalla" by Ferry Corsten/DJ Tiesto project GOURYELLA do not need introduction. Some groups had less exposure in the world of TECHNO compilations. For instance "Schluck Du Luder" by DJ ORAL delivers upbeat TRANCE with dramatic synth works and male vocals. This one is quite good. TECHNO BEAT is being represented by such tracks as "Psycho Terror Part 1" by EXPERIMENT "K" or "Brain Pie" by NUTS & BALTS for instance. You will also find here a new offering from MO-DO in his remixed "Superdisco" tune. I am not sure if this is the original artist because the male vocal was high pitched. Anyway track is good, with good electronics used and interesting sound. I have a favorite track in this compilation that I didn't hear before: "After Dark" by LAC TERRA. This is very dramatic EURO/TRANCE tune with incredible melodic line and masculine female vocals that are giving even more dramatic punch line. Taken together it is interesting release, but you have to decide if you want it or not. Check the track listing and see. For sound sampler I picked up 8 tracks to make your decision easier. Enjoy!

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CD 1
01. TALLA 2 XLC CALLS MOGUAI - Into Another (Moguai Mix)
02. MASCHINENMENSCH - Domo Origato (Radio Version)
03. DJ SHAH - Commandments (Die 10 Gebote) (Radio Mix - German Version)
04. DER VERFALL - Abfahrt (Radio Energie Mix)
05. SQ-1 - One, Two, Three (Radio Edit)
06. FLOORFILLA - Anthem # 2 (Radio Edit)
07. MOTHER'S PRIDE - Learning To Fly (Moonman Remix)
08. DJ ORAL - Schluck Du Luder (Club Mix) (1)
09. LIGHTFORCE - Join Me (Radio Edit)
10. FUTURO VIVERE - Use Your Imagination (Radio Mix)
11. SUNBEAM - Wake Up! (Radio Edit)
12. EXPERIMENT "K" - Psycho Terror Part 1 (Exodus Radio)
13. 666 - D.E.V.I.L.
14. BINARY FINARY - 2000 (DJ JamX & Du Monde's Millenium Radio Cut)
15. RICHTHOVEN - Loops & Things (Radio Cut) (3)
16. ONLINE - K.A.U.D.N. (Miss Shiva Mix)
17. STARFIGHTER - Apache (Vocal Radio Edit)
18. NUTS AND BALTS - Brain Pie (Single Cut)
19. FLORIAN F - Surreal Brazil (Trance Radio Cut) (2)
CD 2
01. GOURYELLA - Walhalla (Vocal Short Cut)
02. DJ TOMCRAFT - Flashback (Radio Edit)
03. KOALA feat. DJ DAVE - Eternity Is Past (Instrumental Version)
04. DJ CRACK - Space People 2000 (Short Cut) (5)
05. SOUNDMACHINE - Feel Good (Short Cut)
06. MO-DO - Superdisco Remix (Radio Edit) (7)
07. AFRIKA BAMBAATAA - Pupunanny (BC Extended Mix)
08. LOCK'N'LOAD - Blow Ya Mind (Club Caviar Radio Edit)
09. THE VENTURE - Kilimanjaro (Radio Edit) (8)
10. THREE DRIVES ON A VINYL - Greece 2000 (Radio Edit)
11. M-PLAX - Future Trance (Radio Cut)
12. THE COACH - The Frog (Original)
13. ASYS - Acid Headcrackers (Video Mix)
14. C12 feat. JOLE - Judy (DJ Tomcraft Single Cut)
15. BOB L.T.D. - Piano 2000 (Single Edit) (6)
16. ATAHUALPA - El Divino (Front Side Of The Moon Mix)
17. LAC TERRA - After Dark (Radio Edit) (4)
18. MASTER RAY - Hey DJ (Radio Edit)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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