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Title: Innercity - Brussels MAGIK FIVE - Heaven Beyondreviewed on 04/23/00
Label: 2000 News/ID&T (Belgium)
Style: Trance/Techno/Progressive
Index #: 541416
Ferry Corsten LIVE at Innercity The saga of INNERCITY - the one of largest dance event touring biggest European venues continues. Innercity came to Brussels Expo on April 22nd. Few weeks before this event, Belgian NEWS label presented the Official Belgian Innercity compilation. The set containing 21 tracks mixed by "clubsystem master" SVEN LANVIN, features the top club tracks of the moment, together with some brand new tunes from such projects like PUSH, MAURO PICOTTO, MARCO V & INNERDRIVE and others. This set is quite different from reviewed several weeks ago "Ferry Corsten Live At Innercity" [see review below]. This is not exactly pure TRANCE compilation but rather a compiled set of club tracks from TECHNO TRANCE and PROGRESSIVE genres, mixed together in one lasting almost 80 minutes megamix. Be prepared for rollercoaster ride. If you take a look at the track listing, you will notice a lot of less known tracks. This is understandable. Many of featured fares are CLUB oriented and hardly are available on any CD compilation. Some of the tunes probably need no introduction. The CDs starts with INNERCITY anthem "Airwave" by RANK 1 immediatelly followed by PROGRESSIVE beauty "Till We Meet Again" from PUSH! and transcendental "Deep Horizon" by LLOERDY. The CD progresses into more DARK and PROGRESSIVE sound. "Tolerance" by MARCO V will lead you to the abyss of electronic synth fares. With almost TRIBAL in sound "Slept 2 gether" by LORD OF THE DRUMS feat. MICHELLE LUNA you will enter DRUM'N'BASS and TECHNO kingdom. With Yves Deruyter's "Open The Ice" Progressive Remix you will move to more TECHNO ACID sound. When you will be approaching the end of the CD you will encounter incredible TRANCE track "Odyssey 3000" by HUMAN FORCE remixed by Junk Project. This fare is outstanding. It delivers great synths, dramatic vocals and dark atmosphere. You gotta listen to this one. Taken together this set is quite a treat for all of you "TECHNO JUNKIES". Not exactly "pretty release" I would say! You gotta have more guts for this one. If you dare to be challenged, here you are. The comp you were waiting for! The Sound sampler contains 6 tracks. The original mix was NOT retained and tracks were shortened. I guess, you gotta get the real think to listen to the original mix. You probably would like to know where to get this release from. I received my copy of CD from They are Internet store located in Bunnik, Holland. It might take them the time to get it for you, but if they will promise to send it, they will.

01. RANK 1 - Airwave (Original)
02. PUSH - Till We Meet Again (1)
03. LLOERDY - Deep Horizon (Westcoast Mix) (2)
04. PLASTIC BOY - Angel Dust (3)
05. MARCO V - Tolerance
06. ZZINO vs. SINESWEEPER - Invasion Series Volume One
07. LORD OF DRUMS feat. MICHELLE LUNA - Slept 2 gether (Sexy Drum Mix)
08. VIBRATION INC. - Dr. Drum
09. DJ RUSH - One Two Zero
10. ZOLEX - Open The Ice (Yves Deruyter's Progressive Mix)
11. LAVA - Autumn (4)
12. MARC ROMBOY vs. X-PACT - Tribal Theatre 1
13. SOULWATCHER - Battery
14. TAIKO - Die Blechtrommel (Original)
15. A*S*Y*S - Acid Head Cracker
16. TECHNO TUBBIES - Winke, Winke… ! (Bye Bye)
17. AUSTRAL - Flash (Largo Remix)
19. MAURO PICOTTO - Pegasus (5)
20. HUMAN FORCE - Odyssey 3000 (Junk Project Remix) (6)
21. NICK BASE - You (Original Non-Vox)

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Title: Euro Heaven - 20 NRG Resurrections reviewed on 04/21/00
Label: Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: KLONE 118
Euro Heaven Brand new release from KLONE featuring 20 NRG tracks ALL licensed from S.A.I.F.A.M. If you like covers you should enjoy this CD. Basically all of them represent good DANCE tracks covered by S.A.I.F.A.M. artists. 2 CDs full of energy and dance. The first CD starts from GIBBS BROTHERS' vault. Their "Tragedy" has been revamped by BOYS & GIRLS. You will also find PET SHOP BOYS' "New York City Boy" done by NEW YORK RAPPERS. While the original production is brilliant, the cover is quite amazing as well. A lot of NRG in this one. If you are fan of ALICE DEEJAY, you should take a look SNAPPER's version of her "Better Off Alone". Extended Power Mix featured in this CD lasts almost 7 minutes and predominantly is intrumental in it's flavor. Not as powerful as the original version, yet fun to listen and to dance to. Also second CD features plethora if interesting covers just to mention ANGELICA's version of SIMON & GARNFUNKEL classic "Bridge Over Troubled Water". Factory Mix is simply irresistible. If you are collecting S.A.I.F.A.M. CDs this one should be one to get as well. For sound sampler I have chose 6 tracks and mixed them for your enjoyment.

For more information about this and another releases please visit Klone/Rumour Records on line.

CD 1
01. BOYS & GIRLS - Tragedy
02. BAKERSTREET - Larger Than Life (Power Mix)
03. IESHA - Hands (Rance Remix)
04. RED HARDIN - She's All I Ever
05. KYRIA - That's The Way It Is (Clubby Remix)
06. LAWRENCE - I Knew I Loved You (Factory Dance Mix) (1)
07. DB - D'ove L'Amore
08. SNAPPERS - Better Off Alone (Extended Power Mix)
09. NEW YORK RAPPER - New York City Boy
10. NICE - Why Don't you Get A Job? (A La Pinochet Mix)

CD 2
01. ANGELICA - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Factory Team Mix) (2)
02. DJ MIKO - Sky High (Original Mix)
03. DJ SPACE'S - I Feel The Earth Move (Factory Euro Mix) (3)
04. KATTY B - You Keep Me Hangin' On (Factory Team Mix) (4)
05. DJ OCTOPUS - Baker Street (Main Mix) (5)
06. THOMAS DUB - More Than This (Def-In-Mix)
07. WILDSIDE - Baby I Love Your Way (Factory Power Mix)
08. LUNA - Rain (Akasaka Mix) (6)
09. KEN LASZLO - Tonight 2000
10. CAPTAIN HOOK - Crazy Party (Long West Edit)
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Title: COVER GIRL - 13 NRG Makeovers reviewed on 04/21/00
Label: Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: KLONE 117
Cover Girl Yes, another release fron KLONE! (seems like they came in pairs). Yet another one full of covers directly from S.A.I.F.A.M. fault! This is a single CD compilation featuring 13 tunes that are remakes of some known and less known tracks originally recorded in more POP style and given NRG face-lift by S.A.I.F.A.M. crew. Several favorites of mine are in here. "That's Don't Impress Me Much" makeover by TK is incredible. TK gave this track more power and more fun. Another POP classic from US dance scene "If You Had My Love" was redone by TK as well. And YES! another NRG stomper right there. Also Mrs. LENNOX got "treatment" her "I Saved The world Today" done by TR 808 gained some more NRG feel in it. Also MADONNA's "Beatiful Stranger" revamped by IN.DEEP made this track more accessible for NRG fans. All featured tracks are interestingly done and excellent choices to be featured in such compilation. Again, if you are collecting S.A.I.F.A.M. releases on CD this one is another to get and having your collection more complete. Mix features 6 tracks taken from this CD. Enjoy!

For more information about this and another releases please visit Klone/Rumour Records on line.

01. IN.DEEP - Beatiful Stranger (Def-In-Mix) (6)
02. SHELDON - Look At Me (Power Mix)
03. TK - Mani I Feel Like A Woman
04. LEVEL ELEVEN - Kiss Me (Dance Remix) (4)
05. HELEN - You Drive Me Crazy (Remix)
06. SHELDON - Mi Chico Latino (Club Mix)
07. TK - That's Don't Impress Me Much (Def-In-Mix) (1)
08. ALISHA - Papa Don't Preach (Akasaka Mix)
09. CANDY - Viva La Radio (Latino Mix)
10. TK - Waiting For Tonight (Original House Mix)
11. ANGELICA - My Love Is Your Love (Dance Remix) (5)
12. TR 808 - I Saved The World Today (Def-In-Mix) (3)
13. TK - If You Had My Love (Instinctive Mix) (2)

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Title: DJ JURGEN - Volume 2 - MAGIK FIVE - Heaven Beyondreviewed on 04/16/00
Label: 2000 ID&T/Arcade Music(Norway)
Style: Trance/Techno
Index #: BITCD 07
DJ JURGEN - Volume 2 Recently DJ JURGEN released second disc that was compiled and mixed by him. His name should ring a bell to ALICE DEEJAY fans (after all he was the one who introduced this project) as well because of his recent hit "Higher And Higher" (check video to this track in our VIDEO SECTION). This compilation contains 16 tracks that cover TECHNO/TRANCE and HOUSE. The beggining is HOUSY indeed, starting with JAIMY & KENNY D, followed by HP SOURCE. Both tracks will set you you for more progressive sound. "Snuff City" by ANNACOTHA, is fierce TECHNO/HOUSE blending nicely with "Scream Painless" by THE DENTIST. This fare shifts to TRANCEY-sound. Glorious synth lines on this one and powerful main course. You will love it! You also should fall in love with "Day Dream" by JR PROJECT. Nicely shaped TRANCE fare with high pitch female vocal in distant background. This tunes is followed by dramatic DREAM/TRANCE "World Of Dreams" by OREON GROOVE PROJECT. Think of ATB mixed with PAUL VAN DYK and you will get the picture. Of course DJ JURGEN's own "Higher And Higher" is here as well. This as well as following 5 tracks I featured in the mix I prepared from this compilation. I tried to retain the original mixing by DJ JURGEN, so you can get idea of his technique. Of course the music speaks of itself. I recommend this CD to everyone who likes good club oriented TRANCE/TECHNO sound, you will enjoy it immensely. The track listing is exceptional and mixing is great as well. Great buy.

01. JAIMY & KENNY D - Keep On Touching Me
02. HP SOURCE - Slide
03. ANNACOTHA - Snuff City
04. THE DENTIST - Scream Painless
05. DJ SCREW - Like That?
06. JR PROJECT - Day Dream
07. OREON GROOVE PROJECT - World Of Dreams
08. DJ JURGEN - Higher & Higher (1)
09. MOTORKRAFT - Eternity Forever (2)
10. HH - I.C.E. 794 (3)
11. ALPHA BREED - Epic Future (4)
12. MAGICA - Magica (5)
13. BOOM DEVICE - Yesterday's Enterprise (6)
14. DJ NITRO - My Eyes
15. GENERATION X - Odyssey
16. SPOILED & ZIGO - More & More

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: MELTDOWN 2000 - New Trance -> The Deep Mix reviewed on 04/09/00
Label: 2000 Virgin Records/Circa Records
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 7243 8 49150 2 5 VTDCDX 301
MELTDOWN 2000 - New Trance -> The Deep Mix Another TRANCE compilation on the market. Is it really simply an another one? When you will browse track listing you might be dissapointed that the tracks featured on this one are already quite known, so it might lack the "fresh" touch in your opinion. Fortunately, it is only a shallow observation. Maybe, the track listing is not that exciting, especially if you already own many current releases from this genre, but you stillhave to be prepared to meet your challenge in here. Since this double CD compilation is all mixed and club ready expect rare mixes here. Many by FERRY CORSTEN himself ("Why Go?" - by FAITHLESS - incredible mix, "I'm In Love" by STARPARTY - another oustanding remix by CORSTEN for instance). You will die when you will listen to "The Orange Theme" by CYGNUS X. BERVEOETS & DE GOEIJ mix of this tune is simply breathtaking. Starting as DARK TRANCE almost immediately after intro transforms into cosmic DREAM/TRANCE. The sound of this one is so incredible, I almost flipped. So, of course I featured it in the mix. I am sure you will be after this tune big time! Also currently on my list of favorite DJs, DJ TIËSTO is presenting his "Sparkles" fare. Another synth-driven smash hit from this DJ. This entire double CD compilation is actually a great buy, not only for you who already knows tunes featured in here, but for anyone who needs the music from this genre. The mix is flawless and incredibly well done. Since tunes are presented in extended mixes, you can play both CDs in club, pretending you are a good DJ :-) (I didn't mean to offend anyone). For sound sampler I have chosen 6 tracks from first CD that I mixed together. I didn't retain original mixing at all, but you have to trust me it is good. I didn't do a sampler from second CD, because it was late when I was making it, but the mix I am giving you should be enough to give you a feeling for it. Truly a great buy!

CD 1
01. MOBY - Natural Blues (Perfecto Mix)
02. QUIVVER - She Does (Quivver 12" Edit)
03. DJ TIËSTO - Sparkles (Transa Remix) (6)
04. ARMIN - Communication (Original 12")
05. FRAGMA - Toca Me (Natious Remix)
06. THE SPACE BROTHERS - Shine 2000 (Signum Club Mix)
07. PAGANINI TRAXX - Zoe (Timo Maas Mix) (3)
08. SPACE MANOEUVRES - Stage One (Space Manoeuvres Separation Mix)
09. PAUL VAN DYK - Another Way (Club Mix)
10. FAITHLESS - Why Go? (Ferry Corsten Remix) (1)
11. STARPARTY - I'm In Love (Ferry Corsten & Robert Smit Remix) (2)
12. AURORA - Hear You Calling (Fire & Ice Remix)
13. CRW - I Feel Love (Pete Pritchard Mix)
14. TIMO MAAS - Der Schieber (Rapid Eye Remix)
15. DJ HITCH HIKER presents LUNATIC ASYLUM - Meltdown 2000 (DJ Taucher Remix)
16. BLANK & JONES - After Love (Quake Remix) (4)
17. CYGNUS X - The Orange Theme (Bervoets & De Goeij Remix) (5)
CD 2
01. BEDROCK - Heaven Scent (Original Mix)
02. NOVY vs. ENIAC - Pumpin' (Original Mix)
03. MAURO PICOTTO - Lizard (RAF by Picotto Remix)
04. MATT DAREY presents DSP - From Russia With Love (Original)
05. DJ TAUCHER - Winter Love (Original Mix)
06. MOLOKO - The Time Is Now (Matt Darey Vocal)
07. TILLMAN & RIES - Bassfly (Original Mix)
08. PLANET PERFECTO - Bullet In The Gun (Saturday Mix)
09. WATERGATE - Heart Of Asia (DJ Quicksilver's 'Q' Mix)
10. A.I.D.A - Far And Away (Freespirit Remix)
11. ALICE DEEJAY - Back In My Life (Thrillseeker Remix)
12. FORCE MAJEURE - Out Of My Mind (Original Mix)
13. LIBRA presents TAYLOR - Anomaly/Calling Your Name (Ferry Corsten Remix)
14. SKIP RAIDERS feat. JADA - Another Day (Perfecto Remix)
15. AGENDA - Heaven (Lange Edit)
16. DJ DEAN - The Launch (Radio Edit)
17. YORK - The Awakening (Radio Edit)
18. STARFIGHTER - Apache (Radio Edit)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: DJ Networx vol. 5 reviewed on 04/03/00
Label: 2000 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 497792 2
DJ NETWORX - Volume 5 Another compilation signed by TUNNEL and released by Sony almost at the same time as "Tunnel Trance Force vol. 12" reviewed below. You will also find same DJ mixing tracks in this one: DJ DEAN. If you liked "Tunnel Trance" you should like this one as well. Both compilations include TRANCE/TECHNO sound and same DJ mixing DJ, yet track listing is different. Making this release equally attractive. You should be already familiar with tracks like "Dreams" by MISS SHIVA, "Kernkraft 400" by ZOMBIE NATION, "Send Me An Angel" by MYTHOS 'N DJ COSMO or "Adelante" by SASH! You will find more club oriented versions of these tracks in this compilation. You will also find tracks that are less known or just hitting club scene yet many of them were released back in 1999. Are you ready for some speed? You better be! DJ JAMX would like to "Keep It That Way". I am truly in love with "See You In The Next Life" in Original Mix by ATLANTIS. I love this electronic cymbals here and there. The first CD will really keep you running, and I mean RUNNING! Most of the tracks are at higher BPM not letting you taking any rest, including original track "Reality" by DJ DEAN. The second CD starts with chilling "Hello-Ween" track with dark piano section resembling the rain following by TECHNO beats fulfilling the ongoing drama. This track than is taken over by amazing TRANCE tune by UNIZONE "Unforgetable Sun" following by other great TECHNO/TRANCE fares to die for. When I was preparing the sound sampler I tried to retain original mixing as much as I could, but this is sampler only. I really like DJ DEAN mixing, it's not perfect digital mixing but more lively turntable mix. DJ Dean also takes his time to blend tracks together, so expect the transitions from one to another tracks lasting even 1 to 2 mins in some instances.

CD 1
01. MISS SHIVA - Dreams (Miss Shiva Club Cut)
02. ZOMBIE NATION - Kernkraft 400 (Club Mix)
03. TRANCE ALLSTARS - The First Rebirth (ATB Edit)
04. SASH! - Adelante (Dumonde Remix)
05. VECTREX - Meteor (Meteor Club Mix)
06. MAJOR PROBLEMS - Out Of Sight (Pulsedriver Mix)
07. DJ JAMX - Keep It That Way (Radio Edit)
08. MYTHOS 'N DJ COSMO - Send Me An Angel (Tandu Remix)
09. MIKE NOVA - Feel So Right (Sunbeam Remix)
10. ATLANTIS - See You In The Next Life (Original Mix)
11. SUMMER MADNESS - Planet Rio (12" Re-Edit)
12. YAKOOZA - Drugs (DJ Wag Remix)
13. NICK BEAT - Jump (Video Cut)
14. DJ DEAN - Reality
15. DJ SHOKO - Magic
16. GARY D. - Radium
17. CYBERSTORM - Our Energy (DJ JamX & De Leon's Dumonde Remix)
18. FLOORPARTY - One More Time (1)
19. MOONRIVER - Return To Paradise (Silent Harmony Mix) (2)
20. SILVER LIQUID - Love (3)
CD 2
01. HELLO-WEEN - Hello-Ween (DJ Tom-X Remix)
02. UNIZONE - Unforgetable Sun (Club Mix)
03. ALEX ROCCO - Reise Ins Licht (Club Mix)
04. CLOUDBURST - The Mission (Club Mix)
05. FRANCHINO - 999
06. MARIO PIU' aka D.J. ARABESQUE - Serendipity
07. TRANCE GENERATORS - The Temple Of Trance (Hard Mix)
08. FOXX - Move That Body (DJ Scot Project Remix)
09. CLONED MIND - Where Is The Sun? (DJ Wag & Y.O.M.C. Remix)
10. DJ HELIOS - Orbit Up (Extended Mix) (4)
11. ACCUFACE - Final Excess (5)
12. LA FORGE - First Contact
13. STEVEN PARKER - Phases Pad (6)
14. VINCENT VEGA - La fuerza de la musica (7)
15. FRIENDS OF NOSTRADAMUS - Der Klang des Bösen (Minimalistic Mix)
17. DJ BJÖRN - U're Not Mad Enough (Club Mix) (8)
18. KURGAN - Between The Green
19. SPACE PLANET - Time Correction
20. NUDGE & SHOUTER - Märchenland
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Title: Ferry Corsten at Innercity - MAGIK FIVE - Heaven Beyondreviewed on 03/26/00
Label: 1999 ID&T/Sony Music Entertainment (Holland)
Style: Trance
Index #: 496997 2
Ferry Corsten LIVE at Innercity It took me a significant while to get this particular compilation. I got very interested in it after I saw the video from FERRY CORSTEN LIVE performance at INNERCITY event in Amsterdam back in December of 1999. You might also recall, that I introduced 3 clips from this even here on This was not only the reason though, FERRY CORSTEN became top-musician in dance music after struggling for past 8 years to achieve his present status. Among his brilliant productions were tracks like "Out Of The Blue" by SYSTEM F., "Carte Blanche" by VERACOCHA or massive tunes by GOURYELLA. So here is his amazing performance and incredible music to dance to. I have to tell you that this is another CD that will travel with me anywhere I go. It will be placed on the top of CD-changer in my car. I was impressed with recent DJ TIËSTO compilation reviewed before, but I fallen in love with this one instantly. If you liked the video clips I presented, you will be happy to learn, that ALL tracks presented there are featured here as well. So you will be able to travel in your mental dimensions with incredible sound of "Incantation" by LUIS PARIS or get electrified by THE DIGITAL BLONDE. The CD starts with INNERCITY's anthem "Airwave" by RANK 1. This is truly TRANCE track that will introduce you to the mood of entire CD. This track also is present on intro in video. And mood it is! From slow and mystic sunrise to full blown thunderstorm climate dominating throughout. CORSTEN gives you in the mix apogeum of TRANCE, with all the colors and shades possible. I am sure stunning tracks like "Walhalla" by GOURYELLA or very much sought after these days "Love Shines Through" by CHAKRA no longer need recommendation. Be awared of many, many more that will send chills into your spine. If you are still not sure if TRANCE sound is good for you, this one might finally help you to make the decision. This set has to be in your collection, if not, you will be missing a lot. When you purchase this compilation as a bonus you are getting FREE Video!!! Yes!!! The very same video you saw clips from. Should I say more? Probably not. Keep in mind though it is in PAL format, so if you live in US you still need to convert it. Now let me send you in the ocean of music. The Sound sampler from this outregously impossibly great release. You will hear 6 tracks out of 16 in the mix. I tried to retain the original mixing wherever it was possible, yet tracks were significantly cut. You will enjoy LIVE mixing by CORSTEN, as a matter of fact when you will listen to CD you will hear in some instances that he played with his equalizer as well. I don't need to recommend this CD. You already know what I think.

If you want to buy this compilation or other great euro releases, visit

01. RANK 1 - Airwave
02. VIMANA - We Came
03. LUIS PARIS - Incantation (1)
04. GOURYELLA - Walhalla (2)
05. DER DRITTE RAUM - Hale Bop (3)
06. DJ JAN - X-santo
07. KAMAYA PAINTERS - Cryptomnesia
08. CHAKRA - Love Shines Through (4)
10. STARPARTY - I'm In Love
11. FORCE MAJEURE - Redemption (5)
12. THE RAPID EYE - Alderaan (6)
13. JON VESTA - Gull
14. SOUNDCHECK - Mindrive
15. LSG - I'm Not Exiting
16. SOLAR STONE - Seven Cities

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
Buy this compilation from EuropeMusic

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Title: Tunnel Trance Force vol. 12 reviewed on 03/23/00
Label: 2000 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 497 722 2
TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Volume 12 Next edition of TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE series brings as usually an excellent choice of TECHNO, TRANCE and PROGRESSIVE tracks. Two CDs mixed to the maximum by DJ DEAN who as you might recall is one of the leading DJs in TUNNEL. One of the foremost known undergroud clubs in Hamburg. Truly an outstanding collection of tracks most of them in their club oriented versions. The first CD starts with Elemental Force Mix of AYLA'S "Angelforce". This is much more powerful version compared ti tiredsome Radio or Video Edit appearing in other TRANCE-oriented compilations. You will appreciate line of amazing strings and piano sections melt together into one TRANCE/DREAM stomper. This particular CD has many tracks you should get familiar with, if you didn't have chance before. For instance "Blue Lagoon" by NUDGE & SHOUTER that is interestingly arranged, with unquestionably beauty built in it. Same goes to "Masters Of Da New Millenium" by M.O.N.M. feat. VERONICA B with Dark feeling into yet the female vocal that is almost shouting outloud gives this track special touch. If you like DJ TIËSTO you really should check his mix of "Destination Sunshine" by BALEARIC BILL. I know, the track itself is an old news, yet the mix presented is powerful club stunning production. Indeed, DJ TIËSTO is proving himself to be a gifted remixer. Entire compilation brings plethora of tunes, that you should listen to and enjoy. Granted, the CD is mixed and not most of you like that idea, but trust me, it is worth to have it. The tracks are presented in generous length, so it shouldn't bother you. On the top of it, the mix is really good. Once again, let me congratulate SONY and TUNNEL for another party stomper. For sound sampler I prepared the mix of 8 songs from both sides. The original mix has NOT been retained. I encourage you to buy this compilation and listen to all 36 tracks at privacy of your home or car stereo, better yet, make DJ in your favorite club, play it for you! .

Tunnel organizes a MEGA RAVE party entitled "TIME TUNNEL 8" that will take place in Hamburg, Germany on Saturday May 20, 2000 starting at 10:00 p.m. Plan your trip to Germany accordingly. If you will not make it at that time, visit this club on Fridays and Saturdays where parties start at 11:00 p.m. and enjoy your ride.

CD 1
01. AYLA - Angealfalls (Elemental Force)
02. ALICE DEEJAY - Back In My Life (Extended Hitradio Instrumental)
03. PULSEDRIVER - Take U High (Tube Remix)
04. DJ SHAH - The Commandments (Command Mix)
05. FRIDGE - Angel (Club Mix) (4)
06. GRAVITY 2000 - Welcome To The New Millenium (Trance Mix)
07. MARC VAN LINDEN - I'm Gonna Take You To Another Dimension (Sanity Remix) (5)
08. NUDGE & SHOUTER - Blue Lagoon (Bervoets & De Goeij Mix)
09. M.O.N.M. feat. VERONICA B. - Masters Of Da New Millenium (Silent Harmony Remix) (1)
10. DJ SHOKO - Stroke My Love (2)
11. BALEARIC BILL - Destination Sunshine (DJ Tiesto Power Mix)
12. PLASTIC ANGEL - Pascale (Club Mix)
13. FRANK E & MARS l. - Song Of The Holy Man (Remix)
14. WARLOCK - Planet P
15. FORMENTERA - Tears (Original Horny Babes)
16. ATILLA - Into The Sun
17. ACCUFACE - See The Light (3)
18. DJ SPOKE - Function V (Ultimate Mix)
19. SUBTLE BY DESIGN - Sirius (Angelz Mix)
CD 2
01. DEAN - Words Of Passion
02. DJ TEENO - Jabdah
03. SNOWBALL - Outer Space (Extended Mix)
04. RAVELAB - Send Me An Angel (Mega Lo Mania Mix)
05. NORDSUND PROJECT - Dreams (8)
06. TERRA V - Vibes Of Terra
07. DJ FOG - My Dream (DJ Snowman Remix)
08. FRANK BIZZARE & F.M.F. GREG feat. IVAN B. - Ballade Pour Elise 2000 (Greg F.M.F.) (6)
09. IMPEGMENT SYNDROM - Slaves (7)
10. SOURCE T10 feat. DJ MOE - Asita (DJ Moes Club Mix)
11. DJ FOXX - Goliath Revenge (DJ Tom X Remix)
12. TWO MIND - New Choice
13. JFS - Preparation
14. MIKADO - Feel The Bass
15. JEAN DE MOOVE - Thunder Force (Attack Mix)
16. HUNTER & LAUKS - Shades Of Blue (Club Mix)
17. EMPIRE CITY - My Dreams (Original Trance Mix)
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Title: MAGIK FIVE - Heaven Beyond (mixed by DJ Tjësto) - MAGIK FIVE - Heaven Beyondreviewed on 03/19/00
Label: 2000 Black Hole Recording (Holland)
Style: Trance
Index #: BLACK HOLE CD 12
MAGIK FIVE - Heaven Beyond After I presented the video clip from INNERCITY event in Amsterdam that took place in December of 1999, I got a lot of E-mails asking me about DJ TIËSTO. He has long history of being a very much sought after DJ and remixer that quite recently gained more world-wide attention. He is "an author" of several mixed CDs and among of them is MAGIK series. Today I present the fifth edition of this series entitled "HEAVEN BEYOND" mixed by him. When I got this CD and started listen to it, I was hypnotized. Unbelievable CD with 16 tracks that will send you to the neverland instantly. All TRANCE, all perfectly turntable mixed, all excellent choices. They bring all possible feelings into your soul, going deep into every single nerve of your body, sending chills into your spine. Heavenly strings and perfectly arranged synths in many tracks drive your imagination beyond three dimensions. You gotta listen to it loudly and preferably in the club, or you will miss all the rainbow of sound it presents. This CD contains one amazing club mix that you should have no matter what. And, I am not kidding!!! I am sure US DJs that play this style would appreciate the mixing technique DJ TIËSTO presents. Knowing how good he is LIVE, I hope he will get invited to play in our TRANCE circles (and yes, surprisingly we have them here in US if you didn't know it, including here in D.C. where this style finally is being recognized!). If you look at track listing, you probably will find several titles that might sound familiar, but majority of them were unknown to me. That's what makes this CD even more unique. It is definately not a commercial TRANCE you can hear here and there, but sophisticated, club oriented set of tunes that will bring dance floor to exstasy. In sound sampler I featured 8 tracks, to give you an idea what challenge you will meet. I did not retain the original mixing, because I have shortened the tracks to fit the time, but believe me, the original is superb, so don't judge it based on my own lousy mixing. I recommend this CD with full confidence. Please let me know what you think after you will get it!.

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01. DJ TIËSTO & ARMIN VAN BUUREN PRESENT ALIBI - Eternity (Innercity Mix) (1)
02. ALLURE - No More Tears (2)
03. KAMAYA PAINTERS - Cryptomnesia (3)
04. ATLANTIS - Fiji
05. TWILIGHT - Platina (Mauritis Paardenkooper Remix)
06. EVE - Riser (4)
07. FIRE & ICE - Neverending Melody (5)
08. YAHEL - Open Your Mind (Magikal Remake) (6)
09. AIRWAVE - Alone In The Dark (7)
10. CHANT - Sweet Images (DJ Sakin & Friends Remix)
11. DENIRO - State Of Mind (8)
12. DJ MERLYN - Krass
13. MARIO PIU a.k.a. DJ ARABESQUE - Serendipity (Mas Mix)
14. OLIVER LIEB - Subraumstimulation (Main Mix)
15. TRANSA - Supernova
16. RANK 1 - Airwave

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Dream Dance vol. 15 reviewed on 02/21/00
Label: 2000 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Dream/Trance
Index #: 496850 2
Dream Dance volume 15 - Double CD Compilation New DREAM DANCE release is out. This series already gained reputation as one of the best on the market delivering cutting-edge DREAM and TRANCE sound. This issue meets this expectations as well. Loaded with 36 tracks on both CDs brings you unforgettable tunes to dance to. The content of both CD has been chosen wisely to deliver you the full range of great TRANCE/TECHNO tunes with many acts you should already be familiar with. Since Polystar's FUTURE TRANCE 10 was released couple of weeks before this Sony release, the impact of DREAM DANCE 15 might be a little lower. This is tough competition between these two series, yet tracks featured in both releases differ, making both of them desirable. First CD starts with "Dreams" by MISS SHIVA. In my opinion this formation is underexposed. MISS SHIVA usually deliver ambitious TRANCE sound and same is happening with this, their newest tune. Several songs featured in this compilation have been beaten already since their previously appeared on many other compilations like: ALICE DEEJAY's "Back In My Life", SASH!'s "Adelante", PAUL VAN DYK's "Another Way" and many others. Therefore, if you already owe some of newer TRANCE/TECHNO compilations you might find this one redundant. If you don't owe any this one is a must! Actually, I would risk the statement that you should by every volume just blindly, you can't go wrong with the purchase. Because of redundancy in content of this compilation, I had hard time to pick up tracks you might not know. I mixed 6 tracks in one mix. Keep in mind though that you really should check the track listitng below to determine the real value of this compilation, the sound sampler is merely representative. Enjoy the sound and run to get this CD!

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CD 1
01. MISS SHIVA - Dreams (Single Cut) (2)
02. ALICE DEEJAY - Back In My Life (Hitradio Full Vocal)
03. NIELS VAN GOGH - Doppelgänger (Radio Edit)
04. KAI TRACID - Destiny's Path (Tandu Remix)
05. MAJOR PROBLEMS - Out Of Sight (Major Radio Mix)
06. CENTRAL SEVEN - Te Quiero (Fragma Radio Remix)
07. NUDGE & SHOUTER - Blue Lagoon (Club Mix) (1)
08. PPK - Slave To The Rhythm (Mauro Picotto Mix)
09. SASH! - Adelane (Original 7")
10. PLASTIC ANGEL - Pascale (Short Mix) (3)
11. ROLLERGIRL - Luv U More (Radio Edit)
12. MARC VAN LINDEN - Another Dimension (Short Mix) (4)
13. DJ QUICKSILVER - Cosmophobia (Single Edit)
14. LIQUID CHILD - Return To Atlantis (Club Mix)
15. DA HOOL - Wankers On Duty (Radio Version)
16. EMPIRE CITY - My Dreams (Noise Club Mix)
17. AGENDA - Heaven (Lange Remix - Edit)
18. DJ JAMX - Keep It That Way (Original Radio Mix)
CD 2
01. BEAM & YANOU - Rainbow Of Mine (Cyros Radio Mix)
02. MOBY - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (ATB Remix)
03. RAINMAKER - Secrets Of Asia (Original Radio Edit)
04. LIQUID LOVE - Sweet Harmony (Pascal F.E.O.S. Remix)
05. RAVELAB feat. PURWIEN - Send Me An Angel (Radio Version 2)
06. E-CYAS - Are You Real (Single Version)
07. ZOMBIE NATION - Kernkraft 400 (DJ Gius Video Cut)
08. SCHILLER - Ruhe (Fernseh-Fassung)
09. DJ TAYLOR & FLOW - Was Ist Zeit (Radio Edit)
10. TALLA 2XLC calls MOGUAI - Into Another (Moguai Mix)
11. TRANCE ALLSTARS - The First Rebirth (ATB Mix)
12. PAUL VAN DYK - Another Way (Radio Mix)
13. TRANCE INDUCTION - E.T. Welcome Song '99 (Ferry Corsten Remix)
14. PROGRESSION - Mermaid's Dream (Chariots Of Fire (Classic Radio Mix) (5)
15. DJ SHAH - Claps (Radio Mix)
16. PULSEDRIVER - Take U High (Short Version)
17. BAD HABIT BOYS - Weekend (Woody van Eyden Radical Mix)
18. DJ MAUL - Pacman (Radiocut Level 1) (6)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Oliver Momm Gigamix reviewed on 02/21/00
Label: 1999 Edel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno-House/Trance
Index #: 0059142ERE
Oliver Momm Gigamix This is 1999 release and as you will browse to track listing and following TECHNO-HOUSE/TRANCE sound trends, all featured tracks will sound familier and most of them were somehow already featured in So, you might ask why do I bother to review it. Well... I should ! Many of you do not like mixed CDs and this one is mixed. This particular one is worth your attention, since the mixing was done by OLIVER MOMM himself. The producer, remixes and writer in one is already an icon of DANCE industry. The mix is excellent and will put you into the dance mood instantaneously. There is quite obvious distinction in styles presented in the mix. First nine featured songs cater more into HOUSE and SOUL sound with artists like ARMAND VAN HELDEN, MOLOKO, SOULSERCHER or PHATS & SMALL. Next "section" goes PROGRESSIVE with MAURO PICOTTO, MARIO PIU, than it moves into TRANCE with ALICE DEEJAY, ATB, PIET BLANK & JASPA JONES, SASH! and others. Even, if you owe all the track featured, it is rare to have almost all essential tracks in this genre in one set. I prepared a mix of 7 tracks in one mix. What I have decided to do was to feature the original mix done by Oliver. Basically I took 7 consecutive tracks and shortened them but I fully retained the original mix. I recommend this CD for any party you might have. Good choices, good music, good beat!

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01. OLIVER MANN - The Ultimate Experience (Gigamix Intro)
02. MOLOKO - Sing It Back (Boris Radio Edit)
03. NERIO'S DUBWORK feat. DARRYL PANDY - Sunshine & Happiness (Radio Edit)
04. PETE HELLER - Big Love (Eat Me Edit)
05. SOULSEARCHER - Can't Get Enough (Radio Edit)
06. BOB MARLEY vs. FUNKSTAR DE LUXE REMIX - Sun Is Shining (Radio De Luxe Edit)
07. ARMAND VAN HELDEN feat. DUANE HARDEN - You Don't Know Me (Radio Edit)
08. WESTBAM - Beatbox Rocker (Short)
09. PHATS & SMALL - Turn Around (Radio Edit)
10. BINARY FINARY - 1999 (Kay Cee Remix)
11. MARIO PIU' aka D.J. ARABESQUE - Serendipity (Arabesque Mix)
12. MAURO PICOTTO - Pulsar (R.A.F. Euro Mix)
13. DJ JEAN - The Launch (Radio Edit)
14. PAFFENDORF - Allnight (Gorgeous Remix)
15. ALICE DEEJAY - Better Off Alone (Radio Edit)
16. DR. MOTTE and WETSBAM - Music Is The Key (Love Parade 99 (Short)
17. DES MITCHELL - Welcome To The Dance (Part 2) (1)
18. GOURYELLA - Gouryella (Short Cut) (2)
19. VERACOCHA - Carte Blanche (Hitch Hiker & Dumont Remix) (3)
20. ATB - Don't Stop (Airplay Mix) (4)
21. PIET BLANK & JASPA JONES - Cream (Paul Van Dyk Short Cut) (5)
22. PIET BLANK & JASPA JONES - After Love (New Short Cut) (6)
23. SASH! - Adelante (Original 7") (7)
24. HUMATE - Love Stimulation (Blank & Jones Remix)
25. UNITED DEEJAYS vs. CENTRAL AMERICA - Too Much Rain (ATB vs. Woody Van Eyden)
26. FRAGMA - Toca Me (In Petto Remix)
27. SCOOTER - FasterHarderScooter (Signum Remix)
28. STORM - Love Is Here To Stay (Blan & Jones Remix)
29. BLACKMAIL - Do You Wanna … ? (Liquid Love Remix)
30. SQ 1 Can You Feel … (Airplay Edit)
31. SOUTHSIDE SPINNERS - Luvstruck (Remix Single Edit)
32. PAUL VAN DYK - For An Angel (PVD Angel In Heaven Radio Edit)
33. OLIVER MOMM - End Of Transmission (Gigamix Finale)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: DJ TOP 40 - Volume 2 reviewed on 02/18/00
Label: ZYX/Dance Network (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: DNT 10035-2
DJ TOP 40_ - Volume 2 I haven't review any of ZYX releases recently. Mea culpa! This German label still give us many interesting dance compilations including this one. "DJ TOP 40" was available in December 1999. Yeah, I am still cleaning the house with 1999 releases. First of all let's the title not scare you. This is DJ TOP 40 from German dance scene, so you can expect some good tracks in this genre. Indeed we have plethora of various DANCE styles featured in this one interesting set. So, it is not a surprise that artists such SASH! MAURO PICOTTO, DJ QUICKSILVER are featured here. These are more known to all of us who are following the German dance scene. Yet you will find tracks that I didn't see in any other compilations recently released. For instance GALEREA and her "Another Time". This tune falls into EURODANCE however is strongly influenced by TECHNO/TRANCE strings. Killer intro in this one and angelic female vocals. Cute! DJ Valium, a new interesting "face" in German dance scene getting more and more recognition. In this compilation you will find his "Go Right For". This is dynamic NRG track with rich synths and "sweet" male vocals resembling a bit of TOM HOOKER. Another rising star of German TRANCE, DJ SHAH is featured as well. His style falls more into MELLOW TRANCE characterized by more delicate and soft synths arrangements. Here you have his "The Ten Commandments". Taken together nice package from ZYX. I prepared a mix featuring 6 tracks from this double CD. Enjoy!

CD 1
01. ZOMBIE NATION - Kernkraft 400
02. SASH! - Adelante (Original 7")
03. MAURO PICOTTO - Iguana
04. SNACK vs. UWE HACKER - Dampframme
05. IRIDIUM GOLD - Nightmare (Radio Cut)
06. JONAH - Sssst… Listen
07. PULSEDRIVER - I'm Rushin' 2000
08. DJ SHAH - The Ten Commandments (3)
09. BLACK MAIL SPAIN - Do You Wanna?
10. MARIO LOPEZ - The Sound Of Nature (Lightforce Radio Cut)
11. CENTRAL SEVEN - Te Quiero
12. RAVELAB Send Me an Angel (Radio Version 1)
13. ROBOTNICO - Answer Mother Earth (Single Mix)
14. RAINMAKER - Secrets Of Asia (Original Radio Edit)
15. FRANK BIZARRE & F.M.F GREG - Ballade Pour Elise 2000
16. SAMURAI - Tanzen
17. DJ TOMCRAFT - Gothic (Radio Edit)
18. DJ VALIUM - Go Right For (Radio Edit mit Vocals) (4)
19. DJ TEENO - Jabdah (5)
20. DJ QUICKSILVER - Cosmophobia (Single Edit)

CD 2
01. MARK 'OH vs. JOHN DAVIES - Rebirth (Short Mix)
02. DUNE - Dark Side Of The Moon (Radio Mix)
03. ALENA LOVA - Turn It Around (Edit)
04. GALEREA - Another Time (The Gael) (Vocal Airplay Mix) (1)
05. ANN LEE - Voices (Radio Edit)
06. NERIO'S DUBWORK - Sunshine & Happiness
07. DJ 88 KEYS - Everybody Up!
08. ANGEL CITY - Love Me Right (Radio Version)
09. 2 THOUSAND feat. D.D. KLEIN - Fire (Musik Takes Me Higher) (Evolution Radio Edit) (6)
10. YAZOO - Don't Go '99 (Tee's Radio Mix)
11. SPECIAL FORCE - The Hype (Short Cut 1)
12. TERRA V. - Vibes Of Terra V
13. DJ SHAH - Claps (Radio Mix)
14. AQUAGEN - Ihr seid so leise! (Video Mix)
15. DJ's INC. vs. OPUS - Life Is Life 2000 (Italo Disco Mix)
16. DANKE ANNE feat. GEORG S. - 'tschuldigung f… ?
17. DJ SVEN VAN THORN & BACKCUE - Ihr tanzt so scheisse
19. KILLER K - Turn It Up
20. AVANCADA - Motherf… (Radio Edit) (2)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: DJ SHAH pres. MELLOW TRANCE Vol. 2 reviewed on 02/18/00
Label: LTM - The Club Adventure/KOCH International (Germany)
Style: Trance/Techno
Index #: LTM000002
DJ SHAH pres. MELLOW TRANCE - Volume 2 Yeah! Still doing "house cleaning"! This time it is release from KOCH International. The label is represented worldwide, however DANCE releases are quite rare, so I thought I would pick up one, that might be of interest for you. "MELLOW TRANCE - Volume 2" is quite interesting and well rounded double CD compilation. All 32 tracks are mixed by DJ Shah, who actually is authoring several mixes featured (e.g. THE KLUBBINGMAN - "Dreaming For A Better World" or DJ 2 L8 - "Too Late"). DJ SHAH presents his LIVE ability as a DJ, since the mixes he done on both CDs are turntable with only limited digital postproduction. As the name of this CD indicate the style featured falls into MELLOW TRANCE. Basically, this style is focusing more into COSMIC sound with very limited PROGRESSIVE strings. So you will hear a lot of beatiful, angelic female vocals here and there and breathtaking synths galore like for example in MOULAGE - "Finsternis" or MIKE SCANDLE - "Is Music Magic". Of coure this comp is featuring also tracks that you already know very well by groups like: VERACOCHA, ALICE DEEJAY or DJ TOM STEVENS. So if you are fan of good TRANCE, well arranged strings and amazing SPACE sound, this one would be definately take home item. I prepared a mix featuring 6 tracks from this double CD. I didn't retain any of the original mixing. I just decided to pick up few tracks you might not know well and to show you what this excellent release is all about.

CD 1
02. ZYMOTIX - Rachel In Trance (Maximum Cut)
03. OPUS 808 feat. TAOME - Don't Turn Away (Club Mix)
04. LOGAN 5 - Time Of Reneval
05. LORD OF TRANZ - Sanctificium (T. Vee Emotional Mix)
06. DJ SHAH - Dream Is Comin' True
07. DJ BUZZ - Situations
08. DJ TEKKIE - Reanimation (R.P.S. Trance Mix) (6)
09. TAUCHER - Child Of Universe (Extended Club Mix)
10. ESCAPE - Control (Sean Dexter Remix)
11. TOM WAX & JAN JACARTA - Ready To Explode (Use Your Mind Mix)
12. D.A. 4 - What Is Love (Love Mix) (5)
13. ALICE DEEJAY Better Off Alone (Signum Remix)
14. SUSPECT - Equality
15. CALDERONE - Behind The Sun (4)
16. GLOBAL CEE - Crazy 2000
CD 2
01. DJ TOM STEVENS - Time Trip (Sentimental Mix)
02. THE KLUBBINGMAN - Dreaminf For A Better World (DJ Shah Late Night Mix)
03. TERRA V. - Spirit Of Joy
04. T .MANCE - Back To The Old School (3)
05. PASHA BROS. - Superstitious '99
06. AQUAPLEX - Brightness (Silent Harmony Remix)
07. MOULAGE - Finsternis (Silent Harmony Remix) (1)
08. R.P.S. - The Unforgiven (New Club Mix)
09. DJ 2 L8 - Too late (DJ Shah Remix)
10. DJ JAMX joins B.I.A - Das Licht (Dumonde Remix)
11. AQUALAB - Journey Into Trance
12. CENTRAL SEVEN - Missing (DJ Mellow D. Remix)
13. KASAI - Passion
14. VERACOCCHA - Carte Blanche
15. HAREM DOCTORS - Outer Limits (DJ Snowman vs. DJ Mind X Remix)
16. MIKE SCANDLE - Is Music Magic ? (Original Mix) (2)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: KLONE IKONS 2 - A Sekond Selektion Of Klone Klassiks reviewed on 02/13/00
Label: 2000 Klone/Rumour Records (England)
Style: Euro-Energy
Index #: KOPYBX2
KLONE IKONS 2 - A Sekond Selektion Of Klone Klassiks - 4 CD Compilation Here we go! On February 14 2000 latest Euro/NRG offering from UK label: Klone/Rumour Records was released. This volume features 44 full length of KLONE classics wrapped in a one sexy package. This is an exciting release by far. You will find in here huge club hits like "Amoureuse" by ILLUSIVE, JACKIE CLUNE's massive anthem "Calling Occupants", GIRLFRIENDS top version of the "Friends" theme "I'll Be There for You", not to mention the ultra classic "Earthquake" and "Eat You Up" by FLIRTATIONS and ANGIE GOLD. KLONE's most sought after record, PRIMA's amazing versions of "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" is also included in it's full 12" glory helping to make this brilliant collection even richer. I would not exxagerate by saying you have here an ultimate collection of brilliant songs that were put together in one volume. For sound sampler I prepared a mix containing 12 tracks taken almost randomly from all 4 CDs. I hope it will show you the diversity and quality of this release. All EURO-NRG fans should get it, no questions asked! Also the price of this CD is a plain steal! We are talking like 11 UK pounds when ordering this beauty from KLONE site. Unbeatable value !!!

For more information about this and another releases please visit Klone/Rumour Records on line.

CD 1
02. ILLUSIVE feat. AMANDA ABBS - Amoureuse (High Men Mix) (1)
03. ANGELINA - You Learn
04. PAUL PARKER - Can U Feel Love Coming (Love In London Mix)
05. TRINITY - I Believe In You (2)
06. ATLANTA feat. PIX - Killing Me Softly
07. ABIGAIL - Don't You Wanna Know ? (Illusive's Serie A Mix) (3)
08. LISA - Can't Stop The Feeling (And I Love It Remix)
09. ROCKFORD FILES - You Sexy Dancer
10. PROOF - Gotta Keep Pumpin' (Vibration Mix)
11. KOMPLEX feat. TOM WILSON - Leave You Wanting More (Pumped Up Mix)
12. HOUSE OF DREAMS - Sleepwalker

CD 2
01. JACKIE CLUNE - Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem Of World Contact Day) (4)
02. PRIMA - You'll See (5)
KAMOUFLAGE feat. LOUISE ENNIS - Say What You Want (Mr B's Mix)
04. ILLUSIVE - Stay With Me Till Dawn
05. PAUL PARKER with ANGIE GOLD - One More Hurt (6)
07. ABIGAIL - Feel Good (Trinity Mix) (7)
08. BODY DOUBLE - Don't Speak
09. GIRLFRIENDS - I'll Be There For You (Theme From "Friends")
10. BOYS OF A NEW AGE feat. KATRINA B - Drop Dead Gorgeous

CD 3
01. PRIMA - Don't Cry For Me Argentina (8)
02. MAGNETIC - Usin' Ma Body (Pleasure Mix)
03. BOYS OF A NEW AGE feat. KATRINA B - Echo Beach
04. ATLANTA feat. PIX - All By Myself
05. KAMOUFLAGE feat. LOUISE ENNIS - I Believe I Can Fly (9)
07. HIGH JINX - California Dreaming
08. JENNY SINCLAIR - Summertime (10)
09. JAY JAY - I Believe (11)
10. STEPHANIE - Talking In Your Sleep
CD 4
01. ABIGAIL - Constant Craving
02. PAUL PARKER - Wicked Game
03. BOYS OF A NEW AGE feat. JOHN SPRINGATE - Wonderful Life
04. I.J & THE SOUNDWAVE - I'm Not In Love
05. ANGIE GOLD - Eat You Up
06. KIT ROLFE - S.O.S.
07. THE FLIRTATIONS - Earthquake
08. SUN OF SHIVA - Hills Of Katmandu
09. ILLUSIVE - Keep Your Hands Off That Man (12)
10. MISTER B - Let's Get Horny
11. 2 HD - Native Love
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: Mad About The Boy 5 reviewed on 02/13/00
Label: Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy
Index #: CDKOPY 116
Mad About The Boy 5 Who said that only bad luck comes in pair. In contrary! This is another KLONE compilation released on January 24th. This is volume five of the ever popular "Mad About The Boy" series. This set of two CD contains cream of the crop in terms of the Euro/NRG hits that rocked the UK scene. All 20 tracks are in full versions and many of them were never before released on CD (e.g. "Boys Of Summer" and "The Sun Always Shines On TV" by RE4FORMATION and "I Am Strong" by I-KON). One of my favorite artists: PRINCESS PARAGON is featured in two tracks: "Say You Love Me" and "Angel Of Mine". Both are stunning and filled with energy to dance to. This is yet another set that I would recommend to all of you who are into good Euro-NRG sound. Also, if you like the genre you should enjoy almost 11 minutes mix I created with 6 tracks from this release. It should covince you on what to expect. Keep in mind that it is just a sample, you have to get the REAL thing! ABSOLUTELY! Enjoy!

For more information about this and another releases please visit Klone/Rumour Records on line.

CD 1
01. CHEKMATE - When You Say Nothing (At All NRG Club Mix)
02. KYRIA - Genie In A Bottle (Latino Mix)
03. NORMA LEWIS - Someone That I Used To Love (Strongroom Club Mix)
04. SUZANNA DEE - American Love (Club Mix)
05. SAM WALKER - I Was Made For Dancin'
06. UNITY feat. NICOLA - Sentinal (3)
07. RE4MATION - The Sun Always Shines On TV (2)
08. PRINCESS PARAGON - Say You Love Me (1)
09. GLAMMA feat. DONNA JAMES - Let's Hear It For The Boy (Klub Mix)
10. CHEKMATE - I'm Your Man (Butterkup Mix)

CD 2
01. PRINCESS PARAGON - Angel Of Mine (Illusive Mix) (5)
02. SUNDAY GIRL - Maria (Major Mix)
03. CHEKMATE - A Little Bit More
04. G.T. feat. SHARON DEE CLARKE - 'Til I'm Ready (G.T. Main Mix)
05. SUZANNA DEE - Missing U More (Saint's 3 Steps To Heaven Mix)
06. UNITY feat. NICOLA - Wish I Could Fly
07. RAZING KANE - You Need Love (Trinity Mix)
08. I-CON - I Am Strong (Trinity Mix) (4)
09. RE4MATION - The Boys Of Summer
10. PHILLIP RUSHTON - Hang Your Head (Illusive Energy Mix) (6)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: Euphoria - Level 3 reviewed on 01/13/00
Label: 1999 Telstar Records (UK)
Style: Trance/Progressive
Index #: TTVCD3095
Euphoria - Level 3 During my short stay in London last Christmas I visited one of HMV stores to see what UK can offer me in DANCE. My attention caught this particular 2 CD compilation. 37 tracks of pure TRANCE and PROGRESSIVE sound mixed PF PROJECT. As the insert states: higher, higher, higher living for the floor... It's always out on the floor that it happens. Hands-in-the-air and lost in music, when that track you've been waiting all week to hear is segued into the mix. A rush of raw energy surges through your body and just when you think the excitement has reached its peak, it happens again, pure joy exploding across the dancfloor as the music takes you into another dimension. It's what we live for and it's what you live for: the highest possible state of EUPHORIA. This is the third edition of EUPHORIA compilation. Since it launch already became a huge success in clubs all over the Europe and US (Miami, FL) and is sold in hundred thousands copies. EUPHORIA was awarded Ministry Magazine Best Compilation of 1999 award. Third edition is also a massive stumper for TRANCE clubs and is a must for any serious DJ playing this style and obviously for everyone who just like this kind of dance music. This is plain wonderful release. Mix is done club style and will do extremely well. While checking the track listing you will see many familiar names and titles. What makes this compilation really unique over other releases in the same style are the mixes chosen. There are not just beaten to death Radio versions, but rather less frequent played versions that you usually can only hear in clubs. Most of the tracks featured are recent releases. For instance "Avenue" by PAUL VAN DYK is a mesmerizing TRANCE stomper fulfilling your imagination. DJ Tiesto Remix of "L'Esperanza" by AIRFORCE combines wonderful synths and amazing electronic orchestration. Plain beauty! "Kinetic '99" by GOLDEN GIRLS delivers also stunning synths and energy. Listen to it loud! So many great tracks, great artists. The music will take you for journey into fantasy. Amazing compilation that I am sure was played widely in New Year Eve parties. Get it when it lasts. You cannot afford to skip it. I guarantee you will not regret this purchase! Have I ever lied??? Pop these CDs in your CD player, turn the volume up and prepare yourself to reach superior form of consciousness! I have chosen 9 tracks for sound sampler and preapred mix. The original mixing was NOT retained with just two or three exceptions. I am sure it will help to make your mind up. As much as I wanted to give you the feeling for this release, I was not that much successful. You have to have the real thing to really appreciate this fare!

CD 1
01. FAITHLESS - Drifting Away (Paradiso Mix)
02. MANSUN - Wide Open Space (Perfecto Mix)
03. SPACE MANOEUVRES - Stage One (Solar Stone Remix) (1)
04. PAUL VAN DYK - Avenue (2)
05. DJ JURGEN presents ALICE DEEJAY - Better Off Alone (Signum Remix)
06. AIRSCAPE - L'Esperanza (DJ Tiesto Remix)
07. GOLDEN GIRLS - Kinetic '99 (Commie's Mix Full Edit)
08. MARIO PIU - Communication
09. A.T.F.C presents ONE PHAT DEEVA - In And Out Of My Life (Quake Vocal Mix) (3)
10. DJ SAKIN & FRIENDS - Nomansland (David's Song) (Lange Remix)
11. GEE MOTION feat. BECCIE RAYNE - Blue Engel (Original Club Mix)
12. SONIQUE - I Put A Spell On You (Manumission Mix)
13. G.D. - Choral Reef (4)
14. MOTHER'S PRIDE - Learning to Fly (Original Mistral Dub) (5)
15. PHILTER - Redemption (Original 12" Mix)
16. CHAKRA - Love Shines Through (Original Mix)
17. BEDROCK - Heaven Scent (Evolution Main Mix)
18. MATT DAREY - From Russia With Love (Solar Stone Mix)
19. LEFTFIELD/LYDON - Open Up (Full Vocal Mix)
CD 2
01. FLUKE - Absurd
02. BALEARIC BILL - Destination Sunshine (DJ Tiesto Remix)
03. MAURO PICOTTO - Lizard (Claxixx Mix)
04. ATB - Don't Stop (Quake Remake)
05. CRW - I Feel Love (DJ JamX & De Leon Remix) (6)
06. SOLANGE - Messages (Ferry Corsten & DJ Tiesto's 'Gouryella' Remix) (7)
07. TILT - I Dream (Tilt's Resurrection Mix)
08. BT with PAUL VAN DYK - Namiastai
09. FRAGMA - Toca Me (Original)
10. BRAINCHILD - Symmetry C (Mike Koglin Remix)
11. BINARY FINARY - 1999 (Gouryella Remix)
12. CHICANE - Lost You Somewhere (Heliotropic Mix)
13. AYLA - Ayla (DJ Taucher Mix)
14. SPACE BROTHERS - Legacy (Show Me Love) (Mash Up Matt Mix)
15. V-ONE - Dead Cities (Original Mix)
16. PLANET PERFECTO - Bullet In The Gun (Saturday Mix) (8)
17. ATLANTIS - Fiji (9)
18. TILLMAN & RIES - Bass Fly (Moogwai Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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Title: Dream Dance 2000 reviewed on 01/13/00
Label: 2000 Lucka (Poland)
Style: Trance
Index #: LSC 3744 CD
Dream Dance 2000 DREAM DANCE 2000 is a legitimate compilation. Why did I make such disclaimer? Well look at the cover. It is almost identical to the series that is being released by German division of SONY. DREAM DANCE 2000 I am rewieving now has been released by Polish label that is quite uknown to me called: LUCKA. This CD is widely available in many supermarkets in Poland. What made me curious about this release was its content. 16 tracks many unknown to me at the time I purchased this CD, represent very good TECHNO/TRANCE sound. CD starts with an interesting song "Diva" by MIND PHASER. This is TRANCE track with sizzling DREAM elements created by electronic guitar. Next is UNDERGROUND/TRANCE track "Cry Of Youth" by RONALDO. Dynamic keyboards are strong elements of this very sensual composition. Speaking of "sensual" next song: "Sea Beat" by SILENT BEAT feat. DJ UNEEK brings an interesting after hours sound with elements and sound of the beach at the sunset. "Secret of Asia" by ?! gives a transcendental DREAM HOUSE feeling that combines sound of SEQUENTIAL ONE, KAI TRACID and DJ QUICKSILVER in one beatifully arranged production. Combination of TRANCE and DRUM'N BASS found home in "Armageddon" by SECTOR 5. Truly driving, unstoppable excitement to pack dance floor. If you are looking for inspirational, pounding sound "Flying Fantasies" by PHOENIX surely will do the job. This one is intense. Into same category falls "Fallen Angel" by DJ TRANCE. Massive, uplifting TRANCE with angelic female vocals to die for. Taken together, it is an interesting compilation with very good choices for the sound. I only hope you can have your hands on it as I did. I have chosen 6 tracks and made the mix. All songs on this compilation are unmixed and usually on thier extended versions, unfortunately names of the mixes were not given. Oh well... Small price to pay for otherwise an excellent CD..

01. MIND PHASER - Diva
02. RONALDO - Cry Of Youth (5)
03. SILENT BEAT feat. DJ UNEEK - Sea Beat
04. FORGIVEN WORLD - Annihilating (6)
05. ?! - Secrets Of Asia
06. AQUALAB - Journey Into Trance (4)
07. TOM TIBET & LEON MALONE - Sonne, Mond und Sterne
08. SECTOR 5 - Armageddon (3)
09. PHOENIX - Flying Fantasies
10. DJ TRANCER - Fallen Angel (1)
11. DJ SILENCER - Mystic Places
12. MATISSE - Humanity
13. THOMAS KRAUTMAN - Bonzailed (2)
14. CANTARA - Persian Love Song
16. MARIO LOPEZ - The Sound Of Nature

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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