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(September - December 2000)


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Title: DJ JURGEN - Volume 3 - MAGIK FIVE - Heaven Beyondreviewed on 12/16/00
Label: 2000 ID&T/Arcade Music(Norway)
Style: Techno
Index #: BITCD 16
DJ JURGEN - Volume 3 While DJ JURGEN did not recently record any new tune, he is still doing his DH work. So here we have the volume 3 of the mix he did. CD features 16 mostly TECHNO tracks. In majority we have mostly club oriented tunes that shift from main stream. The CD starts with The beggining is HOUSY indeed, starting with GROOVY "Artificial Dust" by OREON GROOVE PROJECT KENNY D setting the mood for clubbing. The speed increases with next tune "Dutch Drum Attack" by E-GRAIG. Once in TECHNO-HOUSE mood you will also get to hear "Everybody" by 2000 BC. After this one you will enter more PROGRESSIVE-TECHNO oriented world with "Bells Of Revolution" by LEMON B. Very good tracks follows: "Come With Me" by OUT OF GRACE with thundering intro it explodes into a hypnotic sound. If you really want to be taken be sweeping synths and pulsating electronics you gotta listen to "The Forgotten Dream" by I-CHING. This fare kicks major ... Truly hypnotic, beat-driven bassline. Great buy. If you prefer TRANCE, you gotta listen "You Take My Breath Away" by SUREAL (I am sure you are familiar with this one by now), or "Mu-V Express" by JACCOT. This tune is epic circuit stunner. Female opera-like vocals, intense sweeping synths and overall maginificient production. Taken together be prepared for next high-flying ride with DJ JURGEN and the music. Very good indeed combination of various club styles in one pot.

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01. OREON GROOVE PROJECT - Artificial Dust
02. E GRAIG - Dutch Drum Attack
03. 2000 BC - Everybody
04. LEMON 8 - Bells Of Revolution
05. OUT OF GRACE - Come With Me
06. CYBER HUMAN - The Scene (1)
07. BRIT presents DUSK #1 - Be Yourself Be Free
08. BISMARK - Make A Dream (2)
09. NYLON - Dream As One
10. TRINITY - Into The Blue (3)
11. SIGNUM - What You Got For Me
12. I-CHING - The Forgotten Dream (4)
13. SUREAL - You Take My Breath Away
14. DJ GEE - The Dolphin
15. JACCOT - Mu-V Express (5)
16. CAATER - King Size (6)

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Title: Tunnel Trance Force - Vol. 15 reviewed on 12/09/00
Label: 2000 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 501293 2
TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Vol. 15 New edition of "Tunnel Trance" is out and it is packed with 36 essential TECHNO/TRANCE fares mixed as usually by DJ DEAN. Be prepared for a hot journey. This double set is continuosly mixed, state-of-the-art tracks were hand-picked by DJ DEAN and choices are outstanding. The first CD subtitled as "X-mas Mix", starts with "In Full Effect" by LIQUID BASS. A fine production loaded with dynamic synths and irresistibly energetic dance beats. Of course there are many like these in this set. You have here well known tracks such current KOSMONOVA's hit "Discover The World", MARIO's LOPEZ - "The Sound Of Nature Part 2" or already tiredsome "Sandstorm" by DARUDE (I know, the track si good, but why every compilation from TRANCE genre has to have it? Prolly because it already became a classic). Not to worry, this set contains also plethora or less known yet amazing tunes. Among them are such beauties as "Trancefiguration" by GREEN COURT. I was stunned by this synth driven bottom fare with powerful hooks. The melodic line is simply spectacular. There are more like this. "Teardrops In My Eyes" by CRIZZ LEE is another perplexing TRANCE tune with cosmic sound. Second CD is also very entertaining. More TECHNO oriented though. It starts with massive PROGRESSIVE "See The Day" by HYPETRAX, followed by DJ RED 5 vs. DJ's @ WORK - "Rhythm & Drums 2001". Of course, there are more to cherish. I liked very much "Metropolis" by K.BRANO. While it is TECHNO tune it has TRANCE elements in it and mysterious female vocals. Also darkly intense is "Falling" by MONDRIAN with multilayered female vocals. It blows into full opera hall sound with catchy synths. I have decided to feature in sound sampler 9 songs taken both CDs. I didn't retain the original mixing, so for that one you gotta get the real product. I strongly recommend this particular set. For now enjoy the sound.

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CD 1 - X-mas Mix
01. LIQUID BASS - In Full Effect (Hardtrance Mix)
02. COSMIC GATE - Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Club Mix)
03. TOPMODELZ - Strings Of Infinity (Extended Version)
04. KOSMONOVA - Discover The World (Dedonatis Mix)
05. MARIO LOPEZ - The Sound Of Nature Part II (Club Mix)
06. DJ SWAM - The Spiritchaser (Green Court Remix)
07. GREEN COURT - Trancefiguration (Extended Mix) (1)
08. ÖRTH - Big Brother Is Watching You (DJ Pain Remix)
09. CRIZZ LEE - Teardrops In My Eyes (2)
10. ALEX-G & FAME - Freedom (Green Court Remix) (3)
11. DARUDE - Sandstorm (Original Mix)
12. CARL COX - Phuture 2000 (Azzido da Bass Remix)
13. ROLAND KLEIN - Nexus Point (Jay Frog Mix) (4)
14. ALEX ROCCO - Set U Free (Club Mix)
15. VINCENT VEGA - Radiation 64
16. ANGEL BEATS - Beats Of Angels 2000 (TTF Mix) (5)
17. PLACID A - Summer Vibes (Original Mix)
18. INTERSTATE - The Sound Of Sundance (Global Cee Mix)
19. DJ NATRON & REVER pres. FLUTLICHT - Ahmea (Giotto's Mix)
CD 2 - Sylvester Mix
01. HYPETRAXX - See The Day (Edit)
02. DJ RED 5 vs. DJ'S @ WORK - Rhythm & Drums 2001 (DJ's @ Work Club Mix)
03. BLACK SPIDER - Save Your Life! (Great Pain Mix)
04. DJ CRACK - Singular 2000 (Club Mix)
05. SILVER LIQUID - Take It (Pump Gun Mix)
06. DJ SIMPLE - Mainstation Theme
07. THE CROW - What You're Looking (Überdruck Mix)
08. MAGENTA - Catwalk (Original Mix)
09. ACCUFACE - Let Your Mind Fly
10. K. BRANO - Metropolis (Club Mix 1/2 PB) (6)
11. MONDRIAN - Falling (Original Club Mix) (7)
12. RESIDENT ALIENS - Way Into The Future (8)
13. IRRLICHTER - Come Home My Children (Original Mix)
14. MARC'N ACE - Take Me High (9)
15. DOMAIN - Time & Space (Club Mix)
16. SPACE PLANET - Space Of Time
17. HUNTER & M-PLAX - The Come And Go
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Title: Dream Dance vol. 18 reviewed on 12/09/00
Label: 2000 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Dream/Trance
Index #: 501222 2
Dream Dance volume 18 - Double CD Compilation Few months passed and we already have next installment from DREAM DANCE series. While I was always looking forward into releases from this series, I was a little bit dissapointed with volume 16. Maybe, because I already heard too many TRANCE compilations these days. You have 40 songs to choose from, however if you look at the track listing, you will see many familiar names and titles. If you already purchased other comps, this might not be a bargain for you, but if you didn't and waited for this volume to come, you still might be the winner. With tracks like "Silence" by DELERIUM (featured Airscape Remix is priceless), "The Fields Of Love" by ATB feat. YORK, "It's My Turn" by ANGELIC, you simply cannot go wrong. You will also find here some rare mixes. One of them is Conductor and Cowboy remix of "Sky" by SONIQUE. You gotta love this one. Scumptious new strings stabs and a big phat new bottom have been added in this version, making this even more attractive offering. For some slow motion DREAM-like tune check intro for "Dreamland" by UNDEE. The piano section is in there, yet you have some more HOUSE strings invading this tune. "Into The Inner Space" by !ATTENTION! is fare that should send shrivers into your spine. Sorry, I fotgot to include this in sound sampler. You will be thrilled by lucious bottom and amazing strings. If you collect this series, you will probably will get it. For the sound sampler I have chosen 9 tracks from both CDs. Enjoy the sampler and make up your mind if you want this one or not, but keep in mind this is just a sampler!

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CD 1
01. CHICANE - Autumn Tactics (Thrillseekers Remix - Edit)
02. KOSMONOVA - Discover The World (Dedonatis Short Cut)
03. DELERIUM - Silence (Airscape Remix - Edit)
04. ATB feat. YORK - The Fields Of Love (Airplay Mix)
05. MARIO PIU - Techno Harmony (My Love) (On Air Mix)
06. MARC VAN LINDEN - Clubbiemus (Radio Edit) (1)
07. HYPETRAXX - See The Day (Airplay Mix)
08. FLAMINGO BROTHERS - Breathin' My Breath (Sonorous Radio)
09. DRAGON - The Dragon (Fridge Mix - Edit) (2)
10. ULTRA - Free (Short Cut)
11. SONIQUE - Sky (Conductor and Cowboy Remix)
12. PLASTIC ANGEL - Daylight (Shortcut) (3)
13. RIDDLER & HEADCRUSHER - Windschatten (Short Cut)
14. CARL COX - Phuture 2000 (Oliver Lieb Main Mix - Edit)
15. UNDEE - Dreamland (Single Edit)
16. PLANET E TEAM - Nothing Serious (Fridge Remix Single Edit) (4)
17. !ATTENTION! - Into The Inner Space (Trance Radio Edit)
18. HEAVEN'S CRY - Till Tears Do Us Part (Vocal Club Mix Part 1)
19. NOSTRUM & FRANK KÜNNE - Sundown (When I'm Thinking Of You) (Non Vocal Radio Edit) (5)
20. FUTURE BREEZE - Smile (Club Radio Edit)
CD 2
01. PAUL VAN DYK - Face To Face (Piano Outtake)
02. BABY D. - Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Rank 1 Radio Edit)
03. GREEN COURT - Trancefiguration (Short Cut)
04. ANGELIC - It's My Turn
05. HI-GATE - I Can Hear Voices (Radio Edit)
06. MARIO LOPEZ - The Sound Of Nature Part II (Short Club Edit)
07. BROOKLYN BOUNCE - Bass, Beats & Melody (Pulsedriver Remix Edit) (6)
08. DARUDE - Sandstorm (Talla's Super Club Mix - Edit)
09. MARCO ZAFFARANO - Weltklang (Club Mix - Edit)
10. KLUBBHEADS - Big Bass Bomb (Flex Dubb Mix - Edit)
11. DJ TOMCRAFT - Silence (Radio Edit)
12. DJ GEE - The Dolphin (Picotto Mix)
13. TRAVELLER - Bright Sign (Radio Mix) (8)
14. WEBDRIVERS - Spirit Of Virtuality (Short Edit)
15. KAYLA - Paradize (Short Cut) (9)
16. LEPORE vs. ANGY DEE - The Challenge (Single Cut)
17. LEGEND B. - Strinx of Life (Radio Mix) (7)
18. SHAUN BAKER - On A Helium Trip (Radio Remix)
19. TOPMODELZ - Strings Of Infinity (Pulsedriver Single Edit)
20. DOLPHIN'S MIND Nation Of Love
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Title: DJ Networx vol. 7 reviewed on 11/28/00
Label: 2000 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 499661 2
DJ NETWORX - Volume 7 Finally volume 7 of the compilation signed by TUNNEL and released by Sony. Few weeks ago we had "Tunnel Trance Force vol. 14" also from TUNNEL. Both releases were mixed as usually by DJ DEAN. I know this particular series is very popular among you who enjoy quality TRANCE/TECHNO sound. First CD is more devoted to TRANCE sound. You will find here tracks you already well know like BLANK & JONES - "DJ Culture" that reached top dance Charts everywhere, LADY TOM with her "House Of House" and several others. Many interesting tunes. For example imagine ROLLING STONES done in TRANCE! Yes, Really! SFL did a remake of "Paint It Black". I was impressed by intoxicatingly hypnotic synth and bass line in this one. Very dramatic TRANCE sound is present in "You Can't Stop Us" by TRANCE GENERATORS with soaring synth lines and peak-hour. Another TRANCE marvel is "Everlasting Dreams" by TRANCE ACTION. You will also be amazed by smashing "A Question of Faith" by HUNTER & LAUKS. Taken together this first CD offers you a wide range of TRANCE fares from truly club oriented to more commercial sound. Very good indeed. The second CD caters more into TECHNO sound. This disc starts with "F (Future Is now)" by DJ SCOT PROJECT. Full of kicks and bass lines. Featured Hardriff Mic caters more into DRUM'N'BASS flavor. For more PROGRESSIVE side turn to ELASTIC CULTURE, DJ Scot Project Remix of BLANK & JONES's "Thunder In Paradise" or "Bassmachine" by DJ OVERDOG. Several hard TECHNO HOUSE tunes are featured as well, just to mention "Scream" by AROME or "House Is Mine" by DIABLO. So taken together, volume 7 is an interesting offering for all of you club fanatics. I prepared sound sound sampler with 9 tunes taken from both CDs. I mentioned this comp is mixed by DJ DEAN. He has done a good job, yet I didn't retain the original mixes. I focused more on tracks thna mixing, but if you will get your own copy, you will see that mixing itself is quite good. Enjoy the sound and trip to fantasy!

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CD 1
01. LOCKO-MOTIF - Party Time (Clubbing Mix)
02. BLANK & JONES - DJ Culture (Remix)
03. LADY TOM - House Of House (De Donatis Remix)
04. LOVESTERN GALAKTIKA meets LE PETIT SAM - Loca Galaktika (Nightflight Mix)
05. SFL - Paint It Black (DJ Delay Club Mix) (1)
06. CANARIAS:2000 - Sunseeker (Club Mix)
07. ATOMIC ALILIANCE - The Countdown (Trance Generators Remix)
08. DERLER & KLITZING - Plasmafire (Progressive Club Mix)
09. TRANCE GENERATORS - You Can't Stop Us (Trance Mix) (2)
10. OVATION - Book Of Revelation (DJ Tom-X Club Mix)
11. AQUAPLEX - Force In Your Head
12. DITO - For Your Mind (Club Mix)
13. RED WING - Dreamworld (Club Mix)
14. TRANCE ACTION - Everlasting Dreams (Planet Trax Mix) (3)
15. FJ TATANA feat. GOLDENGUY - Dream Off (Nuclear Hyde Remix)
16. SILVER LIQUID - Let Me Hear The DJ
17. SPACE PLANET - Shrinking Wormhole (4)
18. HUNTER & LAUKS - A Question Of Faith (5)
19. ACCUFACE - The Real Tune (6)
20. ENERGY FLASH - Eternity
CD 2
01. DJ SCOT PROJECT - F (Future Is Now) (Hardriff Mix)
02. ELASTIQUE CULTURE - U (DJ Scot Project Mix)
03. BEAM vs. CYRUS - Thunder In Paradise (DJ Scot Project Remix)
04. COSMIC GATE - Fire Wire (Club Mix)
05. ELEKTROCHEMIE LK - Schall (Thomas Schumacher Remix)
06. TRAUMMACHINE - Maschinentraum (Club Mix)
07. DJ WAG - The Big Bang (Yakooza Remix)
08. AROME - Scream (West Mix)
09. DIABLO - House Is Mine (Shiva 15 Friendship Mix)
10. STYLES & ROMEO - Summer 2000 (DJ Trooper Club Mix)
11. DJ OVERDOG - Bassmachine (Y.O.M.C. Mix)
12. MAX B. GRANT - Africa
13. MARIO DI CIAULA - I Know Your Dreams (Original Mix) (7)
14. IMPEGMENT SYNDROM - Gimme That Bass !!!
15. DJ ENERGY - Belfagor (Tankis vs. Savietto Mix)
16. DJ MIND-X - Colours (Night Club Mix)
17. CHUKY X - Tekkno e Troppo Forte (Pumping Club Mix)
18. SYSTEMATICS - Danger Zone
19. PULSARR - Feel Your Body (UK Radio Cut) (8)
20. IFS - Fresh (9)
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Title: Kosmonova presents Schubkraft vol. 3 reviewed on 11/28/00
Label: 2000 Dos Or Die (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 3332010 2
KOSMONOVA presents SCHUBKRAFT vol. 3 Mea culpa that I didn't review previous volumes, but at least let me start with volume 3. Better late than never! This volume contains 2 CD. The first one has 20 full length tracks while the second one is mixes by KOSMONOVA. Similar to above reviewed compilation we are blessed with great dance tracks carefully chosen to make this set a unique one. The drawback of this comp is the track listing. If you are collecting comps from TRANCE/TECHNO sound you might not find this extremely attractive, but otherwise the choices are indeed very good. In first CD you will find top club tunes like "Sandstorm" by DARUDE (probably the most often played tunes this summer), MARIO PIU with his excititing and beautifully crafted marvel "Techno Harmony". Also artists and DJs like BLANK & JONES, MARIO LOPEZ, HYPETRAXX are featured as well. This CD features also "Australia 2000", by KOALA. Group revamped this tune for 2000, making this tune essential for mainstream floor. Beautiful female vocals with intense sweeping synths. For another soaring synth lines and magnificent melodic line you should check "Set U Free" by ALEX ROCCO. The second CD, as I mentioned before is mixed by KOSMONOVA. This mix containing 19 tunes starts with his own "Discover The World", his current hit. You will find in this mix several dance styles, from more TECHNO-HOUSE oriented fares to full blown glorious TRANCE. Some tracks you already should know just to mention FLOORFILLA - "Anthem #4", GITTA - "No More Turning Back", LIGHTFORCE - "Dream Of Dolphins", some of them are new to me. I was particularly excited with new tune by FIOCCO - "The Music". I am fan of this project, and they delivered as usually very dynamic and dramatic, full-blown EURO-TRANCE with stirring synths and vivid female vocals. I also found C.J. Stone Remix of "7th Day" by MR. PHILLIPS quite entertaining. The CD is closed by starling "!Sexomatic" tune from DJ JAM X vault. Very appealing and aggressive TRANCE tune. A perfect finish for perfect mix. In sound sampler I featured 7 tracks taken from both CDs. Enjoy!

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CD 1 - Full Length Versions
01. DARUDE - Sandstorm (Radio Edit)
02. MARIO PIU - Techno Harmony (My Love) (In F.M. Mix)
03. BLANK & JONES - DJ Culture (New Short Cut)
04. PULSEDRIVER - Your Spirit Is Shining (Short Mix)
05. BOMFUNK MC'S - B-Boys & Fly Girls (Original Version)
06. MARIO LOPEZ - The Sound Of Nature Part 2 (Short Club Edit)
07. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - La Danse
08. TREVOR & SIMON - Hands Up (Radio Edit)
09. BLACK LEGEND - You See The Trouble In Me (We'll Be In Trouble Radio Edit)
10. DJ SCOT PROJECT - F (Future Is Now) (Airplay Mix)
11. BEAM vs. CYRUS - Thunder In Paradise (Airplay Mix)
12. KOALA - Australia 2000 (Olympic Beats & Sydney Radio) (1)
13. LEXY & K-PAUL - Freak (Short)
14. DJ OVERDOG - Bassmachine (Radio Edit)
15. ALEX ROCCO - Set U Free (Radio Cut) (2)
16. HYPETRAXX - See The Day (Video Mix)
17. NOSTRUM & FRANK KÜNNE - Sundown (When I'm Thinking Of You) (Vocal Radio Edit)
18. NO NAME - Off (Radio Edit)
19. LIQUID BASS - In Full Effect (Dance On Signal Mix)
20. BOB SINCLAIR - I Feel For You (Radio Edit)
CD 2 - In The Mix by KOSMONOVA
01. KOSMONOVA - Discover The World (Short Version)
02. SCOOPERS - Rock The House (Radio Mix)
03. FLOORFILLA - Anthem #4 (DJ Cerla Floorfiller Radio Mix)
04. IBIZA - How Are You (Central Seven Club Mix)
05. SHAUN BAKER - On A Helium Trip (Radio Version)
06. G-SPOT - Melo-G. (Radio Version)
07. GITTA - No More Turning Back (Kosmonova Remix)
08. LIGHTFORCE - Dream Of The Dolphins (Radio Mix) (3)
09. FIOCCO - The Music (Extended Vocal Mix) (4)
10. MR. PHILLIPS - 7th Day (C.J. Stone Remix) (5)
11. STEVE MORLEY - Reincarnation
12. TANK - I Hear Those Drums (Pulsedriver Remix)
13. ALEX-G & FAME - Freedom (Green Court Remix)
14. SUNCHILD - Nino Del sol (Club Mix)
15. VAN BUUREN & DJ TIESTO pres. ALIBI - Eternity (Original Mix)
16. GREEN COURT - Trancefiguration (Extended Mix)
17. RUSSENMAFIA - Go! (West Mix) (6)
18. FRANKY TUNES - Creation (Club Mix)
19. DJ JAM-X - !Sexomatic (DJ JamX & De Leon's "Du Monde" Mix) (7)
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Title: Trancemaster 26 reviewed on 11/19/00
Label: 2000 Vision Soundcarriers / Zomba (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 302 4099-2
TRANCEMASTER 2oo6 The series of TRANCEMASTER has been on the market for several years (since 1994 I believe), yet I never had a chance to review any of the release. Now it is a time to do something about it, especially since more and more enthusiasts of TRANCE genre visits What makes this series so attractive is choice of tracks. Not only having best of the best from the genre, but very often they are not part of the mainstream sound you hear here or there. It is actually truly club oriented set of tunes and always in extended, sometimes hard to get versions (that explains why "only" 23 tunes on both CDs). This is also very true for this, already 26th volume. You will be amazed by richness of the sound and incredible atmosphere this set delivers. Listening to "World Of Love" by VAN GOTT in The Hayloft Mix you will freeze in disbelief. Such a wonderful, high-flying TRANCE production with heavenly synths and angelic female vocals throughout! In similar, transcendental mood is "Dreamworld" by RED WING. It's another full-throttle TRANCE monster rising high in soaring synths waves! Very dramatic with exciting bits of female vocals! Speaking of female vocals, it is very interesting how many TRANCE artists using them to add mystery and sensuality to their tracks. It was also used by DJ-TOM-X in "Free Your Feelings" to achieve additional effect and it worked perfectly. Also DARK MOON's "Virtual Mind" monster tune that will keep you running for more than 7 minutes with it's rollecoaster ups and downs emplyed femalie vocals. You will be ecstatic about well embeded orchestration. In other tune: "Sunrise At Palamos" by M.I.K.E. reverbed monk-type male vocals were used instead in the background. The outcome is quite interesting and powerful. When you will check the track listing, you probably will recognize titles you already know like "Ahmea" by DJ NATRON & REVERB pres. FLUTLICHT, "Strings Of Infinity" by TOPMODELZ, "Devotion" by YAHEL and several others. But again, let me remind you that you are presented with full club-oriented versions, so you can't go wrong! This set is really something you should try. If you like FERRY CORSTEN sound or DJ TIESTO (one of his original song and one remix are featured here as well) you will be extremely pleased with this offering. I featured 6 songs taken from both CDs for your enjoyment! You will love every second of it :-)

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CD 1
01. ALEX-G & FAME - Freedom (Green Court Remix)
02. VAN GOTT - World Of Love (The Hayloft Mix) (3)
05. RED WING - Dreamworld (1)
06. DJ TOM-X - Free Your Feelings
07. DARK MOON - Virtual Minds (2)
08. CHARADE - Summerbreeze
09. M.I.K.E - Sunrise At Palamos
10. KAMAYA PAINTERS - Far From Over
11. FRANKY TUNES - Creation
12. F STARR - Moments/Energy

CD 2
01. DELERIUM - Silence (DJ Tiesto Remix)
02. ULTRA - Free
03. TOPMODELZ - Strings of Infinity
04. MOON PROJECT - Glow (4)
05. DJ RED 5 - Rocking Affair (5)
06. NYLON - If You Love Me (Nylon Mix)
07. YAHEL - Devotion (Armin Remix)
08. TWO MIND - New Choice (6)
09. 2000: CANARIAS - Sunseeker
10. GARY D. - Elevate Your Mind (Tom Stevens Remix)
11. DJ TIESTO - Sparkless
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Title: Mad About The Boy 6 reviewed on 11/11/00
Label: Klone Records/Rumour Records (England)
Style: High Energy/Dance
Index #: CDKOPY 122
Mad About The Boy 6 I have been neglecting fans of HIGH ENERGY for sometime now, so let me control the damage. Let me start from U.K. releases. In last several weeks I have received several releases from KLONE RECORDS. I keep reviewing them usually when they come, but now I am pretty much delayed. So be prepared for reviews coming on thie releases. Today let me present you with volume 6 of their quite popular "Mad About The Boy" series. With set of two CD you are being treated with top notch HI-NRG sound and all featured tracks are brand new and at their Club versions. Among featured artists you will find TERESA MARIE with her two brand new tracks: "Life Is A Rollercoaster" and "Harmony" released as single back in September 2000. This is her debut on KLONE. For the first one she teamed with Manchaster production outfit Boyz With Toys (DJs: Ross Alexander and MR. B). "Harmony" was originally recorded by HI-NRG Diva HAZELL DEAN as ballad back on her album "Heartfirst". Now Marie Teresa gave it more updated and uplfifting sound. I am sure also other artists will bring you joy. For instance fans of CHEKMATE will find her 2 new titles "Turn Back The Hands Of Time" and "Seasons In The Sun". Both truly oustanding HI-NRG marvels. Also new material from RE4FORMATION, KRIME, DIVA DELUX and other are being featured. If you were in search for good, uplifting HI-NRG, you are now in luck! Great set of twent tunes! Great music, Great beat, great dance! Get it !!! For sound sampler I created mix containing 6 tracks from this release. I hope it will help you to make your purchase decision! Enjoy!

For more information about this and another releases please visit Klone/Rumour Records on line.

CD 1
01. TERESA MARIE - Life Is A Rollercoaster (Extended Version) (1)
02. ULTIMA - Why Does It Always Rain On Me (Club Mix)
03. RE4MATION - Amazed (Club Mix)
04. CHEKMATE - Turn Back The Hands Of Time (Club Mix)
05. DIVE DELUX feat. DEE - I Try (Klub Mix)
06. DED CRED feat. SAM WALKER - Sex Drive (2)
07. FLESH feat. ANGIE BROWN - The Greatest
08. KAMOUFLAGE - Something (Club Mix)
09. RE4MATION - Show Me Heaven (Club Mix)
10. SUNSEEKERS - I Need Your Lovin' (Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes) (Club Mix) (3)

CD 2
01. FLESH feat. ANGIE BROWN - The Greatest Love Of All (The Flesh Boys Mix)
02. DIVE DELUX feat. DEE - Proud (Klub Mix)
03. RE4MATION - We Belong (Club Mix)
04. ULTIMA - The Beach (4)
05. TERESA MARIE - Harmony (Mr. B's Club Mix) (5)
06. WESTFIELD - Strong (Club Mix)
07. DIVA DELUX feat. DEE - Round & Round
08. KRIME - Kiss Me There (Made In Miami Mix)
09. CHEKMATE - Seasons In The Sun (Club Mix) (6)
10. WESTFIELD - You're Gorgeous
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Title: The Best Of C.C. Catch - The Ultimate Collection reviewed on 11/11/00
Label: 2000 BMG Ariola (Germany)
Style: High Energy
Index #: 74321 758962
THE BEST OF C.C. CATCH Time for CLASSIC HIGH ENERGY. If you are devoted to classic sound of MODERN TALKING, BLUE SYSTEM, FANCY or BAD BOYS BLUE you are probably familiar with C.C. CATCH. Caroline Catharina Müller (real name of C.C. CATCH) started her singing career back in early 80's. What really made her famous was a close collaboration with Dieter Bohlen of MODERN TALKING. He wrote virtually all her songs during period of 1986-1988. During that period of time she released 5 albums and 12 singles. This compilation entitled "The Best Of C.C. Catch - The Ultimate Collection" brings back the memory of that time. Triple CD compilation contains 40 titles and 2 Megamixes (one is Short and another in Long Version). You will find here here mega hits like "Heartbeat Hotel", "Like A Hurricane", "Backseat Of Your Cadillac" "Heaven And Hell", "'Cause You Are Young", "Stranger By Night " and many, many more. The title really stands for an ULTIMATE collection. C.C. CATCH has a powerful and sweet voice that brings the sound to a higher level. At the time of original recording of these song by C.C. CATCH, MODERN TALKING itself was taking European dancefloor by the storm. No wonder than, by the feel of her songs and MODERN TALKING is the same. After all Dieter Bohlen wrote what he liked the most and extrapolated them to C.C. CATCH songs. You might draw the conclusion that Caroline herself didn't have her input, and you are actually right. As a matter of fact Dieter didn't let her. That was the reason why C.C. CATCH left him as her producer and writer and chosen her own path. Regardless, that was the time when she got her fame. I am extremely pleased to present you with this collection. It is truly a rare occasion to have an outstanding set with such a great sound, without need to dig to comps that have some single titles from her. Here you have them all, conveniently wrapped in one set. If you miss here 98 releases featuring Megamixes with rap performed by Krayzee, you are lucky. Mixes are here as well. For sound sampler I picked 9 titles (3 from each CD) and I made a medley for your enjoyment! Make yourself a nice Christmas Gift! I am sure you will enjoy it better than Playstation 2 :-)

For more information about C.C CATCH visit her site at:

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CD 1
01. Backseat Of Your Cadillac
02. Dancing In Shadows
03. Good Guys Only Win In Movies (2)
04. Don't Be A Hero
05. Are You Man Enough (1)
06. Don't Wait Too Long
07. Heartbeat City
08. Strangers By Night
09. Smokey Joe's Café
10. Heaven And Hell (3)
11. Don't Shoot My Sheriff Tonight
12. 'Cause You Are Young
13. Wild Fire
14. Megamix (Short Version)
CD 2
01. Song Title: Heartbeat Hotel
02. Fire Of Love
03. Do You Love As You Look
04. House Of Mystic Lights (Long Version Dance Mix)
05. If I Feel Love
06. You Can't Run Away From It
07. Summer Kisses
08. Like A Hurricane (4)
09. Nothing But A Heartache (5)
10. You Can Be My Lucky Star
11. Jump In My Car (Maxi-Version)
12. Night In Africa
13. Tears Won't Wash Away My Heartache
14. One Night's Not Enough (6)
CD 3
01. I Can Loose Mu Heart Tonight
02. Are You Serious
03. Baby I Need Your Love
04. Hollywood Nights (7)
05. Stop - Draggin' My Heart Around (8)
06. Soul Survivor
07. Born On The Wind
08. Stay
09. V.I.P. (They're Callin' Me Tonight)
10. Midnight Gambler
11. Little By Little
12. Picture Blue Eyes
13. You Shot A Hole In My Soul (9)
14. Megamix (Long Version)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Techno Club - Vol. 11 reviewed on 10/21/00
Label: 2000 Sony Music Media / Dance Division(Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 500681 2
TECHNO CLUB - Vol. 11 (Talla 2XLC goes PULSEDRIVER I never reviewed this series, partially because I never got it before. This is definately very interesting one since it feaures "battles" of DJs. Each release has two CDs and each of the CD is mixed by one DJ. This issue features icon of TECHNO sound: TALLA 2XLC as well as PULSEDRIVER. Both CDs are mixed and contains incredible sound. The first CD is mixed by TALLA 2XLC. Seems he also shifted from hard TECHNO toward more TRANCE sound. Actually more aggressive TRANCE if you will. His mix starts with "Make A Dream" by BISMARK. Well.. this is TECHNO. Featured Extended Mix is a pounding tune right from the beginning. Big room stomper to prepare dance floor for more to come. This tune flawlessly extends to TRANCE oriented "Nexus Point" by ROLAND KLEIN that sets the mood for following tunes. Among them are "Atmosphere" by PHONETIC with uplifting synths and monstereous bottom. Many great choices TALLA 2 XLC executed in his mix. Tracks like "Tribal Dance" by CANALOGUE, revamped classic HOUSE track by LIL LOUISE "French Kiss" done in TECHNO/TRANCE by NIGHTCLUB with KILLER French female vocals and many others makes his mix an excellent dance experience. Also PULSEDRIVER delivered first rate mix. His starts with high beat, synth-driven monster "Devotion" by YAHEL. Featured Armin Van Buuren Mix is a stunning TRANCE with attitude! You will love hooks and beatiful instrumental background with full orchestration elements making this tune an ELECTRONIC/DREAM marvel. I am telling you. The experience you will encounter cannot be described. You will just fall into dimension you never knoew existed. Close your eyes and let it drive you to the dreamland full of exctasy and adventure. Also many other tracks on this mix that should give your mind a bit of work like "Desire" by E.N.E.R.G.Y. or crafted to perfection "Missing Link" by ALPHA BREED. Taken together you are presented with the set that should fulfill your desire for first rate, transcendental TRANCE sound. Both mixes are technically good and content mind-blowing. Try to find this CD, you will not regret it! I featured 8 songs taken from both CDs. Whatever your feeling will be after listening to it, keep in mind that I was not able to squeeze more tracks. You just gotta get the real thing to enjoy!

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CD 1 - Talla 2 XLC Mix
01. BISMARK - Make A Dream (Extended Mix)
02. ROLAND KLEIN - Nexus Point (Jay Frog Mix) (1)
03. SEAN DEXTER - Three Ways Of Humiliation
04. PHONETIC - Atmosphere (Arne LII Remix)
05. ULTRA - Free
06. TRAVELLER - Bright Sign
07. DUSTIN DUVAL - Satisfaction (Elevation Mix) (2)
08. CANALOGUE - Tribal Dreams (3)
09. NIGHTCLUB - Frenchkiss (Misar Mix)
10. BALLROOM - Passenger (Marc O'Tool Remix)
11. KARUMA - On-Y-Va (DJ Tandu & DJ Mind-X Mix) (4)
12. DITO - For Your Mind
13. PLASTIC ANGEL - Pascale (Plastic Angel Remix) (5)
14. DJ NATRON & REVERB presents "FLUTLICHT" - Ahmea
CD 2 - Pulsedriver Mix
01. YAHEL - Devotion (Armin Van Buuren Remix)
02. CRISPY - In & Out (Signum Remix) (6)
03. E.N.E.R.G.Y. - Desire
04. ALPHA BREED - Missing Link (7)
06. ALLURE - No More Tears (Abnea Remix)
07. DOGMA - Dimension (8)
08. PULSEDRIVER - Your Spirit Is Shining
09. ALEX-G & FAME - Freedom (Green Court Remix)
10. CAPE 4 - Africa (DJ Helios Remix)
11. DJ KESSOK - Reality (Pulsedriver Remix)
12. DE LEON - Fate
13. FRANKY TUNES - Creation
14. 2000:CANARIAS - Sunseeker
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Techno Marathon Vol. 2 - The Ultimate Megamix reviewed on 10/15/00
Label: 2000 Dance Network/ZYX (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DNT10056-2
Techno Marathon - The Ultimate Megamix - Volume 2 Seveal months ago SWG Team prepared legal bootleg for Dance Network/ZYX called "TECHNO MARATHON". You should be familiar with CHARTMIX series that this team produces as well. If you like mixes like the one I am featuring each month you will be delighted with this double CD featuring 80 TECHNO and TRANCE oriented tunes mixed to perfection. Indeed the mix is excellent and content is superb. When you will check the track listing you will be impressed by choices made for this release. Essential tunes from both genres are here making this set a party stomper. You will also find rare tracks that were not featured in any previously reviewed compilations and albums. Still this set should be a good reference for some of you who are searching for new tunes, but trust me it will do good as entertainment in your car or fpr party. I picked 11 tracks for sound samplers . I retained original mixing in consecutive tunes as well as their length. This should give you an idea about featured music. Again, if you like mixes this one is essential. You can't go wrong with it!. Enjoy superb sound, get up and dance!

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CD 1
01. FLOORFILLA - Anthem #3
02. BILLIE RAY MARTIN - Honey (Chicane Remix)
03. C.O.P. PROJECT - Pornostar
04. FLOORFILLA - Anthem #2
05. TRANS MOTION - The Fate
06. DISC-O-MAGIC - Partytime
07. VITAMINO feat. DA FORCE - What I've Got
08. DEEJAY HYDE - (My Heart Goes) Techno
09. MRICKY & DANIELLI - Tu (Mark 'Oh Remix)
10. DJ TATANA feat. GOLDENGUY - Dream Off
11. SHAUN BAKER - On A Helium Trip (1)
12. REVIL O - Don't Stop (2)
13. DJ ARNE L II vs. MIRKO MILANO - Borg Baby (3)
14. R.A.W. - Tears (4)
15. THE CLUBKEEPERS - Tales From The Club
16. THE DRIVER PROJECT vs. MIKE LITT - Eternal Summer
17. SONIC INC. - The Taste Of Summer
18. IBIZA UNITED vs. KK PROJECT - Wait A Minute
19. LOVE & KEY PROJECT - Ocean In Motion
20. AGENT 909 - Mission Impossible Theme
21. AVANCADA - Dirty Bitch
22. KLEINE LISA - Lieber DJ
23. HYPETRAXX - The Darkside
24. KILLER K - Get On The Move
25. CRIZZ LEE - Teardrops In My Eyes
26. DER DRITTE RAUM - Der Schrittmacher
27. THE TOUCH - Wanna Be
28. QU-ZAR - Hypnotize Me
29. REMASTER - Deep N-R-G (Space Kid meets Woody Van Eyden Remix)
30. EXIT EEE - Epidemic
31. DJ WAG - The Big Bang
32. SOUTHSIDE SPINNERS - Luvstruck 2000
33. WEICHEI - Vollgas
34. DJ SHAH - Riddim
35. DAVE 202 feat. BORIS G. - Street Parade 2000 (Believe In Love)
36. LAUT-SPRECHER feat. KATIE SKATE - Richitg Laut
37. DJ SK1 - Open Your Mind
38. EDDIE LOCK vs. THE PRIEST - Calling My Name (5)
39. MIKE - Sunrise At Palamos (6)
40. S.O.S. - Rettet unsere Seelen (7)

CD 2
01. C.J. STONE - Infitity
02. DJ RED 5 - Que Pasa
03. DJ VALIUM - Omen III
04. CENTRAL SEVEN - Party People (DJ Shah Remix)
05. D-DEVILS - The Sixth Gate (Miss Distess X Remix)
06. ALTA-VISTA - Your Love Makes Me Up
07. HENNES & COLD - The Second Trip
08. DJ JAM X - Sex-O-Matic
09. SKR 309 - Maschinentanz
10. SCOOPERS - Rock The House
11. MASTER LUKE - Scared
12. AQUAGEN - Partyalarm
13. DJ TAYLOR & FLOW - Die unbekannte Dimension (8)
14. ROLAND KLEIN - Nexus Point (Jay Frog Mix) (9)
15. DJ MERLYN - Wales (10)
16. R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R. - Invasion Over Berlin (11)
17. MARIO LOPEZ vs. R.E.D. S.E.C.T.O.R. - Into My Brain
18. GENLOG - Mockmoon
19. GEEZMO - Wavebells
20. BELLS OF AVALON - Bells Of Avalon
21. DJ DIGRESS - Baila Pare Me
22. THE JOKER - The Orange Theme
23. BEAM & YANOU - Sound Of Love
24. DJ TAYLOR & FLOW - Exzess
25. TIMERIDERS - Future Generation
26. BOGART & GABLE - Year Of The Dragon
27. FINAL FANTASY - Controlling Transmission 2001
28. AUTOPILOT - Rechts abbiegen
29. RE-PLACE - Drop It
31. DERLER & KLITZING - Plasma Fire
32. C&N - Kaufrausch
33. 666 - D.E.V.I.L.
34. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - The Riddle
35. T-LEYDO - Chopper Slang
36. CAFÉ IBIZA - La Guitara
37. FLOORCONTROL - Mystic Melody
38. WESTBAM - Love Bass
39. THREE DRIVES ON A VINYL - Greece 2000
40. SVEN VÄTH - Pathfinder
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Trance Nation Four - Ferry Corsten reviewed on 10/15/00
Label: Ministry Of Sound (UK)
Style: Trance
Index #: TNCD4
TRANCE NATION FOUR Ministry of Sound a leading TRANCE label and underground UK club released four edition of TRANCE NATION series featuring 40 songs mixed FERRY CORSTEN himself. He has been DJ and producer sinc 1991 behind such projects as Starparty, Veracocha, Gouryella, System F and others. In October 1999 Ferry was elected 'Producer of The Yeart' during Ericsson Muzik Award and in May 2000 his mix of "Barber's Adagio For Strings" was awarded title 'Best Remix' in Dancestar 2000 awards. I am sure all of you TRANCE music aficionado are already familiar with his music and his mixing art. This compilation is yet another proof of his talent. On first CD you will find several original FERRY CORSTEN mixes of such tracks as "Revelation" by Electrique Boutique, "I Need Your Lovin'" by Marc et Claude and of course "Barber's Adagio For Strings" by William Orbit. This particular tune truly defines TRANCE sound. Both CD contain a neverending adventure with ths sound. It's not just TRANCE but also majestic TECHNO and PROGRESSIVE with some other influences in between. Fans of CORSTEN's talent will find this offering a delicious and unique item to be part of their collection. For sound sampler I took 8 tracks from both CDs. I did not retain original mixing, you probably know it is oustanding anyway. This mix is just to show you what kind of music is featured and what you should expect! Get it!

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CD 1
01. ZOMBIE NATION - Kernkraft 400 (Original Mix)
02. STORM - Time To Burn (Original Mix)
PLANET PERFECTO - Bullet In The Gun 2000 (Solar Stone Mix)
04. DARUDE Sandstorm (Original Mix)
05. HI-GATE - Caned And Unable (Original Mix)
06. YORK - On The Beach (CRW Mix)
07. FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD - Two Tribes (Rob Searle Club Mix)
08. SUREAL - You Take My Breath Away (Lange Mix)
09. ELECTRIQUE BOUTIQUE - Revelation (Ferry Corsten Remix) (1)
10. MARC ET CLAUDE - I Need Your Lovin' (Like The Sunshine) (Ferry Corsten Remix)
11. WILLIAM ORBIT - Barber's Adagio For Strings (Ferry Corsten Remix)
12. RISING STAR - Touch Me (Darude Mix)
13. LOST WITNESS - 7 Colours (Original Mix) (2)
14. KAMAYA PAINTERS - Far From Over (Oliver Lieb Remix)
15. EN-MOTION - Truth (Original Mix)
16. THE WARRIOR - Warrior (Club Mix)
17. TILLMAN & RIES - Bassfly (Moogwai Remix)
18. A.T.F.C presents ONEPHATDEEVA feat. LISA MILLETT - Bad Habit (Armin Van Buuren Rising Star Mix)
19. ALEX D'EALIA vs. EBOP ALLSTARS - Isn't Life Wonderful? (Alex's Original Vocal Mix) (3)
20. TONCA BOYS - Meet Us At Tonca (Choir Boys Mix) (4)

CD 2
01. AMBER Sexual (Deep Dish Cheez, Whiz Dub)
02. JOSH WINK & LIL LOUIS - How's Your Evening So Far? (UK 12" Mix)
03. DELERIUM feat. SARAH MCLACHLAN - Silence (DJ Tiesto In Search Of Sunrise Remix) (5)
04. SISTER BLISS - Sister Sister (12" Mix)
05. KILLAHURTZ - West On 27th (Original 'Subway' Mix)
06. JOHN JOHNSON - Impact (Original Mix)
07. TWISTER - Mauna Kea (Volcanic Mix)
08. JOHN '00' FLEMING - Free (Mark Shimmon & 3rd Degree's Twister Remix) (6)
09. SYSTEM F - Lost In Motion (Original Mix)
10. FREEFALL feat. JAN JOHNSTON - Skydive (Original Mix)
11. HUMAN MOVEMENT feat. SOPHIE MOLETA - Love Has Come Again (Original Mix)
12. MEMNON feat. SEROYA - Desire (Dub Mix)
13. PQM feat. CICA - The Flying Song (Acapella)
14. ALBION - Air 2000 (Oliver Lieb Remix)
15. KRISTINE BLOND - Love Shy (Electrique Boutique Vocal Mix)
16. ATLANTIS vs. AVATAR feat. MIRIAM STOCKLEY - Fiji (Lange Remix)
17. MOONMAN - Galaxia (Solar Stone Remix) (7)
18. ORION - Eternity (Darren Tate Mix) (8)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: DJ GIANTS AT WORK - Vol. 1 reviewed on 09/24/00
Label: 2000 Zeitgeist/Polydor / Universal Musik (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 543943 2
DJ GIANTS AT WORK - volume 1 This is brand new series released together by Polydor and Universal Records (actually prepared by Polystar Records that is currently a sublabel of UNiversal Records Germany). This CD was released in July, but I received it yesterday. It is very good so I decided to review it, even it it seems a little bit late. Several factors makes this compilation current and very valuable. First of each CD was mixed by either DJ MELLOW-D or PULSEDRIVER. Both well known and highly reputable groups and DJs. The track listing of both mixes is also very interesting and do contain some less known or even unknown (to me) tracks. First CD is mixed by DJ MELLOW-D. His mixing technique is well known so I will not focus on it, but what was really interesting to see great selection od pure TRANCE. He usually plays more TECHNO oriented tunes, but this mix is in it's majority a TRANCE one including his own new single "@ Night" remixed by Sunbeam. I have to admit, amazing mix. I don't have single so I do not know how other versions sound like, but trust me you will be delighted with what Sunbeam did. Also new AIRWAVE tune "Above The Sky" is introduced. This is galloping TRANCE/RAVE tune. Even if it sounds "monotonic" it still has power and incredibly well synth-driven bottom. I also never heard before "Mutternkorn" by DJ NATRON & REVERB pres. FLUTLICHT. Second CD is mixed by PULSEDRIVER. Among featured titles you will find PULSEDRIVER's own remixes of such tunes as "Remember" by ASTRAL INC. or "Navigator" by GARY D. or his own like "Your Spirit Is Shining" remixed by Frank-E & Mars-I. I really like this tune, it has a little bit of CHAKRA feeling if you will, Lush, powerful and compeling tune with soaring synth lines. I am sure you will like this one a lot. Same goes to "Rotate" by FRANK-E & MARS-1. The synth work is simply irresistible. Again, let me tell you this is one hot mix to enjoy! I am looking forward into next volumes that I hope will be at least equallt good. Trust my review and try to get this double CD compilation you will not regret my recommendation. For the sound sampler I picked 8 tracks (4 from both CDs), I do regret though I didn't put more, but to achieve acceptable length of sound sampler, I did not have choice. I also did not retain the original mixing, but I wanted to show you the richness of sound featured in both CDs. Enjoy and run for it!

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CD 1 - DJ Mellow-D Mix
01. DJ MELLOW-D - @ Night (Sunbeam Remix) (1)
02. KATANA - Silence (Antic Remix)
03. SHANE - C'est Musique (Armin Van Buuren Remix) (2)
04. DUTCH FORCE - Deadline
05. AIRWAVE - Above The Sky (3)
06. THE THRILLSEEKERS - Synaesthesia (En-Motion Mix)
07. DJ NATRON & REVERB pres. FLUTLICHT - Mutterkorn (4)
08. FAST - Transmission (DJ Mellow-D Remix)
09. RAINBOW WARRIOR - Take It Away (Club Mix)
10. DJ TANDU presents AYLA - Outburst
11. DUMONDE - Just Feel Free (DJ JamX & DeLeon Mix)
12. ROM & COMIX - The Day After (DJ Lee Remix)
13. METEOR SEVEN - Universal Music (Dumonde Remix)
14. TOM WAX joins DJ JAMX & DELEON - Laut & Leise (DJ JamX & DeLeon Mix)
15. PLUG'N'PLAY - Prophecy
16. STORM - Time To Burn
17. REVIL D. Don't Stop
CD 2 - Pulsedriver Mix
01. FRAGMA - Toca's Miracle (Club Mix)
02. KAMAYA PAINTERS - Far From Over (Original)
03. MAURO PICOTTO - Komodo (Altenrative Mix)
04. LUNATIC ASYLUM - Cabal (Energy Flow) (Plug'N'Play Remix)
05. THE TRANCE PROJECT - Flashback (Green Court Remix) (5)
06. CONDOR II - You Can Kiss My
07. ASTRAL INC. - Remember (Pulsedriver Remix) (6)
08. PULSEDRIVER - Your Spirit Is Shining (Frank-E & Mars-I Short Edit) (7)
09. FRANK-E & MARS-1 - Rotate (8)
10. NOSTRUM meets KÜNNE - Sundown (Extended Version)
11. ROCCO - Back In Town Again (Extended Mix)
12. GARY D. - Navigator (Pulsedriver Remix)
13. DIMINISH - Feel That (Out Of Grace Mix)
14. ALPHA BREED - Epic Future
15. FRANKY TUNES - Creation (Club Mix)
16. AROME - Here We Go (DJ Scot Project Remix)
17. TAZKA - Your Eyes (Jonah's Dub Mix)
18. FREEJACK IV - Emphatic
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: The Dome - Vol. 15 reviewed on 09/24/00
Label: 2000 BMG Ariola (Germany)
Style: Top 40
Index #: 74321 78556 2
THE DOME - Vol. 15 "The Dome" series similar to "VIVA HITS", "BRAVO HITS" caters to European version on TOP-40. You might asked why I actually bothered to review the release that bring a various type of music and you actually right! There was however the reason. When I look at the track listing I realized that between tunes from HIP-HOP, HOUSE, POP are some that do fall into EURO that did not appear on recently reviewed compilations here on First of all there is a new tune from ATC called "My Heart Beats Like A Drum" . Recently in single section I reviewed their previous tune, but here you have their newest release. Track itself is cute. It's still EURO but heavily equipped with synth strings. I believe that both EURODANCE and TRANCE fans will share their positive feeling about this track. You will notice many tunes sung in German. Among of them is "Ich bleibe wer ich bin" by ZLATKO. I am not sure how much you know about German FOLK music, but this particular track is a combination of FOLK and EURO. Quite twisted combination after all. Result however is quite interesting. It is happy and catchy tune. Also another German spoken ALEX and "Willst du?" presents you with quite dramatic EURO enriched with spoken male vocal and female singing. My attention also caught new production from Axel Breitung by defunct until now X-PERIENCE. "Island Of Dreams" is brand new single. Well... not exactly EURODANCE, rather crossover between X-PERIENCE and ENYA. Why I do not mind listening to it, I hardly will dance into it. I am not sure what other experiments Axel is conduction, but you better watch his laboratory. The results my be unexpected! Most of other tracks presented in this CD represents what's popular on German Radio with groups like DIE TOTEN HOSEN, TIC TAC TOE and others. There are few TRANCE/TECHNO tunes by KAI TRACID, MAURO PICOTTO or WARP BROTHERS and AQUAGEN, but they were already featured in other compilations. For sound sampler I have chosen 6 tracks more or less related to EURO, that's all I could find in this genre.

If you want to learn more about DOME Parties visit their site at:
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CD 1
01. ATC - My Heart Beats Like A Drum (Dam Dam Dam) (1)
02. DAS BO - Türlich, Türlich (Sicher Dicher)
03. TIC TAC TOE - Isch Liebe Disch
04. ZLATKO - Ich bleibe wer ich bin (2)
05. ALEX - Willst du? (3)
06. DIE 3. GENERATION - Das ist welt!
07. DIE TOTEN HOSEN - Warum werde ich nicht satt?
08. ECHT - Junimond
09. DJ ÖTZI - Hey Baby
11. PAOLA & CHIARA - Vamos A Ailar (Esta vida nueva)
12. ANDREA & JOHN - Gewinner
13. TAMY - High On Your Love
14. CHAYENNE - Boom Boom
15. GIRL THINK - Last One Standing
16. LAITH AL-DEEN - Bilder von dir
17. DESTINY'S CHILD - Jumpin', Jumpin'
18. MARY MARY - Shacles (Praise You)
19. WARP BROTHERS vs. AQUAGEN - Phatt Bass
20. BOMFUNK MC'S - B-Boys & Fly Girls
CD 2
01. LOONA - Latino Lover (The Greatest Lover) (6)
02. 2 ORANGE BLUE - She's Got That Light
03. ZOROTL - I Wanna Be
05. ANTON feat. DJ ÖTZI - Gemma bier Trinken
06. RALF SÖGEL - Verliebte Fischer
07. GIGI D'AGOSTINO - Another Way (4)
09 AQUAGEN & INGO APPELT - Tanz für mich
10. CHICANE - No Ordinary Morning
11. MAURO PICOTTO - Komodo
12. X-PERIENCE - Island Of Dreams (5)
14. ATEMLOS - Ohne dich
15. MYBALLOON - On My Way
16. KAI TRACID - Tiefenrausch (The Deep Blue)
17. EM LOOMES - My Lovely Senorita
18. PHIL LOVELL - Have You Ever
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: MAGIK SIX - Live In Amsterdam (mixed by DJ Tjësto)-MAGIK FIVE - Heaven Beyondreviewed on 09/21/00
Label: 2000 Black Hole Recording (Holland)
Style: Trance
Index #: BLACK HOLE CD 15
MAGIK SIX - Live In Amsterdam I am sure fans of DJ TIËSTO will warmly welcome this brand new mix done by him. DJ TIËSTO recorded that mix live on June 23rd at a WILDLIFE event (a joint venture of Black Hole and Groove Lounge labels) that takes place in Amsterdam four times a year. I, myself am true fan of his talent. Not only as a DJ but also as a music writer and producer. DJ TIËSTO became unquestionbly one of the most influencial and sought after DJ and producer. This set containing 15 songs once again shows his talent and taste of TRANCE he likes to play for raving crowd. Choice of tunes for this mix is extraodinary. Starting with "Fratty Boy" by AFTERBURN written by Agnelli and Nelson sets the euphoric climate for the party to come. With dramatic bottom and exstatic synth work you are being driven into incredible TRANCE experience lasting for next 77 minutes! You will love tracks like "Voyage" by YAHEL, you will crave with "Surreal" by FREE RADICAL, get nostalgic with "Purple Cloud" by THE SWIMMER, pumped up by amazingly dramatic "Viola" by MOOGWAI (Armin Van Buuren's remix is simply above state of the TRANCE art). DJ TIËSTO's own remix is featued in "Silence" by DELERIUM. This one is a beauty with catchy synth lines and explosive rhythm galore compliented by heavenly yet haunting female vocals. Actually all featured tunes in this one incredible turntable mix delivered by DJ TIËSTO are excellent. I guarantee you unforgetable dance experience with this set. It's a MUST for everybody who is serious about first rate TRANCE! In sound sampler I featured 6 tracks and reatained original mixing tracks (to show you DJ TIËSTO mixing technique) but signficantly shortened to fit the sampler. All of them are in full length on the CD. Please let me know what you think after you will get it!.

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01. AFTERBURN - Fratty Boy (1)
02. SUNBURST - Eyeball (John Johnson Remix) (2)
03. YAHEL - Voyage (3)
04. FREE RADICAL - Surreal (En Motion Remix) (4)
05. FIRE & ICE - Forever Young
06. THE SWIMMER - Purple Cloud
07. DELERIUM - Silence (DJ Tiësto's In Search Of Sunrise Remix) (5)
08. MOOGWAI - Viola (Armin Van Buuren Remix) (6)
09. KAMAYA PAINTERS - Wasteland
10. CLOUD 69 - Sixty Nine Ways
11. AIRWAVE - Escape From Nowhere
12. DAWNSEEKERS - Gothic Dream (John Johnson Remix)
13. PUSH - Till We Meet Again (Album Mix)
14. VDM - No Hesitation
15. PULSER 0 Cloudwalking

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Tunnel Trance Force - Vol. 14 reviewed on 09/21/00
Label: 2000 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 499966 2
TUNNEL TRANCE FORCE - Vol. 14 New edition of "Tunnel Trance" is out and it is packed with 36 essential TECHNO/TRANCE fares mixed as usually by DJ DEAN. This popular series established itself already as one of the leading in this genre. This one is equally good as previous releases and DJ DEAN did an outstanding job of mixing tunes on both CDs. First CD starts with TECHNO tune "Phatt Bass" by WARP BROTHERS vs. AQUAGEN. This one should be already familiar, like other titles such new tune by KAI TRACID - "Tiefenrausch" (I posted video to this one in VIDEO Section) "Silence" by KATANA as well as many others. Let me focus your attention on Dark Moon Remix of "I Need Your Lovin'" by MARC ET CLAUDE. This mix is very impressive, and track itself is near the top of every big-name European spinners playlist. This particular mix has driving beats and epic, sweeping synth line. Plain floor-filling glory at it's best! You also shouldn't miss Sunbeam Remix of "Just Feel Free" by DUMONDE done in true Balearic style. For thrilling experience you gotta check "Controlling Transmission 2000" by FINAL FANTASY. Absolutely perfect marvel to pack your dance floor. Equally pounding is Marc Van Linden Extended mix of "Da Future" by DJ TROOPER. Second CD is also loaded with amazing TRANCE and TECHNO sound! It starts with fierce "Mirage" by CLUB INVADERS vs. MISS THUNDERPUSSY. If you haven't heard this track before be prepared for quite an experience. If you into DARK PROGRESSIVE sound don't forget to check Hypetraxx remix of "Fog Desire" by MC JUMP. Uplifting "Dark Horizon" by DARK MOON is flawlessly mixed with "World Of Innocence" by AQUAPLEX. This entire CD makes perfect DJ set and party bouncer. You will enjoy it! The sound sampler contains 8 songs from both CDs. Let me remind you, that it is only a sampler, you have to get the real thing to enjoy it. It's priceless!

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CD 1 - Moon Mix
01. WARP BROTHERS vs. AQUAGEN - Phatt Bass (Aquagen Club Mix)
02. PULSEDRIVER - Barracuda (Extended Mix)
03. KAI TRACID - Tiefenrausch (The Deep Blue) (Peyote Song Club Mix)
04. MARC ET CLAUDE - I Need Your Lovin' (Dark Moon Remix)
05. METEOR SEVEN - Universal Music (DJ Scot Project Mix)
06. SOUTH SIDE SPINNERS - Luvstruck 2000 (DJ Dean Remix)
07. STORM - Time To Burn (Mauro Picotto Mix)
08. DARUDE - Just Feel Free (Sunbeam Remix)
09. KATANA - Silence (Gary D. Remix)
10. MISS PEPPERMINT - Day By Day (C.J. Stone Mix)
11. MAURO PICOTTO - Komodo (Alternative Mix)
12. FINAL FANTASY - Controlling Transmission 2001 (1)
13. LEPORE - Trust Me (2)
14. DJ TROOPER - Da Future (Marc Van Linden Extended Mix)
15. DJ DEAN & DANNY K. - In My Heart (3)
16. NYLON - If You Love Me (Nylon Mix)
17. FRANKY TUNES - Creation
18. ARMIN - Communication (Original Mix)
CD 2 - Saturn Mix
01. CLUB INVADERS vs. MISS THUNDERPUSSY - Mirage (Jay's Frog Club Mix)
02. MC JUMP - Fog Desire (Hypetraxx Remix)
03. DIVINO - Proper to Men (4)
04. DARK MOON - Dark Horizon (Club Mix) (5)
05. AQUAPLEX - World Of Innocence
06. BLADE ATTACK - Waterloops
07. JOSÉ AMNESIA - Hentai (Original Mix) (6)
08. MAT SILVER - Memories
09. DJ ELB - Relief My Pain
10. SILVER LIQUID - Feel The Power (7)
11. SOLID SLEEP - Heartbeat
12. VAN GOTT - World Of Love (The Playmates Mix)
13. RAINMAKER - Eternal Fire (Trance Action Mix)
14. VINCENT VEGA - Babylon
16. REBOOT & GROUNDZERO - After The Beep (Club Edit)
17. ACCUFACE - Re-Energize Your Soul (8)
18. SPACE PLANET - Lochfraß
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Kosmonauts @ Kontor reviewed on 09/17/00
Label: 2000 Kontor Records / Kosmo Records / Edel Records (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: 0070402ERE
KOSMONAUTS @ KONTOR A little bit history first. In October of 1999 München based label KOSMO took their tour "Sta Prest" in Hamburg, where DJ's from this label played in famous club KONTOR (also having their label). Both relatively young and ambitious labels are taking the German dance floor by the storm. Kosmo Records established in 1995 by Michael Rank has following DJs calling themselves KOSMONAUTS: Tom Novy, Da Hool, Andry Nalin, DJ Tomcraft, DJ Moguai, Phil Fuldner, Niels va Gogh and others. Kontor Records was established in the end of 1997 by Jens Thele to support DJ's playing at KONTOR club. Under this label we have acts like ATB, Blank & jones, Sunbeam, Rank 1, Hi-Gate, SQ-1, Trance Allstars, CJ Stone, Miss Jane, Adeva and Woody van Eyden. This double CD album is a result of collaboration between both labels. From Kosmo site we have DJ TOMCRAFT and from Kontor SUNBEAM. First CD features mostly TECHNO sound as what DJ TOMCRAFT likes to play the most. You might remember this year huge hit by both guys called "Versus" under the wings of labels directors: Michael Rank (Kosmo) and Jens Thele (Kontor).The CD starts from this song and flawlessly being mixed with current hit by STORM "Time To Burn". Many good tracks on this CD, just to mention "Just Feel Free" by DuMonde, "Gate To Hell" by DJ Marc LaCruz, or "Walhalla" by DJ Tiesto and Ferry Corsten project Walhalla. Second CD mixed by SUNBEAM features excellent choice of TRANCE monsters with titles like "The Nightfly" by Blank & Jones, "Escape 2" by Kay Cee, "Summer" by ATB and many, many others. You have 40 songs on both CD mixed for your continuous dance adventure. For the sound sampler I have chosen 8 tracks (4 from each CD) and retained the original mixing wherever it was possible. This should give you an idea how the mixes are done. I am sure that most of you who fall for this sound will love this compilation. You might know many songs featured in here, but set like this make such offering very exciting. You should get it!

CD 1
01. TOMCRAFT vs. SUNBEAM Versus (Original Mix)
02. STORM - Time To Burn (12" Long Version)
03. HYPETRAXX - The Darkside (Original Mix)
04. SVEN VÄTH - Dein Schweiss (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix)
05. SCHUBRAKETEN - Superheftig People (Nicht So Heftig Mix)
06. DUMONDE - Just Feel Free (DJ JamX & DeLeon Mix) (1)
07. DJ ARNE L II - Rest In Peace (2)
08. MAX B. GRANT vs. UNIQUE - Ex--Trax (Please Call Again Later) (3)
09. DJ MARC LACRUZ - Gate To Hell (4)
10. FREEFALL - Skydive (Original)
11. TOMCRAFT @ ENIAC - Great Stufff (Tomcraft Live Mix)
12. DJ HOOLIGAN - The Culture
13. OLIVER MOLDAN - Not Ever Real (DJ Tomcraft Mix)
14. DJ TOMAC - Overdose
15. DIAL M. FOR MOGUAI - Bang The Drum
16. PLUG 'N' PLAY - Bodyrock (Original Mix)
17. GOURYELLA - Walhalla (Extended)
18. DJ ROCHUS - Pump-Kin (Monolink Mix)
19. NIELS VAN GOGH - Midnight
20. STARFIGHTER - Apache (Hi-Gate-Mix)
CD 2
01. FRAGMA - Toca's Miracle (Club Mix)
02. KATANA - Silence (Antic Remix)
03. BLANK & JONES - The Nightfly (Original Mix)
04. SUNBEAM - Wake Up! (Club Mix)
05. TAUCHER - Science Fiction (ATB Remix)
06. PAFFENDORF - Everybody Scream (Club Mix)
07. KAY CEE - Escape 2 (Club Mix)
08. DJ HITCH HIKER feat. LUNATIC ASYLUM - Cabal (Hitch Hiker & Dumondt's Gom Jabar 12" Mix) (5)
09. DUTCH FORCE - Deadline (Extended Version) (6)
10. SPACE DEEJAYS feat. DJ VOODOO - Into Space (C.J. Stone & Caba Kroll's Rising Sun Mix) (7)
11. ATB - The Summer (Ibiza Influence Version)
12. REFLEX - Lui (Sea Mix)
13. LAVA - Autumn (The Fall Mix)
14. D.O.N.S. - Sputnik (D.O.N.S. Club Mix)
15. ART BIZARRE - 69 (Plug'N' Play Remix)
16. MISS SHIVA - Do You Feel So Right (Hypetraxx Remix)
17. CLUBMASTERZ - Cyberdrive (Syntone's Airforce 1 Remix) (8)
18. JUAN LOPEZ - Chica (Club Mix)
19. A.I.D.A. - Remember Me (Extended Mix)
20. AURORA - Hear You Calling (Condor Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Lovestern Galaktika - Volume 3 reviewed on 09/17/00
Label: 2000 Sony Music Media / Dance Division (Germany)
Style: Techno/Trance
Index #: DAD 498752 2
Lovestern Galaktika Volume 3 - Double CD Compilation So what is LOVESTERN GALAKTIKA? If you are visiting LOVE PARADE in Berlin usually organized every Summer in July, you probably know already. If you do not, let me explain. Lovestern Galaktika is techno party usually taking place during Love Parade in Water City Berlin and is organized by Friends And Sons Production since 1995. It has been a highlight of Love Parade since. Additionally, this year special event called "Lovestern Galaktika meets EXPO 2000" took place in September 09, 2000 in Hannover Germany to celebrate EXPO 2000 exhibition. The event had 10 DJs from 5 continents including names like: Sven Väth, Marc Spoon, Carl Cox, Afrika Bambaata, Josh Wink, Renato Lopez and others. Among DJs playing in this event was DJ SAMMY from Ibiza. You probably known him well from titles like "Prince Of Love", "You're My Angel" and other performed with his girlfriend CARISMA (known as LOONA). Quite recently he was also introduced as LOVESTERN GALAKTIKA meets LE PETIT SAM in "Lovestern Galaktika" or most recently "Loca Galaktika". Today, I am presenting you with the double set entitled "Lovestern Galaktika - Volume 3". I never had a chance to listen previous volumes but based on Volume 3, I think previous releases were good as well. Among 38 titles featured on both CDs you will find some current club hits by projects like: Blank & Jones, Floorfilla, Aquagen DJ Taylor & Flow, Lady Tom, DJ Jurgen and others. Indeed an excellent choice of titles. CDs are not mixed so you can enjoy the full tracks if you prefer. The only drawback is the fact that presented versions are rather short (how long could be versions if there are almost 40 tracks). This limitation however, should not preclude you from getting this set. To give you an idea what's in store I gave you a sound sampler consisting of 8 titles. Enjoy this fine selection of the titles and get the set NOW!

For more information about LOVESTERN GALAKTIKA visit their FLASH site at:

CD 1
01. BLANK & JONES - The Nightfly (Short Cut)
02. WARMDUSCHER - 10 Kleine Bassdrums (Video Bassdrum Mix)
03. FLOORFILLA - Anthem #3 (Radio Edit)
04. FRAGMA - Toca's Miracle (Radio Edit)
05. MARTIN EYERER - Euphoria (Radio Mix) (1)
06. DJ TAYLOR & FLOW - Exzess (Strike 2 Short Mix)
07. MISS SHIVA - Do You Feel So Right (Short Cut)
08. COSMIC PROJECT - Peacemaker (Radio Mix) (2)
09. AQUAGEN - Partyalarm (Und ab geht's) (Radio Mix)
10. RACOON - From The Deep 2000 (Greencourt's Radio Cut)
11. PETE NAMLOOK & MARC ROMBOY - The Space Driver
12. TRAUMMASCHINE - Maschinentraum (Liquid Child Remix Edit)
13. SIGNUM feat. SCOTT MAC - Coming On Strong (DJ Jurgen Remix)
14. BOSTON BOYS feat. TANYA - Sonic Silence (Single Cut Instrumental) (3)
15. U.K.W. - Hypnotic (Binary Finary Remix - Radio)
16. DOLPHIN'S MIND - Into The Blue (Radio Edit)
17. REJUVINATION - Requiem (Pulsedriver Mix) (4)
18. AXEL KONRAD - H.E.A.R.T. beat (Schrittmacher Mix)
19. YVES DE RUYTER - Factor (Original Radiomix)
CD 2
01. LOVESTERN GALAKTIKA meets LE PETIT SAM - Loca Galaktika (Tim J Remix)
02. KAY CEE - Escape 2 (Radio Edit)
03. LADY TOM - Loops & Tings 2000 (Marc Van Linden Video Edit) (5)
04. KLUBBHEADS - Turn Up The Bass (Radio Mix)
05. DJ JURGEN - Higher & Higher
06. DJ SHAH - Riddim (Single Cut)
07. MIRANDA - Feel The Effect (Earthbounds Extended Version) (6)
08. DJ ELB - Relieve My Pain (Radio Cut)
09. KATANA - Silence (Signum Radio Vocal)
10. DEEPSTAR - Pacific (Short Version) (7)
11. OUT OF GRACE - Anglia
12. RAINMAKER - Eternal Fire (Doug Laurent Radio Edit)
13. SPACEKID - Tune (SQ-1 Airplay)
14. !ATTENTION! - Heartattack (Heartattack Radio Edit)
15. HAREM DOCTORS - Heartbeat (Empire City Remix) (8)
16. TOM WAX joins DJ JAMX & DE LEON - Laut & Leise (DjJamX & De Leon Remix [German] - Edit)
17. KYAU vs. ALBERT - Great (Airplay)
18. TUNNEL ALLSTARS - Blue Lagoon (Rank 1 Short Edit)
19. SYSTEM F. - Cry (Radio Version)
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Title: DJ Mix vol. 2 reviewed on 09/16/00
Label: Sony Music Entertainment / Dance Division (Germany)
Style: Trance/Techno
Index #: DAD 498036 2
KAI TRACID - DJ Mix Vol. 2 Exactly one year ago I reviewed here Volume 1. Today is Volume 2. Even if I review this double set here in this section, it's not exactly an album, but rather the compilation. Similar to volume 1 this one features his official club tour set on 2 CDs. KAI TRACID is not only a talented music creator but also outstanding DJ. I am sure that many of you who are actually starting DJing and love TRANCE/TECHNO genre will use it as a valuable tool. We not only have here an excellent choice of music but also skilful technique of mixing songs. When you will browse through the featured titles, you will realize that many of them you probably already have, if you are of course crazy about getting new music. So in this term it might not necessary be news for you, but let me underline again that the strength of this album lies on mixing done by KAI TRACID. Both CDs were divided into two major styles. First one is mostly TRANCE oriented while the second one caters more in to TECHNO/PROGRESSIVE sound. Carefully selected tracks give an incredible club sound feeling, morever featured mixes are EXTENDED CLUB mixes only. With such tracks as "Gate To Heaven" by JUPITER ONE, "Communication" by ARMIN or KAI TRACID's own "Destiny's Path" you can't go wrong. HOT item! When I made sound sampler I focused rather on mixing than the music itself. You will find there 3 songs from the first CD and three from the second one and original mixing by KAI TRACID was retained! Enjoy!
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CD 1
01. BINARY FINARY - 2000 (DJ JamX & DuMinde's Millenium Remix) (1)
02. KAI TRACID - Destiny Path (Tandu Remix) (2)
03. JUPITER PRIME - Gate To Heaven (Main Mix) (3)
04. APOLLO FOUR FORTY - Stop The Rock (Gigolo Instrumental)
05. ARMIN - Communication (Original 12" Version)
06. AGNELLI & NELSON - Every Day, Every Moment, Every Time
07. PAUL VAN DYK - Another Way
08. SYSTEM F. - Cry (Oliver Lieb Remix)
09. KENJI OGURA - Cyber Tech (Original Mix)
10. TRIPLE CONCEPT - Tonetwister (Auto Mix)
11. DER VERFALL - Abfahrt (Energie Mix)
12. KAI TRACID - Peyote Song
CD 2
01. HENNES & COLD - First Step
02. A*S*Y*S - Acid Head Cracker (Auf die Nuss Mix)
03. A*S*Y*S - Acid Head Cracker (303 Inferno Mix)
04. KAI TRACID - Destiny's Path (Warmduscher Remix)
05. TECHNO TUBBIES - Winke Winke (ByeBye) (4)
06. DRAX LTD. II - Amphetamine (Original) (5)
07. KENJI OGURA - Cyber Tech (X-Form Remix) (6)
08. 8 BIT CITY LIMIT - Innerfleisch
09. MG PRES. DESTROYER - Destroyer
10. OZONE LAYER - Planetary Deterioration (Original 1989 Mix)
11. KNARZ - Knarzfunk
12. WELT IN SCHERBEN - Welt In Scherben 2
13. CONSOLE 14 - Zero Zero
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Dream Dance vol. 17 reviewed on 09/05/00
Label: 2000 Sony Music Media (Germany)
Style: Dream/Trance
Index #: 499718 2
Dream Dance volume 17 - Double CD Compilation Here it is hot off the press facility new ultra charged compilation from DREAM DANCE series. I am just truly amazed how constantly good this series is with every new release. SONY MEDIA folks that compiling this one deserve special recognition. This double CD is loaded with cutting-edge DREAM and TRANCE sound equally spreaded among both CD. First CD brings fares you already known like "Sound Of Love" by BEAM & YANOU or "Versus" by TOMCRAFT vs. SUNBEAM but this is not it. This CD also delivers some newer ultra hot and magificent tracks. Take for instance "No Sign Of Life" by AIRFIRE feat. TALLA 2XLC. State-of-the-art big room epic that takes TRANCE club fare to glorious new heights. Another haunting and beatiful is "Rotate" by FRANK-E & MARS. This one is very "Rank-1" alike. The track that made AIRWAVE an immortal group that delivered the anthem of the present TRANCE. This CD is really loaded with incredible tunes. You cannot afford to miss tracks like "Colours" by DJ MIND-X with rousing orchestration and incredible cosmic sound combining powerful TRANCE with transcendental DREAM sound. Equally massive is new TRANCE composition by SKYWALKER entitled "At Heaven". Quite interesting experiment was performed by Marco Glanz in his project SEBASTIAN. He "altered" the original "Toccata" and Fogue in D Minor by Bach and gave it hypnotic highly charged PROGRESSIVE TRANCE feel. Incredible. Another sort of OPERA-TRANCE is represented by "The Last Escape" by TERRA V. Amazing strings enpowered by angelic female vocals that explodes later as big-room TRANCE to die for. Oh My! I am speechless! The second CD is also something else. It starts with "Love Parade 2000" written especially for this event and performed by DR. MOTTE & WESTBAM. Combination of TECHNO and TRANCE is exactly what that July event was all about. The second on this CD is another "Rank-1" tune by TUNNEL ALLSTARS entitled "Blue Lagoon" also recently released as a single. No wonder the featured mix is by Bervoets & de Goelj, original writers of "Rank-1". Epic sweep of majestic synth lines with seductive female vocals murmuring throughout the track. DJ SAMMY is back as Le Petit Sam in "Loca Galaktica" by LOCA GALACTICA. I already featured the video clip to this track in VIDEO SECTION as well as to other tracks featured in both CDs. This set is truly amazing. I would be the most happy camper if all featured tracks would have natural ending. Unfortunately, many mixes featured has extended play time and were harshly shortened. I simply would prefer to have less tracks yet in their's full length. To wipe your tears off, second CD contains cool DREAM DANCE screen saver. I installed it and I like it. By all means I recommend this set to anyone that is into dance music. Collectors of the series do not need invitations, I am sure! For the sound sampler I have chosen 8 tracks from both CDs. Actually to make this sound sampler I should feature at least 20 tracks, believe me, it is THAT GOOD! Enjoy the mix and run to get the get the real CD!

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CD 1
01. MARC ET CLAUDE - I Need Your Lovin'
02. KAI TRACID - Tiefenrausch (The Deep Blue) (The Deep Blue Radio Mix)
03. BEAM & YANOU - Sound Of Love (Video Mix)
04. TOMCRAFT vs. SUNBEAM - Versus (Radio Cut)
05. MISS SHIVA - Do You Feel So Right (Short Cut)
06. AIRFIRE feat. TALLA 2XLC - No Signs Of Life (8)
07. FRANK-E & MARS-L - Rotate (Radio Edit)
08. DJ MIND-X - Colours (Night Club Mix) (1)
09. CJ STONE - Infinity (Single Mix)
10. WINX - Don't Laugh 2000 (Timo Maas Y2K Radio Edit)
11. DJ MELLOW-D - @ Night (Dutch Force Remix Edit)
12. AGNELLI & NELSON - Embrace (7" Radio Edit)
13. SKYWALKER - At Heaven (Short Version) (2)
14. MAURO PICOTTO - Komodo (Alternative Mix)
15. SEBASTIAN - Toccata (Pulsedriver Remix - Short Cut) (3)
17. AGENDA - Destiny (Short Cut)
18. SCHILLER - Ein Schöner Tag (Kaycee Mischung - Edit)
19. TERRA V. - The Last Escape (Radio Mix)
20. ATB - The Summer (Airplay Mix)

CD 2
01. DR. MOTTE & WESTBAM - Love Parade 2000 (One World One Love Parade)
02. TUNNEL ALLSTARS - Blue Lagoon (Bervoets & de Goelj Short Edit) (4)
03. LOVESTERN GALAKTIKA PROJECT pres. LE PETIT SAM - Loca Galaktika (Daylight Mix)
04. AIRSCAPE - L'Esperanza
05. CONDOR - You Can (Kiss My …) (Original Radio Cut)
06. DEE-AGE - Mixery (Airtrance Edit)
07. C.O.P. PROJECT - Pornostar (Radio Edit)
08. DOLPHIN'S MIND - Into The Blue (Radio Edit)
09. DJ ELB - Relieve My Pain (Radio Cut)
10. PROGRESS feat. THE BOY WUNDA - Everybody
11. PULSEDRIVER - Barracuda (Short Mix)
12. AURELIA - Time Flies (Radio Vox Edit)
13. HUMAN FORCE - Sun Rising (Radio Mix)
14. METEOR SEVEN - Universal Music (DJ Scot Project Remix - Edit)
15. A.T. PROJECT - Into The Sun (Vocal Edit) (5)
16. CYBERSTORM The Secret Beach (Plankton Mix - Edit) (6)
17. SM-TRAX - At The Club (Mario Lopez vs. Lightforce Radio Edit)
18. A SEVEN feat. I.C. - Piece Of Heaven (Central Seven Remix) (7)
19. BAD HABIT BOYS - Rock Ya (C.J. Stone & George Dee Radio Edit)
20. CHICANE Halcyon (Airscape Remix - Edit)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation
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Title: Euphoria - Level 4 reviewed on 09/02/00
Label: 2000 Telstar Records (UK)
Style: Trance/Progressive
Index #: TTVCD3118
EUPHORIA - Level 4 In the beginning of 2000 I heve reviewed "Level 3" of this EUPHORIA compilation that was released in the end of 1999. I praised that release for it's uniqueness and creativity. Since than three other comps from this series were released. One was "IBIZA EUPHORIA" digitally mixed by Matt Darey, followed by "Level 4" also mixed by Matt Darey and in the end of May "Chilled" mixed by Red Jerry. Just yesterday I was finally able to get my hands on "Level 4" and in spite of the fact that this CD was released several months ago, it not only deserve to be reviewed it simply HAD TO!!! This incredible double set has been digitally remixed by Matt Darey as I ave stated above. As a matter of fact his outstanding job he did on "IBIZA EUPHORIA" prompted authors of this double set to invite him again. Keep in mind that Matt is not a DJ but rather a producer and an author of many highly acclaimed remixes. So his approach of putting the set together is entirely different. You will be astonished how well the music flows and reaches high technical standards. Matt arranged the majority of the set from one key to another and loaded the track onto computer and linked beats digitally to achieve a perfect mix. He has written the into and outro of this set. When you will get the CD listen carefully and you will notice that he has added beats here and there. Using the very latest "protools" equipment he was able to "extend" small pieces to monsterous size achieving the perfect and flawless mix to die for. By now you should be familiar with most titles that are featured in this set, so it might not appeal to you as something "totally new". And here you are wrong! Matt used some of the unique mixes (e.g. MOLOKO's "The Time Is Now" done in TRANCE !!! - no kidding!) and produced incredible set that flows into one TRANCE journey you do not want to end. If you are fan or Ferry Corsten, you should be in heaven as well. Matt Darey used many of Ferry's remixes of tracks like: "Barber's Adagio For String", "I'm In Love" by STARPARTY, "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad" by MOBY or "Why Go?" by FAITHLESS. No reviews, no sound sampler will get you an idea how incredible the set is. Almost randomly I have chosen 8 tracks for sound sampler and prepared mix. The original mixing was NOT retained. I simply couldn't. To achieve the flow Matt sometimes extended the mixing period between two tracks for more than 2 minutes, so I simply couldn't sample that (actually I did retain in two instances, and you will clearly hear it and understand what I mean). Another reason why you should get the real thing. While this set can be succesfully played in any TRANCE club, it is also perfect for your CD player. Put your headphones on, close your eyes and prepare for the ride you will have hard time to forget. I just did, and I loved it!

CD 1
01. WILLIAM ORBIT Barber's Adagio For Strings (Ferry Corsten Remix Radio Cut)
02. MOBY - Natural Blues (Perfecto Dub)
03. STARPARTY - I'm In Love (Ferry Corsten & Robert Smit Remix)
04. SAGITAIRE - Come On (Sagitaire Mix)
05. DES MITCHELL - Welcome To The Dance (Airscape Remix)
06. DELERIUM - Heaven's Heart (Matt Darey Remix)
07. RHYTHM OF LIFE - You Put Me In Heaven With Your Touch (Lange Remix)
08. THE SPACE BROTHERS - Shine 2000 (Signum Club Mix)
09. PRIVATE PRODUCTIONS - Sexdrive (M &B's Instructor Mix)
10. TOMSKI feat. JAN JOHNSTON - Love Will Come (Original Mix)
11. TIMO MAAS - Der Schrieber (Rapid Eye Remix) (6)
12. MOBY - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Ferry Corsten Remix)
13. FLICKMAN - The Sound Of Bamboo (Yomanda vs. Hi-Gate Remix)
14. HI-GATE - Pitchin' (In Every Direction) (Original)
15. MOLOKO - The Time Is Now (Matt Darey Vocal Mix) (7)
16. DIGGER - Church of RA (8)
17. FAITHLESS - Why Go? (Ferry Corsten Remix)
CD 2
01. CHICANE feat. BRYAN ADAMS - Don't Give Up (Original Mix)
02. TRANSA - Supernova
03. DJ TIESTO - Sparkles (Original Mix)
04. SASH! - Adelante (Dumonde Remix)
05. ERNST & BEN - Provider (Pulser Remix) (1)
06. Z2 - I Want You (Lange Mix) (2)
07. HURLEY & TODD - Sunstorm feat. "Song For Guy" (Mike Koglin Remix)
08. TILLMAN & RIES - Bass Fly (Michael Woods Remix)
09. QUIVVER - She Does (Quivver Mix)
10. ALENA - Turn It Around (Space Brothers Remix) (3)
11. DARUDE - Sandstorm (Original Mix)
12. RALPH FRIDGE - Angel (Quake Remake)
13. DUTCH FORCE - Deadline (Original Mix)
14. SANTCTUARY - Sanctuary (Original Demo) (4)
15. MATT DAREY presents MASH UP - Beatiful (Original) (5)
16. BROTHER GRIM - Energy
17. AURORA - Hear You Calling (En Motion Remix)
18. SUNDANCE - Won't Let This Feeling Go (Angelic Mix)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this compilation

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