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Title: Greatest Hits/Greatest Remixes reviewed on 12/20/99
Artist: E-TYPE
Label:1999 Stockholm Records (Sweden)
Style: Dance
Index #: 532 228-2
E-TYPE - Greatest Hits I was anxiously waiting for new material from E-TYPE, probably one of the most known Swedish dance formation these days. Well... E-TYPE decided to greet the new 2000 year with sets of their most known hits. So here it is a double CD album. The first CD features original versions of many of E-TYPE well known tracks like: "Set The World On Fire", So Dem A Com", "Russian Lullaby" and of course most current one like "Here I Go Again", "Angels Crying" or "Here I Go Again". All of them came a album versions. The second CD is featuring great remixes of group's hits. The CD starts with dynamite upbeat EURODANCE version of "This Is The Way". With PET SHOP BOYS-alike arrangements this is very well done track. If you like TRANCE type of mixes you gotta check Pinnochio's Remix of "Princess Of Egypt". Keyboards are just great and synths are very seducive. Richi's Extended Version of "Here I Go Again" is another TRANCE oriented track shifted toward DREAM. I am sure if you have a single of this song you already know this version. Very appealing and beatifully done. The last song on this CD is almost 13 minutes in length UK Biff & Memphis Remix of "Set The World On Fire". This extremely long PROGRESSIVE TECHNO track delivers combination of incredibly arranged synthesizers with transcendental feeling, great beat and amazing female vocals. 13 minutes of pleasurable journey into space and NRGy. There are also other styles like HOUSE for instance that was delivered in Antiloop Snap Out Of It Mix of "Back In The Loop" or BOOGIE in Andre's Boogie Buster Short Mix of "I Just Wanna Be with You". Taken together this album is a nice set of songs from the past. If you don't have any of E-TYPE songs this set is a must to have, if you already have his stuff this double CD will be a nice addendum to your collection. For sound sampler I picked 6 remixes from second CD. I assumed that you might like to hear some of the remixes you didn't if you never got his singles. ENJOY!

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CD 1 - Greatest Hits
01. Set The World On Fire - 3:43
02. This Is The Way - 3:55
03. Do You Always [Have To Be Alone] - 4:18
04. So Dem A Com - 3:29
05. Russian Lullaby - 3:12
06. Free Like A Flying Demon - 3:34
07. Calling Your Name - 3:36
08. Back In The Loop - 3:25
09. I Just Wanna Be With You - 3:50
10. You Will Always Be A Part Of Me - 4:05
11. Angels Crying - 3:49
12. Here I Go Again - 3:53
13. Princess Of Egypt - 3:38
14. Hold Your Horses - 3:59
15. I'm Falling
CD 2 - Greatest Remixes
01. This Is The Way (Waterdreamix) - 6:47 (1)
02. Back In The Loop (Antiloop Snap Out Of It Mix) - 3:37
03. I Just Wanna Be With You (André's Boogie Buster Short Mix) - 3:36
04. Calling Your Name (Antiloop Garage Club Mix) - 5:44
05. Angels Crying (C&N Radio Edit) - 3:33 (2)
06. Russian Lullaby (Dogshit Le Club Mix) - 5:57
07. Princess Of Egypt (Pinocchio Remix) - 5:40 (3)
08. Here I Go Again (Richi's Extended Version) - 7:02 (6)
09. So Dem A Com (Lori Brune Edit) - 3:50
10. Hold Your Horses (Hartmann/Langhoff Club Mix) - 7:44 (4)
11. Set The World On Fire (UK Biff & Memphis Remix) - 12:45 (5)
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Title: Take To Your Heart - reviewed on 12/20/99
Label: 1999 Universal Records (Denmark)
Style: Euro/Pop
Index #: 542 137-2
EIFFEL 65 - Europo CAMILOT after releasing their BACCARA's hit "Yes Sir I Can Boogie" has drawn some attention. Two good looking blonde girls with retro look were ready to storm to charts. I was pretty much awaititing their album with anticipation that more great releases are coming. So, they delivered this album entitled "Take Me To Your Heart", containing many of the old hits that the group took and revived. Well... I am not sure if I am impressed with the output. I hoped for some EURO stuff and I got more like EURO-POP. Obviously group took an approach to be more into mainstream even when doing remixes. They have succeeded in this venture. I would recommend this album to all of you who wants to get some ideas what was up about 20 and earlier years ago. This is a good album to listen to and many of you will also like to dance to it. Not terribly original album, but still worth to become part of your collection. For sound sampler I picked 6 tracks that as usually I mixed. Enjoy!

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01. Yes Sir, I Can Boogie - 4:02 (1)
02. It's My Party - 3:14 (3)
03. Take Me To Your Heart - 3:30 (4)
04. You Came - 3:17 (2)
05. Amore - 3:46 (5)
06. Heaven Is A Place On Earth - 3:53
07. Na Na Hey Hey, Kissing Goodbye - 3:09 (6)
08. Don't Break This Heart - 3:38
09. Venus - 4:02
10. Black Is Black - 4:32

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Title: Europop - reviewed on 12/11/99
Artist: EIFFEL 65
Label: 1999 BlissCo (Italy)/BMG Berlin (Germany)
Style: Euro/Pop/Techno
Index #: 74321 720282
EIFFEL 65 - Europo EIFFEL 65 is suffering!!!! I don't believe they were prepared for such a success! The success is amazing and worldwide! Even we here in the U.S. are being exposed to their super hit "Blue". American Radios are actually killing this track by playing it thousands times a day over and over again. We know groups like AQUA or REAL MCCOY received the same treatment here. We in US still need to see the group LIVE in concert. Well, please let me remind you that EURODANCE HITS WWW paired with SELSDON INTERNATIONAL and we can help you book this group. We actually finalized their concert in Moscow, Russia that will happen in January 31, 2000. But let's back to the album. First of all let me assure everyone who thought that EIFFEL 65 will be one song wonder, you are wrong. This album proves that the group has potential and will give us some more good tunes in the near future. No wonder. Many songs are produced by Massimo Gabutti and Luciano Zucchet. Both very well known in Italian Dance industry. DJ Gabry Ponte that mixed many tracks in this album already did mixing jobs for groups like DABLITZ or BLISS TEAM. Also, leading vocalist JEFFREY JEY who was part of BLISS TEAM and did artistic productions for many of their singles is not a newcomer! Album itself, should not really surprise you. The group decided to "cash-in" on "Blue" and kept the melodic line, and vocals in the same venue. The starting track "Too Much Of Heaven" mixed EURO-POP and HIP together. I am not particularly fond of HIP but this was done cute. Some good EURO-TECHNO sound just to name few: "Dub In Life", "Silicon World" or "Move Your Body" (released also as a new single). So if you like the group you will enjoy the album. The album was also released in US by Universal and has similar track listing (yeah, there is also an Extended Version of "Blue" added). For sound sampler I mixed 6 tracks I liked the most (and YES! I skipped "Blue" because there is more than just this song in this group). Enjoy!

01. Too Much Of Heaven (Album Mix) - 5:17
02. Dub In Life (Album Edit) - 3:57 (3)
03. Blue (Da Ba Dee) (DJ Ponte Radio Edit) - 4:43
04. Living In A Bubble (Album Mix) - 5:03
05. Move Your Body (DJ Gabry Ponte Original Radio Edit) - 4:28 (2)
06. My Console (Gabry Ponte Console Mix) - 4:13 (5)
07. Your Clown (Slow Mix) - 4:09
08. Another Race (Album Edit) - 4:34
09. The Edge (Album Mix) - 4:20
10. Now Is Forever (Electronic Ballad Mix) - 5:44
11. Silicon World (Main Mix) - 4:31 (1)
12. Europop (Album Kraft Mix) - 5:26 (6)
13. Hyperlink (Deep Down) (Album Cut) - 4:57 (4)

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Title: Back Again - reviewed on 12/11/99
Artist: D-BOMB
Label: 1999 Musicon (Poland)
Style: Euro/Trance
Index #: mus-cd-008

D-BOMB - Back Again We are constantly looking for some releases that are not necessary well known but are great findings. You can find many releases reviewed here also on other websites. However, in several cases we are just THE site that bring you the review of the groups you probably never heard before and they are very interesting. This is the case with D-BOMB. I regret, I do not know too much about them (at least not yet). The group consists of three vocalist. BARTEK, JACO (two guys) and Monika with look of ALEXIA. I believe the trio is from a small Polish town called: "Piotrkow". Well... whoever they are, they are good. Poles are always fond of dance music, so I was not really surprised that this album came out from this country. I lied! I was actually stunned! I heard some good album from POLAND before, yet this one delivers the sound I never heard before being composed there. "Back Again" represent amazing combination of dance tracks from various genres, however most of them are oscillating between TECHNO/TRANCE. And they are AMAZING! Group is looking for their own sound yet they utilized schools of SEQUENTIAL ONE, KAI TRACID, ABSOLOM, DJ QUICKSILVER, RED 5 and other PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE icons. I do not want to repeat this again, but this album is another candidate the one of the best 1999 discoveries! I am sure, the group have not only presence but also a bright future. Group has everything. Amazing female vocalis! Yes! MONIKA!!! You are damn good!!! Excellent voice and interesting looks. Group used also high quality synthesizers, so music sounds crisp. Every single track on this album is good. If you are scared of unknown, don't be! If you like EUROGRESSIVE sound of TRANCE this is the buy!!! Taken together, a very interesting release. I already played that album at least 20 times in last 1 day! You will not get bored! I would be very interested to hear your opinion in our chatboard, especially after you buy this album. Yes!!! You can get it from They have it in stock! So hurry! For sound sampler I picked just 6 tracks (and they are a bit longer, I couldn't resist the temptation). They are mixed by to give you a 10 minutes pleasure! I know you will be in love!

If you want to send an E-mail to D-BOMB. You can do that. Don't forget to mention you heard them on
Their E-mail is as

01. Intro - 6:18
02. Pocaluj mnie (engl. "Kiss Me") - 3:32 (3)
03. Jump All Around - 3:27 (5)
04. Cialo (engl. "Body") - 3:27
05. My Love Is Hot - 4:31 (1)
06. Ibiza - 4:37
07. Tak Mi Dobrze (engl. "It's The Way I Like It") - 4:04
08. Zaopiekuj sie mna (engl. "Take Care of Me") - 3:40
09. Tell Me Why? - 4:20 (4)
10. W Gore rece (engl. "Hands In The Air") - 4:24
11. Wiem na pewno (engl. "I Know it For Sure") - 4:11 (6)
12. Koniec (engl. "The End") - 3:42

13. Cialo (engl. "Body") (Orbital Club Mix) - 5:37 (2)
14. D-BOMB Mega Mix - 6:11

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Title: Peeping Tom - reviewed on 12/04/99
Label: 1999 3H Production (Netherlands)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: 3H 99001
SEX APPEAL - Peeping tom If you are frantic fanatic of original E-ROTIC you are for a treat! As you might know the original singer Lyane Leigh left group "officially" several years ago and started SEX APPEAL. Until now, we didn't hear a lot from the group, yet they did release couple of good dance singles. Finally, we have a DEBUT album. Is this really a debut? Not really! If you like (or love) sound of E-ROTIC, this album is simply a must! Lyane again showed her unique vocal abilities proving her voice being one of the best dance voices ever. If you remember project like MISSING HEART or some female background vocals done by her for BAD BOYS BLUE, you know exactly what I mean. "Peeping Tom" is another masterpiece that should find it's own place in your dance CD collection. You will find some familiar sound from E-ROTIC in tracks like: "Manga Maniac", "Hanky Spanky" or "Sex Is A Thrill With A Pill". It is not it though. There are some other brilliant dance tracks that perfectly fit into EURODANCE category like these my favorites: "Peeping Tom", "Fragile Love", or "Total Eclipse". You might think that lack of producers like David Brandes could make this album weaker. Well... It is not a case here. Even without Brandes or John O'Flynn, SEX APPEAL retained freshness and excititng sound. I am very excited that Lyane is continuing her carrier and I hope she will retain the pathway she is following. This is indeed a good album. Beside EURODANCE sound, you can find here some EURO-REGGAE like "Here We Go". This would be a perfect summer track. Taken together, a very interesting release. Since it was released in the end of November, it will serve as a perfect closure of 1999. Follow below links to get the album you will not be dissapointed. For sound sampler I picked 6 tracks and as usually I mixed them together. Hope it will help you to make your own choice!

for more info on SEX.APPEAL and previous E-ROTIC releases please visit
3H MusicProductions.

01. Peeping Tom - 3:51 (2)
02. Fragile Love - 3:41 (4)
03. Hanky Spanky - 3:39
04. It's Called Atlantis - 4:02 (3)
05. Here We Go - 4:00
06. Manga Maniac - 3:37
07. Total Eclipse - 4:06 (1)
08. Sex Is A Thrill With A Pill - 3:46
09. Baby I Miss You - 4:38
10. Mega-Mix - 5:10
11. Kids In America [bonus track] - 6:52
12. Hanky Spanky (Sextended Version) - 5:40 (5)
13. Manga Maniac (Sextended Version) - 5:48 (6)

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For more info about the group, please refer to my SEX APPEAL Page

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Title: 2000 - reviewed on 11/25/99
Label: 1999 BMG/Ariola (Germany)
Style: Disco
Index #: 74321 66142 2
BACCARA - 2000 BACCARA is another solid DISCO group that have decided to come back on DANCE floor. Well... They actually never really disappeared from the dance scene but were going thru many personal changes. Morever, today's popularity of 80's group, also helped BACCARA to find their way back to BIG labels. Duo of Maytee Mateos and Cristina Sevilla released already two singles this year. One of them was released on Majic Records, a UK-based newly established label and on BMG/Ariola, a prime German Label. After the success of "Yes, Sir I Can Boogie '99", management of BMG decided to give it a try and to release a full album by BACCARA, that is how "BACCARA - 2000" was born. Indeed a good trial. Top Hi-NRG femme team returned with an excellent collection of remixes and new material. Album delivers many tracks the group was famous of naming just few like "Yes, Sir I Can Boogie '99", "Sorry, I Am Lady", "Parlez Vous Fracaise" and many others. Group retains their original DISCO sound. I am not sure how teens will see the album, but I am sure that all true fans of the group will enjoy it. For sound sampler I have chosen 6 tracks and I mixed them together. The task was hard, so you simply have to get this album on your own.

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01. Yes Sir, I Can Boogie '99 - 3:30
02. Cariño - 4:10 (6)
03. Sorry, I Am Lady - 3:20 (2)
04. The Clapping Song - 3:39
05. The Devil Sent You To Laredo (feat. Michael Universal) - 3:38 (5)
06. Para Siempre Mi Amor - 3:48
07. Torero - 3:41
08. Parlez-Vous Français? - 4:05 (4)
09. Darling - 3:39 (3)
10. Concrete And Clay - 2:45
11. Summer Love - 3:30
12. Yes Sir, I Can Boogie '99 (feat. Michael Universal) - 3:30 (1)
13. Hit Mix (feat. Michael Universal) - 4:49

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For more info about the group, please refer to my BACCARA Page
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Title: Zoom - reviewed on 11/25/99
Artist: ZOOM
Label: 1999 RCA/BMG (Denmark)
Style: Dance
Index #: 74321612622
SOLID BASE - Express Another Scandinavian project this time from Denmark. This country brought as several great DANCE acts already, now it is ZOOM. The leading vocalist is Anja. Earlier this year group brought back another remake of "Words" probably the most known song from repertoir of F.R. DAVID. Their version of this song has been well taken and played in many European clubs. Now in the album you will find two versions of the track. Album version and Club Mix. ZOOM, took an aggresive approach and made this track a stunning EURO-TECHNO beauty. I am not sure how many of you would applaud to convert classic SLEAZE to that genre, but the results in my humble opinion is very interesting. I only wished that F.R. DAVID when released his new "'99 Version" album in the summer would take more innovative approach than he did. ZOOM brought also another interesting tracks. I personally liked very much "Lois Lane", partially because melodic lane reminded me a bit of LA CREAM, that in my opinion was the most important happening in dance scene this year. ZOOM album is not only EURO it contains also more POP oriented tracks, yet as a whole thing present itself as a nicely crafted album. Listen to sound sampler, it might help you to make your own choice. Some of you might find this album an excellent release some other a mediocre one. It is just a matter of taste and your standards as it goes for pure dance music.

01. I Can't Help Myself - 3:43
02. Take Everything - 3:31
03. Lois Lane - 3:57 (1)
04. Jeg Elsker Dig - 3:30 (6)
05. Words - 3:56
06. Hold Tight - 3:58
07. Saved By The Light - 3:49
08. Boys Like Me - 3:35 (3)
09. Fools - 3:36
10. I Won't Give Up - 3:47 (4)
11. I Can't Help Myself (Club Mix) - 5:26 (5)
12. Words (Club Mix) - 7:18 (2)

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Title: Express - reviewed on 11/20/99
Label: 1999 Remixed Records (Sweden)
Style: Dance
Index #: RRCDA23
SOLID BASE - Express SOLID BASE is retaining their title of super EURO group for a long time. This brand new album further justify this title. Indeed a party blaster! If you are into EURODANCE sound, you will be extremely pleased to find here some amazing tunes. For instance "Set Me Free" a powerful EURO delivering great synths, rhythms, I felt like being back in middle of 95's. This should be BIG! Crossing between NRG and EURO with great feeling into it. Same goes to incredible "Colours Of Your Dreams" that add more TRANCE strings into main theme. HEAVEN!!! This is one DANCE paradise. Group took the liberty of looking at various DANCE styles. While EURO predominates. other styles found their place as well. For LATINO sound check "Baila Bolero". If you like VENGABOYS sound, check "This Is How We Do It". The song's line is simply identical. I was amuzed indeed. Great tune! If you like a bit of EURO-REGGAE turn to "Come On Everybody". Some RAP in here and TECHNO strings as well. Very, very interesting! Ready for some covers? Here you are! Group did remake of HOUSE track "Push". They added some ENERGY to it and some fierce synths. Very CUTE! If you are into more POP sound, you got lucky as well. Check "I Gotta Know". I can go on and on. This is simply one of those rare albums that makes practically everybody happy. Great production, great music. This seems to be one of the best and well rounded album of 1999. I do strongly recommend to buy it. At this point, it is hard to get it because album was released for Japan market. For sound sampler I have chosen 6 tracks and I mixed them together. The task was hard, so you simply have to get this album on your own.

01. Intro
02. This Is How To Do It (5)
03. Set Me Free (3)
04. Come On Everybody
05. Colours Of Your Dream (4)
06. Sha La Long
07. Once You Pop (You Can't Stop)
08. Push It (6)
09. Fantasy
10. Baila Bolero
11. Stay With Me (2)
12. Love (1)
13. I Gotta Know
14. Sha La Long (Extended Mix)
15. Come On Everybody (Extended Mix)

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Title: Partystarter - reviewed on 11/20/99
Artist: EVELYN
Label: 1999 Cool Music (Sweden)
Style: Dance
Index #: GRCD 54280
EVELYN - Partystarer Another Swedish release. This time from EVELYN. Her looks and hair really reminds me ALEXIA. She is very talented singer and this album proves it. You will find here several interesting song. One of the: "Funny Bunny Boy" has already be placed in Scandinavian Dance Charts. This is very happy album and sound is also diversified. The album starts with "Everybody". This one combined EURO-ENERGY and EURO-HOUSE in one swirling delight. EVELYN also reached to some classic DANCE. Her interpretation of HARPO's "Moviestar" was lifted to 90's sound with wicked synths. If you looking for EURODANCE type of the song you got lucky as well. "Blue Sky Black" brings you rounded NRG affair with exciting beat. Nicely done rhythmic track. In similar venue is "Get It Up". Yeah, some sexual innuendo's as well. Track itself is slamming EURO wih contemporary piano section. The beat is great as well. If you want a bit of BUBBLE sound, "Play With Me" has some distant similarities and still retains EURO synthline. Taken together this album is well rounded collection of DANCE tunes that should find home in your CD collection. For sound sampler I picked (almost randomly) 6 tracks that I mixed. Hope you will enjoy it and will convince you to get the album.

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01. Everybody
02. Funny Funny Boy
03. Moviestar (3)
04. Blue Sky Black
05. Get It Up (2)
06. I Belong To You
07. Play With Me (6)
08. All That I Need (4)
09. Gimme Some Time (5)
10. Let's Forget About Time
11. Funny Funny Boy (Jam & Delgado Special Mix) (1)

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Title: Back To The Heavyweight Jam - reviewed on 10/18/99
Label: 1999 Edel Records (Germany)
Style: Progressive/Techno
Index #: EDEL 0066332CLU
SCOOTER - Back To Heavyweight Jam German group SCOOTER is back with their brand new album: "Back To The Heavyweight Jam". This is MASSIVE !!!! I know there are many fans of this group out there and waiting to learn more about this release. Well... Here it is. Axel, H.P. Baxxter and Rick shifted a"a bit" from their HARDCORE/TECHNO sound to more DARK PROGRESSIVE with many DRUM'N'BASS elements. Group delivers a collection of hard-charging, dance floor stompers! It was quite amazing to me that many of featured tracks have only limited vocals if any. You already know one song from this album: "Faster Harder Scooter", I featured video to this one in my VIDEO SECTION. The album starts with "Keyser Soze" as intro to this album. You will recognize the theme from "Encounter of The Third Kind" movie. Indeed it sets the climate for the album. The next one "Watch Out" is sizzling dance TRANCE track with space-alike synths. Amazing track. "Well Done" shifts toward DRUM'N'BASS style filled with great INDUSTRIAL beat in it. Similar to this fare is also "Fuck The Millenium". Very intense, pumped-up with dark synths. BAXXTER yelling, that he want to f..k . Speaking of track itself, I was surprised how similar is is to some tracks recorded by 666. "Revolution" is a strange track. It has beatiful TRANCE line but why on earth electric guitar in there? It makes this one sound like something between ROCK and PROGRESSIVE. In my humble opinion that guitar section was not necessary. Oh well.. Maybe I am wrong after all! If you need some break after the intense beat you might turn to "Psycho". Not for long though. The beginning is slow but after "few" beats it is gaining speed to become full blown NRG/TRANCE track! . Other tracks featured in this album are also masterpieces of PROGRESSIVE/TECHNO. The album closes with another stomper: "No Release". Taken together this new offering from SCOOTER is definately interesting. i am sure fans of SCOOTER will love the album. I have prepared mix containing 7 tracks. Check it out and decide on your own what you think !

For more info about the group, visit group's official page at

01. Keyser Soze
02. Watch Out (2)
03. Faster Harder Scooter (3)
04. Well Done Peter
05. Fuck The Millenium (7)
06. The Revolution (6)
07. Psycho (5)
08. The Learning Process
09. I'll Put You On The Guest List
10. Main Floor (4)
11. Kashmir
12. No Release (1)

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Title: The Greatest Remixes Hits - reviewed on 10/19/99
Label: 1999 ZYX Music/Mint Records(Germany)
Style: Italo Dance
Index #: ZYX 10064-2
MIKO MISSION - The Greatest Remixes Hits This veteran of ITALO-DISCO/DANCE started his carrier back in 1983 under his real name Pier Michele Bozetti with title "Starman". As MIKO MISSION he appeared on dance scene in 1984 with his first hit "How Old Are You ?". This particular song found it's place in top charts in Europe and... US !! (no kidding!). I am sure, that if you fan of ITALO-DANCE, his name is not only familiar to you, but also have it's own special place. German label ZYX released this album containing most of his famous hits, both in their original but also in remixed version. So you will find here 3 versions of "How Old Are You?" , "The World Is You", "Two For Love" and many more. I am not sure what is currently happening with the artists. However, this album brings back the sound of ITALO-DANCE. As I said, several songs have been remixed. They got "EURODANCE"-kinda face lift! Does it mean Miko is back? We will see! If so, I am looking forward to his new songs!

01. How Old Are You ? (TCP Latin Mix) - 5:47
02. How Old Are You ? (TCP Original Remix) - 5:47 (5)
03. The World Is You (TCP Club Mix) - 6:20 (1)
04. The World Is You (TCP Instrumental Mix) - 6:20
05. Two For Love (TCP 98 Klub Mix) - 5:18 (2)
06. Two For Love (TCP 98 Instrumental Mix) - 5:18
07. Toc Toc Toc (Original Edit Mix) - 4:35 (3)
08. I Like The Woman's Heart (Edit Mix) - 4:34
09. One Step To Heaven (Original Edit Mix) - 3:55 (4)
10. How Old Are You ? (Original Edit Mix) - 5:02 (6)
11. Strip Tease (Edit Mix) - 4:51
12. The World Is You (Original Edit Mix) - 5:30
13. Two For Love (Original Edit Mix) - 4:00

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound

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Title: All The Best His Greatest Hits - reviewed on 10/18/99
Label: 1999 Coconut Records/BMG (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: 74321 69456 2
BAD BOYS BLUE - Follow The Light HADDAWAY secured his position as a talented vocalist that are capable of singing in varieties of styles. When BAD BOYS BLUE left Coconut Records in early 90's, HADDAWAY became Coconut's leading artist. I am sure DANCE fans know his name very well from many hits he released over the years. This album (or maybe a compilation) brought back all his gratest tracks. So you will find hits like "What Is Love", Life" back from 1993 or "Rock My Heart" and "Fly Away" back from 1994. HADDAWAY in 1999 released remake of his 1993 track "What Is Love". I know already, that many of you were a bit surprised. Well... That's true! His new versions are more into HOUSE rather than into DANCE, yet I found Mosquito Headz Millenium Remix with TECHNO strings quite exciting. As I said, HADDAWAY is very talented vocalist that feels pretty strong in various genres. This album proves it further. Among classic DANCE tracks I mentioned above, you will also find other genres. For instance "I Miss You" also from 1993 is nicely sang and arranged R&B track. He also did some HOUSE tracks as well like "You're Taking My Heart" for instance. This album is DANCE. If you didn't have his releases before or need to complete his collection, this is it! Learn more about best of DANCE. Here it is. Andy Matern did also a "bonus" track called "In The Mix". It lasts more than 8 minutes and contains 5 of HADDAWAY's Mega Hits. As usually Andy's mix is great with some "additions" to update the sound. Nicely done. In sound samplers I featured 6 most famous DANCE tracks from this artist. but do not be mislead! There are many, many more that you should listen to. I hope we will hear more from this artist soon.

01. What Is Love (Original 7" Mix) - 4:27 (3)
02. Life (Radio Mix) - 4:18 (5)
03. I Miss You (Radio Edit) - 3:38
04. Rock My Heart (Radio Mix) - 4:08 (2)
05. Mama's House - 4:03
06. Fly Away (Radio Edit) - 4:04 (1)
07. Stir It Up - 4:25
08. Who Do You Love (Matrix Radio Edit) - 3:26 (6)
09. Catch A Fire (Radio Edit) - 4:15
10. What About Me (Radio Version) - 4:06
11. You're Taking My Heart (DJ Stevie Steve's Radio Edit) - 3:21
12. Lover Be Thy Name - 3:47
13. Come Back (Love Has Got A Hold On Me) - 3:57
14. Shout (Album Version) - 4:33
15. What Is Love (Tod Terry's TNT Radio Edit '99) - 3:11
16. What Is Love (Mosquito Headz Millenium 7" Remix) (4)
17. In The Mix - 8:06

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound

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Title: Follow The Light - reviewed on 10/01/99
Label: 1999 Coconut Records/BMG (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: 74321 70067 2
BAD BOYS BLUE - Follow The Light So here it is!!! Many of you were waiting for new offering from this classic DANCE group. I also know that many of you were concernd that BROS team (BRANDES, O'FLYNN, GAUDER) this time were not part of this album. Worry no longer. BAD BOYS BLUE delivered great sound in this brand new album. Writers are no strangers as well. For instance Uwe Haselsteiner and Heiko Scheider have written "Anyway Forever" for their 1995 album "BANG BANG BANG" and of course Tony Hartman and Karin Van Haaren were back too as writers and producers along with Andy Matern. This new album does not have one specific music style and I believe it is a big advantage of this album. People who love CLASIC EURODANCE will fall in love in a spot with title song "Follow The Light". If you thought that Tony Henrik lost his touch with NRG/DANCE, you better revisit your opinion. This track is an instant hit with amazing vocals and unbelievable synths soon to be released as a single. Speaking of synths, I have to admit I was amazed with amount of greatly arranged synths in many of the tracks in the album. There are other great NRG/DANCE/EURODANCE tracks just to mention titles like: "Thinking About You", "Back To The Future", "Rhythm Of Rain" and many others. In sound samplers I featured 6 tracks all DANCE, so you should be in satisfied. Group also featured three classics: "Under The Boardwalk" from their 1991 album "House of Silence". This "1999" version has been revamped and more energy and more synths were added. You will also find here "Hungry For Love" originally appeared on "My Blue World" album from 1998 and "Have You Ever Had A Love Like This" from 1992 album "Totally". Both revamped as well. EUROREGGAE fans should like delightful tea track "When I Kiss You". Another track "I Can't Live" follows into same category but has also SOUL flavor. There is even TRANCEY style on Level 1 Remix of "Back To The Future". Taken together, this new album (second within one year) brings good songs, and dance sound. What is extremely important in my opinion, the group is very dynamic. While, they are still masters of CLASSIC DANCE, they prove to be good in different DANCE styles. This will keep the group on the top and prevent audience from boredom. This album should be liked both by the folks that listened them a decade ago as well as teens that are just entering dance club scenes. Great job dudes!!!

01. Follow The Light - 3:34 (1)
02. Thinking About You - 3:25 (2)
03. When I Kiss You - 3:51
04. I Can't Live - 3:53
05. Under The Boardwalk - 3:16
06. Back To The Future - 3:53 (3)
07. Listen To Your Heart - 3:39 (4)
08. Hungry For Love (Rap Version) - 3:17
09. Sweet Love - 3:25 (6)
10. Baby Blue - 3:46
11. Rhythm Of Rain - 3:59 (5)
12. I'll Be Around - 3:42
13. Ride On A Star - 3:23
14. Love Is No Crime - 4:03
15. Have You Ever Had A Love Like This - 3:32
16. Back To The Future (Level 1 Remix) - 4:11

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound

For more info about the group, please refer to my Bad Boys Blue Page

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Title: DJ Mix vol. 1 reviewed on 09/15/99
Label: Sony Music Entertainment (Germany)
Style: Trance/Progressive
Index #: 494520 2
SANDRA - My Favourites So here it is! Second album from KAI TRACID. Actually this is rather compilation than album. This release contains 2 CD and is labeled as "His Official Club Tour Set On 2 CDs". Keep in mind that KAI TRACID is not just an artist per se, as a matter of fact he is highly saught producer mixer and DJ. This double CD release give you the opportunity to listen to mixes he created. You will find on both CDs 23 tracks and many of them are being remixed by KAI TRACID himself like COSMIC's BABY - "Sketches In Spring" or ANDORA's - "Blade Runner". You will also find his new track called "Destiny's Path" . Very, very different from what you heard from him. This one is ballad-like tune with extensive piano section, female vocals have been done in same was as in "Liquid Skies". However, this is the only similarities you will have. Speaking of "sound" be prepared for some HARD and DARK PROGRESSIVE TECHNO TRANCE stuff. This is quite different what KAI TRACID produces himself. It is interesting though to know what he likes to play for the crowd. I think if you like favrious flavors of TECHNO sound you should like this one. Also, DJ's into HARD TRANCE will find it useful for their parties. All tracks are in their long versions and will keep dance floor busy. Don't try to play it for starter. You really need your crowd warmed up with something else before you play this one or you might have "unexpected" results. This is damn HOT stuff! For sound sampler I picked 6 titles all from the second CD.

CD 1
01. KAI TRACID - I Can Read Your Mind
02. ARRAKIS - The Spice (New Club Mix)
03. BINARY FINARY - 1999 (Matt Darey Remix)
04. SYSTEM F - Out Of The Blue (Extended)
05. COSMIC BABY - Sketches In Spring (Tracid Radio Remix)
06. JAM & SPOON - How Stella Got Her Groove Back (Tall Paul Mix)
07. DER DRITTE RAUM - Hale Bopp (Meteoriten-Version)
08. KAI TRACID - Skywalker
09. ANDORA Blade Runner (Kai Tracid Remix)
10. KAI TRACID - Waveshaper (Pulse Mix)
11. CHROME - The Fly (Mark O'tool Mix)
12. KAI TRACID - Liquid Skies (Polaris Lab Mix)
CD 2
01. EMMANUEL TOP - Turkish Bazar 2000 (Thomas P. Heckmann Remix) (1)
02. SILENT BREED - In Vivo (Extended Mix) (2)
03. WARMDUSCHER - Säurebad (3)
04. WELT IN SCHERBEN - Welt In Scherben 3 (4)
05. THOMAS SCHUMACHER - Ficken # 3
06. ANNE CLARK - Our Darkness (Hardfloor '97 Version)
07. LAMDA feat. MARTHA WASH - Hold On Tight (Nalin & Kane Remix)
08. DJ I.C.O.N. - Vocome
09. WESTBAM- Beatbox Rocker
10. HARDFLOOR - Skill Shot (5)
11. KAI TRACID - Destiny's Path (Unplugged Version) (6)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: My Favourties reviewed on 09/03/99
Artist: SANDRA
Label: Virgin Schallplatten (Germany)
Style: High Energy/EuroPop
Index #: 8472712
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SANDRA - My Favourites SANDRA started writing her chapter in European Dance back in 80's along with artists like Hazell Dean, Bad Boys Blue, Modern Talking, C.C Catch and others. Her music oscillated between HIGH-ENERGY and SLEAZE. Most of her songs were produced by her husband Michael Cretu (same guy who was responsible for act: ENIGMA). Many of SANDRA's songs were on the top of charts just to mention "Heaven Can Wait", "Secret Land", "Everlasting Love" (1988) or "We'll Be Together". SANDRA is back with this double CD album. First CD features most known tracks from her discography that were remixed and updated to 1999 sound. I like these remixes but have to admit the original were cool and as a matter of fact this "transition" to updated sound did not necessary did good in all cases. Also several hits (for instance "Everlasting Love") are missing. No matter what I was still fully satisfied with what the first CD could offer. In several cases you will have DREAM elements like in "Secret Land". Pure EURODANCE is featured in track called "Won't Run Away". In summary, the first CD is truly dancable one and brings 80's memories back. The second CD containing original versions is more contemporary in style. You will be better off to listen to it than to dance to it, yet it is still very interesting. This is true especially for all of you who collect her releases. SANDRA's voice is beatiful as always with very interesting sound she is famous from. Taken together this album is a nice come back for her and I hope we will hear more of SANDRA in near future. She is very refreshing both in sound and her look. For sound sampler I picked 6 titles from the first CD and mixed them together. This mix will give SANDRA's dancable side especially for all of you who did not know her before. Enjoy!

CD 1 - Remixes
01. Mirrored In Your Eyes - 3:36
02. Secret Land - 3:19 (1)
03. We'll Be Together- 3:53 (2)
04. Won't Run Away - 4:08 (6)
05. Maria Magdalena - 3:59
06. Heaven Can Wait - 4:10 (3)
07. Hiroshima - 4:25
08. Tell Me More - 3:38
09. Celebrate Your Life - 3:38
10. Around My Heart - 3:42 (4)
11. In The Heat Of The Night - 4:28 (5)
12. Way To India - 4:51
CD 2 - Originals
01. No Taboo - 3:51
02. Johny Wanna Live - 3:45
03. Don't Be Aggressive - 4:46
04. One More Night - 3:39
05. Steady Me - 3:57
06. Love Turn To Pain - 4:59
07. Seal It Forever - 4:50
08. I Need Love '95 - 3:27
09. When The Rain Doesn't Come - 4:44
10. Nights In White Satin - 3:35
11. First Lullaby - 4:30
12. Fading Shades - 0:53
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: 1999 - reviewed on 08/15/99
Label: 1999 Snake's Music (Poland)
Style: Dance
Index #: SM 0553 CD
STACURSKY - 1999 Stachursky is definatetely one of most forefront artist in Polish DANCE scene. The group started in 1994 and released already couple of albums. "Stachursky 1999" is their newest one. I decided to review this album because many of you do not realize what kind of dance music is being released in Central Europe (called previously Eastern Europe). Stachursky gives an excellent dance tracks in different genres. You will find here interesting HIGH ENERGY tracks (e.g. "Taki Jestem", "Kowbojskie zycie", "To wlasnie ja", just to name the few). All of them have high speed, great beat and interesting arrangements. If you want more TRANCE/PROGRESSIVE HOUSE sound you will find "Uciekam stad" or "Chlosta" and and definately "Ostatni moj dom". All songs are in Polish language (wherever the lyrics exist), but it should not matter. The music speaks for itself. Obviously, if the group would like to start international career, they have to switch and record in English (even BLUMCHEN recording almost exclusively in German and being a huge star there, has problems to cross German boundaries). Being on the market for last 5 years, group is no longer considered a newcomer, yet obviously not known in the world. They indeed do deserve it. I will be looking forward to more releases in the future and hope I will convince you to get the album. I prepared mix containing 9 tracks from this album. Check it out and let me know what you think in Message Chatboard.

01. Stachursky 1999 (4)
02. Ty I Ja (5)
03. Gdy zaplaczesz
04. Chlosta (7)
05. Zostanmy razem
06. To nie boli
07. Na dobre i na zle
08. Uciekam stad (6)
09. Wigilia 1998 (1998)
10. Ostatni moj dom (8)
11. Czekalem na taka jak ty
12. Stachursky Mega Mix
- Chcesz czy nie
- Taki jestem (1)
- Kowbojskie zycie (2)
- To wlasnie ja (3)
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

For more info about the group, visit group's page at

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Title: In Da Mix - reviewed on 08/10/99
Label: 1999 KONTOR Records (Germany)
Style: Progressive
Index #: 547 647-2
PIET BLANK & JASPA JONES - In Da Mix Both Piet Blank (27) and Jaspa Jones (30) are DJ and remixers. After several singles just naming "Heartbeat" or "Cream" they released their first album "In Da Mix"(in June 99). If you have been serious PROGRESSIVE fan, this duo and their music should be known to you. Both guys have relatively long list of achievements as demanded DJs (Joy Palace - Mallorca, Tresor - Belgium, Space - Ibiza, etc) and remixers. This debut album is truly an outstanding one. It brings all their well known tracks into one ultramegamix lasting more then 50 minutes. They did this mix live using turntables, so on the top of the music you can also admire the mixing technic both guys use. For all of you who are not necessary fans of mixed music are 4 short versions of their most known tracks (unmixed). If you will find this album attractive (I did !), you should look forward to their CD. They will give you better idea. One of my favorite tracks by this group in "Cream". and remixes released on CD single are fabulous. Get this album. To convince you even more, I have prepared mix lasting 12 minutes. It contains 6 tracks with retained original mixing (I did have to shorten tracks though to fit the sampler). Check it out and judge for yourself! .

For more info about the group, visit group's official page at

01. On A Journey (Intro) - 1:52
02. Cream - 7:00 (1)
03. Flying To The Moon - 5:53 (2)
04. Wake Up - 4:56 (3)
05. Strong - 6:15 (4)
06. B-Boy-Style - 5:02 (5)
07. Nice And Warm - 5:50 (6)
08. Heartbeat - 6:49
09. Sugardaddy - 7:32
10. After Love - 7:28
11. Out Of Here (Outro) - 1:26
12. Flying to The Moon (Short) - 3:28
13. Heartbeat (Short) - 3:30
14. Cream (Short) - 3:15
15. After Love (Short) - 3:27

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Space Gate - reviewed on 06/15/99
Label: 1999 WEA Records (Germany)
Style: Euro POP
Index #: 3984 27608 2
MR. PRESIDENT - Space Gate So here it is. MR. PRESIDENT after more than one year of complete silence is coming back with new album released in the end of May of 1999 entitled "Space Gate". At the same time their brand new single called "Give A Little Love" was released as well. Group has long tradition of releasing good dance music. Their first album was almost pure EURODANCE. Group later shifted more into main stream DANCE. I am sure many of you who liked the group is quite curious what the new album brings. First let me tell you, that the album is already topping TOP Charts and aforementioned single already found home in TOP 10 in German Dance Chart within first week after being released. So how is the album? Well... It brings a lot of dance. Not really EURODANCE but dance in general. Group has chosen to stay in mainstream DANCE (probably a wise choice) yet brings a lot of "cute" tracks. This is definately a SUMMER album, full of happy, easy to dance and tap to music. "All I Wanna Do" is a pretty POP (almost BUBBLE POP) track with good rap and happy rhythm. "When I Fall In Love" is more classic slow POP with R&B trace in it. "Looking For You" is recorded in HOUSE style with some TECHNO synths (just a bit of them. Nicely done and very dancable! There are 14 tracks in this album and many of them have different flavor. "Simbaleo" in it's convention reminds a little bit of their ultra hit from two years ago "Coco Jamboo". Recorded in EURO-REGGAE is sure hit to dance on the beach! YES! you can try it at home safely! :) "I Can't Get Enough", is uptempo HIGH ENERGY track! "F.B.I." reminds me a bit of theme from movie "Mission Impossible" crossed with "Agent 007". Dynamic track with police action embedded. Good rhythm and beat! For more "reflecting" SOUL-ish feeling go for "Love Takes Two". If you care to stay in "dance on the beach" mood, you should check "Cachito Bandito", hot SALSA-like track full of hot latino rhythms. Finally, "Give A Little Love" . This crossover EURODANCE/CONTEMPORARY track is a dynamic proposition from this trio. Get the single with this title (more mixes and some of them are real treat !!!). The last on the album "On And On" is nice DANCE track recorded in the border of EURODANCE and HOUSE. Nice closer for this release. So, taken together all MR. PRESIDENT fans got something they were looking for. Good release, good dance! This album will make you dance and that's what counts the most!!! Check the sound sampler featuring 6 tracks from this album and judge for yourself! .

For more info about the group, please refer to my Mr. President Page
or visit group's official page at

01. Intro - 2.00
02. Space Gate - 3.55
03. All I Wanna Do - 4.03 (6)
04. When I Fall In Love - 4.34
05. Looking for You - 4.31
06. Simbaleo - 3.26 (5)
07. I Can't Get Enough - 4.14 (4)
08. F.B.I. - 4.06 (3)
09. Love Takes Two - 4.06
10. Cachito Bandido - 3.50
11. Give A Little Love - 3.19 (2)
12. Everybody - 4.12
13. On An On - 5.03 (1)
14. Outro - 0.54

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: D.I.S.C.O. - reviewed on 05/25/99
Artist: FANCY
Label: 1999 69/Jupiter Records/BMG (Germany)
Style: Eurodance/NRG
Index #: 74321 66594 2
FANCY - D.I.S.C.O. Yet another waiting is over. The new album by FANCY is out now and kicking! Based on recent singles by this artist you probably knew what to expect. With team of writers and producer vrom BROS Music you probably knew that this album will be it! When you check track listing you will see that many tracks featured in it have been already released as singles. If you don't have them, you definately should get the album. Many of you will criticize Fancy that he gave up on writing his songs. Well... I wouldn't take it as disadvantage. Music composed by David Brandes and written by John O'Flynn proved to be HITS-READY, so be it. Morever, FANCY took part of writing some part of the music in this album, like brand new hit "Japanese Girl" or very dynamic, beatifully crafted "Cirque de la Lune". By all means this album is an excellent release. It does not only bring Fancy's angelic vocal to die for but also updated eurodance style. For curious one, David Brandes along with Elke Schlimbach and Carsten Willie did some backing vocals! There is an ongoing discussion on many INTERNET chatboards (including here on Eurodance Hits WWW) about recent releases from icons of 80's dance with mix feelings about what is being released by these artists. Many of you are comparing their original sound with the current one. For GOD sake, FREE yourself from this shallow comparison. Open yourself to the music and enjoy it. This album will make you dance and that's what counts the most!!! Check the sound sampler featuring 6 tracks from this great dance album that should be in your collection.

For more info about the group, please refer to my Fancy Page

01. D.I.S.C.O. (Lust For Life) - 3:29
02. How Do You Feel Right Now ? - 3:53
03. Japanese Girl - 3:12
04. When Clowns Cry - 3:49 (4)
05. Try My Love Again - 4:24
06. Cirque de la Lune - 3:24 (6)
07. Come Back And Break My Heart - 4:00
08. On Fire - 3.24
09. Everlasting Dance - 4:00
10. When Fancy Is Crying - 3:44
11. Flames Of Love - 3:55 (3)
12. Come Back And Break My Heart (Trance Version) - 5:53 (2)
13. D.I.S.C.O. (Lust For Life) (Extended Version) - 6.00 (5)
14. How Do You Feel Right Now ? (Extended Version) - 5.48 (1)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Avalon - reviewed on 05/13/99
Artist: Soularis
Label: 1998 Kremlin Records (U.S.A.)
Style: Eurodance/Dream/Trance
Index #: KR007
Soularis - Avalon Yet another release from 1998 I am reviewing in 1999, but the reason is quite simple. I didn't have the album earlier nor I knew such group existed. This record comes from an independent label Kremlin Records based in New York City. What does make this album special is style of the music. It is EURODANCE, it is TRANCE, it is DREAM, you can name them all. You might ask how come album with dance music was released in NYC (obviously hard to believe !!!). The answer is again quite simple. Behind the group are Russian performers, and the country has long tradition in keeping the dance music alive. So here it is. "Avalon" by Soularis. The album features dance tracks from all mentioned above styles. When listening to it, you will have the feeling that artists when composing music were reaching to good examples of European dance artists. You will hear similarities to Masterboy, Bad Boys Blue, Robert Miles, DJ Bobo yet the music is fresh and inspiring. Several tracks are outstanding. For instance "Dance All Night" is very interesting and musically diversed EURODANCE track reminding best of BAD BOYS BLUE and DJ BOBO instrumentation. I was very impressed with female vocal by Bulgarian performer Nora Doncheva. Amazing, strong voice warrants Nora a title of new EURODANCE DIVA leaving Marina from MRK Records (also based in NYC) in the shadow. Her vocal abilities have virtually unlimited potentials. The male vocal (RAP) needs some improvement, but Nora's performance helped to overcome some of male vocalist weaknesses. If you like DREAM and TRANCE you really should check "Zee Planet", beatiful track with angelic piano section. If you like more TRANCE/TECHNO sound, go for "Year 2097". The album closes ballad-like track "Best Friends" that carries nostalgic message from the group about friendship full of their personal reflections. Taken together it is very nice release and we here in US should support both the label and the artists from this group. With more releases like this we might help dance music spread around the country. This album is available from

For info on group please visit their website at:

01. Fly With Me - 4:54 (4)
02. Avalon - 4:53 (3)
03. Dance all The Night - 5:01 (1)
04. Year 2097 - 6:46 (5)
05. In The Jungle - 6:08
06. All My Life - 5:02
07. Solar Wind - 6:04 (2)
08. Travel - 4:40
09. Zee Planet - 5:28 (6)
10. Fly with Me (Klub-a-strophic Mix) - 6:13
11. Avalon (Dream Club Mix) - 5:10
12. Best Friends - 5:10

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Movin' Melodies - reviewed on 05/01/99
Artist: ATB
Label: 1999 Kontor Records (Germany)
Style: Progressive House, Trance
Index #: 547526-2
ATB - Movin' Melodies Finally first album by ATB is out. It hit German stores on April 26, 1999. I am sure if you followed Sequential One or heard several remixes done for Future Breeze, Red 5 or U 96, you know who ATB is: André Tanneberger. This very talented DJ, producer and remixer became one of the most hot personalities in German PROGRESSIVE scene. His recent tracks "9 PM (Till I Come" and "Don't Stop" became PROGRESSIVE HOUSE hits.. As a matter of fact "9 PM (Till I Come") took peak position on several charts (Media control Charts #14, DDC #4, DMC #1, German DJ Playlist #1). No wonder, fans of PROGRESSIVE style were waiting for ATB's debut album with anticipation. So here it is. The first feeling I had when I listened to it was that this album is NOT per se a dance one. Granted! Several tracks fall into the category of dance like the one I just mentioned above. However, the album brings more than just TRANCE PROGRESSIVE sound. You will find interesting quasi-DREAM sound, like one present in "The First Tones" that set the atmosphere for the album since it is a starting track, as well as "Obsession" , beatifully crafted ELECTRONIC POP/DREAM song. Transcendental TECHNO/TRANCE dominates in many tracks in this album. These are not really to dance, but listening to them stimulate your senses, forcing you to meditate and dream. The sound of running water and underwater life present in "Beach Vibes by EFF" or "Underwater World" spiking the body, tickling senses. Truly an amazing feeling. To really enjoy the album you have to think more profoundly about ATB than just the composer and author of good dancable PROGRESSIVE TECHNO. Many songs are very personal. I felt like ATB is trying to transpose his feelings, his dreams, his desires thru the music. If you will not immediate fall in love with this album, this feeling will grow on you. Definately an interesting release, showing the enormous possibilities this artist have. For sound sampler I have chosen 7 tracks (and I skipped those two I mentioned before). You will find mostly DANCABLE ones on it. To really enjoy the deep sound of other songs you have to have original one. Buying this album will be a good investment for your money! Enjoy!

01. The First Tones - 2:09
02. Emotion - 4:24 (1)
03. Underwater World - 4:11 (5)
04. Zwischenstück - 0:58
05. 9 PM (Till I Come) - 3:14
06. Killer 2000 - 5:56
07. Too Much Rain by United Deejays For Central America (ATB vs Woody van Eyden Mix) - 5:36 (7)
08. Don't Stop - 3:42
09. Obsession - 6:25
10. My Dream - 7:06 (2)
11. Kayama - 4:26
12. Beach Vibes by EFF - 8:26 (6)
13. Movin' Melodies - 6:01 (3)
14. Sunburn - 3:51 (4)
15. 9 PM (Till I Come) (Signum Mix) - 7:36

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: ... The Very Best '99 - reviewed on 04/04/99
Artist: A LA CARTE
Label: 1999 Coconut Records/BMG (Germany)
Style: Disco
Index #: 74321 65504 2
A LA CARET - ... The Very Best '99 Here we have the album by A LA CARTE that Coconut Records is releasing in April. Probably you never heard of this trio, yet two decades ago this group was part of most successful DISCO groups along with GOOMBAY DANCE BAND or BONEY M. You probably know very well work of team Hartman and van Haaren based on success these writers and producers have with BAD BOYS BLUE, but they were behind many great hits by other groups like A LA CARTE for instance. I am very delighted that Coconut Records decided to reach to their rich archive and revitilized songs that many of you probably heard of but never connected to this group. For instance tracks like: "Doctor, Doctor (Help Me Please)" or "Ring Me Honey" were virtually played in every single disco club in '70s including American clubs, and became anthems of this style. Andy Matern took in his hands production of all '99 versions of oldies on this album. As usually his production brought fresh feeling to songs. I am sure most of you will find this album interesting. Looks like not only EUROENERGY is trying to find it's way back to current disco floor, but DISCO sound itself as well. Try the sound sampler in which I featured 6 songs I mixed in small mix. Enjoy!

01. Do Wah Diddy Diddy '99 - 3:27
02. River Blue - 4:56
03. Doctor, Doctor (Help Me Please) '99 - 4:33 (1)
04. In The Summer Sun Of Greece - 3:21 (6)
05. When The Boys Come Home '99 - 2:59 (5)
06. Ring Me Honey '99 - 3:52 (2)
07. Red Indian Drums - 3:59
08. Viva Torero - 3:55
09. You Get Me On The Run '99 - 3:12 (3)
10. Dong Dong Diki Diki Dong '99 - 3:01
11. Cubatao - 3:20
12. Ahé Tamouré '99 - 3:22 (4)
13. Jimmy Gimmie Reggae - 3:01
14. Wanted (Jean La Voleur) - 3:45
15. The Hit Mix - 7:36
  • You Get Me On The Run - 1:46
  • Do Wah Diddy Diddy 1:33
  • Doctor, Doctor (Help Me Please) 1:31
  • When The Boys Come Home 1:06
  • Ring Me Honey 1:40
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Sound And Vision - reviewed on 03/28/99
Artist: LA CREAM
Label: 1999 Dr. Records/Arcade MusicCompany AB (Sweden)
Style: Pure Eurodance
Index #: 955.055-2
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LA CREAM - Sound And Vision I said it many times and I will say it again! SWEDEN is the country to look for great dance music. Recently released album by La Cream is not just very good. It is simply AMAZING. Released on Swedish label Dr. Records (you guessed it right, the label belongs to Dr. Alban himself), "Sound And Vision" is dream come true to everyone who seeks eurodance style. Twelve tracks and ALL of them are exciting, and guaranteed pure enjoyment. I was stunned that one single album can have so much of great dance music put together in one set! Dramatic "Intro" will set you for mystic atmosphere to a second one on this album "Château D'Amour". Beatifully sang in French with dramatic sound and swirlling beat, drives you to the limit from the very beginning. All remaining songs caters to great EURODANCE sound and to have it "updated" PROGRESSIVE strings are here and there. Indeed a beatiful album! When you check sound sampler that features mix of 8 songs from this album, you will know that I didn't exaggerate even 1%. You will love each and every one track on this album! So, go ahead, check the sound sampler and "cream your jeans" in pure dance exctasy the album unquestionably delivers.

Please note that I didn't feature in sampler one of the best songs: "Say Goodbye", instead I give you an opportunity not only to hear it but also see the performer. Check the VIDEO CLIPS for video to this song.

01. Intro - 0:38
02. Château D'Amour - 3:17 (1)
03. You - 3:06 (2)
04. Free - 3:10 (4)
05. Incendio - 3:26 (3)
06. Say Goodbye - 3:23
07. Bells Of Life - 3:59 (5)
08. Playing With Fire - 3:39 (6)
09. In Your Eyes - 4:13 (8)
10. Hold You - 4:05
11. Dance - 3:22 (7)
12. A.K.A. Megamix Edit - 3:58
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Kiss Me - reviewed on 03/18/99
Artist: E-ROTIC
Label: 1999 Intercord Japan/Toshiba-EMI (Japan)
Style: Eurodance
Index #: TOCP-64008
E-ROTIC - Kiss Me I am sure fans of this group were waiting for new album. It was almost a hopeless wish, since group was recording mostly in Eurodance/EuroEnergy genre and this style as you know is fading away from European dance floor. Luckily enough Far East still loves this style and is powerful enough to keep the genre alive. So here you have, a brand new album from E-ROTIC: "Kiss Me" released on March 03, 1999 by Intercord ... Japan! Yes! Japan not Germany! I am not sure if there are plans to release a German edition yet, but I am sure if you will start bombarding parental Intercord in Germany, the album might get released. Most of you probably does not need my recommendation. Entire album is written and produced by BROS (David Brandes, John O'Flynn and of course Felix J. Gauder) unquestionable geniuses of eurodance. If you know style of E-ROTIC you know what to expect. Great dance with sexual innuendos! I am presenting you with six tracks from this album in mini megamix I quickly made. It should help you to judge the quality of the album and great eurodance music. If you missed this style, here you have it! A gift from heaven! :) This album is not as strong as previously released by this group, yet good enough to chase for it! Check the sound sampler NOW!!!

For more info about the group, please refer to my E-Rotic/Sex Appeal Page

01. Kiss Me - 3:24
02. Temple Of Love - 3:15 (1)
03. Give A Little Love - 3:55 (6)
04. Don't Talk Dirty To Me - 3:24 (2)
05. Oh Nick, Please No So Quick - 3:21 (3)
06. Wild And Strong - 4:18
07. Sam - 3:26
08. Do It All Night - 3:46 (4)
09. Dance With The Vamps - 3:57
10. Dr. Love - 3:15
11. Makin' Love In The Sun - 3:55
12. Wish You Were Here - 3:13
13. Oh Nick, Please no So Quick (Flute Version) - 3:33
14. Kiss Me (Extended Version) - 6:25 (5)
15. Sam (Extended Version) - 6:04

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Alone - The 8th Album - reviewed on 03/01/99
Artist: Modern Talking
Label: 1999 BMG/Hansa (Germany)
Style: Dance
MODERN TALKING - The 8th Album So here it is. New album from MODERN TALKING entitled "Alone" was released on February 22, 1999. We all were waiting with great anticipation for this 8th album in MODERN TALKING career. After group's come back last year with album "Back For Good" that brought back some of their old songs in new or remixed version, this new album is really a BRAND NEW ONE. All 16 songs in this album were not previously released. Few weeks ago we had "appetizer" from this album with group's single: "You're Not Alone". This song actually opens the album. So how is the album? It is quite GOOD but could be better. Many tracks from this album are impressive eurodance tunes bringing the best from the genre yet in many cases their production is not necessary superior. There are also slower ones like for instance: "Just Close Your Eyes", , or "All I Have", . I really liked the most three tracks: "Rouge Et Noir", "It Hurts So Good" and "Taxi Girl". The first one listed, actually brought goose bumps on my skin. There are other pretty good songs like "Can't Get Enough" for example. It has lower beat with typical beatiful sound of MODERN TALKING and good dance beat. I am sure this album will play a key role to further popularize otherwise fading eurodance. This new album by MODERN TALKING and last week released by BAD BOYS BLUE became clearly important happenings in dance music scene in recent months. I am only sad that MODERN TALKING haven't decided to be more "adventurous" on doing the job for this album. After all we expected a much more than we got. Maybe we shouldn't ? Anyway, this album should find it's place on CD library of all of you who like MODERN TALKING and actually all dance music lovers. Listen to sound samplers I have chosen from this album and make your mind up. I skipped all slower tunes since I did not really care about them at all.

01. You're Not Alone
02. Sexy Sexy Lover
03. I Can't Give You More
04. Just Close Your Eyes
05. Don't Let Me Go
06. I'm So Much In Love
07. Rouge Et Noir
08. All I Have
09. Can't Get Enough
10. Love Is Like A Rainbow
11. How You Med A Broken Heart
12. It Hurts So Good
13. I'll Never Give You Up
14. Don't Let Me Down
15. Taxi Girl
16. For Always And Ever
17. Space Mix [Feat. Eric Singleton]

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Title: Last Man Standing - reviewed on 01/27/99
Artist: E-Type
Label: 1998 Stockholm Records (Sweden)
Style: Dance/Pop
Index #: 559 331-2
E-TYPE - Last Man Standing With releasing two singles in 1998: "Angels Crying", "Here I Go Again" E-Type emerged as one of the best EuroNRG act of the year. Based on these songs I was waiting for this album with high anticipation. I finally received the copy and I am able to tell you more about it. First I was hoping for more tracks in style presented in those mentioned singles. I was rewarded only by two other songs on this album that belong to dance genre: "I'm Flying" and "So Far Away". First of them is nicely crafted Euro-NRG track with trace of PROGRESSIVE sound. Great female vocals, good rhythm and perfect instrumentation. I would be glad to see it released as a single. In "So Far Away" E-Type used more PROGRESSIVE sound and prefect female vocals. Dramatic song with great synths. Another DITTO from this album. Unfortunately all four titles presented are the only REAL Euro sound on this album and all of them are featured in sound sampler. I also added "Princess Of Egypt" that in my opinion resembles "Coco Jamboo" a Euro-Reggae track by MR. PRESIDENT. All remaining songs are done mostly in POP genre. So taken together what we have here is not sensu stricto dance album, yet it has several tracks that are worth to have in CD collection. I only hope that E-Type will stick with dance genre for a while, because he indeed is good at it!

01. Ultimos Homo Statans - Last Standing Man - 0:57
02. Angels Crying - 3:50 (2)
03. Here I Go Again - 3:53 (3)
04. Princess Of Egypt - 3:39 (5)
05. Hold Your Horses - 4:01
06. I'm Flying - 4:19 (1)
07. Morning Light - 3:33
08. I'll Always Be Around - 3:40
09. Walk Away - 3:30
10. I'll Find A Way - 3:35
11. So Far Away - 6:45 (4)
12. Angels Country - 4:01
13. PoP Preludium - 1:34

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: ... continued - reviewed on 01/17/99
Artist: Bad Boys Blue
Label: 1999 Coconut Records/BMG (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: 74321 64204 2
BBB - continued BAD BOYS BLUE one of the most successful HI-NRG act of 80's is back with their second album (previous was released back in middle of 1998). Boys were not waiting with releasing this one too long, making a good business decision. Even MODERN TALKING that celebrated their own come back last year still didn't come out with a new one. "... continued" as name indicates brings new remixes of old songs but don't be mislead! This album contains plethora of new releases as well. This particular album has so many writers, producers and mixers that I actually lost count. It was the advantage though. First, remixes of their 80's tracks are refreshing, yet close to original versions. The RAP that was present in their "Back" album is almost non existent in this one. Again, David Brandes, Felix Gauder and John O'Flynn participated in writing and producing several titles from this album like: "Baby Don't Miss Me", "Lady Of Hearts", "A Kiss Of The Night" and they are stunning Euro-NRG wonders. "The Power Of Night" written by D. Brandes, T.Hendrik,, J. O'Flynn is one of the best on this CD. Also Andy Matern did an incredible job in producing several tracks in this album just ot mention his remixes of "Save Your Love '99", "Jungle In My Heart '99" and many others, proving himself as one of the most promising and successful German dance remixer and producer. I will restrain myself from comparing this album with "Back". Both are great and complement each other extremely well.

For more info about the group, please refer to my Bad Boys Blue Page

01. Jungle In My Heart '99 - 3:58
02. I Totally Miss You '99 - 3:48
03. Never Never - 3:53
04. House Of Silence '99 - 4:21
05. Can't Live Without You - 3:57
06. Baby Don't Miss Me - 3:49
07. Save Your Love '99 - 3:55
08. The Power Of The Night - 3:30
09. Queen Of Hearts '99 - 3:53
10. Stay With Me - 3:27
11. Wouldn't It Be Good - 3:20
12. How I Need You '99 - 3:38
13. Kiss You All Over, Baby '99 - 4:08
14. Lady Of Hearts - 3:25
15. Don't Walk Away Suzanne (Et Cetera Remix) - 3:45
16. A Kiss In The Night - 3:19
17. There Is Nothing That Compares - 4:17
18. I'm Your Believer '99 - 3:00

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Title: Love Inc. - reviewed on 01/17/99
Artist: Love Inc.
Label: 1998 VIK Recording/BMG (Canada)
Style: Dance
Index #: 74321 59031-2
LOVE INC. - Love Inc. One of interesting album still released in 1998. This time from Canada. The country itself has proven to become North America's bastion of dance music. This album is a very interesting proposition for dance floor. I would say it is in the middle of the road between club sound and mainstream. Albums brings PROGRESSIVE sound in nice symbiosis with more mainstream HOUSE genre. Several melodic DANCE tracks "Broken Bones", "You're A Superstar" gives great feeling for club floor. If you want more PROGRESSIVE-TRANCE sound turn to beatifully crafted "C'est Fantastique" topped with French female velvet vocal to melt for. Are you into more ENERGY sound, go for"Be Who You Want To Be", that should do it. If you prefer more MAINSTREAM sound listen to "Homeless", beatiful POP-R&B track or a bit faster "Everything Is Gonna Be Alright". Do you want to dance close to your partner? "Why Don't You Take Me" is a perfect choice. Taken together this album is for everyone who like different dance genres. It will make unhappy folks looking for a particular style but for someone who wants dance CD with great selection, it's a bargain!

01. Broken Bones - 4:00 (1)
02. You're A Superstar (City Of love Club Mix) - 5:46 (2)
03. Homeless (Trip Inc. Mix) - 4:22
04. Everything's Gonna Be Alright - 4:22
05. In A Galaxy - 3:55 (3)
06. Be Who You Want To Be - 3:02 (4)
07. Who Do You Love - 4:04
08. I've Got A Feeling - 7:07 (6)
09. C'est Fantastique - 6:19 (5)
10. Why Don't you Take Me - 3:13
11. Broken Bones (I Used To Sell You Things You Only Could Find On A Dancefloor) - 5:36
12. You're A Superstar (The Dogwhistle Soundsystem) - 7:05
13. In A Galaxy (Germany Calling) - 7:42
14. Homeless (City Of Love) - 5:38

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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