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Title: Rain - reviewed on 11/14/04
Artist: JESSY
Label: 2004 Art Group Music (Belgium)
Index #: OCE 920402-02

JESSY - Rain "Rain" is a first solo album by Belgian 28 years old singer JESSY DE SMET. You definately should be familiar with this vocalist. She was part of MCKENZIE project with whom she released her first single "I Am Free" back in 1996, following by other hits such as "Love", "You Got To Get Up" or "Innocence" and many others including album. After success with this project she moved for here solo career under the wings of very well known Belgian producer REGI PENXTEN (Sylver, Milk Inc). Presented album is produced by him and FILIP VANDUEREN. Most of the tracks in this album were written and composed by JESSY herself. I am sure you are familiar with several tracks from this album. "Look At Me Know" was truly her worldwide success including this single released here in US. This fare was remixed by many well respected DJs such as APOLLO, ALDRICH & GENNON and others. Album also have other cool TRANCE/DANCE tunes. "How Long" starts this offering. Track you should be familiar with by now as well. Uplifting music line makes this fare fun to listen and to dance. Amazing vocals topped with great synth instrumentation. Very cool indeed. "Head Over Heels" is yet another big hit from JESSY, done in very similar style as the previously described tune. Glorious synth lines, a galloping bottom and a great melody all important component to make this one an agressive hit. The album is not just EURO/TRANCE release but rather broad and rich in DANCE genre. You have here "I'll Get Over You" NRG tune with some POP flavor in it. "Stuck On You" flips into R&B/BALLAD teritory. The title song "Rain" is yet another example of BALLAD style. The variety of styles JESSY find herself with proves that this young artist is truly great singer. Her music and lyrics that are actually meaningful shows her talent in writing as well. I recommend this album wholeheartly to anyone who likes quality DANCE style. If you like SYLVER, MILK INC you will love JESSY. Great stuff. In sound sampler I am presenting 6 tunes taken from this album, and I focused only on DANCE tunes. There are much more to listen to and to enjoy, so get this release and support this talented artist.

For more info about JESSY, please visit her homepage at:

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01. How Long - 3:20 (1)
02. Head Over Heels - 2:58 (2)
03. I'll Get Over You - 3:19
04. Tell Me - 3:27
05. White Lies - 2:45
06. Silent Tears - 5:23 (3)
07. Stuck On You - 3:54
08. Rain - 4:04
09. What If - 5:08
10. Enchanted - 3:18 (4)
11. Look At Me Now - 3:45 (5)
12. Where Do I Go - 5:49 (6)
13. Dancing In The Dark - 3:55

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Title: Sleep Is The Enemy - reviewed on 11/14/04
Artist: K-SYSTEM
Label: 2004 EQ Music (Singapore) / Finnland
Index #: EA 70680

K-SYSTEM - Sleep Is The Enemy This album might be an old news for some of you. For others who are not familiar with this project, is a great discovery. K-SYSTEM is a Finnish project of 25 years old producer KIMMO KAUPPINE. Project itself was established by him back in 1999. First album by K-SYSTEM "SupaDupaSound" was released back in 2001. Presented today "Sleep Is The Enemy" is the project's second album. It features 10 tunes and as a bonus there are two remixes. If you like TRANCE in commercial edition you will definately find yourself at home. Album is well equipped with this sound to fulfill your taste. Interestingly, insert to this release contains info about each and every tune. KIMMO gives you a brief description what these tunes are all about. For instance "L.O.V.E." a big room fare that starts your journey to K-SYSTEM music is described as theme about loving dance music. Quite massive tune to explode in your mind. Riveting affair with electronica no to be missed. "Guardian Angels", is described as a result of a couple of sleepless nights behind. This one became a true hit. Great VOCAL TRANCE with voices provided by JOHANNA SANDELL & CHRISTA RENWALL. Epic sweep of majestic synths lines, hard charging lines of beats that is incredibly powerful and commending. Everything topped by seductive female vocals. Delicious. Drama continuous with "Oldschool" featuring computerized vocals delivered by KIMMO himself. "Dream My Dream" invades NRG/TRANCE teritory. Good male vocals gives this hard-charging powerhouse a seductive touch (if male vocals can do it of course). Another stunning production is present in "Sound Of Arena". Guaranteed floorfiller/ Terrific synth work with hypnotic TRANCE fileld with yet another seductive sound delivered by JOHANNA SANDELL again. Shivering. Listening this album will make your body move. There is no slowdown throughout (with an excpetion of the last tune "Sleep Flower" that is a great chill-out fare to coll you down). All tunes are upbeat and stimulating. I guarantee that you gonna have great time to listen to them. This album is till available, so get it before it is gone forever. Sound sampler features 6 tunes from this release but merely do the justice, so treat it only as a very superficial example. You have to get the album to really judge it.

For more info about K-SYSTEM, please visit their homepage at:

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01. L.O.V.E. - 4:05 (1)
02. Guardian Angel - 3:11
03. Oldschool - 3:56 (2)
04. Dream My Dream - 3:04
05. Sound Of Arena - 3:35
06. Goanna - 5:58
07. Do You Wanna Ride? - 5:55 (3)
08. Speedfreaks - 4:58
09. Magic Sunrise - 5:02 (4)
10. Sleep Flower - 4:38

11. Sound Of Arena (Liquid M Remix) (5)
12. Guardian Angel (Cosmicman Remix) (6)

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