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Title: Sexy - reviewed on 09/27/04
Label: 2004 Happy Vibes Records (Germany)
Style: NRG / DISCO
Index #: 4 028451 00040 6

FRESH FOX - Sexy Here is yet another uplifting NRG piece that time-warped from 80's. Few months ago pioneers of German DISCO - group MODERN TALKING finally called it quit. They well might did it, but some artists decided following their steps. With BAD BOYS BLUE still hanging there (when on earth their new material is coming out?) FRESH FOX project and thier debut album "Sexy" might be a success. I am warning you though. FRESH FOX delivers almost classic MODERN TALKING/BAD BOYS BLUE sound. If you liked that original sound this CD is blessing. I actually played it recently and people were saying: Oh NEW MODERN TALKING album? That how close they are. Obviously nobody can replace THOMAS ANDERS vocals nor music written by DIETHER BOHLEN, but these guys are damn close. I am thrilled that FRESH BOX obviously influenced and in love with ANDERS/BOHLEN music decided to continue the sound we are missing. I am not sure if such project wil lbe a huge commercial success (sinve EURO/TRANCE dominates), but definately they will sell their album to hardcore fans of classic DISCO. Interestingly FRESH FOX do currently have live performances with ... BAD BOYS BLUE. A perfect match and sure success for the concerts. So let's take a closer look at the music presented in this album. By now you should have a general idea. There are 14 tunes plus bonus video. Most of tunes are uplifting NRG/DISCO fares in MODERN TALKING/BAD BOYS BLUE. Similarities are not only in the music and instrumental arrangements. For instance "Give Me Joy" features RAP characteristic to 98 and 99 releases from both MODERN TALKING and BAD BOYS BLUE who used ERIC SINGLETON for that purpose. While this album in general is at high BPM there are two stoppers to slow you down a bit. "Only You" is a very slow love song perfect to cuddle your partner on the dance floor. "Everytime I Miss Your Smile" is on the same wavelength featuring interesting guitar section and more slow POP sound. Taken together this is album for DISCO fans. All of you who don't like that sound will find this album cheesy and shallow, but rest will fall in love with instaneously. Please listen to the sound sampler in which I mixed 8 tunes. Be your own judge!

For more info about FRESH FOX , please visit their homepage at:

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01. Intro - 01:09
02. Sexy Lady (Radio) - 03:48
03. SMS - 03:29 (1)
04. Only You - 04:25
05. Take The Chance - 03:35 (6)
06. Dr. Love - 04:01 (4)
07. Please Talk To Me - 04:06 (5)
08. Love Is Like A River - 03:53 (2)
09. Everytime I Miss Your Smile - 04:22
10. Give Me Joy - 03:26 (8)
11. Tell Me Why - 04:14 (3)
12. Sexy Lady (Maxi Fox Mix)- 04:04
13. No Goodbye - 05:02 (7)
14. FRESH FOX - DJ Happy Vibes Megamix - 07:19


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Title: Anything Is Possible - reviewed on 09/17/04
Artist: T.M.-JOY
Label: 2004 Dance Street (Germany)
Index #: DST 75027-2

T.M.-JOY - Anything Is Possible Seems that in recent weeks we have been blessed with some good EURO releases. I am sure you already checked out an excellent album from FANTASY PROJECT, you will be excited to learn about COMEBACK album by ITALO-DISCO star MIKE MAREEN, and now you will learn about yet another German project T.M-JOY. What is also exciting, that more album are coming. T.M.-JOY as I mentioned is a German project of 31 yr old MARCUS DUPPACH (who beside performing also composes music and writes lyrics for the group), 30 yr old FLORIAN ZINK who sings for the group, and 27yr old RANDI female vocalist with truly angelic voice. By no means this group is a new comer. They actually started long time ago (around 1992) under the name WESTLEY. In 2001 they released their first album, followed by the second studio album entitled "Disco Life". "Anything Is Possible" is their newest album released in the end of August 2004. Album contains 16 tracks plus intro and outro. Presented music in majority represents uplifting HI-NRG/EURO sound. It shares many similarities with music from late 80's and 90's by MODERN TALKING, BAB BOYS BLUE or FANCY. Very joyful indeed. Actually, this is quite diversified album, since there are also some slower POP tunes such "I Love You So" , "Alone In The Dark" or "Would You Come Back To Me". Remaining tunes are mostly DANCE in various flavor. "You Got Me With A Smile" i very BAD BOY BLUE-alike with gorgeouc, unaccented, blue eye vocals provided by RANDI and truly fabulous melody line. "Don't Let Me Stand In The Rain" starts like almost classic BLUE SYSTEM tune with rain in the background blooming into full blown HIGH-ENERGY tune. You will love the music line here and great instrumantal arrangements. Male vocal could be more compelling, but fits in the track. "Forever Blue" fits more MODERN TALKING shoes like their classic "AirJet Liner". Very good 80's NRG sound. "You Are The One" seems to be one of the most strong tune if you subscribe into CLASSIC NRG sound. Once again you will be haunted by MODERN TALKING alike music line. These days when EURO music is being composed, very popular TRANCE arrangements become strong part. T.M.-JOY did not go for this "trick". Album in general is not "contaminated" with TRANCE sound, with one exception. "Say You'll Be Mine" in Weatherstorm Remix provide you with that genre. Beautiful, fierce and majestic predominantly instrumental TRANCE with elements of DREAM and scattered male and female vocals all over the place. So if you are into this style, you got at least one production. There are much more good DANCE music in this album you will surely enjoy immensely. I prepared 8 track sound sampler that covers some of them. If you are quality DANCE freak, you are not passing this album. PERIOD. Enjoy the sound sampler and order this album to show your support for struggling DANCE artists.

For more info about T.M.-JOY, please visit their homepage at:

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01. Intro - 0:50
02. You Got Me With A Smile - 3:33 (1)
03. Say You'll Be Mine - 3:49 (2)
04. Born To Love You - 3:28
05. I Love You So - 3:17
06. Don't Let Me Stand In The Rain (New Vocal Remix '04) - 4:06
07. You're My Hero - 3:28 (3)
08. Save Our Love - 4:14
09. Only With You - 3:33 (4)
10. Alone In The Dark (Randi Solo Edit) - 3:27
11. Forever Blue - 3:28 (5)
12. You Are The One - 3:20 (6)
13. Blue Crying Hearts - 4:02 (7)
14. Fly (New Vocal Mix '04) - 3:28
15. Would You Come Back To Me - 3:59
16. Say You'll Be Mine (Weatherstorm Remix) - 5:37 (8)
17. I Love You So (J.C.'s Dancer Mix) - 3:12
18. Outro - 0:52

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Darkness And Light - reviewed on 09/17/04
Label: 2004 Artitainment Group (Germany)
Index #: 04.1506

MIKE MAREEN - Darkness And Light - The Album OK, rarely do we see such stunning work from someone so long from the dance scene, as we see with this simply "outstanding" euro energy album from yet another icon of dance music; Germany's own MIKE MAREEN. If you have been aching for EURO DISCO with a TRANCE touch to the production that is been so, so rare this year; this IS definately a must have for you. In parts it reminds me of current chart icon's like DJ ROSS and the like, but the underlying undeniable EURO DISCO melodies are it's most appealing grace. At the same time, echoes of past masterpieces by DJ BOBO are also given homage. Heck, at times even SCOOTER's RAVE sound gets the nod on the eclectic and totally amazing album are fancied (see below). The album opens with a grand introduction reminiscent of DJ BOBO's first album. The title track "Darkness And Light" is gorgeous male VOCAL TRANCE, with passionate vocals you'd expect from a DIETER BOHLEN composition. "One Day In Love" further advances that romantic, melancholy EURO DISCO vibe. "Dancing In The Dark: Reloaded" is SCOOTER to a tee, and a brilliant update of the artist's 80's TOP 10 dance smash. Next up : the anthem, "Love Spy: Reloaded 2004". Ahhhh, magical and again awesome 2004 sounding RAVE EURO ENERGY TRANCE fare in production for this the artist's signature song and a worldwide 1 hit from 1987. It rocks big time, and compared to many "remade" 80's tracks in dance music; this is among the very finest and ambitious reworks of such a club anthem I think I have heard in recent memory. This was a major chart hit here at EURONRG this last Spring season, and is included on this disc in 12" mix form. Yet another blast from the past, "Agent Of Liberty" is also given the 2004 "reloaded" treatment. The track, "I'm Back" celebrates the long overdue return of this dance icon; cleverly disguised as a EURO DANCE based love song. "Hey It's Alright" is EURO ENERGY all the wayyy!!! Think SOLID BASE, with raspy male vocals ... and a great melody. This one will also remind you of the very best Italo tracks out these days. Next up is "Lady Ecstasy: Reloaded 2004" - this one was huge for me in the 80's; and is pure old school EURO DISCO remade perfectly for today's most commercial EURO DANCE floors. Excellent, and just as great as the original anthem with it's awesome melody line. "The Sun Of My Life" is a dramatic new composition that has a more HiNRG flavor to the track than most of the others on the disc. Fans of MODERN TALKING/FANCY will melt over the harmonies and illustrious production : simply gorgeous!!! "Hit Me Baby" is a EURO DANCE marvel sans rap (with out rap). It too has the same appeals of the last track, but the feel is harder EURO in style; certainly not a bad thing! If you like MODERN TALKING's "You're My Heart, You're My Soul", then you will love this new track, "My One Desire". More mid-tempo, it is an enjoyable listen, and is pure EURO DISCO at heart. EURO DISCO is Germany's most awesome achievement ever in dance, and it is great to see homage to that art released in 2004; especially with everything so influenced by the GROOVE COVERAGE sound way to often for my tastes. The last full track by MIKE MAREEN on the album, is called "Children Of The World". A lovely ballad, with a masculine touch that is a beautiful end of the evening track for the club (background choir by the WITTSTOCK KIDS choir). A definite step back in time to a more beautiful time in POP music is heard on this uplifting and outright enchanting track. The final track is aptly called "The End"; a fine orchestral ending for the "main" CD track listing. The CD continues with the previously mention 12" "Freaky Club Mix" of "Love Spy: Reloaded 2004", and then the "Techno Mix Edit". The album was co-produced by DA FREAKS, a new production team in Germany; and included is one solo track by them called "Lost In Love". It is so MILK INC./LASGO that I just about wet myself : this should be released immediately as a single in the EU. It is flawless VOCAL TRANCE music of the highest caliber, and exactly what most DJ's are playing in the EU at this time (unless they are unconscious). OK, I saved the very best for last ... shoot me if you must!!! The fabulous new song "Darkness And Light" is remixed into a lustrous club mix. Production reminds me of SCOOTER/GROOVE COVERAGE, but the lovely melodies are intact and it will undoubtably be a major hit this season. The angelic female vocals are anthemic, and the moody and beautiful lyrics are outstanding. It too, MUST be released as a single in the EU : it is perfect club fare, and will give this artist the recognition with today's disc spinners that he had in the late 80's worldwide. Yes, "it is that good"; actually stunning work. I am quite impressed as you can likely tell by this review, and I urge you very much to order this exciting and collectable full album from this living legend of euro dance music : it is "outstanding". Please listen to a sound sampler with 8 tracks taken from this release.

For more info about MIKE MAREEN, please visit his homepage at:

reviewed by Jason Davis - EURONRG Division
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01. The Begin - 1:42
02. Darkness And Light - 3:54
03. One Day Love - 3:38
04. Dancing In The Dark (Reloaded 2004) - 3:38
05. Love Spy (Reloaded 2004) - 3:34 (2)
06. Agent Of Liberty (Reloaded 2004) - 3:34 (3)
07. I'm Back - 4:26
08. Hey It's Alright - 3:38 (7)
09. Lady Ecstasy (Reloaded 2004) - 2:58 (4)
10. The Sun Of My Life - 3:59 (5)
11. Hit Me Baby - 3:27
12. My One Desire - 3:27 (6)
13. Children Of The World - 4:20
14. The End - 1:47

15. Love Spy (Freaky Club Style) - 6:07
16. Love Spy (Techno Mix) - 3:22

17. Lost In Love - 4:29 (8)

18. Darkness And Light (Spacewalker Mix) - 6:13 (1)

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Title: The Album - reviewed on 09/06/04
Label: 2004 EQ Music (Singapore) / ARC - Records (Austria)
Index #: EA70658

FANTASY PROJECT - The Album For last couple of weeks in our CHATBOARD has been discussion going on about Austrian FANTASY PROJECT and their debut album called simply "The Album" released in July in Singapore. I finally got a copy and I have a pleasure to present it to you. If you are EURO fan, I am sure you are familiar with yet another group recording in Austria RIMINI PROJECT. Group that already has several albums behind them. FANTASY PROJECT, is relatively new, and shares not only the name (PROJECT) but also similarities in style of music they play. It is EURODANCE with TRANCE riffs, something that is characteristic to EURO sound these days. For now this project gained only local popularity. No wonder, EURODANCE in opinion of many is dinosaur of DANCE, but obviously many of us who are part of this website think otherwise. So, did EQ MUSIC, from Singapore. This Asian label decided to release FANTASY PROJECTS' debut album. Asian market is a true sponge for quality DANCE, so no wonder this label took the opportunity to inject their market with the music presented by this project. By now you are probably wondering, what's in the album? It contains 12 tracks (+ intro) and 5 Extended versions of few titles present in the album and all are club friendly. You will find here all previous singles such as "Crazy Baby" or brand new "Gimmie Love" (both featured in Album and Extended Versions). While album version of "Crazy Baby" is uplifting EURO with pitched up male vocals, Andy Garcia vs. Virtual Boy Remix invades TECHNO/TRANCE territory. Extended version of "Gimme Love" delivers more NRG that album counterpartner. Entire album is sweet and pleasurable to listen or dance to (your choice, or you can do both). I am sure most of you will agree with that assessment, but some of you might find presented music a bit shallow, and simplistic. After all, what really counts is the DANCE music, so let's not make it too philosophical and too sophisticated. I am sure EURO fans will be stunned by several offerings this album present. For instance "Never Stop" one of my favorites is a full blown EURO tune to die for. "Move It Up" is yet another example where quality EURO meets originally crafted synth riffs. If you prefer more VOCAL TRANCE side (in male edition), you are getting it as well. Great example is "The Only One".The male vocal is a bit annoying for me though. Too feminine for my taste. I am sure LINZER ANDY STEINBERGER who is lead singer was not trying copycat MODERN TALKING or FANCY, but his voice sounds in my opinion a bit artificial. Regardless, the music is so good, and easy overcomes these weaknesses. I strongly recommend this release to all of you who visit this site for EURO sound. It will be hard to find a contender for a title of THE BEST EURO ALBUM in 2004. Thanks to that has imported this album from Singapore, you have the opportunity to own this release. You have to hurry up, they are selling it like "hot rolls" and were already short on it. Don't miss it or you will regret it! For now enjoy sound sampler with 10 tunes taken from this high quality offering.

For more info about FANTASY PROJECT , please visit their homepage at:

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01. Intro
02. Crazy Baby (1)
03. Dam Dadi Doo (4)
04. Way Of Life (8)
05. Take Me Away (3)
06. Somebody
07. Gimme Love (7)
08. Never Stop (6)
09. Up And Away (2)
10. Move It Up (5)
11. The Only One (10)
12. Tell Me (9)
13. Sky
14. Crazy Baby (Andy Garcia vs. Virtual Boy Remix)
15. Dam Dadi Doo (Extended Mix)
16. Way Of Life (Extended Mix)
17. Take Me Away (Extended Mix)
18. Gimme Love (Extended Mix)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Project X - reviewed on 05/02/04
Label: 2003 Psychedelic Records (US)
Style: Psychedelic Goa Trance
Index #: PROMO

ELECTRO ILLUSION - Project X Usually I present what is called mainstream, club DANCE music. However, today I have decided to present you release from more underground PSY-TRANCE style. This style of music has been around for many years. For hardcore TRANCE followers PSY/GOA TRANCE is the true genre and what we call EURO, VOCAL TRANCE they characterize as cheap, cheesy, shallow music. I am not going to to engage in polemic, but the fact is that PSY TRANCE delivers more than a DANCE music. It stimulates and invigorates your state of mind. There is no clear definition of this style (YES, I provided one in DANCE DICTIONARY). The music has its own roots in various styles such as GOTHIC, NEW WAVE, NEW BEAT, INDUSTRIAL, ELECTRO, PSYCHEDELIC ROCK to name the few. I am not going in deep to explain you this style, you can do your own search. What I would like to point out is that PSY TRANCE in their compositions heavily utilizes not just variety of electronica instruments, but guitars, sitars, strange and psychedelic sounds such as barking dogs, crying baby's, cosmic effect etc. Simply hard to describe. While more that 50% music in this style is being made in Israel (don't ask me why), other countries make them to. Today let me present the US project from Los Angeles of BRIAN HARRIS and MICHAEL WICKSTROM called ELECTRO ILLUSION. Presented album "Project X" is their first and both guys are currently working on the second one to be released soon this year. "Project X" is truly a fascinating, mind-numbing experience. Album contains "only" 8 tunes, that occupy more than 70 minutes of music. Each song is a separate adventure. However, as a whole, album stands as a fascinating journey through the world of heavily electronic euphonious sound. ELECTRO ILLUSION were very creative in terms of instruments and effects used for this album. So there are vintage analog synthesizers, tabla drums from India, NASA sounds and variety of loops their imagination could create. No wonder that the album offers a wide range of substyles. You will find elements of HARD CORE TRANCE, CHILL OUT and even uplifting TRANCE. Everything your mind dare to consume. You have to engage yourself for this release. It is not exactly per se a DANCE album, but rather something that you should contemplate and enjoy. I prepared a sound sampler with 6 tunes taken from this album. Get this release to support this talented group. For now enjoy the sampler that does not do the justice. Unfortunately.

For more info about ELECTRO ILLUSION , please visit their homepage at:

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01. Scorpio Moon (1)
02. Feel The Rage (2)
03. The Future Of Atlantis (6)
04. Cosmic Mother Shrine (3)
05. Scorpio Sun (4)
06. Svadhisthana
07. Project X
08. Under The Seas Of Neptun (5)

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