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Title: Loud Pipes Save Lives - reviewed on 03/20/04
Artist: E-TYPE
Label: 2004 Stockholm Records (Sweden)
Style: Euro

E-TYPE - Loud Pipes Save Lives BO MARTIN ERIK ERIKSSON known as E-TYPE is back after almost three years of silence to reclaim his crown as King of Swedish Dance. It is already happening for several weeks now, with entry of his first single "Paradise" from this brand new album "Loud Pipes Save Lives" scheduled to be released on March 25, 2004. "Paradise" single was also presented at Musikfestivalen (Swedish competition to represent Sweden in Eurovision Festival) in 20th March 2004 but unfortuntaly, E-TYPE took 5th position and will not represent Sweden in that competition. Neverthless, presented album is short of anything but amazing, catchy EURO production at it's best. We maybe had to wait for a long time for this album, but outcome is purely superb. I have no clue how long it took E-TYPE to actually work on this album. It really doesn't matter, what matter is the final product. You are getting set of passionate, awe-inspiring fares to shake your body. This album features 11 tracks. The first one "Loud Pipes Save Lives" is a dub tune serving as an intro. Very Scottish at the beginning, it is slow and majestic. Almost like fanfare for the king entring throne room. Was it intended to present you returning king? Maybe! :-) This is an interesting beginning anyway. The next is forementioned "Paradise". Excellent female vocals provided by NA-NA who was featured in previous album as well. NA NA has a powerful, almost masculine voice. Combined with catchy melody, the fare is an instant winner done at classic E-TYPE style. "Camilla", the next fare is a synth-driven stormer that'll surely knock-out the fans of epic EURO sound. Hooks here are irrestibile, melodic line outstanding, E-TYPE's and NA-NA's vocals simply almighty. High-flying synthsizers and hard-charging, pulsating bottom highlights "The Predator" tune. You might find here reminiscence of MODERN TALKING mixed with SASH!-like atmosphere. The final effect is simply a knock out! E-TYPE did not resist the temptation of adding French language to one of his songs done in more VOCAL-TRANCE genre. This twist was already a good move for KATE RYAN. "La Dans Fantasie" is E-TYPE's counter proposal. The outcome is simply lucious. We got extra catchy melody with soaring majestic synths and vocals. "The Original You" is a down-tempo track with elements taken from middle-east culture. More full-blown EURO you will find in the next fare "Far Up In The Air". It is rather generic and actually close to more original EURO sound of late 90's. The sound also reminds me a bit of LA CREAM yet another successful but now defunct Swedish project. If you prefer more TRANCEY side of current EURO. Your wish is granted. "Forever More" combines a powerful and upbeat EURO with some OPERA TRANCE elements. Gorgeous melody and a superb production to die for. The album closes with very slow and done in ala ELVIS PRESTLEY style "Lost And Goodbye". A perfect finish to a perfect album. I didn't present all the titles from this album, but I hope what I presented you and also the sound sampler with 7 tunes taken from this album will make you eager to get this release. I am not going to encourage you, because if you are EURO lover, you don't need encouragement. After all, albums like the one I am presenting today are not being released that often. Just run and get it! Enjoy!

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01. Loud Pipes Save lives
02. Paradise (feat. Na Na) (2)
03. Camilla (1)
04. The Predator (7)
05. Dans la fantasie (3)
06. The Original You
07. Far Up In The Air (feat. Na Na) (4)
08. Forever More (feat. Na Na & LG) (5)
09. Rain (6)
10. If Heaven Were To Fall
11. Lost And Goodbye

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Title: Dolazi oluja - reviewed on 03/20/04
Label: 2003 Croatia Records (Croatia) / City Records (Serbia)
Style: Euro
Index #: CITYRECORDS 2CD 000 270

COLONIA - Dolazi oluja I have rather rare opportunity to present DANCE music originated from other than Western European countries. I did present some albums from Poland and Russia before, but there are other Middle/Eastern European countries that make quality music. One of them is war-devastated Croatia. Even in such hard time people there are creating the music. Something has to keep you going. I am presenting today the latest album (6th) from the most popular Croatian group COLONIA entitled "Dolazi oluja" that was released in October of the last year. COLONIA is actually "veteran" project. It was established back in 1996. Group consists of female vocalist INDIRA VLADIC MIJKIC, author and producer - BORIS DJURDJEVIC and TOMISLAV JELIC KAMENY who also manages the project. In 2003 COLONIA received for the third time GRAND PRIX of Croatian Radio Festival. Group is popular in that area of Europe and recently signed the contract with South Korean label. They also finally released their first English CD back in November with "A Little Bit Of Uh La La La La". It is English version of their mega hit from 2001 "Za tvoje snene oci". Now let's talk about the album. This release contains 2 CDs. One represents a full album with 13 tracks and the second one is multimedia CD with pictures, biography, clip to their most recent hit "C'est La vie" and 10 mp3 files with new versions of their hits from previous years (YES! it includes "Za tvoje snene oci" in Special Korean Mix). Presented today album, is nicely crafted release filled with many dramatic DANCE tracks. The album is diverse. Granted most tunes are combination of DISCO and EURO heavily embedded in futuristic electronica (some synths in many tracks are out of this world) sound but you will find also some POP tunes (for instance "Obican dan" or "Ne gledaj me tako"). Album brings also some local folk elements (examples: "Luda za tobom" or "Iluzja") as well. The album starts with group's current mega hit "C'est la vie". An excellent offering, a synth-driven NRG/TRANCE beauty with powerful vocals (watch for video clip of this tune in our VIDEO section). The style presented in this tune will dominate the album. Taken together COLONIA is ready to conquer dancefloor worldwide. Group has to record more in English and get good promotion, and success will be warrented. You should also should support the group. Get this album (I provided you with the link in Serbian place that is similar to and you can get this album for just 10 bucks. Peanuts if you consider the quality. I am presenting you sound sampler with 6 fares taken from this outstanding offering. Enjoy!

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01. C'est La Vie (1)
02. Luda za tobom (2)
03. Sto mi je ovo trebalo
04. Zima je (3)
05. Plamen od ljubavi
06. Dolazi oluja (4)
07. Iluzja feat. Turki Taata
08. Oci boje meda (5)
09. Obican dan
10. Ne gledaj me tako
11. Leto 80 i neke
12. Prui poljubac
13. Pali, kreni, gas i fiju briju (6)

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Title: The Queen Of The Night - reviewed on 02/28/04
Artist: TRINITY feat. CAATER
Label: 2003 Caater Productions (Estonia)
Style: PopTrance
Index #: PROMO

TRINITY feat. CAATER - The Queen Of The Night Presented brand new album by CAATER is musically very interesting and stimulating. While it is full of electronica topped with a wonderful female vocals provided by truly amazing TRINITY, it does not mean that the album is generic. Combination of angelic voice and killer synths especially characteristic for VOCAL TRANCE has been beaten to death. CAATER delivers something that I found quite innovative (word almost forgotten in the decade of remakes and copying each other). You would imagine that similar combination might have delivered the same sound, but actually it did not. What we have here is rather POP than EURO sound sported in several tunes. Don't get scared by hearing "POP" label. You really have to listen to the album to understand that POP mixed with electronica the way CAATER did, delivers a powerful and very unique sound. Sound that might be a sign of new music direction. It doesn't come from Germany, Italy, UK, Holland or Belgium but from small Baltic country such Estonia. You better be prepared for invasion of less known groups, from less known countries and their offerings. This is CAATER's third album (I previouly reviewed all their albums) has been released for now just in Estonia. For sake of all of us devoted to DANCE sound, I hope it will get better exposure, since this album rightfully deserves it. It is truly first-class dance release showing how mature this group became over last three years. Album starts with group's current single "The Queen Of The Night" that combines in one truly awesome EURO beat and sophisticated rumbling synths. This fare is doomed to be massive DANCE blaster for the quality DANCE sound hungry club floors all over the world. Cannot be otherwise! Very lush and atmospheric, with stellar synths soaring and angelic vocal that takes off high! This is especially true for Supersonic Mix of this tune that closes the album. Anyway, going back to music. You better be prepared for some other hot tracks and there are many of them to enjoy. All of them with TRINITY voice. Voice that is powerful, clear, and flexible. Definately the current sound CAATER presents wouldn't be it without TRINITY. "Endless Summer" is electronic fusion of POP and TECHNO/HOUSE with TRANCEy synth work. Galloping synths and upbeat tempo dominate in "Tell Me Why". Yet another tune from this album that is getting recognition among DJs. "A New World" is another example of the trend that CAATER is proposing. This fare is a hybrid of hard-charged and soaring synths locked on distant BREAK BEAT elements topped with female vocals. Try that combo. Dynamite! Well... There are many more other tunes in the album that are worth of attention. I also couldn't feature them all in sound sampler. It is a shame, because each and every tune has it's own character. I cannot provide you with the link where to get the album. You probably have to find a friend in Estonia to get it for you. For now take a seat and listen to my pathetic a mix with 7 tunes taken from this album that still doesn't do a full justice to this wonderful release. Enjoy!

For more info about CAATER, please visit their page at:

01. The Queen Of The Night (1)
02. Endless Summer
03. Tell Me Why (3)
04. A New World
05. Music (2)
06. Stranger (5)
07. Have It All
08. Just A Game
09. Never Ever (4)
10. No Matter (6)
11. The Queen Of The Night (Supersonic Remix) (7)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Clubfiles - reviewed on 02/28/04
Label: 2003 Underdog / Polydor - Island Zeitgeist (Germany)
Style:Trance / Techno
Index #: 06024 9865725 6

DJ QUICKSILVER - Clubfiles DJ QUICKSILVER (ORHAN TERZI) Turkish-born DJ living in Germany is definately one of most interesting personalities in German DANCE scene. I am impressed by number of remixes he made as well as quality of his own music. This is DJ QUICKSILVER's third album (previous one were "DJ QuickSilver" and "from 1998 "Planet Love" (there is also an album "The World Of Watergate", by WATERGATE that was his other project). He released numerous singles that appeared in countless compilations featuring TECHNO/TRANCE sound. "Clubfiles - The Album" was released back in September of 2003 and contains several titles that appeared as singles going back as far as 2000 ("Ameno"). The album contains such amazing tunes as remake of JEAN MICHEL JARRE's "Equinoxe IV" presented here as Club Edit. This was a big 2003 club full blown majestic TRANCE fare to die for. I already went through all the whistles and bells about this fare when I reviewed this track in one of featured on compilations. Among other tracks you are already familiar with are above mentioned "Ameno", "Boombastic" and "New Life". Most of remaining titles are brand new and written in 2003. "Embrace" kicking with dazzling synth and majestic music line. Wonderfully crafted for club atmosphere and to satisfy those intense craving for state-of-the-art TRANCE. The job on this one is intense and superb. In "Anthem" we can hear JARRE influence as well. It has that NEW AGE stigma, but it is rather an exciting inflence. Haunting and powerful with tantalizing synthesizers that explode brilliantly right at your face. Another club monster, too bad that only at 3 minutes. I would love to have it remixed and delivered in longer version. "Power Of G.O.D." is undertoned TRANCE fare with some spectacular effects. You will love the speed, the mystery, the beat. I was particularly thrilled how the female haunting vocals was planted. This will send goosebumps to your body. Guaranteed! A wonderful production delivering yet another powerhouse track. The album is also cleverly arranged. The tracks are combined in one whole construction, to move you around without danger of being overheated. If you didn't get this album yet, or you were waiting to hear the sampler, here it is. I prepared mix with 6 selected tunes (mostly new) taken from this album. You really have to get the real thing to understand how powerful this release is. For now enjoy the sound!

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01. ClubFiles One [Equinoxe IV] (Club Edit) - 5:51 (1)
02. Embrace - 4:03 (2)
03. Anthem - 3:22 (3)
04. ClubFiles One [Rising Up] (Club Mix) - 6:29
05. New Life (Single Edit) - 3:19 (4)
06. Power of G.O.D. - 4:44 (5)
07. Ameno (Video Mix) - 3:28
08. Boombastic [feat. SHAGGY] (Epic Radio Edit) - 3:25
09. OHM - 3:38
10. Voyage - 6:10 (6)
11. Tsunami - 5:52
12. Lost At Sea - 6:45
13. Out In The Dark - 6:54

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Cubes - reviewed on 02/25/04
Label: 2004 Konsum Music / Sony Music Entertainment (Germany)
Style: Pop / Euro / Trance
Index #: KOM 515401 2

NOVASPACE - Cubes About a year ago I presented the debut album by German project NOVASPACE called "Supernova" with JESSIE BÖHRS who is voice behind the project. Today let me present you brand new and second in discography album entitled "Cubes" released on February 9th 2004. Similar to debut album, also this one has been produced and mixed by FELIX GAUDER of BROS.; one of the most successful producers of German classic EURODANCE. There are some big differences between both albums. While the first one represented mostly EURO sound updated with uplifting TRANCE synth work, this one falls more in to POP/DANCE, however synth-rich tunes are still here as well. You will find in this album 11 tunes and bonus video (it says it is "Beds Are Burning" but in fact it is "Run to You"). Among titles are three slow ballads, while remaining are mostly DANCE fares. Album contains some original tunes (mostly composed by FELIX GAUDER) but also some "covers". There are two singles out of this album. First was remake of BRYAN's ADAMS "Run To You" and second is "Beds Are Burning". Video clips to both tunes are presented in our VIDEO section. "Come Out Of Your Darkness" written and composed by FELIX GAUDER is an outstanding EURO offering. Gorgeous music with an unforgettable melody & production, very catchy. You will be stunned by dazzling synth lines that pick up the melody and send it soaring as beautiful JESSIE vocal floats like an angel. Another tune "Summer Of Love" invades POP territory, yet it's backbone remains pumped up EURO. "Taste My Love" is another example of super DANCE track, once again proving to me that Mr. GAUDER is indeed DANCE genius. Incredibly catchy, with bright EURO-POP chords, a bouncing melody, killer synths and cheery yet mysterious JESSY's vocals. Taken together very nice album from NOVASPACE. It has the power, it has the music, it has the feel. The only complain I have, it is relatively short with 11 tracks. I would really love to have few more to make me feel even better. I prepared a mix with 7 tunes taken from this album. Enjoy!

For more info about NOVASPACE, please visit her page at:

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01. Run To You - 3:38 (1)
02. Come Out Of Your Darkness - 4:33 (2)
03. It's Too Late - 4:07
04. Beds Are Burning - 3:20 (4)
05. Summer Of Love - 3:57
06. Wicked Game - 4:10 (3)
07. Taste My Love - 3:48 (5)
08. All Through The Night - 3:39 (7)
09. Your Eyes - 4:26
10. Gimme More - 3:31 (6)
11. Homeless (Album Version) - 3:49
12. BONUS VIDEO - Run To You

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Anastasia - reviewed on 02/16/04
Artist: DJ TOXIC
Label: 2003 Free Power Entertainment / TBA (Switzerland)
Style: Trance
Index #: TBA 9412-2

DJ TOXIC - Anastasia DANCE scene in Switzerland is usually connected with DJ BOBO who was proclaimed on several occasions as King of DANCE. While DJ BOBO is still making music, there are more new emerging artists coming from this country. One of the is 20 years old DJ TOXIC vel PHILIPP BRACCINI born in Wohlen (same city which DJ BOBO came from). DJ TOXIC's passion for dance music was probably inherited from his parents (mother - singer, father musician). Originally his music interest was in POP/ROCK category, however later on influenced by live performances of DJ TATANA and DJ ENERGY he shifted his interest to electronic sound. In December 2003 he released his debut album "Anastasia" presented here. If you like TRANCE, VOCAL TRANCE and NRG you will simply love this release. Album features 10 tunes, intro, outro and two remixes of current DJ TOXIC's hits released also as singles: "It's Killing Me" and "Secret Melody". In general presented sound is rather generic, not exactly innovative if you will, but the outcome is actually very refreshing. Passing intro, the first track "Secret Melody" starts the album. This one is done in VOCAL TRANCE with some SYLVER-like and Asian-culture elements. Synth-driven stormer that'll surely knock-out trendy jocks enamored by the epic power of big room TRANCE. The DANCE havoc continues with "It's Killing Me". This time female vocal is replaced by one of the producer's of this album THOMAS LANGER. His vocal is a bit cheesy (deliciously so!), but overall this dazzlingly spacey TRANCE fare delivers powerful DANCE tune. The album features also extended DJ Hypnotic & Synthetic mix of this track. Incredibly catchy, easily streak into a floor packin'. "Mirage" is an instrumental TRANCE fare equipped with impressive thunderstom-like synths and interesting twist with flute section. True EURODANCE sound is sported in "Sunlight". Bright, blue-eyed female vocals by SUSI F highlight this full of energy fare. In "Can't You Hear Me" slammin' tribal rhythms rumble as the synthesizers pick up steam and blast off into a dark, driving TRANCE club trip that is simply mesmerizing. Basically this album is filled with energy and electronica to keep you up and running for a long time. In addition, album features three video clips ( presented in our VIDEO section). Taken together very nice debut album from this emerging and very young DJ. He still needs to work on his own identity, but the groundwork has been done. I wish him all the best. Since I have received this album as a gift from one of the site visitor, I don't have information where you can get it on line, but you should make an effort to get one. To test the ground I prepared a sound sampler featuring 8 tunes taken from this album. Enjoy!

For more info about DJ TOXIC , please visit his homepage at:

01. Intro - Anastasia - 1:24
02. Secret Melody - 3:43 (1)
03. It's Killing Me - 4:06 (2)
04. Out Of Misery - 4:36 (3)
05. Mirage - 4:31 (4)
06. Sunlight - 3:29
07. Can't You Hear Me (Toxic & Nitro Mix) - 4:40 (5)
08. I Wish I Could Fly - 4:04
09. Feel You Closer - 5:44 (6)
10. Until The End Of Time - 3:43 (7)
11. Angel (Silver & Parker Mix) - 4:28 (8)
12. Outro - I Miss You - 2:20

13. It's Killing Me (DJ Hypnotic & Synthetic Mix) - 6:35
14. Secret Melody (Silver & Parker Mix) - 7:40

01. Secret Melody - 3:43
02. Sunlight - 3:29
03. It's Killing Me - 4:06

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Applause - reviewed on 02/16/04
Label: 2004 Klone Records (UK)
Style: Energy/Energy-Trance
Index #: CDKOPY 146

KELLY MARIE - Applause Brand new release from UK-based NRG label KLONE RECORDS. Thanks for their support I am able to present most of their compilations. Today I have the rare opportunity to present the album. KLONE RECORDS usually does compilations so having album is a rare occurance. KELLY MARIE is truly UK NRG/DISCO diva and has on her account many NRG gems including one of the most known "Feel Like I Am In Love". KELLY in her music is always open for new twists and innovation, so is KLONE RECORDS, label that is currently releases her music. As you know KLONE RECORDS remains devoted to almost classic HIGH-NRG sound. We all know that dance music changes it's form. HIGH-NRG has not been singled out from this transformation either. More, and more TRANCE flavor is being added to the classic NRG sound. No wonder why "Applause" an album from KELLY MARIE falls into the same trend. This is double CD album. First CD features 12 full 12" versions of songs representing music milestones. KELLY took some incredible classic tunes and gave them contemporary NRG/TRANCE feel. For instance from timeless and controversial musical JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR comes "I Don't Know How To Love Him" cover. From legendary LA CAGE AUX FOLLIES comes revamped circuit anthem "I Am What I Am". Do you remember "Losing My Mind" from musical FOLLIES, covered many years ago by LIZA MINELLI? Here you have an incredible cover by MARIE that enriched that gem with dramatic synth work. There are tunes from other shows such "Memory" from CATS, "All I Ask Of You" from PHANTOM OF THE OPERA and many more. Second CD features PANIKBROTHERS' BACKSTAGE PASS MIX, an ultimate party experience in the mix with all titles that appeared on the first CD. Taking vocal talents of KELLY MARIE and her undeniable track record as a leading NRG star you are getting a fantastic offering that should appeal to anyone who value the quality NRG music and falling into TRANCE sound these days. I stronly encourage you to read also review on this release by JASON DAVIS posted in our EURONRG Section. I have prepared mix containing 8 tunes taken from the first CD, so I hope this sound sampler will give you an idea. I strongly encourage all of you to purchase this release.

For more info about KELLY MARIE , please visit her official page at

CD 1 - Full 12" Versions
01. Fame (2)
02. Evergreen (1)
03. I Don't Know How To Love Him (3)
04. Somewhere (4)
05. I Am What I Am
06. Losing My Mind (6)
07. The Rose
08. Memory
09. Heaven Help My Heart (7)
10. With One Look (8)
11. Tell Me On A Sunday
12. All I Ask Of You (5)
CD 2 - Panikbrother's Backstage Pass Mix
01. The Rose
02. Somewhere
03. I Am What I Am
04. Losing My Mind
05. Memory
06. Heaven Help My Heart
07. Fame
08. Tell Me On A Sunday
09. I Don't Know How To Love Him
10. Evergreen
11. All I Ask Of You
12. With One Look
( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album
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Title: Covergirl - reviewed on 02/08/04
Label: 2003 Urban Records (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: 067 006 2

GROOVE COVERAGE - Covergirl I know that "Covergirl" this is an old album, but I have never got to review it. I think I owe many of you who are for quality DANCE sound to present the album, if you didn't hear about it (probably a remote chance though). There is also a brand new album from GROOVE COVERAGE entitled "2nd Album" to be released in March of this year, and hopefully I will be able to review once it is available. GROOVE COVERAGE released their first tune "Are You Ready" back in 2001 on vinyl. This tune established itself as hard-charging, aggressive TECHNO/TRANCE piece. Lotsa of killer synths, and a hard-charging bottom. This track was done for good club spin. Their recognition as newly incoming and successful DANCE project came after releasing a MIKE OLDFIELD's cover of "Moonlight Shadows" back in August 2002 followed by "God I Girl" in November 2002. These tunes brought in fame the front vocalist: VERENA. Both tunes represented uplifting combination of intense synth work and dramatic melody line. Truly cutting-edge synth monster with strong bottom lines that assured tons of peak-hour plays all over the world. Please visit our VIDEO section to see video clips from this project. All these three tunes are featured in this debut album, there is more of course. The album features 12 tunes including 2 versions of "Moonlight Shadow". Other tunes such as "Million Tears" or "Last Unicorn" for example were recorded in interesting EUROTRANCE sound with lucious synth lines and ethereal VERENA's vocal. Other tunes such "You" or "Only Love" departured to rather slower POP teritory. The album delivers dood diversity. While the electronica dominates throughout the album, GROOVE COVERAGE managed to give this release a contemporary sound. Truly great debut release toward DANCE stardom they deserves. group. I prepared a sound sampler with 6 tunes taken from this album with focus on more DANCE-oriented fares. This album is still available, so you can get it, while waiting for new coming soon. For now enjoy the sound of GROOVE COVERAGE!

For more info about GROOVE COVERAGE, please visit their homepage at:

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01. Moonlight Shadow (1)
02. Million Tears (4)
03. You
04. Last Unicorn (2)
05. Only Love
06. God Is A Girl (Album Version)
07. Little June (3)
08. Far Away From Home
09. Lullaby For Love
10. Moonlight Shadow (Piano)
11. Beat Just Goes (5)
12. Are You Ready (6)

( ) - number in parenthesis indicates the order in sound sampler from this album

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Title: Silence E.P. - Underconstruction 1 - reviewed on 02/08/04
Label: 2003 Media Records (Italy) / ZYX (Germany)
Style: Dance
Index #: ZYX 20676-2

GIGI D'AGOSTINO - Silence E.P. - Underconstruction 1 One of the most interesting personalities in Italian DANCE/CLUB scene is unquestionably GIGI D'AGOSTINO - The NoiseMaker. Presented release is not exactly an album, rather it is lableled as E.P. (Extended Play). "Underconstruction 1" is a killer TECHNO offering from GIGI. Dramatic right from the beginning! This CD opens with "Silence (Vision 2)" rich with piano section, sound of the sea waves and harmonica in the background with GIGI's vocals here and there. Spectacular combination of fireworks of sound and swirling, synthesized strings that all come together brilliantly delivering both romantic feel and dramatic TRANCE-like sound. This sound is a signature sound of this offering. I am truly impressed by creativity of GIGI D'AGOSTINO, while the sound he composes is quite characteristic he manages to give the unique touch to every single track he makes. "Complex" is a good example of twists he gave to his tunes. This TECHNO/TRANCE fare delivers pumped rhythm, with some French influence mixed with oriental feel. If it owuldn't be enough he also added OPERA TRANCE feel into it! Outregously hot indeed it is! "Sonata" is yet another irresistible tune. It starts like a tune taken from horror movie. Some dark synths making way out to the ghostly land of mystery. How deceiving! It turns into full blown club-ready stomper. It has that pumpin' feel. Do you remember the leading theme from "Jaws" movie? Not exactly the same, but the leading melody is trying to unveil something. While it progresses tune bounces in many dance dimensions. On the top of it is GIGI's spoken words giving this fare additional mystery touch. "Apache" is invading TECHNO-HOUSE teritory. Wonderously lush instrumentation rises over hypnotic beats for a truly spectacular dance experience. Enough said. GIGI also gave his own version of "Pop Corn". One of the first ever made electronia tune (was it 70s'?). Imagine GIGI's style mixed with French harmonica sound ala IN-GRID and synth-driven EURO-gressiveness at its most potent & powerful side topped with some DRUM'N'BASS hooks here and there. You got the picture! Didn't you? The longest tune on this E.P. is "Silence (Vision 3)" lasting almost 11 minutes. Truly an epitome of GIGI's ability as ingenious composer! A Real big room exciter with foot-stompin' slamming feel. You simply have to get this CD to fully appreciate its richness. I recommend this E.P. wholeheartly! For now enjoy sound sampler from this E.P. featuring 7 tunes. Enjoy!

For more info about GIGI D'AGOSTINO, please visit his pages at:

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01. Silence (Vision 2)
02. Complex
03. Sonata (4)
04. Apache (1)
05. Ripassa (2)
06. Pop Corn
07. Percorrendo (5)
08. Silence (Vision 3) (7)
09. Taurus (Vision 2) (6)
10. Hymn (Vision 2)
11. Son (3)

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