Another Night:
Has two videos. The first German Video one was made when the band was still known as M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy. It features O-Jay and Patsy in the costumes that are similar to the ones they are wearing on the cover of Space Invaders. The video features two robots, one on the moon and one on earth. Throughout the video the two robots looking at each other through telescopes. From time to time, the camera shows O-Jay and Patsy singing (they are not together).

The second U.S. Video came out after the band became the "Real McCoy", but before Vanessa joined the band. Filmed in England, this one features O-Jay as a DJ in a radio station, while Patsy is going all over the city on a scooter putting up "Real McCoy" posters.

Run Away:
This video is of O-Jay having some sort of a breakup with his girlfriend. The rest of the video is of the woman running away from him. Near the end, Patsy helps her escape. Vannesa is not featured in this video.

I have heard that there is an earlier video for this song of O-Jay and Patsy singing in a club. I can't confirm this.

Automatic Lover:
The original video was released in Germany/Canada long before the rest of the world got Automatic Lover. Featured in a warehouse, Patsy has her hair filled with electrodes.

A rather bizarre, U.S. video was released in October of 1995. I don't even know how to explain it. Basically all three band members sitting on a sofa singing. In between we get to see some wierd looking people.

Come and Get Your Love
Filmed in America, the band is giving a concert on top of the "McCoy" hotel roof. The police are making their way upstairs to arrest them. When they arrive everyone has vanished.

Love and Devotion
Yet another bizarre video. No real plot to this one. Just shots of the band singing. The are often sitting in a chair and sometimes they are walking.