Great Tunes!!

At long last an extensive archive of Real McCoy tracks are now available!

The Albums section has a sample of each album track. The Miscellaneous section has a sample of the rare Christmas track Shining Star. In this section you can find remixes of the various singles put out by Real McCoy.
I've tried to put on as many as possible without making unneeded samples. For example, since the Ragga II House mix of Another Night is already on the page, there was no need for me to make a sample of the Ragga Radio Mix.
I also missed a few tracks that I only have on record as I don't have the proper equipment to hook up my record player to my computer. I also did not do any Armand Van Helden remixes. If you've heard one, you've heard them all.

Another Night

  • Black Belt Mix
  • Club Mix
  • Inferno Mix
  • Nightmare Mix

Automatic Lover

  • Airplay Remix
  • Automatic Trance Mix
  • Call for Hardcore Mix
  • Garage Mix
  • New Club Mix
  • Party Rave Mix
  • Single Mix

Run Away

  • Club Attack Mix
  • Factory Dub
  • Fly n' Away Mix
  • Hallucination Mix
  • Hooligan Remix
  • Progressiv Mix
  • Progressive House Mix
  • Pulsar Mix
  • Sound Factory Mix Vox Up
  • Sudden Boom Mix

Come & Get Your Love

  • Euro Mix
  • Junior's Dub Mix
  • Tzant Euromix
  • Tzant Remix

Love & Devotion

  • Airplay Mix
  • Development Corp Mix
  • Summer Mix

One More Time

  • Bass Bumpers Mix
  • Berman Bros. Mix
  • Dub Mix
  • Johnny "Vicious" Dub
  • UK Radio Mix