About The Band

Real McCoy, formally known as M.C. Sar & the Real McCoy is the most influential group in modern EuroDance music. No other Euro track had as big an impact on dance floors in Canada as Another Night. Run Away is also one of the most popular ever.

The group members are: Olaf Jeglitza (O-Jay), Vanessa Mason and Lisa Cork on vocals.

The story starts sometime around 1983 when O-Jay met Quickmix, a Berlin D.J. After working some parties together, they decided to try and get into the recording business. Their started with a couple of recordings like "Wanna be a star" (Masterplan), "Action" (The Alliance), "Come into my life - Rap" (The Admirers) or "Keep on movin - Rap" (Rap IV Rap). Right from the very first start they're produced their stuff by themselves and released it in cooperation with an indepentant distributor on their own label "Freshline Records". In 1988 they started to collaborate with the Wind Studios in Berlin and his owner Juergen Wind (Jay Wind). In 1989 they released a Cover-Rap Version of the Technotronics classic "Pump up the Jam" .... this was actually the first time that the name M.C.Sar & the real McCoy appeared on the scene for the first time .... They jumped on position 16 on the German top 75 billboard charts (nowadays Top 100). ZYX then asked for an image of the artist and this is how "M.C. Sar & the Real McCoy" was born. "M.C. Sar" is a play on words with M.C. (Master of Ceremony) and Caesar. There is no person called "M.C. Sar". O-Jay added in "& the Real McCoy" to represent the rest of the people who were working in the background. In 1990 they released their second single "It's on you" .... it became a big smash all over Europe and went on 12 countries to the number one position.... After some follow up's and a longplay (One the move...) they took a break to prepare their new material and reorganize the structure of the band ... In June 1993 their first single after 2 years was released ... "Another night" turned into a worldwide smash ... followed by the second release "Runaway" ... At this point the group was re-named to simply "Real McCoy". It was felt that M.C. would indicate the group being too much of a rap group.

Story to be continued, when? I'm not sure ;-)