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M.C. Sar & the Real McCoy
On the Move (Germany - 1990)

Album Cover

The first time I heard this album, I was shocked. It's not anything like what I was expecting. "It's on You" is the only song that even remotely resembles the style we all know and love. The rest of the album is essentially a Rap album, and a bad one at that. The songs that I rate as OK are generally because of decent synth work. Unless you really want it for your collection, I wouldn't use any resources tracking this one down.

  1. On The Move (Intro) 1:01
  2. It's On You 4:02
  3. Be Yourself 4:09
  4. Serious (featuring Diamond Ross) 4:19
  5. McCoy's House (featuring Jay-Rapper) 3:14
  6. Don't Stop (Acappella Version) 2:04
  7. Pump Up The Jam (Original Rap Version) 4:20
  8. She's Gone 4:17
  9. Get On Up 4:39
  10. Que Pasa 4:47
  11. I Owe You Nothin' 4:10
  12. Cut The C. 3:27
  13. Pump Up The Jam (US Remix) 6:14
  14. It's On You (All-Stars Remix) 6:47
  15. Undercover 3:32
  16. Don't Stop (Single Mix) 3:58


M.C. Sar & the Real McCoy
Space Invaders (Germany - 1994)
Album Cover

This is a masterpiece! In the future when people look back at 90's Hi-NRG, they will look at this album as one of the best. It's great from start to end. No filler, no crap, nothing more a dance music fan could ask for. If you have the money and can find it, pick up this release.

  1. Space Invaders (The Opening) 1:04
  2. Automatic Lover (Call For Love) 3:48
    (Click Here For Automatic Lover Remix Lyrics)
  3. Run Away 3:52
  4. 24 Hours 4:03
  5. Love & Devotion 4:18
  6. Another Night 3:57
  7. I Want You4:35
  8. Operator5:25
  9. Streetfighter 5:08
  10. Out of Control 5:00
  11. Je Suis Amoureux 3:40
  12. How Deep Is Your Love? 3:52
  13. Another Night (U.S. House Mix) 5:16
  14. Megablast 5:09
  15. Space Invaders (The Last Crusade) 2:50


Real McCoy
Another Night (1995)

Album Cover

I'd already had Space Invaders for some time when I first heard this album and was somewhat disappointed. The removal of several good to decent tracks to replace them with mostly poor songs was quite disturbing. They also put a mix of "Run Away" that is inferior to the version that is on Space Invaders. This album is a example of marketing "how not to". Still, getting past my personal bias, this is a terrific album. There is something for just about everyone on here, euro, freestyle, house, pop and adult contemporary. If you can't afford Space Invaders this is still a great purchase.

  1. Another Night 3:55
  2. Come and Get Your Love 3:14
  3. If You Should Ever Be Lonely (Deep In the Night) 4:05
  4. Run Away 4:03
  5. Sleeping With An Angel 4:37
  6. Ooh Boy 3:04
  7. Love and Devotion 4:30
  8. Automatic Lover (Call For Love) 3:47
    (Click Here For Automatic Lover Remix Lyrics)
  9. Operator 5:25
  10. I Want You 4:35
  11. Another Night (U.S. House Mix) 5:16

    Bonus tracks on album outside of North America

  12. Megablast 5:09
  13. Run Away (House Mix) 3:08
  14. Love & Devotion (Development Corporation Mix) 3:57


Real McCoy
The Remix Album
(Canada - 1996)

Album Cover

I was fortunate to have a very small part in the production of this CD, so obviously I am thrilled with it. It has the best remix Real McCoy have with the Ragga Mix of "Another Night" and the Reel House Mix of "Run Away" is also very good. For those who didn't pick up Space Invaders, "Streetfighter" gives you a taste of what you missed. The mix of "Operator" is an edit of the original that essentially removes the beeping and a few other minor changes. If you are a big fan, this is a great CD to have, but I'm not sure if it's for the casual fan.

  1. Another Night - Ragga II House Mix 5:13
  2. Come and Get Your Love - Junior's House Mix 7:57
  3. Love & Devotion - Limited Express Club Mix 5:50
  4. Run Away - Reel House Mix 5:44
  5. Automatic Lover - Lenny's House Mix 7:57
  6. Ooh Boy - Uno Clio Remix Edit 3:58
  7. Streetfighter 4:40
  8. Operator - Slash Brother's Mix 5:24
  9. Automatic Lover - B&B Mix 5:51
  10. Come and Get Your Love - NRG Extended Mix 4:54
  11. Je Suis Amoreux... 3:42
  12. Love & Devotion - House Mix 5:50
  13. Another Night - Dance Mix 5:01**

**The real "Dance Mix" found on the German single, not the international club mix that Arista calls dance mix. 

Real McCoy
One More Time (1997)

This is an album that took some time to grow on me. I think the production on it is excellent but I have to confess that I felt more could have been done to satisfy the hard core euro fans who have been following the band since their dominant days back in 94. It's a pleasant CD throughout but it does however lack that hard edge to it that makes you want to crank the volume on full. If you enjoy the more mellowish material that the band have done you should enjoy the album. But if you are a pure clubber this might not be what you are looking for.

North American Album:

  1. One More Time 3:59
  2. I Wanna Come (With You) 3:25
  3. Give A Little Love 3:31
  4. (If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here 3:58
  5. Love Almost Faded 3:23
  6. Look At Me 4:24
  7. Love Save Me 4:08
  8. Take A Look At Your Life 4:08
  9. The Sky Is The Limit 3:38
  10. Love Is A Stranger 3:38
  11. Tomorrow 4:05
  12. Tonight 3:49
  13. CD-ROM Multimedia Presentation

European Album:

  1. One More Time (Original Radio Mix) 3:51
  2. Give A Little Love 3:32
  3. The Sky Is The Limit 3:39
  4. Tommrow 4:05
  5. I Wanna Come (With You) 4:02
  6. Love Almost Faded 3:24
  7. Party 3:57
  8. Take A Look At Your Life 4:08
  9. Love Save Me 4:07
  10. Love Is A Stranger 3:38
  11. Silly 4:19
  12. Look At Me 4:25
  13. Tonight 3:51
  14. (If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here 3:59
  15. Start Loving Me 3:25