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Polystar is a German label that belongs to Polymedia Marketing Projects, a part of Polygram GmbH. Polystar is specializing in releasing various compilations of what is most HOT in the Euro-Dance; from Rave to Euro-Pop. However, Polystar is not a dance label per se as you might think. They do release also variety of contemporary and classic music. Very family oriented label. Anybody from teenager to grandparents will enjoy their releases. They have everything for everyone in the family. Unfortunately, because of a very restricted marketing area (i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland), this label is virtually unknown in the US. Pretty sad!!!. Their products are of excellent quality and each CD can be a dream come true for any DJ and any family.

Why bother, you might ask, if I cannot buy them in the US? Well... A one damn good question. Now, you have one more reason to move your a.. and go to Europe, or at least ask for it your friend who will visit Europe.

Presented releases from Polystar are part of my private collection. I will be updating this area once new releases are available, and I can have my hands on them. Because Euro-Dance Hits WWW caters to dance music, I will restrict myself ONLY to present releases from this style. However please keep in mind, as I have stated above, that this label releases compilations with other styles that will not be introduced here. For the reference purpose I gave the approximate date of release. It is REALLY an approximate date, and you should consider a 3 months margin, and for 1995 a 1-2 months margin. Dates for 1996 and 1997 represent actual date of release.

I would like to stress again that this site is not supported nor authorized by Polystar Records and they are not responsible for content of this page.

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