Title:FUTURE TRANCE vol. 2
Catalog #553 918-2
Playtime2 CD, 150'53"

Performer Song Title
G. PARK Come Down! (Short Mix)
DR. MOTTE AND WESTBAM Sunshine (Short Mix)
BROOKLYN BOUNCE Take A Ride (Album Version)
RED 5 For This World (Radio-Version)
DJ DADO Coming Back (Radio Mix)
SUNBEAM Dreams (Radio Mix)
FAIR-LITE Dream (Radio Edit)
DJ THE CROW Piece Of Mine (Radio Version)
MAX DEEJAY 2 (The Bibes) (Radio Mix)
SASH! feat. RODRIGUEZ Ecuador (Future Breeze Remix)
VENTURA Electrified (Video Cut)
TRIPLE S Keep You Head (Radio Edit)
PORN KINGS Amour (C'mon) (Radio Edit)
DJ ZUUL It's The Day After The Aprty (Radio Edit)
HYPERTROPHY Just Come Back 2 Me (Short Edit)
M.R. (MAGGIE REILLY) Listen To Your Heart (JPO & Beam Video Mix)
BEAM & YANOU On Y Va (Video Mix)
TOM NOVY & MORGENROTH Creator (Radio Edit)
GORGEOUS Don't Stop (Future Breeze Radio Mix)
NALIN & KANE Beachball (Vocal Radio Edit)
VERTIGO Magic Eyes (Brooklyn Bounce Mix)
ZHI-VAGO Teardrops From Heaven (FM Video Mix)
DISCO CITIZENS Footprint ('97 Revamp Edit)
GILBERTO Da Samba (Radio Mix)
SPACE FROG (X-Ray) Follow Me (Video Vocal Mix)
U.S.U.R.A. Open Your Mind '97 (DJ Quicksilver Radio Edit)
DJ MO VS. MARC DECLARQ Electric (Original Short)
SCAN The Sound Of Earth (Radio Mix)
K. K. PROJECT Get Funky (New Mix)
EGO 7 I Got To Hold On (Radio Mix)
CHICANE Sunstroke (Disco Citizens Radio Edit)
THREE 'N'ONE Sin City (Short Mix)
THE SIGN Words (Words Bellissimo Mix)
DISCO NATION Rock Da Jam (D.O.N.S. Single Mix)
DJ THOKA Party People (Radio Edit)
RMB Break The Silence (Short)
O.D.U. Angels From Heaven (Trance Mix)