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Every month in this area we are presenting mix of current DANCE sound. They are encoded in MP3 formats. These mixes are part of my collection released by various labels or prepared exclusively for by professional or amateur DJs.

FEBRUARY 2016 edition of MONTHLY MAGIC MIX features mix taken from " Italo Disco New Generation Bootmix 3" released in 2015. ITALO-DISCO remains still a popular genre in music in several countries in the world. One of them is Russia. Hence, there is some music creared in this style. So here it is few tracks in this mix comes from Russia to name few by SIBERIAN HEAT, BORIS ZHIVAGO or ALDO LESINA. There are of course more to choose from. This month's mix is not that long (only about 15 minutes) but I am sure you will enjoy it!

As usually I am reminding all of you who will choose to listen to it, that the main purpose of featuring MAGIC MIX OF THE MONTH is to help you discover tracks you never heard before, or just don't know the name of the artist singing. It also serves the purpose of helping you to make choice what to get. All featured mixes should familiarize you with current trends of dance music played in European dance clubs.

I hope you will enjoy this HOT megamix !!! Play it in the background when looking around. Have a good stay here on - The only American Site covering European Dance in such magnitude!

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Presented mix is for promotional and demonstrational purpose only.
All rights of the manufacturers and the owners of featured songs are reserved !

Italo Disco New Generation
Bootmix 3

Linda Jo Rizzo - USSR
Boris Zhivago - Love In Russia (ZYX Extended Mix)
Raf Coney - I See You Later (Vocal Version)
Siberian Heat - Shadows (ZYX Long Mix)
Aldo Lesina - Leave Me Mind (Extended Mix)
Aldo Lesina - Goodbye (Extended Power Mix)
TQ Feat. Ken Laszlo & Fred Ventura - In The Night (Extended)
Miko Mission - Universal Feeling (Vocal Version)
Cristina Manzano - Stay With Me (Extended Version)


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