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songs.gif - 0.61 K Wild Angels (Razormaid Remix)
songs.gif - 0.61 K Charlene (Extended Version/Club Version)
songs.gif - 0.61 K Moonlight Shadow (Extended Version/Anton Bauer Mix/Club Version)
songs.gif - 0.61 K Tears In May (Club Mix/Talla2XLC Remix/Plastic Age Mix)
songs.gif - 0.61 K Mystery - ALBUM
sound sampler includes following titles from the album:
  • Tears In May
  • Save The Last Dance For Me
  • Hearts Of Ice
  • Fly Away
  • Nights In Heaven - Days In Hell
  • Charlene
  • Moonlight Shadow
songs.gif - 0.61 K Queen Of Mystery - EuroDanceHits.com Exclusive Mix
Mix produced by DJ EUROTRAXX features following titles:
  • In Aeternum
  • The Last Kiss
  • Wild Angels (Stretched Angels)
  • Queen Of Light
  • Nights In Heaven - Days In Hell
  • Save The Last Dance For Me
  • Heart Of Ice
  • Fly Away
  • Moonlight Shadow (Radio Edit)
  • Tears In May (Original Mix)
  • Charlene (Club Mix)

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