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The debut album by MISSING HEART - "Mystery" released in Japan was recorded during the period from October 1999 to March 2000. Numerous fares produced in the BROS studio during the period of approximately one half a year, have all trailing note in spite of the happy dance music maybe because they were created in the bitter cold winter time. Perhaps it is the reflection of the European's yearning for spring and summer. The timing of its release in Japan was perfect as far as the season was concerned. Excluding "Moonlight Shadow" which was already very popular in Japan, pieces were created by David Brandes as a leader and other members of BROS team. The album made its success in the point that the music was created based on a concept that Manu's charm was more important than making music as a whole.

  1. Introduction

  2. Tears in May

    A world of mystery is coming from far away. After the Intro that brings the world of MISSING HEART, a dance tune is played, a mixture of the sense of space and the European flavor. The romantic content that May tears wash away the pain of love was impressive. Sense of seasons was excellent as if the album release in Japan was matched with this song. This music will be featured also in "Dance mania X6" compilation.

  3. Prison of Passion

    Many of words of the dance music have straight expression of love, but MISSING HEART gives truly a literature quality to them. This music is also such a number as represented by its tile "Prison of Passion," isn't it? With the background sound studded with varying elements such as ethnic music, rock and the ATB style, MISS MANU performs dramatically with vocal & rap.

  4. Queen of Light

    This is a dance tune with MISS MANU's lyrical vocal accompanied by a typical German light sound. The vocal on the energetic sound with full TRANCE sense. The chorus follows the cute MANU's vocal is also presented in style only available in Germany. The elaborate sound this group creates is just what we expect from this fine group of artists. This fare is from E-ROTIC repertoir and appeared on German album by this group "Missing You".

  5. Save The Last Dance For Me

    This piece is a hyper-TRANCE number. The content itself is a simple feeling of love embraced in the TRANCE dance situation. Yet, MANU's vocal sung with a sharp sound is impregnated with poetic sentiment and lingering emotion. If we listen to this song at an European club snowed-in in the mid winter, we will be overwhelmed with a culture shock.

  6. In Aeternum

    This is a hard dance tune with an Irish motive melody reminding us of Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" sung in the movie "Titanic. " However, the portion of Introduction is Italian like, and MANU's vocal is sounding like a French sexy song represented by Jane Parkin in her prime time. It is an unusual piece posing to have no nationality.

  7. Hearts of Ice

    Often images of ice express disappointment. This song is also a love song in despair. MANU's vocal is also straight to the point, singing her heart out on the energetic dance beat. It is very interesting that the sound is pleasant in spite of the content.

  8. Fly Away

    It is a hard dance tune with a full play of TRANCE mood. MANU's sexy vocal is also getting a very inviting mood, but the humming by the chorus is rather modest and clean. We can say that this piece contains her two types of charms.

  9. Nights In Heaven - Days In Hell

    The theme of this piece is lost love, but the EURO music feeling is fully kept all through. Happy and charming vocal rather expresses more vividly the severe details. This is one of the pieces which get the best out of MANU's attraction as a EURO singer.

  10. The Last Kiss

    This vocal in this fare is beyond a simple dance music image of an extremely refracted type. The uniquely arranged sound reminds us of Georgio Moroder in his German period in the seventies, which is recently on the way to revival. We notice the impressive MISS MANU's vocal expression that focuses on the inner feeling.

  11. Charlene

    This is a memorable debut track of MISSING HEART. This music is a class by itself, a message dedicated to a sister. However, the music tune itself is a straight European EURO-TRANCE fare. Shining elaborate sound arrangement is a pleasure.

  12. Heart Will Pass By

    MANU's female specific sensitivity is expressed by a charming pop tune. It is the EURO POP, which is somewhat different from a dance number. However, her light vocal is attractive even in this type of music.

  13. Moonlight Shadow

    This is a dance hit number already penetrated into the Japanese fans and featured in "Dance Mania 7" and "Dance Mania extra" This piece is a cover of the 1983 hit by Mike Oldfield. The song was originally performed by Lyane Leigh and since this version is already famous it was included in this album. This is the only song on this album that was not performed by MISS MANU. In contrast to the sound full of commercialism, this content is mysterious blend of thriller movies and love romance, which appears to be just made for MISSING HEART.

  14. In Aeternum (Remix)

    This is a remixed version of the most strange song in the album. The more up-scaled remix has a content producible only in Germany where Enigma was born.

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