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MISSING HEART was a project managed by German Producers David Brandes, Felix J. Gauder, and Domenico Labarile, debuted with a single "Wild Angels" back in 1994, however truly the beginning of the project started with 1996 single "Charlene". Since then, the group has been popular in European clubs and pop scenes. The group made the inroads to Japan when the third single "Moonlight Shadow" originally recorded by Mike Oldfield was released in 1997 and was featured in Japanese compilations "Dance Mania 7" (1997) , and in the "Dance Mania Extra" (1998) which became the topic of conversations because of the selection of music pieces by popular voting.

The face of MISSING HEART became Miss Manu, with dark brown hair and eyes. Standing 167 cm tall and weighing 49kg, she has a beauty like a model and was adored in European club scenes. She has a beautiful feature reminding of Madline Cane who became well known during the golden disco age in the seventies. On the portrait, she gives an impression of a very mysterious beautiful lady wearing futuristic make up as if she is a character in the "Blade Runner." Her vocal expression has also sensitivity unique to Europeans. She was born in Hong Kong on October 29, 1978. She has a brilliant career of being selected as a German champion of the standard dance. She is a perfect fit in the European clubs and disco houses where the song and dance elements are still highly demanded.

Incidentally, Manu's hobbies are dancing and calling on the phone (is this a hobby?), and she is proficient in English, Russian, and French. She loves cats among animals, black among colors, cream soda and spaghetti with broccoli among foods. Also, her favorite movie is "Shakespeare in Love" and her favorite movie stars are Uma Therman, Jody Foster, and George Clooney. In music, she loves Rolin Hill, Sasha, and DJ Tonka, which implies that she is a perfect match with a type of music similar to the work style that crosses over the DISCO, CLUBS and the RADIO.

Manu was never singer for MISSING HEART. "Charlene" and "Moonlight Shadow" singles were recorded by a E-ROTIC's singer Lyane Leigh who later established her own group SEX APPEAL. She also recorded the first MISSING HEART song "Wild Angels" with Deon Blue who at that time was a rapper for another great EURO group PHARAO.

A little bit about the origin of the project's name. There was a movie called "Missing"where Jack Raymonds and CC Spencer played leading characters. The theme of the movie was about finding a missing person, a direct meaning of the word. The project's name: MISSING HEART imply "disappeared" or "lost" from the title of their debut album "Mystery." However, word "miss" has another connotation like in "I miss you" which symbolizes a feeling of love. It's name suggests mysterious image overlapped with a soft mood of love.

In 2000 MISSING HEART completed mentioned above debut and only album "Mystery" released only in Japan. In contained a mixture of POP music and TRANCE. Both styles were very popular in Europe, and supported by the dance fans. It is not an overstatement to assert that the "9 P.M. (Till I Come)" by ATB, which claimed the No. 1 ranking in entire UK few years back, established a new sound venue. The content of such TRANCE emotional sound blended with a POP melody was the selling point of this MISSING HEART album. Most of the songs featured in the album were recorded by Lydia Madalinsky (who also featured at later E-ROTIC songs) with exception of "Queen Of Light" sang by Jeanette Christensen and "Charlene" by Lyane Leigh.

In June 2001 MISSING HEART appeared again on European dance scene with the German release of the single "Tears In May" on Sony Music. Single features mixes done by TALLA 2XLC and PLASTIC AGE produced in dramatic TECHNO/TRANCE style.

Since then project ceased releasing any new music. Interestingly the "Mystery" album became such a collector item that people are now paying hundreds of $$$ on Ebay.com if it appears (rarely)!

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