Masterboy - Ride Like A WindAfter long time, we are back with a good news. Several months ago TRIXY DELGADO came back to MASTERBOY and group was working very hard on releasing a new material. On September 28, 2002 new single entitled "I Need A Lover" was released on vinyl. Four mixes were presented such hot projects as: PULSEDRIVER, DJs @ WORK, DJ SHAH. The CD single is planned to be released shortly with even more remixes. Indeed a great comeback! For the sound sampler featuring Original Mix, Pulsedriver Mix, DJs@Work Mix and DJ Shah vs. Klubbingman please click here

Finally in March 2001 the group released next single. Now without lead female vocalist, (ANNABELLE KAY left the group back in 2000 to pursue her own career) . If you are expecting EURODANCE better hold your horses because you might be dissapointed, but if you like simply good DANCE this tune might actually work for you. It's a cover recorded in semi-EIFFEL 65 style. I am not necessary thrilled with this release but since group announced to have their album released around April/May I hope some original sound of MASTERBOY we will hear again. They definately need a female vocalist though. No doubt! Three versions are featured here and they are really all alike. That's sad! Group could go further to give some more dramatic versions, after all they do not release new single every month. Oh well... Better this than nothing :-)

Masterboy - I Like ItIn the end of November 1999 the group released I Like Itnext single recorded in EURO-HOUSE style called "I Like It". Cd contains 8 !!! versions of the title song. With that many versions you probably will find the one you like. This is not exactly the MASTERBOY sound back from middle of 90's though. I know it might frustrate some of you who want to have some EURODANCE masterpiece. You will not, but keep in mind that MASTERBOY is also moving with time. But do not worry too much. In fact there are two EURO versions one in shorter form (Edit) and one Extended. This is not the CLASSIC sound though, but some resemblance was retained. In general it is rather EURO-HOUSE. More PROGRESSIVE/TRANCE has been emphasize on DJ Shah's Journey to UK Remix and SM-Trax in Trance Remix. As much as I love the group, I hope they will be more active in dance scene and maybe, maybe they will give us some breathtaking tunes as they did in the pass! I made extensive sound sampler with 6 versions, so you can have better feel what's in store.

In June 1999 the group finally appeared again in dance scene. Masterboy that several years ago was giving us the best possible EURODANCE was silent for long time. The group released only one single back in August 1998 called "Dancing Forever". So I was extremely happy to receive their new single "Porque Te Vas". This single also introduced a new female vocalist Annabell Krischak who replaced Linda Rocco. This new release is quite promising that the group is coming back to their roots. Featured tracks (there are 4 versions of "Porque Te Vas" and "bonus" track "Make Me Feel Good") are not exactly pure EURODANCE. The artists mixed EURODANCE with LATINO beat and it made this track a HOT one. And YEAH! Tommy is rapping again! Thank you MASTERBOY. We love you and wil lbe waititng for more and more great releases. If you want to hear sound sampler from this track click here. You should like it!

In last days of September '98 Masterboy released a video to their most current release: "Dancing Forever"

Again, long period of time from last single. When you thought that group is no longer intact, the new single released in August 1998 called "Dancing Forever" proves that the group must be still around. This single is a real twist in music direction Masterboy takes or don't they? First of all, DO NOT expect sound your remember the group from. "Dancing Forever" represents a direction called DISCO HOUSE. Something like having Donna Summer doing HOUSE. Got the picture? Another issue, there is not a male vocal (or rap) usually characteristic for Masterboy no metter if you liked it or not, this "touch" I missed. Entire song is lead by Linda Rocco. The last thing is the fact that "Dancing Forever" had different team of writers. This track was written by Willi Morrison and Bruce Ley. It probably explains a bit why the music is different.. Enjoy the RA sampler by clicking here. You probably will be surprised!

After a long period of time the group is back with a new track released in January 1998, called "Nights In Brodadway". This new release is a cover of old song and was recorded in hybrid R&B/Pop/Disco styles. Granted some Euro is in there too, but if you expected good Euro-NRG, you will be deadly dissapointed. I am not sure if this is a change in style but for God sake! They should keep Euroenergy sound they are famous of, alive! Let's see what other production will be avaialble soon from this group. If you eager to listen to the audio sampler in RA please click here

In July 1997 Masterboy released a single: "La Ola Hand In Hand". This tile that previously appeared on their newest album Cololurs is done in very popular these days Euro-Reggae style. For all of you who like more NRG sound there is sorta "bonus" track: "Set Me Free". This very nicely done NRG track from progressive verge had it's premier since previously because it was previously unreleased.

Between November 24th and 29th Masterboy stayed in Mexico and played in several TV-shows. In the first week of December they were travelling to Prague (Czech Republic) for 3 days to play a big festival. In December they were also working on a new singles for Worlds Apart

In the end of January 1997 Masterboy released in Germany a new single "Just For You" that previously appeared in their newest album. This single though is re-produced with a gospel choir. There are four mixes available. The song is a "Thank you" to all their fans for the last "7" years, because Masterboy was celebrating their 7th anniversary in January 1997. For last 7 years Masterboy is a present in the charts from all of the world and group wants to say thank you to all their fans for long time support.

I understand many of you missed Trixy Delgado, ex-Masterboy singer. So here are current info about her. First let me deny major rumour: she is NOT pregnant (at least not now), and she is NOT married (however she is engaged as previously stated). She also went to persue her own solo career. Her stage name is Latour (no, it is not the name of the group that recorded several years ago a track called: "People Are Still Having Sex" in spite of similarity with the group name). Couple weeks ago she released her first single: "Falling For Your Love" . Both released by just closed down German label "Metronome". I reviewed the new single on my Dance Releases Review Page

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