Time is money. Therefore Masterboy does not waste it. Tommy Schleh (31), Enrico Zabler (34) and Trixi Delgado (30) are on the top, desired by fans, managers, and ... competition! From their headquarters in Walldorf near Heidelberg (Germany) they travel to Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Athens, London. Because of countless interviews, live performances, TV shows, and new recording sessions it is hard for them to find a free time for private life. When recording their hit "Generation of Love" finally they did find some to do shopping in London. Actually, this city has a special meaning for Enrico and Tommy, two guys who established the group. They met in London in 1989 attending a party. Enrico says: "To be here is like returning to the roots". That recording session in London was actually quite hectic. They have arrived to London from Frankfurt (Germany) after two hours delay. They went for shopping spree to exclusive Carnaby Street. In "Flashpoint" they were entertained as old friends by Chinese manager. Tommy went to male department that was selling velvet jackets, cotton shirts and pants. In "Quarzo" Enrico was astonished by scottish chequered cloth. What Trixi was doing? She was spending all her money buying gourmet tea in "Wittards". The competition who is going to spend most money in shortest time won Tommy. He spent 800 pounds in 1 hour (I think we could do better than that, in even shorter time).

"Generation of Love" recorded in London, the clip directed by Jonahhan Bate, was an announcement of the Masterboy's fourth album under the same name: Generation Of Love that has been released in 1996. Artists were working on it in Walldorf. In recording of this particular track participated The Solid Rock Baptist Church Gospel Choir from Heidelberg. Most of the text and music was written and compsed by Enrico and Tommy with a help of Skywalker. One might be quite astonished that they still could find time for their own production. Are you asking: Why? The group is on demand by other Euro-dance groups, and Gee! Masterboy is helping them. For example from Masterboy help had benefit already few times Worlds Apart. Also Kyra from Pharao recorded with them her first solo single. Stay-C from Twenty 4 Seven is an another example. It was not enough for the group. In the middle of 1995 in TV appared commercial for new CD player where Masterboy appeared.

Enrico, Tommy and Trixi are on the demand everywhere. Such popularity "forced" trio to establish more recording studios. They built another one in Walldorf and the third has been recently established in Rome, Italy. Why Rome? Quite simple. In Masterboy opinion, Italy is and always has been one of the most important and creative music markets in the world. There is also a cute comment made by Tommy: "Beside that, there is always wonderful weather in Italy".They released track that was a combined production with other hot Euro-dance groups "Love Message", and also appeared on CD Compilation under same name. I have reviewed this particular track in Dance Releases Review Page. This track also brought a GOLD Record award for this group

There is one additional person who is responsible for success of Masterboy's songs. He is a Skywalker: - Lukas Cordalis and I mentioned his name before. Skywalker is a producer who works together with Enrico and Tommy in the studios. Heīs normally involved in every project, that is produced in this studios. He also started a few projects on his own with him as singer. He named himself normally also Skywalker. Lukas now presented a single thatīs called "Magic Summernight" and the projectīs name is : JT featuring Luca. This song was produced by Masterboy beat production (JT means Joker Three and is a synonym for Enrico, Tommy and Lucas - the Joke is taken from the symbol of Masterboy.

Masterboy also recently came to Miami Beach, Florida (sic!). They performed before audience representing South American branch of Polygram (another sic!). The reason was to determine if the style of music Masterboy represents will be popular in South America and if their tour there will be a success. And of course, the answer was a big YES!!!. I just don't believe that! Where the hell were North American labels ??!! Many fans would die to have Masterboy on the stage in the U.S ! Explain it to me!!! Anyway, they will start their tournee in Mexico (lucky Mexico!), followed by Chile, Peru, Brasil, Argentina and Venezuela. Their calendar is getting quite busy. During their stay in Miami Beach, Tommy enjoyed windsurfing, Trixi played golf all day long. In the evening they visited Ocean Drive, tour Prince Club where they had coffee and met Gianni Vercase a famous designer. Artists from Masterboy like Florida, therefore they have decided to take their vacation there.

Period of June and July of 1996 was pretty "busy" for Masterboy. First, Trixy Delgado recently left group. She decided that after three years of so many concerts and work in studio she wanted finally to have a familly. Her chosen man is her long time friend Thomas. Linda Rocco (24) from Cleveland, Ohio,joined Masterboy and "replaced" Trixy. She previously did background act for Michael Jackson, Milli Vanilli, and others. Her major act was however to be a part of now defunct group: "Dance 2 Trance", Yes the female vocal on "Power of American Natives" was her. In 1995 she made here solo debut with a high octane hit: "Fly With Me".Masterboy together with Linda did their first shows in Germany and the crowd started to love Linda as the new singer instantly. Masterboy went also to Russia for a couple of gigs in clubs in Moscow and St.Petersburg. They also have been on tour in Germany to play on the biggest Dance Festivals along with DJ Bobo, Backstreet Boys, Caught In The Act, Mr.President, etc. They were also working on a new single and new album. This new single called: "Mister Feeling" was just released. BTW "Mister Feeling" within a week jumped from position 0 to position 44 in German Hit list and has been reviewed on Euro-Dance Hits WWW. Meanwhile they also composed a new hit sang by Ice MC called "Give Me The Light". The new Masterboy's album "Colours" was released on October 28 in Germany along with the new single taken from this album called "Show me Colours". Please visit my Dance Review Page to read the review and listen the clip. The group did short promotional tour in Asia and they returned to Gemany on October 28, 1996 for the new album release, and did short promotion tour in Germany that ended in October 31, 1996

So here you are. Let's do some review on this album. I am very happy with it. I was afraid that this album might not have Euro sound, like it happened with the newest album by DJ Bobo. Well, not to worry! The new Masterboy album is definately a Euro album by all means. Not all of the tracks are Euro-Energy songs, but it has other Euro flavors and all together is very well produced and contains great dance music. As you can see, the new album is very broad. From 83 to 152 BPM. "Show Me Colours" is definately the best song from this album. This as well as "Mister Feeling" were already reviewed by me, and you can read them in my Dance Releases Review Page, so I will not talk about this two tracks. "Ocean Bizarre" follows to the same gendre. Very nice and rhytmic song, with that Masterboy's classic sound. Very good vocal. Gee! Linda really does have a nice voice. "La Ola Hand In Hand" is quite similar in style to "Mister Feeling". Nice Euro-Reggae, not really what I like in this group, but track is very nice and very dancable. "I Want To Break Free" is the cover of the originally recorded by Queen track and dedicated to Freddie Mercury. As a matter of fact, he is sampled and sings along in this one. "Children Of The Night" similar to "Show Me Colours" is a pure Euro-Energy track. "Dreams Within A Dream" follows into more TRANCEY side of Euro-Energy. This instrumental track is really good. It sound like DREAM HOUSE without piano section. Really good! "Just For You" has the Euro-Reggae line, but that's where the comparison ends. This is not "Mister Feeling" kinda Euro-Reggae. Most likely a ballad with discret piano section and SLEAZY touch. In this track Tommy and Enrico tell us what the last seven years have done for them. Another goodie! When I heard "Energy" I thought I had deja vu! It really have the TRANCE and even arrangements of the no longer exisiting group: Dance 2 Trance, Linda previosuly did vocal with. I swear she sounds in this song exactly like several years ago. Again this track gives you pretty much a good idea how good her voice is. So taken together if you are into Euro-Energy, you should get this album, for Masterboy fans it is a must.


 Summer 1989 The sound creator Enrico Zabler and DJ Tommy Schleh, met in Baden-Württemberg where they decided to start working together
 January 1990 Enrico and Tommy formed now officially a group called MASTERBOY and released their debut single "Dance To The Beat"
 July 1990 "Dance To The Beat" lands in Hit Charts and is remaining there for 16 consecutive weeks.
 November 1990 Masterboy returns to recording studio. Their hobbies: tennis, squash, fast cars were put away. Their fans wanted more music. The results was second single: "Shake Up And Dance" released in November 1990. In December video to accompany the single was made.
 January 1991 "Shake Up And Dance" is climbing high in charts.
 March 1991 Enrico and Tommy started working on their debut album. Meanwhile they were participating in neverending gigs, TV shows, radio broadcastings and parties. The Masterboy" wave now flooded Europe.
 Summer 1991 Masterboy is celebrating their charts success all over the Europe. They are approach by British group Pet Shop Boys that wants single: "Shake Up And Dance" to be released in England on their label (Spaghetti Records).
 July 1991 Third single: "I Need Your Love" was released.
 September 1991 First album: "The Masterboy Family" was released.
 Year 1992 Masterboy were perfoming in and outside of Germany. Enrico was searching for new, innovative sound for the group. Tommy was looking for right beats. Both of them spent most of their time behind the turntables preparing new production to be released.
 July 1993 Second album "Feeling Alright" was released. The first single from this album "Fall In Trance" immediately catapulted to high positions in Dance Charts in countries like: France, England, Austria, Italy and of course in Germany.
 August 1993 The single "Everybody Needs Somebody, a second one from "Feeling Alright" album was released. In this song for the first time appeared Trixy Delgado, the female singer that remained with the group until 1996. "Everybody Needs Somebody climbed into #41 position in TOP 100. Single was also present in all European Dance Charts with good ranking, hitting Top Ten In France, Brasil, Top Twenty in Sweden, Israel, Canada, Austria, Switzerland and Top Thirty in eleven other countries.
 September 1993 Masterboy's single "I Got To Give It Up" was in production.
 February 1994 The video to "I Got To Give It Up" was made in London. This video was highly rotated in MTV and VIVA TV channels. In March this track reached position #13 in MM charts and stayed several months on the top of official European dance charts.
 July 1994 Masterboy released their chartbreaking single "Feel The Heat Of The Night". Single started at position $34 in New Singles from Media-Control Charts. Soon climed to TOP TEN (position #8).
 August 1994 Masterboy released their third album "Different Dreams". This album once released got into Top Twenty (at position #13) and remained on that list for several weeks.
 September 1994 Masterboy received in Germany GOLD for more than 300 000 copies of "Feel The Heat Of The Night" single being sold.

This single was storming almost any dance floor in Europe. Released in France it reached position #2 in their Charts and remained at that position for four consecutive weeks, then six weeks in the Top Ten and ten weeks in the Top Twenty. It returned to Chart in May 1995 for almost eigth months. Unprecedent success yet to be repeated by European dance group.
 October 1994 Masterboy was in tour all over Germany: 40 gigs in 4 months proved that the group did not loose contact with their fans. The new single: "This Is The Love" released in the end of the year immediately found its place on Top Twenty and stayed in TOP charts for several weeks.

Meanwhile, in France errupted genuine Masterboy hysteria. After "Feel The Heat Of The Night", "Is This The Love" was released in France followed by the title song from the album Different Dreams. In March 1995 this album received GOLD status in France. With position #7 in Album Charts and three singles with high positions in French TOP singles charts Masterboy became most successful foreign group in France. As Dance group Masterboy remains number 1 group.
 March 1995 Masterboy went on tour to Brasil. What happened there exceeded their imagination. Their songs for four weeks stayed at #1 position of Brasilian charts. Everyday their songs were aired at least 20 times a day. The group became a headliner for two Brasilian festivals. In downtown of Sao Paulo and Ipanema beach of Rio De Janeiro almost 70 000 of Masterboy fans sang and clapped their hands during the group performance.
 June 1995 New single "Generation Of Love" has been released simultaneously in Germany and France. The video for this single was shooted in Oil-Factory Studios in London (see intro above). This single instaneously reached Top Twenty of Dance Charts.

In Germany "Generation Of Love" climbed to #16 of German Charts and stayed there for several weeks. This single was not only a success in Germany. In France it was placed in Top 100 Charts as rising hit. Also in Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and Belgium it hits Top Twenty. In France within a week from the day of release it reached postion #18. Later in 1995 Masterboy went on tour to major French cities with another group East 17
 October 1995 New single "Anybody" was released.

In the end of October the fourth Masterboy album: "Generation Of Love" was released.
 January 1996 The new year Masterboy started with a hit "Land of Dreaming" was released. This single had a heavy rotation on VIVA and MTV channels. This track was like the third mostly airplayed song on the radio and reached position #12 on MM-charts. Actually "Land of Dreaming" was a worldwide success. In States, U.S. remixes of this song went to position #12 of Billboard Dance Charts.
 Juli 1996 Trixy Delgadoleft the group. Her place was taken by living in Germany an American singer Linda Rocco. Her debut with the group took place in "Mister Feeling" a new hit released by Masterboy. This released was accompanied by video shooted in South Spain.
 September 1996 Masterboy as well as Captain Jack, Mr. President were headliners for Mega Dance Festival. This festival started their German tour that lasted until middle of October. During this tour Masterboy has visited 18 major cities.
 October 1996 New single "Show Me Colours" was released simulatenously with the newest, fifth album of Masterboy: "Colours". Both single and album were success and quickly found their places in dance charts.
 January 1997 Masterboy was named as the most successful German single Act of 1996. Group also got a Chartbreaker Prize of 1996 (DJ TOP 40)

Also "Just For You", the fourth single from the album "Colours" was released. The beatiful video to this track was shooted in Göteborg cathedral (Sweden).
 July 1997 The next single "La Ola Hand In Hand" recorded in Euro Reggae was a Masterboy's offer for Summer 1997. The bonus track in the CD-5 was more progressive sounding song: "Set Me Free".
 September 1997 - July 1998 After 7 years of working together MASTERBOY took a break. At that time Tommy Schleh did his solo project as KLUBBINGMAN. MASTERBOY also produced at this time two singles of DJ PHATASMA entitled "Welcome To The Club" and "Revolution". Both singles riched top locations in DJ TOP Charts
 January 1998 Single "Nights Of Broadway" cover of old track is released as vinyl only. This one is recorded in R&B style with Euro influence. Slow, not exactly what you would like to hear from this pretty much Energy oriented group. Is this a new trend in their music? .
 August 1998 New single "Dancing Forever" is released. This single is recorded in DISCO-HOUSE genre and features exclusively Linda Rocco vocals only. Interesting single but different from what we heard before..
 June 1999 Linda Rocco left the group and was replaced by Annabell Krischak known as Annabell Kay. Her first appearance took place in group's newest single released on June 28, 1999 "Porque ta vas".
 January 2000 Group released their first 2000 single:"I Like To Like It" recorded more into EURO-HOUSE style, still with EURODANCE elements if you wish.
 June 2000 On June 13, 2000 group released their second single:"Feel The Heat 2000" remake of their 1994 classic from the new album "Best Of Masterboy". Album itself reached the streets in the end of June 2000 however originally was planned to be released in February. There was actually also limited edition of this album (2 CD set) that included an Official Masterboy Mega-Hit-Mix.
 October 2002 On September 28, 2002 finally new single was released "I Need A Lover". Trixy is back in this single. Four mixes were presented on vinyls from such hot projects as: PULSEDRIVER, DJs @ WORK, DJ SHAH. Indeed a great comeback!
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