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September/October 2002
  • new single "I Need A Lover" featuring TRIXY DELGADO who returned to the group was released. Check the sound sampler from this single in NEWS Section
March 2001
  • new single "Ride Like The Wind" was released in.
  • single "I Like To Like It" was released in the end of November.
June 08,1999
  • "Porque Te Vas" is being released. Their first 1999 single. Also new female singer is with the group. Her name is Annabelle Krischak and she replaced Linda Rocco
October 11,1998
  • video to "Dancing Forever" was released.
August 25,1998
  • new single "Dancing Forever" was released. For details please visit NEWS Page
February 02,1998
  • new single "Nights In Broadway" was released. For details please visit NEWS Page
September 25,1997
  • newly created MASTERBOY IN DATES section of BIOGRAPHY Page is now completed until next information will be available.
September 22,1997
  • long overdue update on NEWS section has been done reflecting the release in July their new single "La Ola Hand In Hand".
  • to bottom of BIOGRAPHY Page new section called: MASTERBOY IN DATES was added . You will find short info on what group was and is doing in different periods from Summer 1989 up to now. This section is now being written so please check it often for updated.
  • also DISCOGRAPHY section has been updated. You will also find there a sound sampler from the newest single. Enjoy!
May 11,1997
  • Major redesign of Masterboy page was performed. Now this page is menu driven.
  • In Sound Section Magic Megamix of older Masterboy songs was added. This Megamix originally appeared on Deep Dance 39 compilation in 1996. 11 minutes of pure dance and great sound. Enjoy!

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