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Ian Anderson (vocals & flute)

Jethro Tull's frontman not only established the flute as a rock music instrument his completely new, revolutionary blowing and playing technique also won him the recognition of classical musicians. On Mandoki's album the Scottish multiinstrumentalist and singer performs compositions of other songwriters for the very first time.

Jack Bruce (vocals & bass)

Together with his colleagues Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker, the bassplayer, composer and singer of the legendary group Cream made music history. But he also composed and conducted classical works and performed with numerous world-famous jazz formations: John McLaughlin, Tony Williams and others. Today he is one of the most versatile musicians of the British scene.

David Clayton-Thomas (vocals)

He is the voice of Blood, Sweat & Tears, a group which influenced a whole generation of musicians. Clayton-Thomaswrote world-hits like "Spinning Wheel" and "Hi-De-Ho" and received numerous Grammy and Platinum Awards.

Bobby Kimball (vocals)

Toto's former lead singer, a recipient of seven Grammy Awards, sang worldwide hits like "Africa", "Rosanna" and"Hold The Line", which have long since become rock music classics. His vocal style was influenced by Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding.

Chaka Khan (vocals)

"Ain't Nobody" made her world-famous. She was assisted by producers like Quincy Jones, David Foster and Arif Marden, just as well as by Prince, who wrote the world-wide hit "I Feel For You" to perfectly suit Chaka. Whitney Houston started her career as her backing vocalist and later expressed her gratitude with a cover version of "I'm In Every Woman".

Joshua Kadison (vocals)

His debut album "Painted Desert Serenade" and the hit single "Jessie" made this Californian heartthrob a star overnight. He plays "the music that is within you, no matter what happens around you." He embeds his earthy voice into exquisite harmonies and smoothly flowing melodies. David Clayton-Thomas is one of his role models.

Peter Maffay (vocals)

Peter Maffay is probably the most successful Central European rock musician. Once again his "Maffay '96" album and tour proved his continuity and set new standards, as evidenced by 700.000 sold albums and 550.000 people visiting his concerts, which for the first time were performed on a guitar-shapedstage in the center of the arena. Each of Peter Maffays albums in the recent years received at least a Platinum Award.

Nik Kershaw (vocals & guitars)

He is one of the most outstanding musicians of the Eighties, a brilliant songwriter and singer. Not only has Kershaw written countless no. 1 hits for himself ("Wouldn't It Be Good", "I Won't Let The Sun" and more) and others (for example "The One And Only" - Chesney Hawkes), but he has also made a name for himself as one of the best guitarists of the UK - among others he played for Elton John.

The Guru (vocals)

The New York rapper, founder of Gang Star and Jazzmatazz innovator is a borderlines between jazz and hip-hop. With the Mandoki project he was able to act out his principle of playing together properly with the musicians thatothers only sample.

The Brecker Brothers (sax, trumpet & flugelhorn)

Trumpeter Randy and saxophonist Michael Brecker have already collected loads of Grammies, both individually and as the Brecker Brothers. Among the big names, to which they have lent their style and brilliant polish are Lou Reed's unequalled "Take A Walk On The Wild Side", as well as the songs of Paul Simon, John Lennon, Aerosmith, FrankZappa, George Benson, Pat Metheny and Quincy Jones.

Bill Evans (sax)

The New York saxophonist has played with Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock and Ron Carter and has released more than30 solo albums.

Al Di Meola (guitars)

He is a native of New Jersey and is regarded as one of the fastest guitarists in the world. He has played with Chick Corea and forms the famous "Guitar Trio" with John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucia. His album "Kiss My Axe" wasthe No. 1 of the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Charts for weeks.

Steve Lukather (guitars)

The Toto mastermind was already among the world's most popular guitarists before the foundation of this super-group. Only in the previous year he had played on 20 albums. But also later his style marked the works of musicianslike Michael Jackson ("Thriller"), Kenny Rogers or Joe Cocker. Mandoki's "People In Room No.8" is the first time in many years that he can be heard again together with Bobby Kimball.

Mike Stern (guitars)

He was Pat Metheny's pupil and began his career with Blood, Sweat & Tears. Later he played with musicians like Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius, David Sanborn and Michael Brecker. For years now, he has constantly been in the Billboard Guitarists' Top 5.

Steve Khan (guitars)

The Los Angeles jazz guitarist is considered as role model by Eric Clapton and John Mayall. He has released more than 20 solo albums and played as a studio musician on Donald Fagen's classic "Nightflight", on the Bee Gee's"Saturday Night Fever" sessions, and with Billy Joel and various other projects.

Pino Palladino (bass)

Pino Palladino played the bass for Elton John, Don Henley, Billy Joel, Phil Collins and others. He undoubtedlybelongs to the world's best session players. In particular, experts consider his fretless bass as unequalled.

Anthony Jackson (bass)

> For many people he is the epitome of the New York bass legend. He played pop, jazz and rock on over 500 albums, many of which were awarded gold or platinum and is perhaps the most innovative bass-player of our time. His most outstanding achievements include his contributions to "Live At Central Park" by Simon and Garfunkel, "The Nightflight" by Donald Fagen, "Gaucho" by Steely Dan and his countless sessions with musicians like George Benson, Branford Marsalis, Al Jarreau, Quincy Jones and the Bee Gees.

Victor Bailey (bass)

He joined the legendary Weather Report and was a worthy successor to Miroslav Vitus and the late Jaco Pastorius.Later he played bass for Madonna.

Laszlo Bencker (keyboards)

He is Mandoki's "twin muse" and companion from their teenage years. Since their risky escape from what was the communist Hungary the two friends have been working together, initially at live gigs all over the world, and morerecently in their own Park Studios in Munich.

George Kopecsni (guitars)

Since the common years in the Budapest jazz and rock scene he is at the core of Mandoki's creative team and issaid to make impossible things possible.

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