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Let The Music Show You The Way

"I experienced the healing power of music when visiting the Nordoff-Robbins Therapy Team. This touching feeling of realizing the force of music inspired me to write this song."

On And On

"Constantly craving for more is certainly not the way to heaven - of whatever kind."

The Journey Is Long

"This song is about two people who, in mid-life, look at their common past and picture the future. It is about self-made constraints, which lock us into coordinates and encircle our hearts with age rings."

Diggin' Down Too Deep

"It's the fear of being alone that leads us to loneliness and makes it unbearable. This song is about fearless teenager dreams, free from the strainful perspective of the years to come."

Nothing Or Everything

"Feelings are unpredictable. Sometimes we allow them to overwhelm us, sometimes we suppress them. And afterall, no one is able to say which is better."

I Believe

"A song by Nik Kershaw. It was a moving moment for me when I opened the envelope with his song suggestions for our album. "I Believe" has a special emotional depth. I'm a great fan of Nik."

Am I Strong Enough?

"I wrote this song when my son was born. I was tortured by the question whether and how I could pass on to him my experience of life in a gentle and yet persuasive manner. Would I be able to make him understand that the ability toshow weakness means personal strength?"


"This song is about the daily encounters with those contemporaries who can understand what is going on, and those who just want to stick their heads in the sand."

Borrowed Love

"Often enough musicians live by Murphy's Law. This song tells us about love in a slightly ironic way and about the feeling of making a U-turn on the Road To Hell."

Where I Was Born

"A song about my ambivalent and thus rare longing for my geographical roots, although I am a cosmopolitan with heart and soul."

Rainbow Angel

" 'My best defence is to set you free.' Love has also got sadomasochistic features. Why do we get involved with itagain and again?"

Never Give In

"I wrote this song in a lonely moment when after a hard day in the studio I was welcomed by a landscape of empty glasses and full ashtrays. The telephone rang and I knew it had to be someone who wanted to talk to me about his own loneliness. The song was written after the call, intended as an encouragement to act out our dreamsirrespective of social conventions."

If We Try

"A song about losers. 'Money makes power and power makes glory, glory makes heroes much larger than life" -Where does irony end and cynicism begin? I believe that these words and this song draw a sharp line."

Hold On To Your Dreams

"This song is about the energy to climb the next peak again and again and about how freely we can develop this energy, provided that it is not determined by other people's expectation"

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