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LOONA took their name from Spanish word MOON, however group is more like SUNSHINE. The music they play is hot and their "Bailando" was summer hit of 1998.

To make Summer 1998 worthwhile, DJ Sammy composed hot dancable track full of latino strings and called it "Bailando" (from Spanish: dance). LOONA is DJ Sammy (27), his best friend Carisma (28), two dancers: Charo (24) that in 1997 won a title of Miss of Balearic Islands and Nina (24). The fifth member of the group is Aladin (26) a huge fellow that plays on congo drum. Carisma's real name is Marie-Jose van der Kolk and was born in Holland. She works with DJ Sammy for about 9 years now. They both perform in JOY PALACE Disco, where he plays hot rhythms as a leading DJ and she shows how to dance them.

Carisma works very hard to keep her body in a great shape. She actually started doing it while she was still a child. For long time she attended the ballet school and later she was a ballet instructor for children. She is the one that put choreography for "Bailando". It is an incredible feelings when I see the crowd of more than 1500 people in our "JOY PALACE" club dancing and singing with us. I always get goose bumps when it happens she says. As you might expect Carisma and DJ Sammy are leading pretty exciting night life. This can be exhausting especially during the season. During that time we go to sleep around 7:00 A.M. and wake up around 1:00 P.M. This can be hard even for most energetic human beings. DJ Sammy admits. This hard work not only takes token on their health but also on their private lifes. DJ Sammy is alone for past 2 years and his parents are pretty worrying about him. DJ Sammy has a "personal friend", a dog he named Harley Davidson because he has hard time to put up with him during the walks together. DJ Sammy owes nice house with a tennis court and pool, unfortunately he is not in that often because work takes all free time.

New single from this group is being now in preparation and soon album will follow. You can also hear both DJ Sammy and Carisma in DJ Sammy's own album released in 1998 entitled: LIFE IS JUST A GAME

DJ Sammy & Aladin

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