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It's the beginning of her modelling carrer. Amanda as 19 year old girl is posing as a model for a French magazine "Marie-France". This was her first photo sessions and she appeared wearing Yves St. Laurent outfit.

Amanda as "cover girl". In this picture she poses in a pretty bathing suit made of perfect silhouette, that is still fashionable nowadays. From 1965 to 1975 Amanda will be a famous and heavily sought cover girl by many European agencies. In that period of time she was featured in covers of numerous fashion magazines and did several presentations (catwalkings) for such designers as Paco Rabanne, Yves St. Laurent, Mary Quant, Ossie Clark and many others. A perfect body she still retains these days.

One of the first covers of magazines she was featured on. This picture appeared on "Ciné Monde" (engl. Fashion World) back in 1967 when she was 20 years old and already knew what she wanted. Picture originates from her first movie directed by Henri Lanoë. You guessed it right (by her attire). She played a ... Martian!

London. Famous "The Summer of Love". This photo caused a quite stir as it was portrayed on the front page of British "DAILY TELEGRAPH". Here Amanda is in good company wearing her mini dress in purple (the color of the church, as Salvadore Dali told her). This article had a comment from a famous journalist at that time: Mr. Muggleridge. He wrote: "The young people of today no longer know what they want. They are completely lost in our society. They do not value the Church moral anymore, instead smoke and of make love. Orgasm replaced the cross ". Was Amanda, a victim of that hippy movement too?

Amanda is featured in New York based "INTERVIEW MAGAZINE". Amanda was a good friend of late Andy Warhol who asked her to pose for "INTERVIEW"

A photo taken from the set of pictures used to promote Amanda's single "La Bagarre". The set was originally made for British Magazine "VOGUE".

A photo "painted" by Amanda picturing herself. This one was used as a cover for her 1983 single "Love Your Body".

The TV Years! In 1996 she hosted her family TV show in Italy called "Long Live Women". On the photo she presents a VIVA award along with co-presenter , Andrea Giordana. Even in such circumstances, Amanda does not forget to give us a lesson of great style and elegance. Royal Amanda!

Red hair Amanda with a cat for an Italian Magazine "OGGI". Amanda is well knows for her love for animals. Among her pets are dogs and even a goat called "Fergie"

The beauty of Amanda presented in Thierry Muglér fashion show. Corset of strass and rebellious hairstyle. Amanda has well more than 1000 faces to make us admire her...

This photo was taken in Paris hotel "Royal Montceau Palace" as part of the photo set made for French magazine USD. Magazine feature a tribute article to Amanda's song from 1984 "Hotel Palace - Room 203". Amanda - glamorous and sexy woman as always !!!

This signed picture was taken in 1993 having her fans in mind.

In 90's Amanda returned to modelling for French designers like Paco Rabanne, Grés, Terry Muglér and many others. This picture was taken in 1994 when she was modelling for Grés in Paris. She excercised very... "16th" hairstyle, matched with a pretty muslin that "caps " a superb dress entitled "The Blue Angel ".

What style is it? Arlésienne or Muglérienne? A little both at the same time. Amanda did not hesitate to go to Berlin when she received an invitation from Thierry Muglér who insisted that she will be one of his models in this show.

This picture was taken for "ANGELINES" magazine. She "potraited" various famous men like Jean Cocteau, Oscar Wilde and of course ... her beloved late friend Salvador Dali. She wears jacket from Llinnarès collection.

The years pass, but it seem to have slipped on Amanda, like water on the feathers of a duck. Nowadays, she still is modelling. This picture features Amanda wearing casual yet smart looking suit from Christian Llinnarès collection.
Amanda modelling for Paco Rabanne in the special event: " Life Ball Against AIDS " that was part of fund rising reception in Vienna. What Amanda did say about this event: "For this event I weared the same dresses styles as thirty years ago. Someone my wonder if I really like to be a "mannequin"? It is actually fun and makes me laugh, since of course this is not the only thing I do in my life. I prefer to to paint or conducting interviews".

Photoshot in outfit designed by Christian Llinarés for German magazine "GALA". Amanda is still perfect, sexy and ... religious (see the cross on her chest). As a believer she is especially devoted to Saint Rita, a patron of rejected and forgotten by societies people. She usually wears the little red sign for AIDS awareness (see her vest). Amanda is very active in helping AIDS survivors both in France and England as well as drug addicts in Italy. She recently also participated in Germany in fund raising event for AIDS cause.
Yet another picture in which Amanda wears outfit from Christian Llinarés collection. At 52 she is looking great as ever and still can easily beat all her younger "competition".

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