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Amanda has recorded a NEW album which should be released in October. It includes her new single "Love Boat" which is already included in the Jive france compilation "Rainbow Love Boat" (Jive 922180-2 released May, 22 2001 ). The single will includes remixes of the song and will be out in the end of June. The song is a well crafted cover of the famous 70 's title track of the TV program.

Updates December 2000


ARLES, France, Dec 17 (AFP)

Several works of art by Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali were damaged when fire swept through the house of artist and singer Amanda Lear, police confirmed Sunday.

Lear was questioned on Sunday by police in charge of the investigation into Saturday's fire at her home which killed her husband and another man, investigators said.

Police refused to comment on Lear's statement, saying only that the former muse of Dali was still suffering from the shock of the loss of her husband.

Lear's husband and an unnamed man died early Saturday after fire destroyed part of the house in the southern French village of Saint-Etienne-du-Gres, near Avignon, police said. The body of Alain-Philippe Malagnac d'Argens, 51, and that of a 20-year-old man were found at the scene of the blaze, a farmhouse designed by Dali. Police have confirmed that there were works of art by Dali in the building and that some of them had been damaged in the blaze, but have not given any further details.

A witness reported canvases being removed from the burnt out building on Sunday.

The cause of the fire was not immediately known, although an investigation is now underway.

Lear, is a model-turned-pop-singer who was Dali's muse and close companion for many years. She was in Italy when the accident happened, but immediately flew to France when she heard the news.

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Updates - Summer 1999

Like every year AMANDA will spend the summer in her Provence House. Amanda's performance in " Le bel indifferent " a play written by Cocteau scheduled for the beginning of July during the Avignon festival has been called off due to the non agreement of Cocteau heir.




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Blood and Honey_ - 98 Release ITALY


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Amanda live appearance in Paris on the 17 th of November '96
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What a piece of news, Amanda back for a live appearance at the Palace theater! When people got the news, they all prepared for this very special moment and on Sunday 17 th the crowd was there causing a traffic jam in rue Montmartre. The show had to start at 7.OO pm but at this hour half of the people were still outside !. At 7.30 the German TV prepared the cameras to film the show. She finally appeared at 8 o'clock surrounded by 10 gogodancers escorting her to the stage singing a new version of "These Boots Are Made For Walking" very danceable . A Lear show was in half sung ( only 6 songs this time ! ) and half comedy act. While singing she she moved around the dancers showing their legs and boots and comparing them to the laugh of the crowd. I was myself pressed to the stage by the impressing crowd , around 3000 people singing shouting "I'm Gonna Walk All Over You"! Amanda was magnificently dressed in a black lamé cut on the right side specifically designed for the night by Lloyd Klein, very Marlene Dietrich with a perfect hairdo ( she has returned blonde !! ). After this 1st song she made her a return to the golden age of disco with the interpretation of her universal anthem "Follow Me". She told us about her first appearance in this theater ( the painting was still drying ! ) and her carreer. The 3rd song was her most recent disco hit in France , the fantastic "Fantasy". The crowd became estatic !. Then came on stage a black actor to play with her a Bogart part while she was Ingrid Bergman in a quick reddition of "Casablanca" which ended by an incredible interpretation of "As Time Goes By". The world will always welcome Amanda! Then she, with tear-jerking words explained to the audience that she wanted to dedicate her career to the theater or films and she will end tonight her singing act and cabaret work !! She added she would keep on recording but singing live it was over . It's not possible she told the crowd while she started a heartbreaking "I'll miss you" from her latest album "Alter Ego / number 10". She dissapeared crying from the stage while the crowd shouted "Don't leave us" !!! She came back some long minutes later with her dancers to sing "Peep ". A massive cake appeared on the stage while she was receiving the bravos of the audience .After this what happened, I really don't remember, the crowd was no longer controlable ! She cut some piece of cakes, threw some signed cards stapled with condoms ! (Amanda supports a lot safe sex campaigns and associations, she just has finished a short film for the 1st of December day shown on French TV channel: Canal Plus), put a cup of champagne to her lips while the flashes of a dozen photographers lightened the stage and she dissapeared. I was very lucky to be received with two other friends some minutes later backstage. She was dressed in a beautiful Christian Linares purple shirt again she had to smile to photographers watching her mirror then in her dancers arms etc... I understood at this moment why she was a bit fed up and loved so much the quietness of her beloved Provence house! She told us about her frentic life (after she came back from Moscow, she recorded a TV show on Monday in Paris before going to Italy). Scoop: she will exhibit her paintings during the MIDEM festival in January !! ). When a dancer cut himself, she went to find some medication for him. She remains incredibly beautiful at an impossible 5O. I suspect her to add some years to her real age to get quicker her pension !!!!

Thank you Amanda for this unique show .We all hope it is your first farewell and not the last one !

Reviewed by one and only Alain(France)

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