Amanda Lear - INTERVIEWS

We are happy to present you an exclusive interview for Amanda Lear's Fan Magazine "Love Story" and this website. This interview was conducted in the end of 1997.

Q : You have recorded 10 Albums. What is the one you're the most proud of?
Q : How do you explain the continuous success of " Follow Me " 2O years after its release ?.
Q : What's happened to your "alter ego" Anthony Monn ?
Q : Why BMG-Ariola did not release all your 5 first albums in the CD format. I am not counting "Sweet Revenge" that was released on CD as well as your compilations (i.e. the most recent one in 1998 "Queen Of Chinatown"?
Q : What is your best stage experience ?
Q : Do you have some plans to return to sing on stage ?
Q : TV has brought a huge popularity for you in Italy, Germany and France. You have hosted many Tv shows. Which is your favorite one ?
Q : Your passion for painting is well known! What are the technics beside oil painting you use?
Q : What do you think of your home page on internet?

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