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Joe - 1995

Joey DeSimone AKA "Joe" has been singing, performing and writing songs since the age of 13. Born in 1973 in Toronto, Ontario, Joe began performing with several local bands and soon after began his recording career, with an independent record being released in Canada.

Performances on the Los Angeles based, syndicated show "Star Search" made for major exposure at a young age, while in the same year Joe also won first prize in an artist/song writing competition in Toronto.

In 1995 his remake of Died In Your Arms, made the Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Chart, making Joe the first Canadian pop star to break into the U.S. charts. The song was also No. 1 at radio stations across Canada. An album entitled, Just A Taste was released, with 4 singles ail making it to Top 10 across Canada.

Joe's success continued to build and soon he was performing throughout the U.S. and Canada with major recording stars including Real McCoy, Corona, Max-A-Million, and Lil Suzi. In the surnmer of '95 Joe performed in concert to over 30,000 fans in San Antonio, Texas. Canadian concerts include Hot Energy Rush and Hot Rush. In addition, Joe has performed on television on numerous occasions, including several guest appearances on MuchMusic, Musique Plus and Winterlude '98.

Joe's last single Angel was Canada's #1 hits song for over two months on national charts. Charting in the Top 5 at both record pools and radio stations nationally, Joe won a 1998 JUNO nomination for the song.

Joe is currently finishing his long awaited second album entitled: Truth. The first release from the album, If I Could is a radio friendly pop song, the perfect follow up to Angel, as it appropriately shows Joe's diversity as a recordning artist. To listen the audio sampler from the new single please visit SOUND page.


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