Real Name:
Monica Stucchi

born on May 28th, 1962 in Monte Carlo (Monaco). Some stats: height: 174 cm, Eyes: brown, hair: originally blond but later dark (see the picture). Family: Father - Enrico, Mother - Liliana, Brother - Georgio, sister - Paola.

1978 At age 15 as part of the group she sang with friends American Folk songs. At that time she performed in local bars in Milan
1984 Her first single "The Night" was released. This track fast reached the high ranking among European Hit Charts.
1985 Second single "Get Closer" was released . Similar to her first one also "Get Closer" became a continental European success. Her style found the name and was called "Romantic Dance" and by others SLEAZY-ENERGY. In the end of the year her third single "It's So Easy" was released.
1986 Her single "Lancelot" reached 36 position in Germany. As she said it was recorded in a castle near Milan and it gave her an idea of recording the album, her first: "The Legend". This album brought back King Artur tales. The music for this album was written by Marco Tansinsi and lyrics by Simona Zanini who previously worked with Aldo Martinelli.
1987 The problems with her producer Roberto Gasparini arised. He introduced plans for new Valerie's album. She did not like his idea to shift toward POP/HOUSE style, because it wasn't exactly the direction she was heading. In London she met Ralph Ruppert, a German producer. The man responsible for her huge success in Germany. Ralph worked with artists like:Jennifer Rush, Terence Trent D'Arby, Mike Oldfield.
1988 Her remaining problems with previous producer Roberto Gasparini have impact on her career. Contracts with Radio and TV were terminated. She married her new producer and manager Mauro Zavalli whom she was dating since 1986.
1991 She spent whole 7 months in Madagascar. Her dream was to release an album with a group from this country.



The Night
Get Closer
It's So Easy
The Night '95

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  • Rafal Kazmierczak - Canada - for picture and information on Valerie
  • Tero Luhtala - Finnland - for corrections and additional info on her biography and discography

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