Real Name:
Domenico Ricchini

He started recording with the producers Roberto Turatti and Miki Chieregato in 1983. Afterwards, in 1985, he was yet produced by Mauro Farina and Giuliano Crivellente, probably the best producers of Italo-Disco. In 1983,he recorded "Hookey" with the pseudonym "Silvy Foster". This was one of the mythic hits in the first years of Italo Disco on "Studio 54", the most important discoteque of Barcelona - the place of Spain where the Italian Dance had been always more succesfull during 80's-.


Not all of these were sung by Joe Yellow himself. Probably his real voice can only be heard on the first three songs and "Synchronization Of Love". Mauro Farina sang most of the songs plus "Last Call's vocalist was Robert Camero.

Domenico Ricchini was also behind many other songs too, for example:

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