Real Name:
Paul Mazzolini


This one of the most famous artists of Italo-dance genre was born in Beirut on February 18, 1960. Because of his father being diplomat, as a child he had the opportunity to travel all over the world. His father had also an inpact on Paul education. He taught him 5 languages. Paul's music talent probably has been given to him with mother's genes. Sonia, his mother was a singer. In 1975 Paul finally settled down in Italy, where after three years he graduated . In 1978 he moved to London where he created several bands and made his final life decision to stay professionally with the music. He came back to Italy in 1981. In Rome he met a DJ that agreed to produced the song Paul written with his friend Pierluigi Giombini who composed the music. This song was entitled "Masterpiece". All of you who know GAZEBO's creations also know this song very well. This one became his first hit and immediate success not only in entire Europe but also in the world.

In 1983 he signed with Baby Records and released with this label his first album entitled GAZEBO. This album contained his next HUGE hit called "I Like Chopin". This particular song representing ENERGY-SLEAZE style overgrew the "Masterpiece". 8 millions copies of this track as single was sold in many countries: Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Japan, Portugal, Hong-Kong, Korea, Singapour, Turkey and topped ten in many other countries including U.K. "I Like Chopin" is now being considered a classic Italo-Dance and still is appearing in new compilations labeled as "The Best Of Italo-Dance". Very often played along with similar in style "Don't Cry" or "Only You" by SAVAGE. Truly an outstanding achievement.

His next album "Telephone Mama" was released one year later in 1984. This album diversed from an original GAZEBO style, yet was a big seller. In 1985 he joined the army. After being released from that duty he established his own label: Lunatic S.r.l. This new label allowed him more freedom in creating the music not necessary being a mainstream of music production in Italy at that time. In 1990 he created another company called: Cresus Enterprises S.n.c. The company's goals were to integrate Lunatic by developing the publishing and the distribution of the products in Italy. Meanwhile Paul released another three albums: "Univision", the first owned by Lunatic "Rainbow Tales" , the first recorded at Lunatic Studios "Sweet Life", the first entirely written, produced and engineered by Paul himself. Interestingly this album contains a special version of a song Paul had co-wrote for Ryan Paris. The name of the song is "Dolce Vita" and became at the time a smash hit worldwide. Similar to "I Like Chopin" is now part of classic Italo-Dance sound.

In 1991 Lunatic and Cresus released Paul's next album called: "Scenes from the News Broadcast". This was the first album that appeared on Lunatic Records. In 1997 both lunatic S.r.l. and Cresus Enterprises has merged and new company: Softworks S.n.c. was created. In 1997 GAZEBO released the newest album called "Viewpoint"

His beatiful music remains fresh and soulful. GAZEBO is now considered a part of ITALO-DANCE Hall of Fame. I don't have his newest album but I hope he remained faithful to a style I remember him from and love him for. Probably a lot of you who never heard of the artist would like to hear some of his music. I was allowed to place sound samplers that should not exceed 1 minute. I hope at least partially it will help you to understand where the artist's popularity came from.



I Like Chopin
Love In Your Eyes
Telephone Mama
Dolce Vita

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