Real Name:
Giancarlo Pasquini

He started his known career back in 80's with huge popularity gained mostly in Japan where he is popular also nowadays. His first song with more worldwide success was released in 1985 track "Fly To Me" written by Mauro Farina, M. Manzi and D. Bellini and produced by Giacomo Maiolini from TIME Records. This particular song contributed to TIME Records success, the label that become recognized not only in Japan but worldwide. In 1990 Aleph established his own label ABeat C. Pretty much unknown in Europe these days because it specializing in releasing Eurobeat records mostly to Asia and Japanes market. It is sad because this genre itself that was a basis for eurodance.

Pasquini is the author of most tracks released by AbeatC. One of the most known singers that works with ABeatC are Norma Sheffield and Virginelle

Pasquini is using several psudonyms. We know him mostly as Aleph but he also uses Dave Rogers. He still performs in live. His shows can be seen in Japan (unfortunately only there). Under Aleph he released in 1977 two singles: "Let The Music Play" and Generation Of Love". As Dave Rodgers for instant singles like: "Milan, Milan, Milan", "Boom Boom Japan" and several others.



- Fly To Me
- Fire On The Moon
- Big Brother
- I'm In Danger
- Black Out
Just For Love

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