F.R.David (real name: Elli Robert Fitoussi, often also credited as Robert Fitoussie) is one of the now classic HI-ENERGY artists of early 80s.

This French artist born in January 01, 1947 in Menzel Bourguiba (Tunis), and currently living in Paris (near St Germain des Prés) released many songs in pre-MODERN TALKING era. His personal "trademarks" are his sunglasses and his guitar (a white Fender Stratocaster). Many of us think of F.R. David as the singer of his smash hit Words, which sold 8 millions records accross the world, topped charts around Europe in late 1982 and hit No 2 in Britain in spring '83. Its eventual UK success was caused by its exposure on BBC TV's Top Of The Pops. The disc was featured on the first edition of a special Euro-slot incorporated in the program. The song was a catchy, slightly plaintive mid-tempo ballad sung in a slender, high-pitched voice. Indeed, such was Monsieur David's singing style that radio listeners all over Europe thought the single was by Madame David until seeing him. His voice resembles voice of Thomas Anders from late MODERN TALKING. Actually, F.R. David had several songs that became acclaimed hits. Another Mega Hit by him "I Need You". has been done in similar style as "Words". Speaking of "Words", this track was remixed in 1991 and released as MAXI-CD on MINT Records (Index # 879-701). This Maxi CD had three remixes with updated sound to Italian House. They were good but in my opinion the original sound was better. In 1997 "Words" was re-released in progressive genre.

Many of you don't really know the rest of the carrer of this French singer, songwriter musician who started in the 70's playing guitar for Vangelis in concerts and on his records. In fact F.R. David recorded with VANGELIS an album called Earth back in 1972 just before the album Les Variations. He later became the leading singer in the group VARIATION which is one of these rare French groups to be successfully exported around the world in the history of Rock.

This is the era of the giant stages and stadions where he performed side by side with all legends of Rock and Roll. VARIATIONS got separated and F.R. David stayed in the USA for 5 years where he worked on albums with groups like: THE DOOBY BROTHERS, THE O.J.'s, RICHIE EVANS, TOTO and many others. He also recorded his album King Of Hearts produced by David Kreps. He returned to France to learn that his "Words" songs has become number 1 on charts in 10 countries in Europe and Japan. This was the beginning of 15 months of promotion and travelling around and it all started all over again.

F.R. David's music is a classical Hi-Energy, usually at around 119-125 BPM. He had also very slow tracks on SLEAZY ENERGY edge. The best examples are "Music", "Take Me Back". He also recorded faster songs in more Italian HI-ENERGY style. The best example is "Pick Up The Phone" (upbeat 155 BPM). One of the articles described how members of a very popular in mid 80's German Hi-Energy group MODERN TALKING; Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders met each other : The studio called Dieter to produce the newest single for a new Schlager-talent; Thomas Anders. The single was a German translation of FR David's "Pick up the phone !" It seems that F.R. David's style had an influence on this group, since they represented quite similar sound, at least at early stage.

In 1986 F.R. David signed with CBS and recorded his "Sahara Night" a fusion of all the music that has influenced this unusual singer songwriter. In 1987 He recorded a new album REFLECTIONS that was played in the radio all over Europe and Asia. The song "Don't Go became a superb vidoe clip directed by Kosta Kekemenis. In 1993 he released a title I'll Try To Love Again" and in 1994 a rock album produced by J.P. Grosz (producer of Ray Charles). And finally in 1996-1997 he was visiting New York based Hit Factory where he recorded I'm Not In Love".

He says about himself: I am not hard headed and I am not a "made artist". That is probably the reason why he doesn't make new singles very often however he indeed have already several of them that are waiting to be released at the right time. His new work involves some classical pieces with LONDON SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA.

On May 28, 1999 F.R. David releases single "Words - 1999" featuring this original track as well as 1999 version. This single preceeds his new album called "F.R. DAVID - '99 VERSION to be released in France in the beginning of June 1999. There are plans to release this album also in other European countries.

F.R. DAVID - Words - 1999 Version

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