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Love Is Paradise

presented sound sampler features three mixes in order of apperance: RADIO EDIT, TRANCE MIX, DANCE MIX


presented sound sampler features FIRST BASE MIX that originally appeared on CLUB EURO 3 Compilation

Can You Keep A Secret

four different mixes were used in this 10 minutes Eurodance Hits exclusive Mega-Remix : FIRST BASE SINGLE MIX, 12 INCH MIX (by F.F), 150 BPM MIX (by Kai McDonald) and HYPNOTIC EXTENDED MIX. This is so far the only opportunity for you to listen these versions, since most of them are not commercially available.

Follow Me

two mixes: ORIGINAL CLUB MIX and KAI MACDONALD MIAMI CLUB MIX are featured in the mix. This is March 1999 PROMO release! Stay tuned for more mixes to appear on CD Single on April 16, 1999

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