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FIRST BASE a German group that perhaps could be the best kept secret in Euro-Energy/Hi-NRG Dance Music today. If you are not familiar with the style of music, it's comparable to artists such as Real McCoy, La Bouche, Culture Beat, Captain Hollywood Project, Fun Factory, etc, etc.

Originally, the band is a German project from 1995. Band members are a female 25 years old vocalist Tina Safrany (goes by the stage name of Victoria) currently living in a small German village: Sattledorf, a mother of 3 years old adorable boy, and rapper MC Flash. Behind the group is band's fantastic producer, Mike Wonder AKA "DJ Wondermike" who's credits include remixes for various artists including No Mercy

Back in 1995 group released their first single on BMG (Germany) entitled "Love is Paradise". Music for this track was composed by Ralf "Valentino" Orth, Mr. Cobra and Mike Wonder, lyrics was written by Ralf "Valentino" Orth, Ameer Williams and Mike Wonder. For some reason that vocally and instrumentally brilliant track did not make make much of a stir and for the most part left unknown. In January 1996 the song was released by BMG (Canada) on a CD compilation called CLUB CUTZ 7, instantly becoming a mega hit. The song had everything a good Hi-NRG song needs to work in the clubs. It's got a pulsating beat, great synths, powerful vocals and it hooks you like few other records can. This song was also nominated for the Best 1996 Song in First Annual Euro-Energy Cyberspace Awards.

Success of this track proned BMG Canada to release it on their another compilation GROOVE STATION 3, however this was a megamix with samples of other songs in the middle of it. We do not recommend this compilation if you don't have and un-mixed copy of "Love is Paradise".

ATTENTION Americans! The RCA compilation CLUB CUTZ 2 features this track. Please support the band and pick up this compilation.

The success of "Love is Paradise" in Canada opened up a window for a second single in Canada. In late 96 BMG Music Canada released exclusively the bands second song "Heavenly". This track was another thumper that was a little bit more vocal than "Love is Paradise" and does not have any rap in it. Although it is not quite as strong as the first single, it is still a great song that is not to be missed if you are a Euro fan.

"Heavenly" has never been released as a single and appeared only on BMG Canada compilation: CLUB EURO 3.

The newest track by this group was released in April 1997 and appeared on the new CLUB CUTZ 8, yet another Canadian exclusive and it's called "Can You Keep A Secret?". This track was released in Canada on 12" as limited edition for DJs, but was not released to general public as a single. Very sad, since as usually it was a brilliant track with Tina powerful and beatiful voice. The track and group was also nominated for the Best 1997 Song and Group in Second Annual Euro-Energy Cyberspace Awards. with good results (4th location in both categories). This track also made to BMG Canada another compilation called: GROOVE STATION 4 as part of the megamix.

In the summer of 1997 group was on tour in Canada, and their most current tournee as part of BMG Canada event called: GROOVE STATION TOUR to promote GROOVE STATION 4, took place in 1998 (again in Canada) from June 11th to 29th. They played 12 concerts, starting in Vancouver followed by concerts in Victoria, Calgary, Saskatoon, Toronto, Winnipeg & Thunderbay.

In March 1999 promo vinyl of new track called "Follow Me" has been released. It appeared on BMG Music Canada and is targeted for Club DJs . The CD single version of this track is scheduled for general release on April 16, 1999. This CD called "EP features not only "Follow Me" but also all known to public First Base hits like: "Love Is Paradise", "Heavenly", "Can You Keep A Secret".

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