Kim Esty born in Toronto, is the younger of two children born to European parents (Austrian & German). While younger, Kim's first step into the music industry was playing the accordion, but it was until her high school years that she entered numerous contests and productions with the visions of being a singer/song writer.

At the age of sixteen Kim joined a cover band which performed at high schools and other venues. .Staying with the act for two years she left the band to begin creating her music style. Enlisting herself with a vocal coach, Kim's goal began to take shape. Working on her technique and style she then decided to record various selections she had composed. Working with artist's such as Barry Harris (Kon Kan - "I Beg Your Pardon"), Marco Lucianni (Dirty Dancing soundtrack), helped unify her individual creative style. Affer touring with Kon Kan throughout the United States, and South East, Asia, Singapore, Indonesia, Taipei, Korea, Malaysia, she began to concentrate on her own career with the ever so successful release of "Summer In The Streets".

During the summer of 1993, "Summer In The Streets" (produced by Kim Esty and Massimo "Mo" Rosati - engineered by Tom Gerencser for M-Pire sounds) proved to be a favorite amongst avid club goers and pop/dance radio stations. Toronto's own Energy 108 supported the song immensely charting it through the request line at #1 for 5 weeks, making Kim Esty and "Summer In The Streets" the first Canadian artist/song to hit the number #1 spot on their station! ("Summer In The Streets" was featured on "Electric Dance Floor #2" - Quality Records).

Now afler the completion of Kim's follow up, titled "Funky Little Beat", produced by Kim Esty/Barry Harris, there are several supporting 12" dance mixes to satisfy every listener. Mixes include a 12" dance club mix, and house dub versions, by Kim's "Summer In The Streets" collaborator Massimo "Mo" Rosati for M-Pire sounds and the "Stickman" mixes, just to name a few. Also in support of the single of "Funky Little Beat", is a video which emphasizes style, dance, and sensuality. "Funky Little Beat" was featured on "Energy Rush" compilation CD (Quality Records). Now after hits like "Summer In The Street", Kim Esty returns with a new smash hit "Two of Hearts" to work with her longtime producer Vince "Smash" Digiorgio. With music tracks provided by Colin McMillan (from Beatclub's Dream Dimension) and mixes by Brad "Young Riprock" Daymond, this is a new Eurodance treatment of the Stacey Q hit. "Two Of Hearts" appeared on Club Euro vol. 3, compilation from BMG Canada. Kim is working on the single version of this track that will be released in February 1997 in Germany.

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