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The purpose for this area of is to present you with some current tracks from different ELECTRONICA genres (i.e. TRANCE, PROGRESSIVE, TECHNO, etc). We will focus mostly in club oriented sound. We hope to present your different flavors of this sound.

Every month we will feature a mix done in house or by one of our Resident DJ. From time to time we might elect to present you commercially available mix. Mixes are recorded in MP3 formats.

FEBRUARY 2016 MONTHLY ELECTRONICA MIX was prepared by DJ EUROTRAXX. This months he features volume 1 from his new HARDSTYLE BLQ Mixx series. If you like lotsa drums and bass, you will love this mix and you will feel at home. It is heavy. Be prepared for 55 minutes of pounding ELECTRONICA Enjoy!!

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Presented mix is for promotional and demonstrational purpose only.
All rights of the manufacturers and the owners of featured songs are reserved !

01 - Citizen - Bangin Man (Hardstyle Mix 2)
02 - Spirtual Project - Symphony No 9
03 - Hunter - Code 303 (303 Mix)
04 - Nitro Genetic - The Best (DJ Gius Lektrotechno Mix)
05 - Spirtual Project - R.E.M. (Luca Antolini Remix)
06 - The Hose - Rockmania (Hardstyle Rock Cafe Mix)
07 - Citizen - Iron (Hardstyle Mix)
08 - Hunter - Sweetie (Hardstyle Masterz Remix)
09 - Spirtual Project - Information Technology
10 - DJ One Finger - Housefucker (Mellow Trax Remix)

This is 87th Edition of the Mini Electronica Mix Of The Month


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