DJ Dado and Robert Miles seems to have the best luck among many artists that are recording in DREAM HOUSE/ MEDITERRANEAN style

Flavio Daddato, best known as DJ DADO, is living a very intensive life in past years. DJ Dado received enormous success all over the world selling more than a million copies of the composition "X-files" (a progressive/dance version of the piece from pretty popular TV series, which is still in the world top-ten hits). Also his another composition "Metropolis" released in summer of 1996 made the European TOP 40. In the summer 1996 he released on SPI his first album entitled: The Album that was also released in Canada. With regard to the 1996 summer, noteworthy are also the very successful remixes that DJ Dado compiled for Alexia ("The Summer Is Crazy"), Molella ("See the difference") and most recently Imperio ("Atlantis").and Irene Cara ("All My Heart")

Next release by this very talented artist was a single "Revenge" featuring Molella as remixer and a first change in DJ Dado's sound, with a vocal version of the composition. Also in 1996 DJ Dado signed with TIME RECORDS where DJ Dado he supervised the new production by French composer Jean Michel Jarre's "Oxygene 8". You can listen his mix of this track and read review in my Singles Review Page

In the end of May 1997 DJ Dado released his newest single "Coming Back", an amazing track full with known DREAM sound done by him. As I mentioned before this one for the first time in DJ Dado releases has a female vocal done by Barbara Roy. Fish for this single released by now parent label of DJ Dado - TIME Records.

DJ DADO is preparing to launch his next album. A very special one retrospecting his years as musician. He promised to give us the masterpiece that will allow us to look at him not only as an artists but also to become mo personal with his music

Now fragments of interview with DJ DADO by Giovanni Crisci from December 1997

How your adventure as DJ begun?
It started many years ago and yet it seems to be like yesterday. It has been already 15 years since I started my journey in first discotheque.

Who are you consider yourself? More a DJ or a Producer?
I always have been, I am and I always will remain a DJ. The contact with people during the nights I am playing is vital for me.

What do you like better. Doing remixes or promoting your own production?
Actually both! At rate 50:50. In all tracks that I write and produce I am putting my own ideas and soul. When remixing, I am trying to revisit other's ideas by virtue of my own way.

What is your preferred equipment?
As keyboard I prefer the Korg, that is soft. For sound bank I prefer Roland. All my samplers are done using AKAI sampler (this one is simply irrepleacable for me). Turntables? Of course Technics SL1200. Simply this one or nothing. You can have the most ugly sound, but the way you mix might help you to create something new, new sound.

How much time it takes for each new production?
To make a remix it usually takes approximately 15 days for me. To do my own track is another story. That really takes a long time, approximately 6 months.

What is the song you like the most?
Actually probably the one I am working on called "Gimme Love". Why this one? I have the philosophy that the best track is one I am just working on. "Gimme Love" happened to be it because I am working on it now, my next one will be my next track I like the most.

Is there any song you would like to remix over others?
At this moment the artist that most appealing to me is Bob Marley. If somebody would like me to do a remix tomorrow, I would be very happy if it is George Benson's "Gimme The Night "

What is going to be new in 1998 ?
I am working on my next album (the first one was called "THE ALBUM"). It would appeal to a lot of people at their 30s. It will also mark a phase of my life since I am passing that magic age. It will show my maturation from a young to adult life.

Same way as you see the evolution of dance music?
The classic dance is down lately. In the end of my shift as DJ I am putting on always the same ones. The one people want to listen. Interestingly, there is a trend to return to pop-dance music of '70. And this is demonstrating by artists like Gala, Robert Miles and myself.

So with return of pop do you envision yourself to be a rich man?
Absolutely not. I do not envision my work as a money making machine. I actually have my own music store. I don't really need nor want to think how to make money. I am trying to make a good music and it doesn't really concern me how many records I will sell.

TitleThe Album
Label1996 SPI (Italy)
StyleDream Music
Index #SPI 003
  • 1. Metropolis
  • 2. The Legend Of Babel
  • 3. X-Files
  • 4. Dreaming
  • 5. Mission Impossible Theme
  • 6. Temple Of Fire
  • 7. Solar Wind
  • 8. Dreamscape
  • 9. Broke Your Heart
  • 10. Twin Peaks Theme
  • 11. Desert Of Sadness
  • 12. Floreal World
  • 13. Once Upon A Time In America Theme
  • 14. The End Of Journey

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