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BAD BOYS BLUE History started in the middle of 80's. Initially group had three performers: Andrew Freddie Thomas (born May 25, 1963 in Los Angeles, USA), John Edward McInerney (born September 7, 1957 in Liverpool, England) and Trevor Oliver Tailor (born January 11, 1958, Montegno Bay, JAMAICA) who left the group in 1989. This trio recorded many hits which mostly have been written by duo of Tony Hendrik (music) and Karin van Haaren (vel Hartman) (lyrics). This duo was Trevor Tailorresponsible for such BBB's hits like "I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat", "A World Without You", "Don't Walk Away Suzanne", "Till The End of Time" followed by the later "Queen of Heart, "House of Silence", "How I Need You", "I am Your Believer". The last mentioned song "I am Your Believer" was actually performed earlier by another group called: SILENT CIRCLE before BBB recorded it in their album "Game of Love". The duo Hendrik/van Haaren was also responsible for the biggest BBB Hit (in my opinion) "Come Back And Stay" with a femal vocal done by Lyanne Lee. If you didn't hear this track you didn't hear BAD BOYS BLUE!! . This particular track released in 1987 and later on their album "Love Is No Crime" was the most played HI-ENERGY track from this group all over the Europe and was also quite popular in the US. "Come Back and Stay" was not only written by Tony Hendrik, but also produced by him and K. Hartman. Both T.Hendrik and K.Hartman are owners of Coconut Records. Under this label were released songs not only by BAD BOYS BLUE, but also by SILENT CIRCLE, RED STAR, CHYP-NOTIC and more recently by HADDAWAY. In the first album released in 1985 all artists took part of the songs like "I Live", "People Of The Night", and only Trevor Tailor who co-written "Victim of Your Love" (in the third album), "Love Is No Crime" and "Love Don't Come Easy" (in the fourth album "My Blue World") did it again.

The first album "Hot Girls - Bad Boys" released by BAD BOYS BLUE in 1985 was the beginning of their incredible career. "You're A Woman", "Kiss You All Over" and "Hot Girls - Bad Boys" became their open door to European Dance Floor. This first album was quite small (only 8 songs) and had more POP songs than HI-ENERGY, however it clearly shown the future direction group was heading. The second album "Heart Beat" brought their next megahits "I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat" and "Kisses & Tears". Both albums were a good success, while the third one became a breakthrough. Released in 1987 "Love Is No Crime" put this group in a HI-ENERGY Top List. This album was virtually LOADED with mega hits. Mentioned above "Come Back and Stay" was starting this album. This was a superb HI-ENERGY track at 120 BPM, followed by "If You Call On Me", "Love Is No Crime", "Gimmie Gimmie Your Lovin' " and another indisputable MegaHit "Charlene".

John McInerneyTheir next released albums: "My Blue World" and "The Fifth" were as expected, a big success. The song "A World Without You" from "My Blue World" album was as big as "Come Back And Stay" and was remixed many times. Very, very nice dancable track.with a cute French vocal by Magdalena. Another track "Till The End Of Time" was at the beginning designed to be a title song for this album, but producers changed their mind and the record was released under the "My Blue World". This album entirely is very nice not only for dancing but also for listening. Among most popular tracks on this album beside mentioned titles, where "Don't Leave Me Now", "Don't Walk Away Suzanne" and "Lovers In The Sand". This album was selling very well. The next album like FANCY they called simply "The Fifth". Two songs from this album: "Lady In Black" and "A Train To Nowhere" became MEGA Hits! , but entire album was good, and I mean GOOD! I personally like also "Someone To Love" and "Show Me The Way" (so MODERN TALKING alike) BAD BOYS BLUE were also "experimenting" in this album. One can find a track "No regrets" originally sang by..... Edith Piaf ! Interesting, isn't it? I am not sure if she would approve the DISCO sound of her one of the most known song, but well... I "guess" we will never know.

"My Blue World" album was the last one where we heard Trevor Tailor. Why he left the group? The reason is unknown to me, however one guess is: On the two first albums, Trevor sang all tracks. In 1987, however, John McInerney became the No 1 lead singer (Trevor sang just a few tracks on the 1987 and 1988 albums). If you look at the "Come Back And Stay"-video, the whole thing is rather obvious. There you will see one man being very happy to (at last?) be in the middle (John) and another man being rather sad to have been put aside (Trevor). Trevor Tailor was replaced by another Trevor, Trevor Bannister, who made his debut on the album "The Fifth". You can hear him singing (together with John) on the 1992 remix of "You're a Woman" and "I Do It All For You Baby" from the "Kiss" album.

Andrew ThomasThe style BBB's presented in all first five albums was quite similar to what MODERN TALKING and later BLUE SYSTEM were doing. The HI-ENERGY played by BBB was not as fast as Italian HI-ENERGY (usually upbeat more than 130 BPM). Their songs oscilated around 120 BPM, making them nice to hear and good to dance without breaking legs or suffering a heart attack. Some of them were quite slow; below 100 BPM and classified as SLEAZY-DISCO. I don't like this quite odd term, but that was a term widely accepted. Later with Trevor leaving the group style become slighlty shifted to more trendy HOUSE-ish sound. Still in the HI-ENERGY mode but now entering to HOUSE. This was visible in "Queen Of Hearts", "How I Need You". Both were megahits but had that new sound quite infecting all European HI-Energy and originated from Italian HOUSE. However pure HI-ENERGY was still present in "I Am Your Believer", "Jenny, Come Home", "Chains Of Love". "House of Silence", the title song of their next album had a taste of the "gregorian" chant (ENIGMA influence?). While this album had tracks like "Train At Midnight" and "When Our Love Was Young" with the BBB classic sound, POP-ish like "Tell It Everybody" invaded this album.

"Totally" the seventh album of the group was probably the last one that still had sound of the original BBB. The title song "Totally" along with "Save Your Love" were both DANCE masterpieces and were closing of what BBBs was all about in 80's. Partially because the team of Hendrik/Van Haaren (Hartman) that made the music were not featured in the next album. The reason for BBB leaving their long time writers and producers was fact that the group manager Holger Müller thought it would be clever to transfer the group to another company. Quite obvious that he expected more money for himself by doing this. Group siged back with Coconut Records in 1998.

The first released album (if I can call compilation; an album) by BBB in the US was "Bad Boys Blue - Compilation". One song from this compilation: "Save Your Love" originally from their album "Totally" reached #89 on Billboard charts. Second album released in the US was "To Blue Horizons" (on Radikal Records). In this album BBB is now consisted of only two singers from the orginal "cast": John McInerney and Andrew Thomas (In 1993, Trevor Bannister left the group, and this album, John and Andrew did as a duo). "To Blue Horizons" album was recorded in 1993 and released in 1994. New producer (Horst Schnebel), new music authors (Horst Schnebel, Thomas Wörner, Joshi Dinier, Pino Valentino, Michael Herzer, Luke Skywalker), new lyrics writers (Steffen Herbold, Olli Rosenberger, Graham Dalton, Anita Valentino, Sheryl Hackett, Rico Uno Novarini, and even John McInerney by himself) and new style. I am not sure what happened, but this particular album shown that BBB is going through changes. Changes I couldn't identify. I don't know why their LONGTIME song-writers and lyrics writers left BAD BOYS BLUE.

That change in new team writers influenced the "new" look of BBB that might dissapoint some of you who loved BBB the way they have been before, however it pleased many of you who liked more HOUSE shifted EURO-DANCE sound. Were they looking for a new style as all other veterans of Hi-Energy do? The only song which became quite popular from this album was "Go Go (Love Overload)" and guess what? It sounded like the original BBB. This album was good, don't get me wrong. It still has other tracks from HI-ENERGY edge, like "Grand Illusion" for instance.

The group's next album: "Bang! Bang! Bang!" has been released in the end of June 1996, after setting an original date of release for January 1996, later postponed until April 1996. Album itself was produced in 1995. Two singles were also out with tracks that appeared in this album. "Anywhere" and "Hold You In My Arms". Both tracks received quite different reviews from many people. Both are actually good, and "Hold You In My Arms" is faster than classic releases by BBB, however the sound and style brings the memory of their good old time. The information that BAD BOYS BLUE has nobody left from an original trio has not been confirmed. Apparently there was an addendum. John McInerney and Andrew Thomas was joined by Mo Russel, an author of two tracks on this album.

We had to wait long time for the next album by BBB entitled: Back. This album released in the end of July 1998 is their paralel response to the huge success Modern Talking had with their recent album Back For Good. I have to admit I was stunned by Back. BBB went much further than Modern Talking. You will find in this album not only the older remaked smash hits, but also 7 BRAND NEW tracks and they are plain gorgeous. For sound samplers I picked all 7 new tracks. As a bonus you have also "Megamix Vol.1" with 6 classic tracks from this group. Entire album has three executive producers: Karin Hartman and Tony Hendrik the original team of most hits by this group as well as John O'Flynn, producer of groups like E-rotic, Pixie, God's Groove, The Lovers. Morever, four new songs were produced by presently best German EuroNRG team of David Brandes and Felix Gauder. You will easily recognize characteristic melodic lines from songs by E-rotic, Missing Heart or The Lovers. The best example in my opinion is one of the best track in this album: "Out Of The Blue". The album is simply spectacular. Updated to late 90's sound is wicked. All fans of Bad Boys Blue that like their original sound will be pleased! Even new tracks follow their original sound we loved that group for. Pure Euroenergy at it's best. I dare to say that this album is much better then highly acclaimed Back For Good by Modern Talking. You can judge by yourself listening the sound samplers, better yet, go and find it NOW

On February 15, 1999 BAD BOYS BLUE released their next album entitled "... continued". Boys were not waiting with releasing this one too long making good business decision. Even MODERN TALKING that celebrated their own come back last year still didn't come out with a new one. "... continued" as name indicates brings new remixes of old songs but don't be mislead! This album contains plethora of new releases as well. This particular album has so many writers, producers and mixers that I actually lost count. It was the advantage though. First, remixes of their 80's tracks are refreshing, yet close to original versions. The RAP that was present in their "Back" album back from 1998 is almost non existent. Again, David Brandes, Felix Gauder and John O'Flynn participated in writing and producing several titles in this album just to mention: "Baby Don't Miss Me", "Lady Of Hearts", "A Kiss Of The Night" and they are stunning Euro-NRG wonders. "The Power Of Night" written by D. Brandes, T.Hendrik,, J. O'Flynn is one of the best on this CD. Also Andy Matern did an incredible job in producing several tracks in this album just to mention his remixes of "Save Your Love '99", "Jungle In My Heart '99" and many others proving himself as one of most promising and successful German dance remixer and producer. I will restrain myself from comparing this album with "Back". Both are great and complement each other extremely well.

In October 1999 album entitled "Follow The Light" was released. Many of you were concerned that BROS team (BRANDES, O'FLYNN, GAUDER) this time were not part of this album. Worry no longer. BAD BOYS BLUE delivered great sound in this brand new album. Writers are no strangers as well. For instance Uwe Haselsteiner and Heiko Scheider have written "Anyway Forever" for their 1995 album BANG BANG BANG and of course Tony Hartman and Karin Van Haaren were back as well writing and producing along with Andy Matern. This album does not have one specific music style and I believe it is a big advantage for this offering. People who love CLASIC EURODANCE will fall in love in a spot with title song "Follow The Light". If you thought that Tony Henrik lost his touch with NRG/DANCE, you better revisit your opinion. This track as an instant hit with amazing vocals and unbelieveable synths. Speaking of synths, I have to admit I was amazed with amount of greatly arranged synths in many of the tracks in the album. There are other great NRG/DANCE/EURODANCE tracks just to mention titles like: "Thinking About You", "Back To The Future", "Rhythm Of Rain" and many others. Group also featured three classics: "Under The Boardwalk" from their 1991 album House of Silence. This "1999" version has been revamped and more energy and more synths were added. You will also find here "Hungry For Love" originally released as single back in 1988 and "Have You Ever Had A Love Like This" from 1992 album "Totally". Both revamped as well. EUROREGGAE fans should like delightful tea track "When I Kiss You". Another one "I Can't Live" follows into same category but has also SOUL flavor. There is even TRANCEY style on Level 1 Remix of "Back To The Future". Taken together, this album (second within one year) brings good songs and dance sound. What is extremely important in my opinion, the group is very dynamic. While, being still masters of CLASSIC DANCE, they also proved to be good in different DANCE genres. This will keep the group on the top and prevent audience from boredom. This album should be liked both by the folks that listened them a decade ago as well as teens that are just entering dance club scenes. Great job dudes!!!

In July 2000 next album entitled "Tonight" was released. Similar to the album "Follow The Light" released in 1999 songs for this album were mostly written by Uwe Haselsteiner and Heiko Scheider as well as by original writers back from glorius BAD BOYS BLUE years: Tony Hendrik and Karen van Haaren. As you probably know by now Mo Russell left the group and his place took Kevin McCoy (aka JoJo Max), who previously was guest RAPPER for some of groups songs. Now he is fully part of the group. This offering gives you 14 songs majority of them produced by Hendrik/Hartman and co-produced by Andy Matern that recently left Coconut Record. First song featured in this album "I'll Be Good" has been already released as a single CD couple of weeks ago, all other tracks are brand new. This as well as several other tracks featured were written by Hendrik/Hartman the team of writers responsible for group's 80's success have the flavor of the sound the group was famous of, so fans of classic sound of BAD BOYS BLUE should be pleased. "Do What You Do", the next song has been done in catchy POP/NRG style. "S.O.S. For Love" is featured in two versions and one of them with JoJo rap. This one do have some reminescences of classic sound yet produced more in POP/NRG genre delivers great sound, vocals and production. Another track "Waiting For Tonight" falls into same category with trendy style, makes this one very updated and exciting offering. "Somewhere In My Heart" gives the classic sound we know BAD BOYS BLUE from. Outstanding production with high dose of dance intensity. Also incredible production has been done for "I Wanna Fly". This fare has anything we dream of. Excellent sound, great rhythm and outstanding melody line. "You Take Me To The Light" delivers very sophisticated HIGH-ENERGY sound with pounding rhythm and interesting synths works. Another classic-to-be. If you want more classic sound "Close Your Eyes" is one to check. If you would like to cool down a bit check POP oriented "Heaven Must Be Missing You". Taken together this album is very well done and should be part of your collection. Fans of group should be delighted.

There have been a lot of changes with BAD BOY BLUE since 2003. Group was going through several transformations. At certain period of time JOHN was performing solo as BAD BOYS BLUE. However, in 2006 Carlos Ferreira (born April 11th, 1969 in Mozambique) joined BAD BOYS BLUE and since than duo is stable. Their first release was "You're A Woman 2006" - new remix of BAD BOYS BLUE's the very first hit. In Spetmeber 2006 group released special 3 CD box set entitled "Hit Collection" containing many of BAD BOYS BLUE mega hits. BAD BOYS BLUE is currently working with French producers on new material to be featured in planned for 2008 group's new album. This supposed to be come back to the roots with great music. I am waititing with anticipation to present you the new album when it will become available.

In April 2008 we have received an appetizer of what's coming with the brand new album. Group released the first single "Still In Love" featuring 6 mixes from NRG-oriented to more HARD sound. This is going to be one excellent release judged by this single.

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