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It's great to see the three of you back at Coconut Records! This is something all your fans have been hoping for - how and why did this reunion occur?

Why did BBB leave Coconut Records in 1993 and go to Intercord?

"BACK" is an amazing CD. When did you start work on this project, and how long did it take to complete?

Do you plan to continue writing and producing with the E-Rotic team for the next CD, as well as the other key producers like Andy Matern, Domenico Labarile, Christoph Schick, and Gary Jones?

It appears that the reunion of Modern Talking has brought the classic German Europop 'sound' back to Europe. If they hadn't reunited and released their #1 CD "Back For Good", would BBB have still returned to Coconut and released "Back"?

I know that your BIG hits in the 80's and early 90's were written and produced by Tony Hendrik and Karin Hartmann ... how much direct involvement did they have on this project?

Have BBB signed a new contract(s) with Coconut Records? If so, how many albums are planned?

Do you know when the next brand new album is planned for release?

Can your fans expect to hear more of that classic 1985-1989 styled German Eurodance on future releases (as we've heard on "From Heaven To Heartache")?

Speaking of "From Heaven To Heartache" - who is the female vocalist in the song? She sounds exactly like the one you used on the original version of "Come Back and Stay", which is by far one of the very best BBB tracks.

Let's talk a bit more about the tracks on "Back". It's interesting that the '98 remix of "Lovers In the Sand" is in the Freestyle sound - something still very North American - why did you go with that style on the track?

Can your fans hope to see any of the '7 brand new smashers' released as maxi-singles in the near future? If so, which ones are being considered?

"Don't Break the Heart" is re-done perfectly. This however is an older Chyp-Notic track, who also used to be signed to Coconut at one point. Would you ever consider singing new versions of "I Am Your Believer" and/or "What A Shame" on the next album? These are two Silent Circle songs which are within Coconut's catalogue, and more importantly, two all-time classics which BBB could revive.

I know you tour Russia and Europe quite regularly. But now with this new CD, is there a possibility that you might do a club tour in the US & Canada soon?

Could you please clear up one grey area ... exactly what happened to Trevor Tailor? Why is he no longer part of BBB, and when did he leave?

What other music do you guys enjoy, ie. what other groups or artists do you admire?

Have you made any new videos for "Back" yet?

How can your fans get your videos, both new and old?

Do any of you surf on the Internet?

Many of your loyal fans worldwide will be reading this interview. Can you take a moment to let them know what the future holds for Bad Boys Blue?

Thank you very much! Your 'triumphant' return to Coconut Records & Hendrik/Hartmann has been a dream come true for everyone. Keep up the good work, we all love your music!

Interview by: Troy Matthews.
Thanks to: Andy Matern @ Coconut Records.

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