Lovers in the Sand (1988)

(This is radio KLW Sunny California. For you lovers out there it's going to be a great day

with temperatures around thirty degrees centigrade)

Lover's in the sand, Lover's in the sand

I didn't want emotions did not dare. Cause I've lost too many love affairs.

I was in the mood to have some fun, somewhere in the sun. I blame on the southern summer nights.

When I lost my heart at the site. Now all I wanna do. Is just to be with you.


Lover's in the sand. Walking hand in hand. And dreaming of the last night we shared.

Lover's in the sand. Deep in love again. And now that I have found you.

I know I'll never let you go.

I know that you're the one I've always missed. Know it everytime I kissed your lips.

When you're close to me, down by the sea. Somewhere in the sun.

When I feel your hands touching me. Feel your heartbeat faster then I see.

All I wanna do, is just to be with you.