Hot Girls, Bad Boys (1985)

They're talking in the neighborhood, about a sexy hips. OW! She looks a bit like Hollywood.

Wait till you hear her lips. He's from the other side of town, but in the hungry streets.

They say he's just a run around, and he's an "easy-to-beat".

She gives an eye, he feels attraction, a little smile. There's no attraction.


Hot girls, bad boys (bad boys). Sticking on each other, like glue,

Hot girls, bad boys (bad boys). Hugging on each other they do.

And when it's night, the lights are low. They are looking for a place to go.

Hot girls, bad boys, bad boys. Sticking on each other.

Nobody taught them etiquette. So what. They're feeling strong. And what they think they don't regret.

They're always having fun. She gives an eye. He feels attraction, a little smile, there's no reaction.