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ABSOLOM is a brand new Belgian dance project. Christophe Chantzis, is a talented young guy who already has some projects on his name as: DJ Jan, DJ Glenn, Astroline, ... He's also highly demanded international remixer. In Belgium he did some remixes for Fiocco, Zohra and X-Session. Outside of Belgium he worked with Future Breeze, Komakino and in the near future with Organ and Ace of Base. He's a man for all waters, from underground to commercial, cross-over & trends. So far his greatest project is ABSOLOM!

DJ Jimmy Goldschmitz who was only working in the studio on this project, is a famous Belgian party & Rave DJ (also known from The Outline - afterclub).

ABSOLOM is not a one-day project, many preparations were preceeding. In Belgium their live-act is both musically and visually one of the hottest ones. This live-act consist of Pascale Feront (vocals) and Christophe who plays the keyboards and supplies some additional vocals. Mix these ingredients with 2 professional dancers Cindy & Ellen and you get a strong life performance! Positive reactions from abroad speak for themselves. Several countries like: Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Israel, South-Africa & Australia have already signed the group.

First song the group released last year: "Secret" became hit in all European countries as well as in other parts of the world. This track was featured virtually on every single dance compilation released in Germany. The second single released was "Where". It climbed on Dance Charts all over the world, and for instance reached number one on Spanish charts!

Third single single from this group was "Air" and the most recent is "Stars" resembling a bit of

Full album of this group is in preparation. Stay tuned for more info to be posted on NEWS Section!

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